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'Cecil Papers: 1646', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 22: 1612-1668 (1971), pp. 387-388. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112541 Date accessed: 21 September 2014.


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Civil War Exactions.
[1646, March 30]."A Bille of Quartaring of soldiars and contribution payd and allowed by mee Robert Prince, tennant in Rushton, sence 1642." It includes sums allowed for the quartering of men and horses belonging to troops commanded by "Lord Craford, Colonel Midlton, my Lord of Essex, the King, Sir William Wallar, Colonel Masse, Colonel Cromwell". and which amounted to £4:11:2. Also:
"Suffarantes by plundarrars.
Ffirst, when Prince Marrice came into our contrie, I was plundred by his solldiars in waring parrell and beding and provission att ye lest to ye vallue of 50s.
Aftarwards by a partie of Collonell Vahans men I loste by them in small wares that I sett att lest 26s.
Besids ye same company came agayne presantly aftar and tooke my horse away ffrome mee which cost mee 18s to redeeme itt agayne."
At bottom: "Ffor these things and many more which I will nott be bould nor tedious tto troble your Lordshipe with hath benn a mens tto bring mee and othars of your poore tennants tto a lowe estatte, I desire your Lordshipe tto ttake itt tto your consideration." Signed: Robert Prince.
Endorsed: "Robert Prince his demandes for quartering and plunder. This bill for quarteringe of souldiers amounts unto 41 11s 2d. I allow of this bill xxxs ivd. 30 Martii, 1646. Signed: John Pomeroy. 1 p. (Bills 210/19.)
Attached: 5 similar bills submitted by certain tenants at Rushton manor who were plundered by the opposing armies or forced to quarter their troops in 1642, 1643, 1644 and 1645. Military commanders mentioned in the bills are: Captain Hastings, Captain Dewes, Colonel Strangways, Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lord Hopton, Captain Ludlye (Ludlow), Lord Gourin (Goring) Colonel Ffines (Fynes) Major-General Vanrosse and Colonel Coker.
Note at bottom of one bill: "I allow the same to all tenants uppon Rack Rents as I have allowed to Walter Rogers beinge a 3rd part of Quarteringe and contribution if it exceed not the rent, but noe plunder." Signed: John Pomeroy.—20 October, 1646.
1646, June to 1647, December."Mr Duports bills for Algernone Cecill, esq, from Midsummer 1646 to 25 December, 1647." There are six bills in all, and most of the items relate to charges for food, fuel, clothes and other normal daily expenses, commons in the college hall, and his tuition fee of £5 a quarter. The books paid for include:
Alstedii Chronolog.050
Heliodorus et Achilles Statius056
Stierii philiosoph.040
Hebrew bible in six volumes100
Kickermans Mathemat.038
Plinies Epistles020
Whear de leg. histor.016
Aristot. de anima016
Bezae testam. grac, c. anot.150
Diodat. notes on the bible0100
Hebrew grammer0110
De idiot. Gr. Ling.034
Sleidan de 4r imperiis016
Demosth. orationes aliquot014
Chytreus chronol.016
6 p. (General 11/35.)
Henry Brodnax to the Earl of Salisbury.
1646, September 16."Well understandeing your honnours much noblenes in every respect emboldens mee, at present though a straunger, to impart some passages to your Lordship concerneing one Fussell, now prisoner in Newgate, with whome I have beene fellowe prisoner and chamber mate ever since his committment. And amongst many other speeches, I have heard and beene an eye wittnesse of his actions towards your honnour for the delivery of such writeinges unto your servants as are now in his charge concerneing your honnours occasions. My Lord, this is his absolute designe, to returne some of the least in qualitie and to preserve the heads for his owne advantage, sayeing you can doe nothing without him, and that he will keepe the chiefe in his owne custody to differr further daunger which he hath beene long ere this much affrayd off. And that if the Court of Wards had not beene downe, he had those records would make your Lordship buckle. But for present he sayd patience and polocie must be his protectour and allso the detayneinge such capitall writeinges as weare in his custody, which should not be delivered without very good grounds for his own advantage and enlargement allsoe. Now may it please your honnour, conceive in every particular that for my owne parte I have noe sinister ends either by way of requitall or otherwise, onely as I am one of his Maties officers, and he being another in the like, hath soe farr transcended the bounds of modesty or the least thought of honesty, that my owne conscience would accuse me criminall if I should not divulge his most trecherous and unjust dealeinges, having many times declared himselfe to be neither for Kinge nor Parliament, but meerely his owne lucre. And for the sycophancy whereof I could not chuse but acquainte your honnour that he may receive the reward justly belongeing to one in that nature." He undertakes to explain matters at greater length if the Earl of Salisbury will send one of his servants to him.—Newgate, xvi° 7ber, 1646.
Holograph. 1 p. (General 23/15.)
On reverse: "John Ffussell. He acknowledgeth to have court rolles and will return them." A° 1651: "He acknowledgeth he hath rolles which he will produce."
1646, September 20.Bills for books, pens and paper.
May 1For my Lord Perfect Occurrences001
7For my Lord Scots Letter001
11For my Lord 3 books of Newes003
21to Mr Percivell Scots Declaration of 2 sheets002
June 1For Mr Percivall long leather paper booke for sermons008
9to Mr Markham Kings letter to the Marquis of Ormond001
June 9Scots Declaration001
22to Mr Gabriell 2 Diurnalls002
26to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
29sent by a footeman for my Lord, Lilbonres booke006
Argiles speech002
July 23sent to Hatfeild to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
31Moderate Intelligence00
August 10to Mr Percivall Diurnall001
13to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
20to my Lord Moderate Intelligence00
20to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
September 3to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
17sent by Bridle to my Lord, Withers booke006
Mercurius Civicus
24to Mr Bridle for my Lord 1 great large paper of ye picture of plotters against the Parliament006
to Mr Percivall Moderate Intelligence00
Endorsed: "20 Sept. Mr Pirry Booksellers bill." 1 p. (Bills 254/2.)
On reverse: Receipt dated 20 September, and signed by Katherine Pirry.
1646, September 30 to 1647, September 27.Household expenses, etc, in the hand of Samuel Percival. Inter alia:
November 17Paid Mr Bayle the schoolmaster for necessaryes for Mr Edward [Cecil].020000
December 23Delivered Mr Algernoon for his expenses from Cambridge.011000
January 25And back againe.010500
January 13Delivered Mr Edward to give at schoole by my Ladys comand.010000
July 7Paid James Lowen for hire of two men to watch the Parke when the King laye att Hattfield.001800
August 13Paid Mr Thornhill for my Lords expenses att Syon and elswhere when he went to the Army.091200
(Box L/1.)
1646, October to 1647, September 29.Expenses for the year ending on that date. Inter alia: Charges of tuition and diet by Mr Baily, tutor to Edward Cecil, and "Mr Lewes for teaching my Lady Mary to singe. 3 months, 3l."
31 pp. (Box K/8.)
1646, November to 1647, September 29.Household expenses, etc, compiled by Robert Lord. They include details of rents from various properties, and sundry military taxes, such as Lord Fairfax's army, Ireland, the Eastern Garrisons. Two other items are: "To Sir Thomas Ffairefax his Secretary for ffive warrants to protect the deere in the parkes and chase, 1l:0s:0d."; and, "For a warrant to remove the horse guard out of the parks att Hatfeild, 0l: 5s: 0d."
88 pp. (Accounts 148/17.)
1646.Seven lots of bills.
229. Includes Mr Duport's bill dated 25 March, 1646, with the following items:
Burida Eth.70
Eustackius Philos.30
Kickerm Log.20
Budaeus Lexicon130
Tull. Orat. ffrig.80
Aelian hist.24
Aesop fab. graec.
Epicteti enchirid.12
Schibleri Topica39
Caesaris comment.29
Herberts Poems10
Q. Curtius20
Thomas Dictionary50
Aristot. de Caelo, de mundo16
It also includes charges for Edward Cecil's nursing when he had small pox in February, 1646; receipts for payment for board and tuition of Edward Cecil signed by Rene Bailly, his schoolmaster, and receipts for payment of tax towards the maintenance of Sir Thomas Fairfax's forces by some of the tenants of shops at Britain's Burse and others.
230. Details of taxes paid towards the upkeep of the principal military establishments under the control of Parliament.
231. Entries include inter alia:
1646, May 16Receipt for £5:10:0 for a trumpet for the service of Captain William Cecil as trumpeter of his troop.
June 58d paid for Stirmius' Epistles for Edward Cecil.
July 6Given by my Lords command to a man that came out of the Low Countryes to tell his Lordship that Sir Robert Stowne had sent his Lordship sum white wine, 5–0.
232. Details of taxes, household accounts, bills for domestic work, inter alia:
1646, July 25For pickinge of Rosemary flowers, lime tree flowers, marygold flowers, and for gatheringe of red roses, damaske roses, isope, mint, planten leaves and elderne flowers and cutting and dressing of the lavender; and for stillinge of red rose water, damaske rose water, mint water, planten water, lime water and the rest—17–0.
233. Details of the allowances made in the rents of tenants taxed for the maintenance of Parliamentary forces and garrisons.
234. Bills for repairs at Hatfield House, and at various houses owned by the Earl of Salisbury in St. Martin's Lane.
235. Includes bills for provisions, live-stock, wheat, etc, supplied to the Earl of Salisbury's household, and for repairs at Britain's Burse, St. Martin's Lane and elsewhere. Also a full account by Thomas Hooper of the charges of quartering troops and contributions for Hyde Farm and the tithes of Fairwood in the parish of Cranborne from 1643 to 1645, when he was subjected to the exactions of both Royalist and Parliamentary forces and commanders, e.g.:
"The losse of howshold stuffe and wearinge apparrell and provision of victuall, which should have susteyned us the whole yeare, plundred at sundrey tymes by the Ffrench and Irish and their concubines to the valew of 10l at the least."
Damaged by damp. (Bills 229–235.)

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