Sheriffs' Court Roll, 1320
Membrane 3 (transcript pp. 11-13)


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Matthew Stevens (editor)

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Membrane 3

[m. 3]
lex ad
Roger of Edelmetone, tanner, waged his law v. Ralph Maniman, concerning a charge that on Tuesday after the feast of the Nativity of the B.V.M. 1 Edward II [12 th September, 1307] in Old Jewry, the same Roger, with Laurence of Haddeham, assaulted Ralph Maniman with force and arms, to his damage £40. The def. denies the charge and is given a day to make his law.
patria John of Eye was attached to answer William of Toppesfelde in a plea of trespass. He is charged with coming with force and arms, to the house of the pl. in the par. of St Bride, Fleet Street, on Saturday the vigil of the Holy Trinity, 12 Edward II [9th June, 1319], assaulting him and carrying off night firewood ['busca'] to the value of 100s. The def. pleads not guilty, and puts himself upon his country; and because he can find no security to await the verdict, he is committed to prison. Later the jury comes and returns a verdict-
[p. 12] -of guilty. The pl. is awarded 40s. damages, and the def. is committed to prison.

lex ad quindenam
Broun Robyn, tailor, waged his law against Richard Payn, concerning the charge that on Wednesday the morrow of St John the Baptist [25th June, 1320] he assaulted the pl., to his damage, 40s. The def. is given a day etc.
patria The jury of the par. of St. Benedict Sherhogg and of the venue of Poultry
next the Stocks, summoned to recognize upon oath whether Agnes, wife of Richard atte Marche, on Thursday the feast of St. Pancras, 13 Edward II
[? after the feast of St. Pancras, which in 1320 fell on a Monday] assaulted
Roger to Rede, baker and Margery, his wife, pursuing the said Margery as far as le Stockes, to their damage 100s. The jury finds the def. guilty, and awards 2s. damages to the pls. Def. committed to prison.
fecit legem

lex ad
Richard de la Marche, for himself and Agnes his wife wages his law against Roger le Rede and Margery his wife concerning 2s. 4d. out of a total of 4s. said to be due for bread sold to them on Monday after the feast of the Purification of the B.V.M., 13 Edward II [4th February, 1320]. The def. comes and successfully makes his law. Pls. in mercy for a false plaint.
lex ad
John of Hopton waged his law against Elen Scot concerning 20s. which he is alleged to owe in repayment of a loan made him on Christmas Eve outside Bishopesgate.
[m. 3d.] John of Hoptone was summoned to answer Elen Scot in a plea concerning the detention of chattels. The pl. alleges that she handed over to the def. a brass pot and a dish worth ½m. on Christmas eve, 13 Edward II [1320], by way of a loan, but that he refused to return them. The def. admits receipt of the articles, but says that the pot was attached by William Pikeman at the suit of Mabel of Hakeneye, and the dish by Thomas de la Welde, serjeant, at the suit of the same Mabel. The pl., present in the court, cannot deny this. Therefore it is adjudged that she take nothing for her plaint, and that the def. be sine die.
fecit legem

lex ad quindenam
Reginald of Ailesburi waged his law against Philip le Cordewaner, alleging non-payment of 3s. 3½d. due for wax sold him on Thursday after the feast of the Translation of St. Augustine, 13 Edward II [29th May, 1320]. Later Reginald comes and makes his law. It is adjudged that he recover the 3s. 3½d. and that Philip be in mercy for unjust detention.
patria A jury of the venue of the Vintry is summoned to recognize upon oath whether Thomas le Ken of the Vintry, on Friday before the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 13 Edward II [13th June, 1320] assaulted-
[p. 13]
-John le Baker, portour, with force and arms. Thomas is mainprised by James atte Pirie and Thomas le Taillour of Vintry.

Alice la Barbiere was summoned to answer Agnes, relict of James le Botiller, John of Hardingham, Geoffrey of Cutendene and William of Macchynge, executors of the will of the said James, who complain that the said Alice bought of James le Botiller in his life-time eleven ells of green cloth of Louveyne for 30s, [word illegible], on Monday after mid-Lent, 13 Edward II [10 March 1320], promising to pay the said 30s. within the quindene, but that she afterwards refused payment to the pls. The def. says she is not bound to answer the pls. because she has a husband named John, living in Fridaistrete and Fletestrete, and he is not named in the plaint. The pls. say that at the date of the entering of the plaint the def. was single, and is so still. Therefore a jury is summoned for the next court etc.
fecit legem
lex ad quindenam
Nicholas of Donstaple waged his law against Walter of Bodele, sawiere, concerning the charge that on Thursday after Pentecost [22nd May, 1320] at Cornhill he assaulted the said Walter. Later the def. successfully made his law and was adjudged to be quit. Pl. in mercy.
lex ad quindenam Peter of Haliwell waged his law against the Master of the Hospital of St. Bartholomew, Smethefelde, concerning the charge that between Easter, 1 Edward II [14th April, 1308] and Easter, 2 Edward II [30th March 1309] he bought from the said Master a tanned hide worth 60s., which sum he still owes.