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'Appendix 2', London Consistory Court Depositions, 1586-1611: list and indexes (1995), pp. XXXII-XXXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Guildhall Library MS 25, 188 (formerly St. Paul's Cathedral) is a table of fees in the London Consistory Court for 1598. It measures 46 ½" long by 10 7/8" wide (118.11 cm x 27.62 cm). For the table of ecclesiastical fees compiled by Archbishop Whitgift in 1597, see John Strype, The Life and Acts of John Whitgift (Oxford, 1822), vol. II, pp. 377-81. The table is reprinted in John Ayliffe, Parergon juris canonicici anglicani (London, 1726). William Warlowe's 1610 deposition (item 1595) serves as an informative gloss for the Consistory Court Table of Fees since it provides the daily wages of a labourer: 'he worketh as a labourer in any kind of worke sometime for xiid a day and sometime for 8d a day and meate and drinke'.

The Table of ffees and dutyes belongeinge to the Lord Bishop of London his Chauncellor Register Generall Apparitor and other officers of hi{s} Consistory Courte of London made in the yeare of our Lord god 1598

Inprimis for the Bishopp of Londons Commission graunted to his Chauncellor to proceed in the ellection of the deane of the Cathedrall Church of Saint Paulxiiis iiiidxiiis iiiidxiiis iiiid0
Item to the gent of the Bishopps Chamber vis viiid
Item for the fee of the Sentence made in confirmacion of his electioniiliiilixxvis viiidxs
Item for the Mandate to Install the said Deanexiiis iiiidxiiis iiiidxs0
Item for the Registringe of all the proceedeings touchinge the said election vizt for the Certificate thereof the Citacion against the Canons and Prebends of St. Pauls with a Intimacion the Certificate thereof the schedule of preclusion the schedule of election and other instruments apperteyninge theretonilniliili0
Item for letters testimoniall thereupponnilxiiis iiiidxs0
Item for every Citacion in a matter of instance betweene party and party if it issue out of the Registry and Seale thereofniliiiidviiid0
Item for every Citacion with an Inhibicion and Seale issueing out of the Registrynilxxiidxxiid0
Item for every Citacion with an Intimacion in a busines of deprivacion of a minister from his function and Sealenilxiidiis iiiid0
Item for every suspencion and excomunicacion in a Matter of Officenilixdixdvid
Item for every absolucion under Sealenilixdixdnil
Item for the examinacion of every first witnes upon any matter in Courtnilxiidvidiiiid
Item for examinacion of all other witnessesnilvidiiidiid
Item for examinacion of every witnesse uppon Interrogatoriesnilxiidvidnil
Item for examinacion of every party principallnilxiidvidiiiid
Item for Chirurgions licence to practize Chirurgery within the diocesnilvis viiidvis viiidnil
Item for the coppy of the deposicion of every witnesnilnilviiidnil
Item for the Coppies of the answers of every partie principallnilnilisnil
Item for the fee of any Commission issueing out of the Registry to examine Witnesses in the Country or take the answers of any party uppon any matternilvis viiidvsnil
Item for the Seale of every proces that is transmitted unto a higher Courtnilvis viiid0nil
Item the taxacion of every such proces is left to discretion of the Judge to whome the cause is appealed soe that here the fee is uncertayne usually taxed by him after the rate of iiiid the leasenilnil0
Item for the makinge of every procuratornilniliiiid0
Item for every diffinitive and interloqutorie Sentencenilvis viiidiiis iiiidis
Item for the Sequestracion of the fruites of every liveinge the Judge is to have vis viiid and the Register iiis iiiid constantly but the Apparitor if the liveinge lye within the Citty of London is to have is if it be in the Countrey he is to have after the rate of iid for every mile as it is distant from the Cittynilvis viiidiiis iiiid
Item for the Collacion of any Beneficexiiis iiiidvis viiidvis viiidis
Item to the Secretary and other of the Bishopps servauntsxis viiid
Item for Confirmacion of every reall Composicion donne by the Bishopp the Register is to be allowed for the Registringe thereof accordinge to the length but to the Bishopp is payedxiiis iiiid—nil—nil
Item to the servaunts of the Lord Bishopp for every such reall composicion confirmed by the Bishopp as afforesaidnilnil
Item for every Certificate into the ffirst ffruites office made att the instance of any partyenilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for every licence to preachnilnilvis viiid0
Item for letters of orders graunted to every ministernilnilvs0
Item for letters testimoniall made uppon the admission of a Midwifenilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for a licence to officiate a Cure within the dioces of Londonniliiis iiiidiiis iiiid0
Item for retocacion of a Sequestracionnilvis viiidiiis iiiid0
Item for all acts spedd in open Courte att the instance of any partynilniliiiid0
Item for every act spedd out of Courtenilnilviiid0
Item for the Coppy of every act of Court if the party desire it to be subscribed by the Registernilnilis0 to pro beneficia
Item for the exhibiteinge and Registringe of every Institucion in the time of the Bishopps visicacionnilnilisis
Item for exhibiteinge and Registringe of every dispensacion and qualificacion for houldeinge twoe beneficesnilxxdxxdnil
Item for admission Registringe and exhibiteinge of every proxey in the time of the Bishopps visitacionnilxiidxiidnil
Item for exhibiteinge of the letters of orders of every Parson and Curate in the tyme of the visitacion of the Bishoppnilniliiiidiiiid
Item for the Citacion and appearance of every party called in a busines of correctionnilvidvidiiiid
Item for the purgacion of every party for himselfenilixdixdiiiid
Item for every one of the compurgatorsnilvidvidiid
Item for the Intimacion made to those whoe will object against every such purgacionnilxiidxiidvid
Item for the dismission of every party after such theire purgacionnilvidvidiiiid
Item for the Institucion of every Clarke into any Beneficie and the mandate directed to the Archdeacon for his induction into his liveingevis iiiidiiis viiidvsxiid
Item for letters testimoniall uppon the subscription of every minister to the articles made in the convocacion held by the Clergy in Anno domini 1562niliiis iiiidiis iiiidnil
Item for a licence to teach schoole within the diocesniliiis iiiidiiis iiiidnil
Item for licence for eateinge flesh in the tyme of lenttniliiis iiiidiiis iiiidnil
Item for an Induction to a liveinge beinge within the peculiar Jurisdiction of the Bishopp of Londonvis viiidiiis iiiidiiis iiid0
Item for a licence to marrynilvisiiis iiiid0
Item for consigneinge every decree goeinge out of the Registrynilniliiiid0
Item for all letters testimoniallnilvis viiidvis viiidnil
Item for the search of all acts and instruments donne within the space of fifty yearesnilnilis0
Item for the search of every Composicionnilniliiis iiiidiiiid
Item for every bond taken for the Bishops indempnitynilnilis0
Item for letters dimissoryniliiis iiiidiiis iiiid0
Item for every Significavit into the Chauncery for the delivery of any person out of prizon taken by vertue of a writt de excomunicato capiendnilvis viiidxxdnil
Item for every significavit into the Chauncery pro corporis captione et incarceracionnilvis viiidxxd0
1: Item for the admission of every Resignacion of any beneficenilxxdxxd0
2: Item for letters testimoniall thereuppon under Sealeniliis vidiis vidnil
Item for openinge of every Writt of Prohibicion out of the Courts of Kings Bench and Common pleasnilxvdxvdnil
3: Item for any Intimacion made to a patron uppon the resignacion of any liveing or deprivacion of any Clarke of his beneficeniliiis iiiidiiis iiiidis
Item for a licence to deliberate and determine any annuall pensionnilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for the act of exhibicion of every Inventorynilnilis0
Item for every allegacion libel or matter annexed to any Commission uppon which any witnes or party is to be examinednilniliis0
Item for every Caveat in matters that concerne beneficesnilniliiis iiiid0
Item for every ordinary Caucionnilnilxiid0
Item for every act of Institucion or collacionnilnilxiid0
4: Item for every act of admession of a resignacionnilnilxiid0
Item for every presentacion made by the Bishopp of any liveinge within his guiftxiiis iiiidnilvis viiid0
Item to the Bishopps gent of his Chambervis viiid
Item to the rest of the Bishopps servauntsiiiis
Item for the Registringe of the Church wardens names of every parish within the dioces of London in the time of the visitacionnilniliiiidnil
Item for the probate of every will where the goodes extend but to vlinilvidvidnil
Item for the probate of every will where the goodes exceed vli and not xlliniliis vidxiidxiid
Item for the probate of every will where the goods exceed xlli of what valew soeverniliis vidiis vidxiid
Item for the exhibicion of every bill of presentmentnilniliiiidnil
Item for every Administracion where the goodes exceed vli and not extend unto xlliniliis vidiis vidxiid
Item for every administracion where the goodes exceed xlli of what valew soever it benilvis viiidiis viiidxiid
Item for writeinge of every Inventory accordinge to the length thereof vizt for every presse of Parchment beinge the whole length of the skinnilniliis0
Item for the delivery of any bond out of the Registrynilniliis0
Item for every tolleracion under Sealenilvis viiidiiis iiiid0
Item for the dispensacion of any partie for not bringeinge in an Inventorynilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for letters of requestniliiis iiiidiiis iiiid0
Item for lettersnilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for a Commission toapprize the goodes of any deceasednilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for the Coppye of every libell or matter out of the Registrynilniliiis iiiid0
Item for the Coppy of every allegacionnilniliis0
Item for every Quietus est uppon an Accompt not exceeding vlinilvis viiidiiis iiiidis
Item for the Quietus est uppon every Accompt where the goodes exceed xlli and not above lxvili xiiis iiiidnilxsiiis iiiidis
Item where the goodes exceed lxvili xiiis iiiid and not a Clinilxiiis iiiidiiis iiiidis
Item every Quietus est in any estate exceeding Cli of what valew soevernilxxsiiis iiiidis
Item for ingrosseinge every Accompt for every presse beinge the length of a skin of parchmentnilniliiis iiiid0
Item for the decree of the Judge uppon a distribucion and allocacion of any goodes uppon an accomptenilvis viiidvis viiid0
Item for the decree of the Judge uppon any Accompte wherein the Administrator dureinge the minority of an Executor is dismissed from further Accomptenilvis viiidvs iiiid0
Item for the wax of every Seale to the Judges maniiiid
Item for writeinge of every Instrument the Clarke is to haveiiiid
Item for every oath out of Court to the Judges maniiiid

This Coppie agrees with the originall Table of fees made by the right reverend father in God Richard Lord BP of London and others in the yeare of our lord god 1598 and is faithfully examined by me.

Tho: Punt Register

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