Deceased persons


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'Deceased persons', London Marriage Duty assessment 1695 (2011). URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Deceased persons

Precinct Forename Surname Relationship / status Burials Notes
Hounsditch Ann Wagstaffe 4s
Hounsditch Dorothy Copton 4s
Hounsditch Wm Bowden 4s
Hounsditch Hester Bakers Child 4s
Hounsditch Richd Willis a Child 4s
Hounsditch Thomas Barebone a Pish Child 4s
Hounsditch Joseph the sonn of Robt Gildersley 4s
High Street Jane ye Daughter of John Sheppard 4s
High Street ffriday Widd Daughter of Tho Addamson 4s
High Street Edw Pufferd 4s "to be pd P Mr Garrett"
High Street Noble Widow 4s
Barrs Thomas Wright 4s
Barrs Perkins Lewes 4s "paid to ye Churchwarden"
Barrs Katharine Bright 4s "paid to ye Churchwarden"
Barrs John Bossingham 4s "pd to ye Churchwarden"
Barrs Mary ffeilds Child 4s "paid to ye Churchwarden"
Barrs Katharine Wrights Child 4s
Tower Hill Elizab Daughter of Jospeh Shury 4s
Tower Hill Robert Sanders Sonn of John Sanders 4s
Tower Hill Elizab Daughter of Soloman Peale 4s "paid to ye Clarke"
Tower Hill Mary Jackson 4s
Tower Hill Katharine Radderford 4s
Tower Hill Sarah Daughter of Wm Ruth 4s
Tower Hill Christopr Sanden 4s
Tower Hill Sarah Daughter of Edw Moody 4s
Tower Hill Swinfeild Child 4s "paid to Mr Drewitt ye Clerke"
Covent Garden Thomas Sonn of Tho Hateman 4s
Covent Garden Michaell Woodward 4s
Covent Garden Lewis Bearley 4s
Covent Garden Robert Darkin 4s
Covent Garden Joshua Givers 4s "paid to Mr Churchwarden"
Covent Garden A Child of Michaell Brown 4s "paid to Mr Drewitt"
Covent Garden Henry Reddropp 4s " to pay for his Brother"
Covent Garden Spira Hartley 4s
Covent Garden Mary Cole 4s