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'List of illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 4: The City (1929), pp. V-XII. URL: Date accessed: 20 November 2014.


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1. ALDERSGATE.Page or plate.
(1) Church of St. Anne and St. Agnes, late 17th-century. Planp. 2
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.49
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover10
     Do.      Do.     Reredos36
(5) Goldsmiths' Hall. Figure of St. Dunstan, late 17th-century46
     Do.     Fireplace,      Do.8
(7) Coachmakers' Hall. Screen in Hall, c. 170352
(1) Church of St. Andrew Undershaft, 15th and early 16th-century. Dated Planp. 5
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.51
     Do.      Do.     Tower from S.50
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover, 17th-century11
     Do.      Do.     Glass, four shields in aisles, early 16th-century15
     Do.      Do.     Glass, in W. window, late 17th-century53
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) of Sir Thomas Ofley, 158223
     Do.      Do.     Monuments (2) of John Stow, 160555
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) of Sir Hugh Hamersley, 163623
     Do.      Do.     Monument (10) of Margery Turner, 160727
     Do.      Do.     Organ and Case, 169654
     Do.      Do.      Do.     detail28
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, late 17th-century35
(2) Church of St. Katharine Cree, 15th and early 17th-century. Dated Planp. 8
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.W.56
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.57
     Do.      Do.     Plaster vault of chancel56
     Do.      Do.     Font and Cover, c. 1630–4011
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) of Sir Nicholas Throkmorton, 157020
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) of Bartholomew Ellnor, 163625
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) of Richard Spencer, 166727
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate, 17th-century32
     Do.      Do.     Royal Arms (Stuart)16
(3) Synagogue, 1700–01. Planp. 11
     Do.     Interior looking E.58
     Do.     Candelabra4
     Do.     Candlesticks4
     Do.     Echal59
     Do.     Mantles (four), 17th-century60
     Do.     Tebah92
(7) House No. 39 Crutched Friars, Staircase, late 17th-century40
(1) Girdlers' Hall, 1681–2. Screen61
     Do.     Overmantel in Hall8
     Do.     Carving at back of Screens64
     Do.     Lead Cistern dated 16976
(1) Church of St. Margaret Pattens, late 17th-century. Planp. 15
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.W.62
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover9
     Do.      Do.     Royal Arms (Stuart)16
     Do.      Do.     Churchwardens' Pew, dated 168668
(2) Church of St. Mary at Hill, late 17th-century. Planp. 17
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to John Harvey, 170026
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) to Thomas Dovall, 170025
     Do.      Do.     Royal Arms (Stuart)16
(1) Church of St. Ethelburga, c. 1390–1400 and later. Dated Planp. 19
     Do.     Exterior from W.63
     Do.     Glass, arms of City of London, late 17th-centuryFrontispiece
     Do.      Do.     arms of Vintners' Company, late 17th-century15
     Do.      Do.     arms of Mercers' Company, late 17th-century14
(2) Church of St. Helen, 13th-century and later. Dated Planp. 20
     Do.     Exterior from W.49
     Do.     Nuns' Quire, looking S.E.65
     Do.      Do.     N.E. angle and Easter Sepulchre69
     Do.     S. doorway, dated 163366
     Do.     Door-case to S. doorway, c. 163367
     Do.     Font and cover, c. 163211
     Do.     Glass, four shields of Crosby, etc., 15th-century15
     Do.     Monument (1) to Sir Thomas Gresham, 1579, detail19
     Do.     Monument (2) to Julius Caesar Adelmare, 1636127
     Do.     Monument (9) to Hugh Pemberton, 150019
     Do.     Monument (10) to John Robinson, 159922
     Do.     Monument (12) of Sir William Pickering, 157474
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigy73
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     Profile of effigy72
     Do.     Monument (15) of Sir John Crosby, 147670
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigies71
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Profiles of effigies72
     Do.     Monument (16) to Richard Staper, 160822
     Do.     Monument (17) of Sir John Spencer, 160975
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Effigies73
     Do.     Monument (21) to Rachel Chambrelan, 168725
     Do.     Monument (22) said to be of John de Oteswich, late 14th-century71
     Do.     Pulpit, early 17th-century79
     Do.     Stalls, 15th-century42
     Do.     Sword-rest, dated 166544
(8) Chimney piece in Bank of Scotland, dated 163376
(1) Church of St. Mildred, late 17th-century. Planp. 25
     Do.     Interior looking E.77
     Do.     Details of plaster ceiling80
     Do.     Font and cover12
     Do.     Monument (1) to Thomas Ball, 167926
     Do.     Communion Plate32
     Do.     Pulpit78
     Do.     Reredos, detail36
(1) Church of St. Magnus the Martyr, late 17th-century. Planp. 28
     Do.      Do.     The Tower from N.3
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails38
     Do.      Do.     Door-case, now reredos67
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to Robert Dickins, 1705–626
     Do.      Do.     Organ and case, 171282
     Do.      Do.      Do.     carving28
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate30
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Falstaff Cup of 159029
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit78
     Do.      Do.     Sword Rest of 170844
     Do.      Do.     Benefactors' Tablet45
(2) The Monument, 1671–7, from the W. and panel on W. face81
(4) House, No. 19 Fish Street Hill, staircase, late 17th-century41
(1) Church of All Hallows, London Wall. Font, late 17th-century9
(2) Dutch Church of Austin Friars, mid 14th-century. Dated planp. 32
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from N.W.217
     Do.      Do.     S. aisle, looking E.51
     Do.      Do.     Monument to Margaret Cornwall, 169227
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate32
(4) Merchant Taylors' Hall, late 14th-century and later. Dated planp. 35
     Do.     Screen in Hall, late 17th-century86
     Do.     Crypt, late 14th-century84
     Do.     Staircase, late 17th-century165
(5) Carpenters' Hall, Fireplace, late 17th-century8
     Do.     Panelling, dated 157917
     Do.     Paintings, mid 16th-century85
(1) Church of St. Clement, Eastcheap, late 17th-century. Planp. 39
     Do.      Do.     Chair5
     Do.      Do.     Font-cover13
     Do.      Do.     Overmantel in vestry83
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit78
(2) Church of St. Mary Abchurch, late 17th-century. Planp. 41
     Do.      Do.     Interior showing reredos87
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table43
     Do.      Do.     N. door-case with pelican7
     Do.      Do.     Font-cover13
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to Sir Patience Ward, 169655
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit79
     Do.      Do.     Side pews, detail37
(1) St. Paul's Cathedral, 1675–1710. Planfacing p. 44
     Do.     Plan of Cryptp. 49
     Do.     Exterior. S. side, from S.E.90
     Do.      Do.     S. side of quire88
     Do.      Do.     W. front89
     Do.      Do.     Carved tympanum of W. front95
     Do.      Do.     Statues on W. front95
     Do.      Do.     Clearstorey and buttresses S. side of quire94
     Do.      Do.     Dome from N.W. tower91
     Do.      Do.     N.W. tower from dome93
     Do.     Interior. General view looking E.96
     Do.      Do.     Crossing and quire from S. transept98
     Do.      Do.     N. transept, looking N.99
     Do.      Do.     Nave and N. aisle looking W.100
     Do.      Do.     Nave looking S.W.102
     Do.      Do.     Nave looking E. from W. gallery97
     Do.      Do.     N. arcade of nave103
     Do.      Do.     W. end of nave101
     Do.      Do.     Buttresses to drum of dome93
     Do.      Do.     Library108
     Do.      Do.     Music Room109
     Do.      Do.     Lord Mayor's Vestry109
     Do.     Crypt. N. side of St. Faith's Chapel106
     Do.      Do.     S. aisle of      Do.107
     Do.      Do.     Arches under crossing and Monument (15) to Lord Nelson 105
     Do.      Do.     Nave looking W.92
     Do.     Lead cistern dated 16826
     Do.     Iron key-hole scutcheon18
     Do.     Gallery over entrance, S. transept.101
     Do.     Iron panels in Chapel of S.S. Michael and George18
     Do.     Monument (1) of Dr. John Donne, 1631110
     Do.     Monument (2) of Sir William Cokain, 1626111
     Do.     Monument (3) of William Hewit, 1599111
     Do.     Monument (5) of Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1579111
     Do.     Monument (6) of Sir Thomas Heneage, 1594111
     Do.     Monument (7) to Sir Simon Baskervile, 1641112
     Do.     Monument (9) of John Martin, 1680110
     Do.     Monument (10) to Mary Wren, 1712112
     Do.     Monument (11) to Edmund Wiseman, 1704112
     Do.     Monument (12) to Jane Wren, 1702112
     Do.     Organ-case, N. side, 1694, re-fixed113
     Do.      Do.     details of carvings114
     Do.      Do.     details of carved angels115
     Do.      Do.     iron-panels18
     Do.     Iron screen in E. bay of S. arcade of Quire120
     Do.      Do.     in second bay of N.      Do.116
     Do.      Do.     at W. end of N. aisle of Quire120
     Do.     Screen of St. Dunstan's Chapel118
     Do.      Do.     of Chapel of St. Michael and St. George119
     Do.     Quire-stalls, S. side121
     Do.      Do.     screen at back of S. side117
     Do.      Do.     iron panels in door of screen18
     Do.      Do.     Bishop's throne5
     Do.     Geometrical staircase in S.W. tower, looking up104
     Do.      Do.     first flight and landing104
(2) Church of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, late 17th-century. Planp. 54
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from the S. 124
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E. 122
(3) Church of St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, late 17th-century. Planp. 55
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from the S.E.124
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking N.E.123
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table43
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover10
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) to Gregory King, 171226
(3) Church of St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, Communion Plate, alms-dish, c. 171233
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit35
     Do.      Do.     Cartouche on N. gallery17
     Do.      Do.     Royal Arms16
     Do.      Do.     Achievement of College of Arms17
(4) Deanery of St. Paul's, 1670. Front staircase39
     Do.     Back staircase41
(5) College of Arms, 1671–77. Planp. 58
     Do.     Exterior from the S.E.125
     Do.     Court-room, seat of Earl Marshal48
     Do.     Staircase40
(6) Paul's Bakehouse Court, late 17th-century. Staircase in No. 441
11. CHEAP.
(1) Church of St. Lawrence, Jewry, late 17th-century. Planp. 60
     Do.     Exterior from S.E.128
     Do.     Ceiling of Vestry127
     Do.      Do.     detail211
     Do.     Door-case at W. end, and part of organ gallery126
     Do.      Do.     external126
     Do.     The vestry129
     Do.     Font and cover10
     Do.     Monument (1) to Archbishop Tillotson, 169424
     Do.     Monument (5) to William Haliday, 1623, erected 168721
     Do.     Sword-rest44
(3) Guildhall, early 15th-century and later. Dated planp. 64
     Do.     Basement Planp. 66
     Do.     Interior, looking W.130
     Do.     Doorway from porch174
     Do.     East Crypt, looking S.W.132
     Do.     Aldermen's Court-room, late 17th-century131
(4) Mercers' Hall, late 17th-century. Plans of Ground and First Floorsp. 69
     Do.     Ambulatory. Monument (1) of Richard Fishborne, 162564
     Do.      Do.     Doorway, with portcullis133
     Do.     Carved panels in Hall134, 135
     Do.     Carved panel under window in Hall and overmantel in corridor136
(6) House, No. 64 Cheapside, staircase, late 17th-century41
(7) House, No. 73 Cheapside, staircase, late 17th-century39
(1) Church of St. Margaret, Lothbury, late 17th-century. Planp. 72
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.W.2
     Do.      Do.     Candelabrum4
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails38
     Do.      Do.     Font and details of carving12
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) of Sir Peter le Maire, 1631 46
     Do.      Do.     Reredos137
     Do.      Do.     Chancel-screen138
(2) Church of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, late 17th-century. Planp. 74
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table43
     Do.      Do.     Communion Rails38
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover9
     Do.      Do.     Interior showing Reredos140
     Do.      Do.     Carving of the Last Judgment, in Vestry140
(3) Church of St. Olave Old Jewry. Tower from W., late 17th-century147
(1) Church of St. Mary le Bow, late 17th-century, with late 11th-century crypt. Plan of church p. 77
     Do.     Plan of cryptp. 79
     Do.     Interior of church looking N.E.141
     Do.     Tower and spire from N.W.1
     Do.     Crypt, nave looking S.W.142
     Do.      Do.     N. aisle looking E.143
     Do.      Do.     Blocked arch in N. aisle144
(2) Church of St. Mary Aldermary, late 17th-century. Planp. 82
     Do.     Exterior from S.E.146
     Do.     Interior looking E.145
     Do.     Font and cover, 16829
     Do.     Pulpit34
     Do.     Sword-rest, dated 168244
(6) Remains of Undercroft, probably late 14th-century144
(1) Church of St. Michael, Cornhill, late 17th and early 18th-century. Planp. 84
     Do.     Fireplace in vestry83
     Do.     Figure of pelican47
(2) Church of St. Peter, Cornhill, late 17th-century. Planp. 86
     Do.     Exterior from N.E.63
     Do.     Chancel-screen139
(1) Church of St. Alban Wood Street, late 17th-century. Planp. 89
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit34
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) to William Harvie, 159327
(2) Church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, late 17th-century. Planp. 91
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.77
     Do.      Do.     Chairs5
     Do.      Do.     Chest, c. 166045
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) to Richard and John Chandler 1686 and 169124
(3) Church of St. Alphege London Wall. Monument (1) to Sir Rowland Hayward, 159322
(5) Haberdashers' Hall, Arms of Dudley Earl of Leicester, 17th-century17
(6) Brewers' Hall, late 17th-century. Planp. 94
     Do.     S. front151
     Do.     Street-doorway150
     Do.     Hall, looking E.149
     Do.      Do.     details of wood-work48
     Do.     Court-room148
     Do.     Staircase40
     Do.     Lead cistern, dated 16716
(7) Parish Clerks' Hall, Glass. Portrait of John Clarke, 167514
Church of St. Giles, Cripplegate, 15th-century and later. Dated planp. 97
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.W.50
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.152
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3 and 4) to Edmund Harrison 1666 and Charles Langlie, 160227
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) of Constance Whitney, 162824
     Do.      Do.     Reredos in N. aisle, late 17th-century137
(3) Skinners' Hall, c. 1670 W. side of courtyard with doorway to Hall153
     Do.     Staircase154
     Do.     Fireplace in Cedar Room155
(4) Tallow Chandlers' Hall, 1671–2. Planp. 102
     Do.     Reception Room156
     Do.     Court Room157
(6) Innholders' Hall, 1670. Entrance doorway158
     Do.     Court Room with details of ceiling160
(7) Houses, Nos. 1 and 2 Lawrence Pountney Hill, 1703. Entrance doorways159
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Staircase in No. 140
(1) Christ Church, Newgate Street. Late 17th and early 18th-century. Plan p. 105
     Do.      Do.     Tower from S., 17041
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.163
     Do.      Do.     Plaster-work on E. wall80
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover12
     Do.      Do.     Organ-case, carving28
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate. Indian alms-dish33
     Do.      Do.     Carved panels from former pulpit42
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit-door now incorporated in desk45
(2) Church of St. Augustine, Old Change, late 17th-century. Planp. 107
     Do.      Do.     Tower from S.W.2
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E. showing reredos161
     Do.      Do.     Font9
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit 35
(3) Church of St. Martin, Ludgate, late 17th-century. Plan p. 109
     Do.      Do.     S. front and tower2
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.122
     Do.      Do.     Bread-shelves45
     Do.      Do.     Double chair, dated 16905
     Do.      Do.     Screen and door-case E. of tower7
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover, dated 167310
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate30
     Do.      Do.     Cup of 1559 with stem of 150729
(4) Church of St. Vedast, Foster Lane, late 17th-century. Planp. 112
     Do.      Do.     Tower from the N.2
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table43
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) to Sir John Johnson, 169825
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit79
     Do.      Do.     Reredos162
(7) Apothecaries' Hall, 1670. Wood-work at S. end of Hall48
     Do.     Bust of Gideon de Laune, early 17th-century46
(8) Barbers' Hall, 1636 and later. Planp. 115
     Do.     Hood of entrance-doorway dated 1671150
     Do.     Staircase, mid 17th-century165
     Do.     Court-Room, now Hall, 1636164
     Do.     Stone achievement and iron fire-back17
(9) Stationers' Hall, 1670. Screen in Hall168
     Do.     Fireplace in Stock-room8
(15) Amen House, detail of plaster ceiling, late 17th-century211
(1) Church of St. Andrew, Holborn, late 17th-century. Planp. 120
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.166
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover, dated 168610
     Do.      Do.     Glass, Arms of Queen Anne167
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Arms of Thavies Inn167
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit34
(2) Church of St. Bartholomew the Great, 12th-century and later. Dated Planfacing p.124
     Do.      Do.     Presbytery looking E.169
     Do.      Do.     S. side of presbytery with early 16th-century oriel-window 172
     Do.      Do.     N. Aisle of presbytery, looking W.170
     Do.      Do.     N. aisle of presbytery, N. wall171
     Do.      Do.     W. respond, N. arch of crossing with 15th-century strainer-arches 174
     Do.      Do.     W. respond, S. arch of crossing171
     Do.      Do.     Monument (1) of Rahere, late 15th or early 16th-century 173
     Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.      Do.     effigy70
     Do.      Do.     Monument (2) of Sir Robert Chamberlane, 1615 23
     Do.      Do.     Monument (3) to John Kellond, 168526
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Percival Smallpace, 155824
     Do.      Do.     Monument (14) to Elizabeth Freshwater, 1617 23
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate, cups of 168929
(4) Church of St. Bride, Fleet Street, late 17th-century. Planp. 130
     Do.      Do.     Tower and spire, from S.E.1
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.175
     Do.      Do.     Font, dated 16159
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate, bread-dish of 1671 and mace of 1703 33
(5) Church of St. Dunstan in the West. Statue of Queen Elizabeth, 158666
     Do.      Do.     Monument (5) kneeling figure, late 16th-century21
     Do.      Do.     Monument (6) to Damaris Turner, 170326
     Do.      Do.     Monument (15) to Cuthbert Fetherstone, 161521
     Do.      Do.     Monument (18) to Elizabeth North, 161221
(6) Church of St. Sepulchre, Newgate, 15th and late 17th-century. Dated planp. 135
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.E.176
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.177
     Do.      Do.     Font-cover of 167013
(7) Temple church of St. Mary, 1185 and 1240. Dated planp. 138
     Do.     Chancel, looking E., 1240180
     Do.     Interior of Nave, 1185178
     Do.     Triforium of Nave179
     Do.     W. doorway and porch, 1185181
     Do.     Detail of W. doorway181
     Do.     Monument (1) of bishop, mid 13th-century184
     Do.     Monuments (3–6) 13th-century effigies182
     Do.     Monuments (7–10)      Do.183
     Do.     Monument (11) coped slab. 13th-century184
     Do.     Monument (12) effigy of a Roos, c. 1300184
     Do.     Details of effigies (3–10)186, 187
     Do.     Shields of effigies185
     Do.     Monument (14) to Richard Martin, 1615188
     Do.     Monument (18) of Edmund Plowden, 1584–5188
     Do.     Monument (26) to Sir John Williams, 1668189
     Do.     Monument (29) to William Freman, 1701 189
     Do.     Monument (32) to Edward Turnor, 1623189
     Do.     Monument (33) to Clement Coke, 1629–30189
     Do.     Monument (34) to Sir Thomas Hanmer, 1687–826
     Do.     Monument (36) to George Wylde, 1679189
(7) Temple Church of St. Mary, Monument (41) to James Sloane, 170426
     Do.     Monument (48) to Henry Wynn, 1671189
(8) House of the Master of the Temple, 1667, S. front190
     Do.      Do.     staircase201
(9) Inner Temple. Site planp. 144
     Do.     Hall, oak door, 1575194
     Do.     Benchers' Reading Room, early 18th-century197
     Do.      Do.     detail of overmantel, dated 1705197
     Do.     No. 4 King's Bench Walk. Doorway192
     Do.     No. 5      Do.      Do.192
     Do.     Fig-tree Court, N. side199
(10) Middle Temple. Site-planp. 144
     Do.     Hall, planp. 149
     Do.      Do. 1562–70, interior looking E.193
     Do.      Do.     roof195
     Do.      Do.     detail of screen194
     Do.      Do.     figure on screen47
     Do.      Do.     lead cistern, dated 16126
     Do.      Do.     glass shields-of-arms14, 196
     Do.     Lamb Building, 1667, W. front190
     Do.     Cloisters, 1681, E. side and interior191
     Do.     Pump Court, c. 1680, looking W.198
     Do.     Brick Court, No. 2, 1704, W. room N. of staircase201
     Do.     Essex Court, No. 1, 1678–9, Fireplaces in chambers200
     Do.     New Court, 1676, E. side 199
     Do.     Fountain Court, looking N.E.198
     Do.     Middle Temple Lane, 1693, looking N.E.199
     Do.     Gatehouse, 1684, N. front 202
(11) Clifford's Inn. Site-planp. 157
     Do.     Nos. 14–17, c. 1663, from S.W.207
(14) Barnard's Inn. Hall, late 14th-century, S. side 203
     Do.     interior204
     Do.     panelling, early 16th-century204
     Do.     glass shields-of-arms205
(15) St. Andrew's Court House, fireplace, early 17th-century76
(16) St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Gatehouse, 1702, N.W. front206
(20) House No. 17 Fleet Street, 1610–11, N. front with Inner Temple gateway202
     Do.     Room on first floor and ceiling209
(32–33) Houses, Nos. 4, 5 and 6 Crane Court, 1671, W. front207
     Do.      Do.     Ceiling in No. 5211
(34) House, No. 10 Neville Court, late 17th-century, staircase41
(42) Houses, Nos. 55–57 W. Smithfield, early 17th-century, S.W. front of No. 57206
(44) Houses, Nos. 41–42 Cloth Fair, second half of 17th-century, S.E. front203
(1) Church of All Hallows, Lombard Street, late 17th-century. Planp. 166
     Do.      Do.     Bread-shelves45
     Do.      Do.     Doorway and gate in tower7
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover11
     Do.      Do.     Organ and case, 170782
     Do.      Do.      Do.     carved detail28
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit, stalls, etc.212
     Do.      Do.     Reredos213
     Do.      Do.      Do.     detail36
     Do.      Do.     Royal arms (Stuart)16
(2) Church of St. Edmund King and Martyr, late 17th-century. Planp. 169
     Do.      Do.     S. front3
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover11
     Do.      Do.     Glass, arms of Queen Anne, 1707208
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit34
     Do.      Do.     Reredos36
     Do.      Do.     Screen at S. end of stalls42
(3) Church of St. Mary Woolnoth. Communion Plate32
(6) Old Pewterers' Hall, 1668–9, ceiling in parlour, with details210
(1) Church of St. Botolph, Aldgate. Communion Plate 31
     Do.      Do.      Do.     Tazza of 1589 and cup of 1609 29
     Do.      Do.     Cartouche-of-arms from organ-case 17
(1) Church of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, late 17th-century. Plan p. 173
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.3
(1) Church of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, Interior, looking S.W.214
     Do.      Do.     N.W. doorway7
     Do.      Do.     Font-cover13
(2) Church of St. Mary Somerset, late 17th-century. Tower from S.E.147
(4) Painter-Stainers' Hall, Paintings on panelling, early 18th-century215
     Do.     Bust of Thomas Evans, 168746
24. TOWER.
(1) Church of All Hallows Barking, 13th-century and later. Dated planp. 176
     Do.     N. side217
     Do.     Interior, looking E.216
     Do.     Crypt, looking E., mid 14th-century218
     Do.     Communion Table, 168543
     Do.     Font and cover, late 17th-century220
     Do.      Do.     detail of cover13
     Do.     Monument (2) to John Croke, 147719
     Do.     Organ and case, 167554
     Do.     Pulpit, 1613221
     Do.     Reredos, 1685220
     Do.     Churchwardens' Pew, late 17th-century68
     Do.      Do.     detail, panels, etc.37
(2) Church of St. Olave, Hart Street, late 13th-century and later. Dated planp. 181
     Do.     Exterior from S.E.223
     Do.     Interior looking N.E.223
     Do.     Crypt, looking E., late 13th-century219
     Do.     Monument (1) to Ludolph v. Werder, 162827
     Do.     Monument (5) to Anne Radcliffe, 158521
     Do.     Monument (9) of Sir John Radcliffe, 156820
     Do.     Monument (14) to Mary Bewley, 1658–927
     Do.     Monument (17) to Emm. Charlton, 162225
     Do.     Monument (20) to Sir James Deane, 160822
     Do.     Communion plate30
(3) Church of St. Dunstan in the East, Tower, from S., 1698146
     Do.      Do.     Monument (4) to Sir John Moore, 170225
     Do.      Do.     Monument (12) to Sir William Russell, 170520
(5) Clothworkers' Hall. Figures of James I and Charles I, 167946
     Do.     Sword-rest, dated 167744
     Do.     Figure of ram from barge, late 17th-century47
     Do.     Glass, shields-of-arms224
(6) House, No. 34 Great Tower Street, c. 1670, N. front151
     Do.      Do.     Staircase40
(8) House, No. 33 Mark Lane, early 18th century. Doorway158
(1) Church of St. Michael Paternoster Royal, late 17th-century. Planp. 187
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from S.E.222
     Do.      Do.     Chair5
     Do.      Do.     Figure of Charity on lectern47
     Do.      Do.     Communion Plate31
     Do.      Do.      Do.     alms-dish of, 160833
     Do.      Do.      Do.     cup of, 159529
     Do.      Do.     Carved panels of stalls37
(2) Church of St. James, Garlickhithe, late 17th-century. Planp. 190
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking E.162
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover10
     Do.      Do.     Figures of lion and unicorn16
     Do.      Do.     Iron hat-stand18
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit221
(4) Vintners' Hall, 1671, Hall looking W.225
     Do.     Staircase228
(6) Houses, Nos. 21–22a, College Hill, late 17th-century. Entrance archways159
     Do.      Do.     Staircase39
(1) Church of St. Stephen, Walbrook, late 17th-century. Planp. 194
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from N.W.222
     Do.      Do.     Interior looking W.226
     Do.      Do.     Communion Table43
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover, 167911
     Do.      Do.     Reredos227
(2) Church of St. Swithin London Stone, late 17th-century. Planp. 197
     Do.      Do.     Exterior from the S.E.62
     Do.      Do.     Font and cover12
     Do.      Do.     Pulpit35
     Do.      Do.     Sword-rest, dated 171044