Cecil Papers
December 1604


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G. Dyfnallt Owen (editor)

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'Cecil Papers: December 1604', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 23: Addenda, 1562-1605 (1973), pp. 187-188. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112645 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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December 1604

John Bullock to Viscount Cranborne.
1604, December 20.The feodaryship of Derbyshire was bestowed upon him by Cranborne's father, Lord Burghley, many years ago, and the King has confirmed his tenure of that office. But because of advancing age, he would like to see his son succeed him, "being of sufficient age and of thinner temple", who would serve the King well in it. If his son can be admitted, he will happily surrender the feodaryship. Sir Edward Coke, the Attorney-General, can be approached, if need be, to testify to the ability of his son to fill the office.—Derley this xxth of December, 1604.
½ p. (P. 1915.)
William Nugent to the King.
[December 24, 1604].He has previously exhibited petitions for his "restitution to bloode" in the next Irish Parliament, and for a fee farm of £30 of concealed lands. The King has granted the fee farm but not the other request. Because of this he has not been able to enjoy the full benefit of the King's grant. He asks that letters ordering his restitution in blood in the next Irish Parliament be sent to the Irish Government, so that he may leave for Ireland with some token of royal favour.—Undated.
Note by Sir Julius Caesar: "At Court at Whitehall, 24 Decem. 1604. The Kings Matie is well pleased that a letter shall be written for the suppliant for his restitution to his blood at the next Parliament to be holden for Ireland."
1 p. (P. 39.)
[See Cal. S.P. Ireland, 1606–8, p. 8.]