Cecil Papers
February 1607


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G. Dyfnallt Owen (editor)

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'Cecil Papers: February 1607', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 24: Addenda, 1605-1668. (1976), pp. 115-116. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112693 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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February 1607

Richard Sproxton to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before February 2, 1606–7].When the King ascended the throne of England, he granted the Chancellorship and the UnderTreasurership of the Exchequer to the Earl of Dunbar, who appointed petitioner Steward for the Star Chamber, with a promise that he should have it for life. However, he has now heard that Dunbar, before leaving for Scotland, secretly persuaded the King to sign a bill conveying the post to one Sharpy, thereby breaking his promise and depriving Sproxton of a means of livelihood in his old age; and this despite the support he received from his brothersin-law, Baron Savill (fn. 1) and Sir Henry Savill. During the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth petitioner had served her faithfully in the Exchequer, particularly in the honest handling of substantial sums of money amounting annually to £200,000. He requests Salisbury to intervene with the King that he be not deprived of his office.— Undated.
½ p. (P. 298.)
Richard Sproxton to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before February 2, 1606–7].This is a duplicate of the preceding petition, with minor differences: e.g., petitioner adds at the end that after obtaining the post of Steward for the Star Chamber, he gave up a receivership which he enjoyed in the country, and that he has leased his house and property there for many years to come. —Undated.
½ p. (P. 940.)


1 Sir John Saville, Baron of the Exchequer, died on February 2, 1607.