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'Cecil Papers: 1629', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 22: 1612-1668 (1971), pp. 249-255. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112524 Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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1629. With the following items inter alia:
(a) Gifts and rewards.
January 4To the Kings Treumpetters.100
March 10To my Lo: Howards barber for cutteinge my Lo. Cranborne and Mr Roberts haire.050
May 1To my Lord of Carlile his barber that brought powder for my Lo. haire.100
September 29To one that brought moveinge motions to shew at Hatfield.050
December 10Paide for linkes and for a fellowe watcheinge by the shore hole that was broken in the streetes.026
(b) Extraordinary expenses.
January 15For a Primmer for my Lady Diana.006
Aprill 4To Mr Chase, the Apothecarie, for phisicke for my Lady Diana.0156
May 4For a booke for my Lord called Mercurius de Ffrance.0130
7For water for my Lords eies.006
25To one that carried the Kings picture from London to Hatfield.0120
June 16To Mr Mitten for 4 pictures drawne for my Lord.1700
More for Mr Mitten for ye frame of the Kings picture.1100
December 6Ffor Table bookes for my Lord Cranb. and Mr Robert.0120
26 pp. (Box 7/3.)
1629, May 26."An accompt of money received and disbursed by me Edward Hamond ffor Mr Arthur Capell, esquire, at London in Easter terme 1629."
Inprimis, received from Patricke Cocke by the hands of Mr John Pymm for part of the halfe yeares rents of Greaslye, etc, in the countye of Nottingham due at Whitsontyde 1629.8300
Summe recept. 83li wherof
Payd to the undersheriffe of Nottingham sheire for a past ffyne due to the Kings Matye for the sayd mannor of Greaslye, etc, as by his acquittance appeareth.2800
Payd for a Thames Salmon for you, which I sent downe to Hadham.180
For some Lobsters and an hundred of prawnes sent downe there allso.90
For a coppye of Sir Charles Morryson his will being 8 sheetes of paper at 8d the sheete.54
For a search and sight of the old Ladye Morrison her will.10
For a booke of Mr Smithes sermons for Mtris Capell.78
For tenn quires of gilt paper and tenne quires of ordinarye paper for you.90
Payd to a Clarke for ingrossinge Mr Dyxsons lease of Langley house beinge false written.50
To Nottingham carryer for carryinge me a letter to Patricke Cocke.2
Summe totall disbursed30l15s2d
Wherof disbursed30150
Remayned to Mr Capell52410
1 p. (200. 108a.)
Salisbury House.
1629, June 20.Inventory taken of furniture and fittings in the house. Inter alia:
In the Hall: picture of Francis a foole; picture of Powell the Jester; picture of Garragantua head.
In the Parlor: 4 mapps, i of the whole world, i of Europe, 1 of Germanie; 1 of France; picture of the habitts of the Chinaes.
In the dyninge chamber: picture of the Earle of Lester; picture of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper; picture of Simiramies Tombe; 5 peeces of tapestrie with the storie of David.
In the withdrawinge roome adjoyninge: picture of a battaile by night; picture of your Lordships grandfather; picture of Sir Anthonie Cooke.
In my Lords beddchamber: picture of his Lordships father; faire great Venice looking glasse with pillars of marble and towers of agatt.
In my Lords dressinge chamber: picture of his Lordships [? great] grandmother; picture of the Lady Burleigh; picture of my Lord Salisbury's mother.
In the withdrawinge chamber to the gallarie: 6 peeces or a sute of China hangings of crimson and watchet satten painted and guilded and lined with callecoe; great harpsecall virginals, the keyes of mother of pearle, in a case of wood painted redd standinge upon two pillar tressels.
In the Gallarie: billiard table covered with greene vellvet with ibonie stickes and 2 balls; great picture of Noahes flood; 2 picturs of Adam and Eve, one with a curtaine; picture of Abraham and Isaac; picture of St Peter and the cocke crowinge; picture of St Paule in a trance; prospective picture of a cathedrall church; picture of Lawra, etc; picture of a Persian Queene in a table of brasse; 2 pictures of Mercurie, Arges and Joe; picture of Pan and Apollo; picture of the birth of Christ; picture of Diana; picture of a breackfast; picture of Pallas; picture of Venus and Cupid; picture of Timo; picture of Jupiter and Leda; 2 pictures of Landskippes, the frames guilded; picture of Jupiter and Danai in a shower of gold; picture of Marie Magdaline; picture of Hen. 3rd, Kinge of Ffrance; picture of Hen. 4, Kinge of Ffrance; picture of the Queene Mother of France; picture of the Duke of Guisse; picture of the Queene of Ffrance; picture of the Arch Duke of Austria; picture of the Infanta; picture of the Prince of Parma; picture of the Landgrave of Hesse; picture of my Lo: of Cranborne;
picture of Mr Robertthese are standinge pictures.
picture of my La: Diana
In the Lobbie betweene the great Chamber and the gallarie: picture of England att large; one pair virginalls.
In the great chamber: one great organ in a case of wainscott; picture of the prodigall child; picture of a market of fish; picture of a table furnished with victualls; cast peece of our Saviours face and brest; picture of the Lord Darneley and his brother, with a curtaine of purple taffeta fringed with golde; faire picture of the Queene Mother of Scottland; faire picture of the late Queen Elizabeth.
In the great withdrawinge chamber: 6 peeces of tapestrie of the storie of Hannabell and Scipio; peece of tapestrie of the storie of Alexander; picture of Christ prayinge by night; picture of Italian cookerie; picture of Jacob returninge from Laban; picture of Moses and the bush burninge; picture of King James; picture of Queene Ann; great wind instrument, the outside of wallnut tree curiously inlaid.
In my Lord Peircies dressinge chamber: 4 peeces of tapestrie of the storie of Elisha; picture of the betrayinge of Christ by night.
In my Lord Peircies lodginge chamber: picture of the Countess of Oxford.
In my Lord Cranbornes chamber: 4 peeces of hangings of the storie of Alexander.
In the Nurserie chamber: 3 peeces of hangings of the storie of Alexander; picture of a battaile of Switzers.
In the chapple above: paire of organs uppon a frame of wainscott.
In the lobbie to the upper chapple: large pedagree of all the Princes of England in a frame of wallnut tree inlaid.
In the Wardopp: Parliament robe of scarlet cloth with soard belt, etc, belonginge; Garter robe of purple velvet with all things thereunto belonginge; little robe for a Knight of the Bath; picture of my Lords mother; small pictures of the Queene of Scotts; picture of Aristotle in white marble; old picture of a woman in wax, with a mantle of callico searcnet and a stoole to stande on; picture of the Earle of Tottnis; [marginal note: picture of my Lo: and La: Northumberland, (fn. 1) one other halfe drawn in the dyninge roome] (fn. 2) large pedagree of the Lo: Cobham; lesser pedagree of the Lo: Cobham; small mapp of Scottland; little paire of virginalls covered with crimson cloth of gold; modell of a rocke in case; Italian modells of white marble with other piramides of porfery; tilting armor of my Lords in a trunk.
28 pp. (Box C/8.)
1629, July 9."An accompt of money received and disbursed by me Edward Hamond for Mr Arthur Capell, esquire, at London in Trinitye terme 1629."
Receipts.Inprimis, receyved from the said Mr Arthur Capell by the hands of Arthur Court.7000
Receyved of Mr Allington of the Pype office by the hands of Mr Scriven for a rent due out of the towne of Darbye for one whole yeare ended at Michas last.1600
Summe totall received 86li 0s 0d wherof layed out as followeth:
Disbursments.Payd to Mr John Dodson a Lynnen draper for dyvers parcells of lawne and hollande as by his bill appeares.6460
Payd for a still for Mtris Capell.1110
For a Suger Loafe wayinge 17 pounds, and three pounds of suger besyde, in all 20 pounds of suger at 18d the pound.1100
For a bushell of roses.15
For a Thames Salmon and three lobsters sent downe to Hadham.160
To the fishmongers boye for carryinge them to Criplegate with George Grave.6
For a wicker cradle for Mtris Capell.120
Payd to Mr Tompson the upholster for worke and other things as by his bill therof appeares.1270
To Mr Allington in the pipe office for dischardginge the bayliffs accompt of Darby for the above said rent of 16li, and for a ffee due to him uppon payment therof, with 6d payd to short in the said rent.1310
Given to Mr Caltropp for a ffee for perusinge the Ladye Conyers evidences, and for advise in Mr Capells busynes this terme.100
For a paire of brasse scales with brasse wayts therto.88
For my dyett at London five meales, viz, dynner and supper the 2 of Julye, dinner and supper the third of July, and breakfast the 4th of Julye, with beere the 3 of July in the morninge.36
For haye for my horse two days and nights ther 14d, ffor 2 pecks of otes for him 16d, to thostlers 4d, in all.210
Summe totall disbursed 86li 0s 0d
Wherof disbursed8429
Remaynes to Mr Capell1173
1½ pp. (200. 108b.)
St. Michael's Mount.
[1629, August 29].Receipts for "bushlidge and measuridge, anckridge and killage", from September 1628 to August 1629. Reference to loading of malt, coal, salt and tin, and to disbursements for hooping powder barrels, drawing up the demy-culverin, etc. Sir Rennal Mahoun mentioned as owing money to the Earl of Salisbury for "sellerage".
Signed: Thomas Harveye. Endorsed: "29 August, 1629." 2⅓ pp. (Accounts 27/18.)
[1629, September 1].Agreement between Christopher Keighley, on behalf of the Earl of Salisbury, and William Laytie of Gouldsinney, co. Cornwall.
Laytie is authorized to select 12 fathoms of land within the tenement of Cabellan, now in his tenure, and to set six men to dig for tin for the term of one year.
For his part Laytie agrees to submit a true account of all tin extracted, and to ensure that the Earl of Salisbury receives his appointed share of the tin produced.
If Laytie fails within a week after the discovery of any lode of tin to inform the Earl of his find, or if he or any person employed by him surreptitiously conveys either stone or tin stuffaway, the agreement immediately becomes void.—Undated.
Copy. Unsigned. Endorsed: "1 Septemb 1629. The agreement with William Laitie to digge tynn in one tenement called Cabellan." 1¼ pp. (Legal 66/12.)
Christopher Keighley to the Earl of Salisbury.
1629, October 24.He has consulted Serjeant Ashley about Michell "whoe, as soone as he heard it, was of oppinion that it was to smale purpose to remove him, for the facte beinge done in Midd[lesex] and he comitted by a Justice of peace of Midd[lesex], noe Justice of peace in Hartfordshere has power to examyne him there. But after to be mor sure, and accordinge to your Lordships pleasure, we went to my Lord Cheif Justice and acquainted him with it, whoe was of the same oppinion, but saith he wilbe readie to doe your Lordship anie pleasure ether in this or anie thinge else, and that if your Lordship will nominate anie Justices of peace in Midd[lesex] to doe, they may doe it." Otherwise he is prepared, if Salisbury cares to send him such matters as he wishes Michell to be examined upon, to appoint "some fitt Justices to doe it".—24 October 1629.
Draft. 1 p. (General 87/26.)
1629, November 20."An accompt of money receyved and disbursed by me Edward Hamond for Mr Arthur Capell, esquire, at London in Mich'mas terme 1629:"
Receipt.Inprimis, receyved of Patricke Cocke for the halfe yeares rents of Beavall and Selston in the countye of Nottingham due the xith daye of November last, with tithes, woodsales and some other proffitts there as by the accompt therof appeareth.34917
Summe 349li 1s 7d wherof
Disbursments.Payd to Andrewe Morryson as by his bill and acquittance theruppon appeares.8300
Payd to Mr Roger Clarke mercer and his partner Mr Barrye as by their bill and acquittance theruppon appeares.6800
Payd to Mr John Osborne draper as by his bill and acquittance appeares.34100
To Mr Tompson upholster as by his bill and acquittance appeares.16100
To Henry Beale shomaker as by his bill and acquittance appeares.1300
Payd to Mr Paule Mason silkeman as by his bill and acquittance appeares.5150
Payd to Mtris Chapman for bootehose, cuffes and socks as by a bill appeares.1180
For a picture with a case for it and a porter to carry it to Bishoppsgate.278
To Mr Dixon for a pound of tobacco.180
Given to Mr Caltropp for a ffee for goinge to the Lord Privye Seale and for his paynes in perusinge the draft of Sir Charles Morysons office.100
Given to foure servannts at Mr Dixons when you dyned there.100
Delyvered to the said Mr Arthur Capell at London when I receyved the said moneys of Patricke Cocke.10000
For a paire of gold wayts for him.60
Summe totall disbursed 327li 14s 8d
Remaynes to Mr Capell21611
1½ pp. (200. 108c.)
A Book of Plate.
1629, December 10.An inventory of the Earl of Salisbury's plate. Details include a description of the plate, names of donors, and names or marks of makers: there is also a list of unweighed plate, together with additional items bearing dates from January, 1631 to January, 1633. The total amount of plate is 14117 ounces, and its value at 5d an ounce is stated to be £3529.
(Box V/1.)
Richard Spencer to the Earl of Salisbury.
[? 1629].For admission to lands in the manor of Roydon, co. Essex.—Undated.
½ p. (P. 1835.)


1 An inventory of 1640 (Box C/9) adds: "and one of theire children".
2 Described by the 1640 inventory as one "other picter of my Lady Northumberland not finished".

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