Chronology of York and the Empire


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'Chronology of York and the Empire', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 1: Eburacum, Roman York (1962), pp. 44. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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41–54Claudius emperor
54–68Nero emperor
68–9Civil war
71–96The Flavian emperors
98–117Trajan emperor
117–38Hadrian emperor
138–92The Antonine emperors
193–211Severus emperor
284–305Diocletian emperor
292–305Constantius I caesar of the west
305–6Constantius I emperor
306–37Constantine the Great emperor
364–75Valentinian I emperor
367–83Gratian emperor
395–423Honorius emperor
43–9Conquest of S. Britain Brigantes become a client-kingdom, allied to Rome
60Revolt of Boudicca
68–9Brigantes break with Rome
71–4Cerialis defeats Brigantes
79–83Agricola's campaigns in N. Britain
c. 117Roman defeat, heavy casualties
120–1Hadrian in Britain
122–8Hadrian's Wall and forts built
193–7Albinus, governor of Britain, strives to become emperor, taking the army of Britain to the continent
197Severus defeats Albinus near Lyons Maeatae overrun N. part of Roman Britain
208–11Severus in Britain: political and military administration reorganised Caledonia invaded
286–96Usurpation of Carausius and Allectus
296Constantius Caesar defeats Allectus Northern tribes overrun N. half of Roman Britain
306Constantius I defeats the Picts and invades Caledonia
367–9Combined raiding by Saxons, Picts and Scots. Count Theodosius in Britain
383–88Usurpation of Magnus Maximus, who conquers Gaul and Spain
407–11Constantine III, usurper emperor from Britain, invades the continent
410Honorius instructs British civitates to provide for their own defence
71–2IX Legion installed: fortress built
c. 80Fortress strengthened
107–8Fortress rebuilt in stone
c. 122VI Legion replaces IX Legion
197Destruction of fortress by Maeatae: subsequent rebuilding
208–11Court of Severus at York, by 213 capital of Lower Britain: civil town becomes a colonia
211Death of Severus at York
296York destroyed: subsequent rebuilding
306Death of Constantius I at York Constantine proclaimed emperor
314Bishop of York at Council of Arles