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'List of Illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 2: The Defences (1972), pp. IV-VIII. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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GENERALplate or (p.) page
City of York: map of Monuments in York IIopp. p. 57
Panoramic view from S.S.E., drawing by F. Place (1676)opp. p. 184
Plan, drawing by J. Archer, c. 168260
     "     "     "      J. Richards, 168561
Mediaeval York: parishes and custodiesp. 16
York Defences: developmentp. 58
Bars: method of defencep. 42
Wall, rampart and ditch: comparative profilesopp. p. 41
Arrow slits: comparative detailsp. 48
Masons' marksp. 52
Plinths: comparative profilesp. 46
Siege of York in 1644: planp. 23
'The Mount': plan of sconce, after J. Archerp. 26
York Castle
Development, actual and projectedpp. 62–63
Plan, drawing by J. Richards, 168562
General view from S., drawing by F. Place, 16993
Castle Yard from S.E., after lithograph by F. Bedford, 1841p. 59
Aerial view from S.E., 1928 (Aerofilms)1
Projected reconstruction, after R. Wallace, 1824p. 5
Clifford's Tower: plans, elevations and sectionspp. 68–72
Exterior, and Castlegate Postern, engraving by F. Place, c. 16802
     "      and motte from S.2
Interior from S.W., drawing by F. Place, c. 17007
     "     "      S.W., and from N.W.6
Chapel, interior4
Corbels and garderobe shoots, and embrasure in N. lobe5, 7
Bailey: planp. 77
Gatehouse: plan and sectionp. 75
Royal arms4
Fireplace now in Masons' Arms, Fishergate15
Towers: plans and sectionsp. 76
Embrasure in S. angle tower7
Walls from S.3
Assize Courts: plan and elevation in c. 1900p. 83
Section, drawing by P. Atkinson, 181210
Exterior from N.E.16
Civil Court11
Plasterwork detailsp. 84
Crown Court10
Plasterwork details12
Debtors' Prison: plan and elevationp. 79
Plan in c. 1810, after P. Atkinsonp. 80
W. wing: plan in c. 1810p. 81
Exterior from N.W.16
     "      of clock turret9
Interior: condemned cell and cell door14
Chapel: plate, now at St. Hilda's church, Tang Hall15
Female Prison: planp. 85
Exterior from S.W.16
John Carr, from marble bust by J. Nollekens, 1800, now in York Art Galleryp. 86
The Old Baile
Planp. 88
Motte from S.W.17
Micklegate Area
Skeldergate Postern from S.E., after sketch by J. Carter, 1790p. 90
Wall S.W. of Baile Hill17
Tower 2 and wall from S.E.18
     "      3 (Bitchdaughter Tower): plan and sectionp. 92
     "     "      and inner face of wall18
     "      5, wall, rampart and ditch19
Victoria Bar from S.W.20
Towers 7–10, wall and rampart by Nunnery Lane19
Tower 7 (Sadler Tower): plans and sectionp. 93
     "     "      from S.20
     "      9: plans and sectionp. 94
     "     "      from S.W.21
     "     "      and inner face of wall from N.E.21
Micklegate Bar: plans, elevations and sectionspp. 97–9
Exterior from S.W., engraving by J. Halfpenny, 180722
     "     "      N.E., drawing by J. C. Nattes, c. 182523
     "     "      S.W.Frontispiece
Outer archway23
Passage, N.W. side23
Heraldic detailspp. 99–100
Tower 12, wall and rampart N.W. of Micklegate Bar24
     "      13 (Tofts Tower): plans and sectionp. 101
     "     "      from S.W.24
     "      15 from W.25
     "      16: plans and sectionsp. 103
     "     "      and wall and rampart from W.25
North Street Postern and Barker Tower, after drawings by G. Nicholson, c. 1830pp. 106–7
Exterior from N.W., 1971p. 103
North Street Postern Tower (Barker Tower): plans, elevations and sectionspp. 104–5
Exteriors from S. and E.N.E.26
Central Area
Lendal Tower: planp. 108
Section drawing by H. Eastburn, 178527
View from N.W., watercolour by H. B. Carter, c. 1840opp. p. 107
Exterior from S.W.27
Multangular Tower: plan and sectionp. 112
Exterior from N.W. in c. 1900 and interior from E. in 195729
Tower 19: plan and sectionp. 113
Exterior from S.W., showing Roman wall30
     "     "      W.S.W. " " "30
Interior from S.W.30
Wall and rampart near Tower 19: sectionp. 114
Tower 21 from W., after drawing by G. Nicholson, 1827p. 115
Bootham Bar: plans, elevations and sectionspp. 118–20
Exterior from Manor Garden, drawing by F. Place, 171728
     "     "      W., watercolour by J. Mullholland, c. 1835opp. p. 121
     "     "      N.W., engraving by J. Halfpenny, 180732
     "     "      S.E., drawing by G. Nicholson, 182733
     "     "      W.32
     "     "      S.E.33
Archways, outer and inner31
Heraldic detailsp. 117
Tower 23: plans and sectionp. 122
Arrow slit and gunport5
Towers 24, 25, 26: plans and sectionp. 123
     "      27, wall and rampart from N34
     "      28: plans and sectionp. 124
     "     "      from N.E.34
Wall and rampart N.W. of Monk Bar35
Monk Bar: plans, elevations, sectionspp. 126–9
Exterior from N.E., watercolour by H. Earp, c. 1820opp. p. 133
     "     "      "36
     "     "      N., after drawing by H. Cave, 1803p. 132
     "     "      S.37
Interior, S.E. wall of passage39
     "      first floor from S.W.40
     "      second floor from S.40
     "      vault of E. bartizan39
     "      of garderobe39
Portcullisp. 131
Statues on bartizans38
Heraldic detailspp. 128, 130
Masons' marksp. 131
Wall S.E. of Monk Bar41
Internal arches from S.E., 1971p. 133
Tower 31 (Harlot Hill Tower): plans and sectionp. 134
     "     "      and wall, rampart and ditch34
     "      32 (New Tower): plans and sectionp. 136
Exterior from N.42
Arrow slit42
Wall by Jewbury: embrasuresp. 135
Tower 33: plan and sectionp. 136
     "      34: plans " "p. 136
Layerthorpe Postern: from N.E., engraving by J. Halfpenny, 180743
     "     "      from S., drawing by G. Nicholson, 180943
Walmgate Area
Red Tower: plans, elevations and sectionsp. 141
Exterior from S.E.44
     "     "     "      in c. 1852, after an old photographp. 139
     "      and wall from N.W.44
Tower 35 and wall from E. and from S.W.45
     "      36, from E.45
Wall N. of Walmgate Bar, 1971p. 142
Walmgate Bar: plans, elevations and sectionspp. 144–7
Exterior from S.W., watercolour by J. Harper, c. 1830opp. p. 149
     "     "      S.46
     "     "      S.E. and from N.W.47
Wooden doors from N.W., 1971p. 148
Heraldic detailsp. 144
Fishergate Bar: plans, elevations and sectionspp.150–1
Exterior from S.48
Inscription on S. side48
     "      now in Yorkshire Museum48
Tower 39: plans and sectionp. 153
     "     "      from S.49
Fishergate Postern Tower: plans, elevations and sectionspp. 154–5
Exterior from S., watercolour by A. G. Vickers, c. 1835.opp. p. 61
     "     "      S.W.50
Interiors of first and third floors51
Wall by St. George's Field, from S.E.52
Embrasures, reconstructional drawingp. 157
Davy Tower: planp. 158
Exterior and wall from S.52
Castlegate Postern, after drawing by H. Cave, 1813p. 159
St. Mary's Abbey Wall
Water Tower: plan and sectionp. 164
Exterior from Marygate Landing, drawing by F. Place, c. 170028
     "     "      W.53
Interior from N.W.53
St. Mary's Abbey Gatehouse: plans and elevationspp. 166, 168
View from S.E., drawing by F. Place, c. 170054
St. Mary's Lodge: planp. 168
Exterior from S.E.54
Tower C: plans and sectionp. 169
Wall to Marygate: sectionsp. 165
Tower C and St. Mary's Tower from S.W.56
St. Mary's Tower: plans and sectionp. 170
Exteriors from N.E. and S.E.57
Wall to Bootham and Tower D from N.E.59
Tower E: plans and sectionp. 171
Exterior and wall from S.E.58
Interior from S.W.58
Postern and Tower, Bootham: plansp. 172
Exteriors from E. and S.59
Arrow slitp. 173
Masons' marksp. 161