Somerset Record Office Accumulations


Victoria County History



R.W. Dunning (editor), A.P. Baggs, R.J.E. Bush, M.C. Siraut

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'Somerset Record Office Accumulations', A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 5 (1985), pp. XV-XVI. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Deposited Collections
DD/ABMarquess of Ailesbury
AHAcland-Hood family of Fairfield
ASLord Ashburton
BWBridgwater Borough Council
CCChurch Commissioners
CCHCouch of Stogumber (solicitors)
CCHgCouch (additional deposit)
CHChanner, Channer, and Ligertwood of Taunton (solicitors)
CNClarke, Lukin, and Newton of Chard (solicitors)
CPLCapel of Chipstable
DPDodson and Pulman of Taunton (solicitors)
DRMiss J. E. Deering of Aldburgh
DTDorset Natural History and Archaeological Society
DVH. G. E. Dunsterville
EDSDepartment of Education and Science
FSFoster of Wells (solicitors)
GBGibbs family of Barrow Gurney
GCCapt. Graham-Clarke (Hestercombe MSS.)
HBHodges of Weston-super-Mare (solicitors)
HCHancock family MSS.
HLMHelyar family of Poundisford
HWDHoward family of Creech St. Michael
JLMme Jullien of Gotton (Musgrave MSS.)
KWKing, Wilkinson, and Co. of Taunton
LLuttrell family of Dunster
MDWJ. Meadow (St. Albyn of Alfoxton MSS.)
MGRMoger, Campbell, and Trounson of Bath (solicitors)
MYRevd. H. C. B. Mynors (Halliday MSS.)
NANational Trust
NWNantes and Wylde of Bridport (solicitors)
PDCapt. Picton-Davies of Weston-super-Mare
PLEPoole and Co. of South Petherton (solicitors)
RIRisdon and Co. of Williton (solicitors)
RRRutter and Rutter of Wincanton (solicitors)
SASSomerset Archaeological and Natural History Society
SFSanford family of Nynehead
SFR(w)Society of Friends (West Somerset Division)
SHLord Strachie of Sutton Court
SLSlade family of Maunsel
SOGSociety of Genealogists
SPSheppard family of Taunton
SXSussex Archaeological Society
TBTrollope-Bellew family of Crowcombe
TKThrockmorton family of Coughton Court, Alcester
VVernacular Architecture Group
WGWaldegrave family of Chewton Mendip
WISomerset Federation of Women's Institutes
WOTrevelyan family of Nettlecombe
WOAWood and Awdry of Chippenham (solicitors)
WYWyndham family of Orchard Wyndham
S/SHCol. H. R. H. Southam
WHLord Wharton (Halswell MSS.)
X/BOAMiss E. R. Broadmead (W. Gresswell's papers)
BOUH. B. Boucher of Portugal
CGMiss E. Commings of Taunton
CNNWm. Cunnington and son, Devizes
ETExeter City Library
FRCR. S. France (Bluett MSS.)
GVF. R. Govett
HEAG. V. M. Heap (Lord Taunton's papers)
HUC. R. Hudleston
HUXMrs. M. Huxtable
HYAMrs. W. Hayward
LGVLongueville of Oswestry (solicitors)
LOVE. Lovett of Bristol
LYJ. W. & D. R. Maxwell-Lyte (Lyte MSS.)
MMNP. W. H. Mossman
PLYPlymouth City Archivist
PRDMrs. E. W. Paradine of Taunton
PSEA. A. Pearse of Watchet
SUMiss V. Sully
TYLA. F. Tyler of Nether Stowey
VZVizard and Co. of Monmouth (solicitors)
WDJ. D. Wood and Co.
BR/elyPeirs Ellis and Jackson Young (Bouverie, Pym, and Hale MSS.)
fcFrere, Cholmeley, and Nicholsons of London (solicitors)
frFarrer and Co. of London
gdGoldsmiths Company (Warre MSS.)
gmGlyn, Mills, and Co. of London
lwRobson Lowe of London
nfNorfolk Record Society
nsbNisbet and Co. of London (solicitors)
pyPerry of Brighton (solicitors)
viVizards of London
D/P/Parish Collections
D/R/wilWilliton Rural District Council
D/U/waWatchet Urban District Council
Diocesan Records
D/D/B regbishops' registers
B returnsbenefice returns
Bgexchanges of glebe
Bicommissions to institute
Boordination papers
Bppresentation deeds
Caact books
Cddeposition books
Cffaculty papers
Ollicence books
Pddeans' peculiar papers
Ppbprebendal peculiar papers
Rgglebe terriers
Rmmeeting house licences
Rrbishops' transcripts of parish registers
Vdiocesan books
Vcvisitation acts
V returnsvisitation returns
Quarter Sessions Records
Q/RDeinclosure awards
REparliamentary elections
RElland tax assessments
RErelectoral registers
RLvictuallers' recognizances
RRrecusants' lands, meeting house licences
RSfFriendly Society returns
RUpdeposited plans
SRsessions rolls
County Council Records
C/Eeducation department
Other Deposits
D/N/wscWest Somerset Methodist Circuit records
Photostats and Microfilms
T/PH/ayF. J Ayres (TS. of the Revd. W. Holland's diary)
bscsBath Stamp and Coin Shop
noNorthamptonshire Record Office
proPublic Record Office
rhsD. R. Harris
winWinchester College Records