Appendix A
List of the owner-occupiers since 1586


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'Appendix A: List of the owner-occupiers since 1586', Survey of London Monograph 12: Cromwell House, Highgate (1926), pp. 47. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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A list of the owner-occupiers of Cromwell House, Highgate, from Elizabethan times to the present day, compiled principally from the entries in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Hornsey—

Henry Turke.
1586. George Crowther.
1605. Robert Sprignell.
1625. Susan Sprignell.
1627. Richard Sprignell.
1658. Anne Sprignell (widow of (Sir) Richard).
1661. Sir Robert Sprignell and Anne his wife.
1664. George Hill.
1669. Sir Thomas Hooke.
1676. Alvares (or Alvaro) da Costa.
1716. Anthony, Joseph and John da Costa.
1718. John surrenders his part.
1729. Joseph surrenders his part.
1747. Abraham da Costa.
1750. Sir John Thompson.
Dame Catharine Thompson (widow of Sir John).
1766. William St. Quintin who surrenders at once to Thomas Saunders (of Highgate).
1790. Samuel Provey.
1797. George Ranking.
1811. William Higgins.
1821. Richard Cumberledge (Cumberlege) Ware.
(fn. 1) 1824. Thomas Hurst.
(fn. 1) 1833. Richard Nixon.
(fn. 1) 1840. Thomas Bedgood (Bedggood).
(fn. 1) 1862. Jane Russell.
Present owners and occupiers :—
1924. The Mothercraft Training Society.

Note.—It was in 1868 that the house was first leased to the Hospital for Sick Children.


1 Not necessarily occupiers.