Cecil Papers
April 1609


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G. Dyfnallt Owen (editor)

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'Cecil Papers: April 1609', Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 24: Addenda, 1605-1668. (1976), pp. 168-169. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=112713 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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April 1609

[April 14, 1609].Bill of expenses for entertainment at Britain's Burse when the King was present. Inter alia:
To John Taillor upon a bill for divers Indyan toyes bought of him.15136
To Henry Elmes for the like upon a bill.9130
To Inygoe Johnes upon a bill.9120
To Johnson the poyett.1368
To Ostler the player.500
To his boye.200
To Feild the key keeper.400
Endorsed: "April 14, 1609. Chardges of preparations made at the new buildings in Durhame Howse for the King." ½ p. (Bills 35/7.)
[April 15, 1609].Receipts signed by Giles Gary for money received by himself and his master William Ostler; by Inigo Jones for money given him by Robert, Earl of Salisbury; and two other receipts, of which only the signature to the second is legible, which is that of William Good.—April 15, 1609.
½ p. (Bills 35/1.)
[April 16, 1609].List of persons receiving payment. It includes Mr Johnson, Mr [Inigo] Jones, Ostler "the shoppkeeper", the boy "in the shopp", Field "the key keeper" and "the tyreman for hyring all thir furniture".
A note by Thomas Wilson about payment is dated April 16, 1609, followed by another note to the effect that money was due to "Mr Johnsons man and [? another] Feld that satt up all night wryting the speeches, songes and inscriptions."
1 p. Damaged and illegible in parts. (Bills 35/la.)
1609, April 26."James, it is my Lords pleasure you paye to this bearer tenn pounds as his Lordshipps ffree gyft to hime and his companie for the funabelyes at Kensington thys 26th of Aprill, 1609. Signed: "W Cope."
Below: "Received accordinge to the content above written the said some of x1." Signed: William Pedell.
Endorsed: "Aprill the 26th, 1609. x1 paid to the funabilies as your Honors gifte to them." ½ p. (Bills 35/4.)