Appendix I
North and South Carolina Land Grants


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K. G. Davies (editor)

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'Appendix I: North and South Carolina Land Grants', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 45: 1739 (1994), pp. 274-280. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Appendix I

North and South Carolina Land Grants

North Carolina

A register of grants of land in North Carolina between the years 1707 and 1768 has been preserved under the reference CO 5/319. The entries for 1739 have been extracted and are given below. The register records the name of the grantee, date of grant, number of acres, and county in which the land lay. There is also an approximate location of the land, not included here, such as 'On the head of White Oak River', 'On Bear Sound', etc.

GranteeNo of AcresCountyDate of Grant
Adams, Roger4230Bladen8 June
Allen, Eliezer640N Hanover7 June
ditto640ditto8 June
Baldwin, Warren640Bladen8 June
Bartram, William70ditto14 February
Bass, Andrew630Craven7 June
Beasley, Thomas150Onslow7 June
Bell, Nevil 200Carteret18 February
Bell, Thomas500N Hanover7 June
Bigford, Jeremiah320ditto22 November
Blount, Reading300Craven (?)15 February
Boyd, Robert200Beaufort16 February
ditto640ditto15 February
Bradley, John 100Craven28 February
Braswell, Richard500ditto1 July
Brawton, Thomas640ditto18 November
Bridges, Samuel640N Hanover7 June
Bright, William62Craven 20 November
Brown, James400Beaufort28 February
Bruce, William200Craven21 November
Bryan, Edward172ditto28 February
Bryan, John626ditto28 February
Bryan, Lewis275ditto23 November
Bryant, John530ditto15 February
Caldom, John500ditto7 June
Canaway, Thomas179ditto20 November
Calvert, Joseph130Carteret1 March
ditto480ditto1 March
Cock, Bradbury100ditto7 June
Cox, Anthony300Craven20 November
Cox, Charles200ditto14 February
GranteeNo of AcresCountyDate of Grant
Cox, John300Onslow23 November
Dawson, Francis600Craven20 November
Depp, John50ditto15 July
Dixon, Jonathan100N Hanover22 September
Draper, Nathaniel500Beaufort14 February
Dry, William640N Hanover8 June
Dunbar, William365Beaufort15 February
Dwight, Joseph250ditto14 February
Dyos, John570ditto15 February
Forbes, John320ditto20 November
Futcher, Thomas125Craven14 February
Garret, John320Carteret28 February
Gatlin, John300Craven7 June
Godby, Carry500ditto28 February
ditto500ditto28 February
Graham, George100ditto20 November
Green, John273ditto28 February
Harning, John200ditto7 June
Harries, Charles640N Hanover8 June
Hearral, Thomas390Craven7 June
Herbert, James200ditto15 February
Herring, Samuel200ditto7 June
Herring, Simon153ditto28 February
Herritage, William126ditto21 November
ditto208ditto21 November
Hill, Herman300ditto16 February
Hollingsworth, John284ditto21 November
Hopton, Charles640ditto7 June
Howard, Thomas100ditto20 November
Hudler, James400ditto20 November
Husbands, James320N Hanover5 June
Hyman, Garret173Craven 20 November
James, Richard640N Hanover7 June
Jewell, John300Beaufort1 February
Johnston, Richard300Craven7 June
Jones, Frederick2239ditto21 November
ditto413ditto21 November
Kernegee, George640ditto28 February
King, Charles150ditto20 November
Linkfield, Francis200ditto20 November
McCulloh, Alexander100N Hanover6 June
ditto640ditto6 June
Malpas, Simon254Craven28 February
Marshall, William300N Hanover22 November
Mills, Robert150Craven16 February
Morton, Peter640Onslow7 June
Murray, James640N Hanover5 June
Nash, Joshua223Carteret22 February
GranteeNo of AcresCountyDate of Grant
Nelson, Thomas640Carteret23 November
Phillips, William100Beaufort20 November
Pierce, Edmund280ditto14 February
Pilkington, Seith640ditto20 February
Porter, John640N Hanover8 June
Prevas, Peter390Craven21 November
Price, Rice200ditto7 June
ditto196dittono date
Proctor, Elizabeth100Beaufort14 February
Raisker(?), Michael640Craven2 April
Rice, Nathaniel200N Hanover6 June
Richards, John300Craven8 June
Rigney, Benjamin225Beaufort14 February
Semans, Daniel200ditto14 February
Shackleford, John500Carteret20 November
Shackleford, William500ditto20 November
Simons, Jeremiah300N Hanover14 February
Slade, John200Craven26 November
Slade, Samuel100ditto28 February
Smeal(?), John200ditto8 February
Speight, Thomas350ditto15 February
Staniland, Hugh200ditto21 November
Stevens, Thomas300ditto26 November
Swain, J(?)300N Hanover9 June
Taylor, Robert100Craven20 November
Thomas, Josiah640N Hanover3 June
Tindall, Samuel270Beaufort20 November
Tyson, Cornelius640ditto21 November
Tyson, Edmund640ditto28 February
Tyson, Samuel270ditto20 November
Tyson, Thomas450ditto21 November
Vernam, John200ditto14 February
Wainer, Richard200ditto20 November
Wallace, Andrew183Craven20 November
Wharton, David300Beaufort14 February
Wheeler, Joseph470Craven28 February
Williams, John256ditto21 November
Worsley, John300Beaufort14 February
ditto640ditto14 February
Writley, John61Craven28 February
South Carolina
A register of grants of land in South Carolina between the years 1675 and 1768 has been preserved under the reference CO 5/398. The entries for 1739 have been extracted and are given below. The register records the name of grantee, place where the land granted lay, number of acres, date of grant and rent. The rent for all grants made in 1739 was 3s sterling per 100 acres. The spelling of some names, especially foreign ones, appears to be corrupt.
Abercromby, James3000Craven Co11 May
ditto980Pedee Riverditto
Allen, Joseph238Craven Co14 December
Bagen, John132Colleton Coditto
Baker, John300Craven Coditto
Baker, Richard500ditto11 May
Baxter, Rev John1000Pedee River14 December
Bexter, John300Craven Co11 May
Blakeway, Sarah650Edistoe Riverditto
Bowman, Samuel1350Little Pedee R23 February
Brabant, Dr Daniel500Granville Co14 December
Broadway, Mary100Berkeley Co11 May
Brockington, William200Craven Co14 December
Broughton, Nathaniel134Berkeley Co11 May
Burhanan, William200Granville Coditto
Chastaigner, Theodore266Berkeley Co2 June
Child, Benjamin500Craven Co11 May
Clement, Edward200Berkeley Coditto
Commander, Samuel650Craven Co12 January
Conns, Thomas500Pedee River14 December
Cragg, John100Granville Coditto
Cramahé, Alexander600Kingston Township11 May
Crouch, Abraham474Craven Co12 April
ditto500ditto14 December
Davis, David314ditto12 April
Debose, Isaac155Santee River11 May
De Lescale, Vincent50Granville Co14 December
De Pia, Peter100dittoditto
De St Julien, Henry300Berkeley Co11 May
Donnald, Abraham50Granville Co14 December
Dunham, Jacob750Craven Co12 April
Dupré, Samuel400Pedee River14 December
Dyel, Thomas250Craven Co12 April
Fabion, John50Toobados Creek11 May
Fairwell, Thomas650Craven Co12 April
Fauconnet, David250Granville Coditto
Ferguson, George325Colleton Co
Field, William200Craven Co12 April
Fordyce, John1000ditto14 December
Fraser, James250Granville Co12 April
ditto159ditto4 December
Fuller, William357Edistoe River14 December
Gadsden, Thomas500Craven Coditto
Gailliard, Theodore144ditto11 May
ditto150ditto14 December
GranteeNo of AcresPlaceDate of Grant
Gates, Thomas400Berkeley Co14 December
Gaunt, Anthony250ditto16 September
Gigniliat, Henry600Craven Co2 June
Goddard, Francis173ditto14 December
Goliere, Anthony50Granville Co16 September
Grimball, Isaac106ditto12 April
Grimke, Frederick34N branch of Stono Riverditto
Harman, Peter400Black River14 December
Hartley, Stephen250Craven Coditto
Hasford(t), Joseph721Berkeley Co12 April
Hedvit, Elizabeth500Grange Township14 December
Hendrick, William400Craven Coditto
Henry, John Francis50Granville Coditto
Holfendorf, John Frederick250dittoditto
Hubert, John & Spear, Jacob100Berkeley Co16 September
Hueffer, Devall450Granville Co12 April
Huges, Daniel289Craven Co2 June
Iseving(?), Robert300ditto16 September
Izard, Ralph69Berkeley Co6 June
Jackson, Richard200ditto16 September
Jenkins, Thomas500Craven Co12 April
Johnston, Alexander200Berkeley Co16 September
Jones, Dorothy51ditto14 December
Joyner, John200ditto16 September
Kaill, Lodovick300Granville Co14 December
Keating, Edward200Santee River11 May
Kernie, Mary50Granville Co14 December
Kerr, James500Colleton Co11 May
Kinlock, James500Craven Co14 December
Labord, John50Granville Coditto
La Bruce, Joseph94Pedee Riverditto
Larochs, Daniel & Thomas350Craven Co6 June
Laye, Joseph100Granville Co14 December
Lea, Isabel500Black Creekditto
Lebrage, Jane300Granville Co7 June
Legare, John100boundary to7 May
Hugh Rose [Granville Co]
ditto50Granville Co11 May
Lewis, Judith105Black Riverditto
Lucas, Hon George1300Craven Co13 December
GranteeNo of AcresPlaceDate of Grant
Lucas, Hon George500Kingston Township14 December
McGrigor, Martha550Granville Co12 April
McPherson, James200Colleton Co6 June
Mallet, Gideon500Granville Co14 December
Marrion, Benjamin500Craven Co12 January
Marrion, Gabriel119ditto11 May
Marrion, Peter45Berkeley Coditto
Mayerhoffer, John Henry100Granville Co14 December
Michison, John1448Santee Riverditto
Miles, Thomas150Craven Co2 June
Miller, Elizabeth450Savannah River11 May
Mitchell, John73Colleton Coditto
Moon, Alexander1030ditto14 December
Moritte (Morett), Rev Thomas440Craven Co8 June
ditto1000ditto12 April
Ortellier, Daniel Jacob100Granville Co14 December
Ouldfield, John100Craven Co12 April
Ouldfield, John jnr100ditto11 May
Perryman, Robert500Granville Coditto
Peyre, Judith254Craven Coditto
Pillet, Daniel100Granville Coditto
Porcher, Peter732Berkeley Co14 December
Porter, Rev William200Craven Coditto
Potts, Thomas500ditto12 April
Pyat, John700Lynches Creek11 May
Ravenel, Mrs Damaris Elizabeth500Berkeley Coditto
ditto500ditto12 May
Reighton, Elizabeth400Craven Co16 May
Remond, Jeremiah200Granville Co14 December
Richard, Major James400ditto12 April
Ring, John250ditto14 December
Roach, Nicholas250ditto12 April
Roberson, Josheph400Craven Co26 January
Roberts, David300Granville Co11 May
Rock, John Jacob107dittoditto
Rodney, John Jacob50Berkeley Co16 September
Romesay, William350Pedee Swamp11 May
Rothmahler, Job400Colleton Co12 April
ditto1876Saltcatcher Riverditto
Russ, Hezekiah500Granville Co11 May
Sanders, Abraham453Berkeley Coditto
Saveneau, James243Craven Coditto
Scott, William500Craven Co12 April
Shackelford, William471Lynches Creekditto
Shehan, David150Waccamaw River11 May
Singleton (Shingleton), Ebenezer375dittoditto
Smith, Richard194Granville Coditto
Snow, Nathaniel500Cooper River5 February
Snowden, Joshua300Granville Co14 December
Sommers, George300Savannah River Fallsditto
Steet, John400Craven Coditto
Sterchy, Perter150Granville Coditto
Stubbs, John50Craven Co16 September
Taylor, James300dittoditto
Thompson, Richard400dittoditto
Thorpe, Robert100Granville Co14 May
Townsend, Daniel500ditto11 May
Vanay, John Francis50ditto14 December
Vaughan, Robert200ditto26 January
ditto400Berkeley Co14 December
Vaughan, William450Edistoe River11 May
Waggan, Thomas500Granville Co14 December
Walies, Col William300Craven Co12 April
Warhock, Abraham200ditto2 June
Watson, John800ditto12 April
Wedderburn, James500Savannah River11 May
Whippy, John450Granville Co12 April
Whippy, Joseph400dittoditto
Williams, Robert1300ditto16 September
Wood, Jonathan500Berkeley Co10 April
Woodsakin, Oursella300ditto6 December
Wright, Jermyn1000Granville Co11 May
Wright, Richard145Colleton Coditto
Zublie, David600Granville Co14 December