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Victoria County History



William Page (editor)

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'List of Illustrations and Maps', A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 1 (1906), pp. XVII-XIX. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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The Vale of the Parrett. By William Hydefrontispiece
Palæolithic Implement, Ballast Pit, Broom, Axminster (Fig. 1)full-page plate, facing168
Palæolithic Implement, Ballast Pit, Broom, Axminster (Fig. 2)" "170
Palæolithic Implement, Ballast Pit, Broom, Axminster (Fig. 3)" "174
Palæolithic Implement, Hyæna Den, Wookey Hole
Trimmed Flake of Flint, Hyæna Den, Wookey Hole
Neolithic Stone Cist, Broom Street189
Entrance of Barrow, Stoney Littleton189
Ground Plan of Barrow, Stoney Littleton190
Plan of Chambers of Stoney Littleton Barrow190
Plan of Lake Village, Glastonbury194
Decorated Pottery from the Lake Village, Glastonbury196
Bronze Bowl, Lake Village, Glastonburyfull-page plate, facing198
Plan of Worlebury" " "200
Plan of North-eastern Flanking Entrance" " "201
Wall of Grand Gateway" " "202
Worleburyfull-page plate, facing202
Maps of the Civilian and Military Districts of Britain" " "209
Bronze Tankard from Elveden (Suffolk), illustrating Late Celtic Art" " "210
Late Celtic Potsherds from the Glastonbury Lake Villagefull-page plate, facing210
Samian Bowl of the First Century, a.d." " "211
Late Celtic Collar of Bronze, found at Wraxallfull-page plate, facing212
Plans of Courtyard and Corridor Houses at Silchester" " "213
Plan of Villa, consisting of Corridor House and two blocks of Farm Buildings round a Rectangular Courtyard (Brading, Isle of Wight)" " "213
Bath, General Planfull-page plate, facing220
Plan of Roman Bath" " "226
Structural Remains found 1867–9 on the site of the Pump Room Hotel" " "233
Remains of Pediment of the Temple of Sul, with the Head of the Gorgon on an oak-wreathed Shield in the centre, Helmet below to left, Owl on right, and parts of supporting Victories on each side The Same with the Shield and Victories completedfull-page plate, facing234
Head of Gorgon from the Pediment of the Temple of Sul Minerva236
Part of Cornice (seen from below), Corinthian Capital, and part of Column found in 1790" " "236
Cornice found in 1790" " "237
Façade of the Four Seasons, partially restored" " "238
Capital and Base of Square Pilaster" " "239
One of the Four Seasons" " "239
Two Pieces of Shell Canopy" " "240
Fragment of Pediment (Fig. 19)" " "241
Elevation and Soffit of Cornice found in 1869" " "242
Head of Moon Goddessfull-page plate, facing242
One of the Four Seasons, shewing the roughness of the work on this Façade
Roman Baths at Bathcoloured plan, facing244
View of the Great and Circular Baths, excavated 1880–5full-page plate, facing246
Plans of Roman Thermal Baths, for comparison with those at Bath" " "247
Tin Mask found in 1878" " "251
Plan of Monument (Fig. 26)" " "253
The Eastern Bathrooms as shown by Lucas in his Plan" " "254
The Great Bath, empty of Waterfull-page plate, facing256
Masonry of Wall round the N.E. Apse of the Great Bath Mosaic in the Western Semicircular Chamber, north of the Eastern Hypocausts" " "256
Bronze Head, perhaps of Minerva, found in 1727" "258
Hercules Bibax Goddesses and Worshippers Minerva" "258
Three of the Carved Blocks found in the Baths" "260
Groups of Miscellaneous Pieces found in the Baths since 1878" "260
Remains of Buildings found 1864–6 on the site of the United Hospital, Albert Wing and Medical Officers' Quarters262
Altar, found 1900264
Roman Inscriptions of Bathfull-page plate, facing268
Two Inscriptions274
Roman Inscriptions of Bathfull-page plate, facing276
Masons' Marks280
The Bath Curse282
Colossal Head of Flavian Epoch Standard-bearer's (?) Effigyfull-page plate, facing286
Monument found at the Cross Bath, 1885" "286
Samian Bowl found in the Baths287
Plan of the Neighbourhood of Camerton289
Plan of Larger House, excavated 1814–5290
Base of Statuette291
Plan of Smaller House, excavated 1817291
Fibula shewing Celtic Affinities293
Bronze Piece of Late Celtic Work293
Plan of Ham Hillfull-page plate, facing296
Remains from Ham Hill, in Taunton Museum" "296
Plan of Brislington Villa304
Plan of Roman Villa at Great Wemberham, near Yatton306
Pewter Vessels found in the Well at Brislington, and Enlarged Sketches of the Patterns on themfull-page plate, facing306
Restoration of Mosaic found at the Wemberham Villa, near Yatton" "308
Lead Roundel310
Inscribed Slab (Fig. 68)311
Plan of Roman Villa at Wellow312
Wellow Mosaic Afull-page plate facing312
Finial, 18 inches high313
Wellow Mosaic Bfull-page plate, facing314
Plan of Paulton Villas315
Dark Brown Urn, 5 in. high, ornamented with Leaf Pattern in Relief, found in 1818; now in Bristol Museum316
Inscription from Camerton Relief from Wellowfull-page plate, facing316
Roman Tesselated Pavement at Nunney, Somerset317
Potters' Kiln, near Shepton (Fig. 78)319
Cup found in Kiln, near Shepton (Fig. 79)319
Plan of Roman Villas, near Somerton321
Plan of Roman Villa at Littleton324
Inscription from King's Sedgemoor325
Plan of Roman Villa at Pitney326
Pitney Mosaic Afull-page plate, facing328
Mosaic found at East Coker, 1753330
Pitney Mosaic C Pitney Mosaic B Coker Mosaic full-page plate, facing330
Plan of Remains of Roman Villa at Wadeford333
Plan of Charterhouse Mining District336
Objects from Charterhouse, now in Taunton Museumfull-page plate, facing336
Fibulae from Charterhouse, in the Pass Collection" "338
Gems from Charterhouse" "338
Remains from Charterhouse-on-Mendip" "340
Pig of Lead found near Blagdon (Fig. 96)341
Pig of Lead found in Bristol (Fig. 97)342
Two Bronze Fibulae found at Charterhouse (Fig. 98)343
Brooch from Wolvershill357
Brooçh from Irchester357
Plan of Roman Finds at Clevedon360
Inscription at Winsford (Exmoor)369
Anglo-Saxon Remains from Somersetcoloured plate, facing378
Leaden Coffin-plate found at Bathfull-page plate, facing380


Geological Map of East Somersetbetween xxviii, 1
Geological Map of West Somerset" 14, 15
Orographical Map" 28, 29
Botanical Map" 40, 41
Pre-Historical Map" 166, 167
Roman Map" 206, 207
Anglo-Saxon Map" 372, 373
Domesday Map" 432, 433