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'List of plans and illustrations', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge (1959), pp. V-XVIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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(The prefixed numerals in brackets refer to the Monument numbers in the text)

GENERALplate or (p.) page
Map showing the position of the MonumentsIn pocket at end of Part II
Physiographical Map showing Bronze Age remains in the Cambridge Regionp. xxxii
    Do.     Iron Age, Roman and Saxon remains in and near Cambridgep. xxxviii
Bronze Age Founder's Hoard from Green End Road2
Plan of the Roman Town of Cambridgep. lxi
Roman coffins1
Grave Goods from St. John's College Playing Fields and from Newnham Croft3
Outline Plan of Cambridge in 1280p. xlvii
    Do.     1380p. xlvii
Plan of Cambridge in 1688p. liv
Open Fields E. and W. of Cambridge, from David Loggan4
Diagrammatic plans showing the growth of Cambridge since c. 1600p. xcii
Plan of the central part of the Cityp. xcvii
Diagrammatic plans of College Halls and Kitchensp. lxxxi
Graph showing relation between the intake of students and extensions to College buildingsfacing p. lxxxiii
Stone Mouldingspp. 393, 395
College Gateways: Arch-Mouldingsp. 394
Timber Mouldingsp. 396
(3) Plan of 'War Ditch'p. 2
(10) Roman Roads within the City Boundaryp. 5
(12) Plan of Roman Building at Arbury Roadp. 6
(13) Plan of tomb at Arbury Roadp. 7
Coffin (i) from Arbury Road Cemetery1
(14) Rectangular Ditch on the site of the Shire Hallp. 7
(15) Roman Town Ditch. Section near Northampton Streetp. 8
(5) Remains of Broad-Ridge Cultivationsp. 3
Open Fields E. and W. of Cambridge, from David Loggan4
(16) Senate House. Planp. 10
S. Front69
Interior, looking W.70
Panelling behind dais74
    Do.     Detail of tympanum75
Gallery woodwork72
Ceiling detail60
Chancellor's Chair44
Vice-Chancellor's Chair44
Statue of William Pitt, 181273
Statue of Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, 175673
Railings at E. end75
(17) Schools Building. Dated Planp. 13
Dated Plan of Upper Floorp. 15
E. Range. E. Front71
    Do.     East Room74
    Do.         do.     Detail of doorway47
Court, looking N.W.77
Regent House (Combination Room). Ceiling85
    Do.     Roof-corbels29
W. Range. Spandrel of 14th-century doorway54
S. Range. Council Room roof85
    Do.         do.     Carved figures226
Old Court of King's College, looking N.E.77
    Do.     Gatehouse, W. Front145
    Do.         do.     E. Front146
    Do.     Registry. Arms of Matthew Stokes65
    Do.         do.     Painting59
Cockerell Building. E. end76
    Do.     N. side78
    Do.     Seeley Library79
    Do.     Squire Law Library78
    Do.         do.     Statue of George I80
    Do.         do.     Statue of George II80
(18) Fitzwilliam Museum. Planp. 19
E. Front84
    Do.     Detail of pediment83
    Do.     Portico and colonnade82
Library. Fireplace51
Gallery II79
Gallery III. Ceiling and lantern83
Statue representing Academic Glory81
(19) Observatory. Planp. 22
S. Front86
(20) Botanic Garden. Brooklands Lodge309
(21) University Library. Bookcases43
(22) University Press. Pitt Building from N.E.128
(23) Christ's College. Dated Planfacing p. 28
    Do.     Heraldic Carving93
Entrance Court, looking N.E.88
    Do.     looking W.88
Chapel. Timber ceiling and roofp. 30
    Do.     Glass100
    Do.     Lectern10
    Do.     Monument (1) of Sir John Finch, 1682, and Sir Thomas Baines, 168198
    Do.         do.     Portrait-heads99
    Do.     Reredos96
    Do.     Screen and return-stalls96
Master's Lodge. Heraldic carving on oriel92
    Do.     Wall-paper, now in Library58
S. Range of Entrance Court. Stair 'G'. Room on First Floor. Panelling97
    Do.         do.         do.     Doorcase94
Fellows' Building. Exterior from W.89
    Do.         do.     Detail91
    Do.     Staircase 'A'66
    Do.         do.     Room on First Floor. Panelling97
Fellows' Building. Staircase 'A'. Room on First Floor. Doorcase94
    Do.         do.         do.     Fireplace95
    Do.         do.     Room on Second Floor. Overmantel48
    Do.     Staircase 'B'. Room on First Floor. Doorcase94
    Do.         do.         do.     Fireplace95
Lecture Room. Arms of Foundress52
Bathing Pool87
(24) Clare College. Dated Planp. 39
E. Range. Exterior from S.E.102
    Do.     W. Frontispiece105
Court, looking S.E.103
    Do.     Doorways in N.E. corner109
    Do.     S. Range. N. side, centre bay91
    Do.         do.     S. side89
    Do.         do.     Interior, Junior Common Room, panelling65
    Do.         do.         do.     Staircase 'E'66
    Do.     N. Range. S. Front104
    Do.         do.         do.     Doorway to Hall108
Combination Room. Fireplace49
Library. Bookcase40
W. Range. Gateway. E. Frontispiece110
    Do.         do.     W. Frontispiece110
    Do.     Exterior from S.W.101
    Do.     W. Front, S. of Gateway104
Master's Lodge. Staircase67
Chapel. Exterior from S.E.102
    Do.     Lantern over Ante-Chapel106
    Do.     Interior looking E.111
    Do.         do.     from Ante-Chapel111
    Do.         do.     Dome of Ante-Chapel60
    Do.     Reredos112
    Do.         do.     Painting of 'The Annunciation'113
Bridge. Plan and elevationp. 47
    Do.    107
Entrance-Gatesp. 392
Butt Close Gates57
Queens' Road Gates56
(25) Corpus Christi College. Dated Planfacing p. 50
New Court. Front to Trumpington Street128
    Do.     Chapel Range115
Chapel. Glass in third N. window118
    Do.         do.     fourth N. window118
    Do.         do.     third S. window132
    Do.         do.     fourth S. window118, 132
Hall. Royal arms53
    Do.     Glass. Arms of William Wilkins36
    Do.         do.     in oriel119
Library. Interior looking W.116
Old Court. Exterior looking N.W.115
    Do.     Gallery to St. Benet's church, W. side114
    Do.     Wall-painting in N. range58
(26) Downing College. Site Planp. 59
    Do.     Dated Planfacing p. 60
Quadrangle, from S.W.120
    Do.     W. side121
    Do.     Hall. Interior116
Master's Lodge. S. side86
(27) Emmanuel College. Dated Planfacing p. 64
Entrance Front, from S.W.122
    Do.     Main Gate57
Front Court. E. side of W. Range126
    Do.     E. or Chapel Range. Exterior from S.W.124
    Do.         do.     Interior of Cloister, looking S.87
Chapel. Exterior124, 126
    Do.     Interior looking E.123
    Do.         do.     looking W.125
    Do.     Plaster ceiling, panel over Sanctuary61
    Do.     Chair44
    Do.     Candelabrum55
    Do.     Reredos112
    Do.         do.     Painting of 'The Return of the Prodigal Son'117
    Do.     Panelling and return-stall34
Long Gallery. Heraldic carving above N. door53
Hall. Interior looking E.125
    Do.     Roofp. 67
    Do.     Gate in screen57
    Do.     Heraldic glass in S. oriel131
Westmorland Building. N. Front127
    Do.     Entrance doorway108
Brick Building. E. Front127
    Do.     Fireplaces48
New Court. Carved sill from oriel, not in situ35
(28) Fitzwilliam House. Planp. 72
(29) Gonville and Caius College. Dated Planp. 75
Chapel. Wood ceiling25
    Do.     Monument (1) of John Caius, 1573130
    Do.         do.     (2) of Stephen Perse, 161512
    Do.         do.     (4) of John Gostlin, 1704–516
    Do.         do.     (5) of Thomas Legge, 160712
    Do.         do.     (6) of Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart., 175412
Gonville Court. W. Range, cupola238
Library. Bookcase41
Hall. Carved achievement of Stuart Royal arms53
Caius Court. E. Range, W. side134
    Do.     Gate of Virtue, E. side109, 129
    Do.     Gate of Honour, from N.133
(30) Jesus College. Dated Planfacing p. 84
Gatetower. S. Front129
Outer Court. S. Range from N.W.135
Chapel. Nave, Transepts and Tower, exterior136
    Do.     Chancel. Windows in N. wall137
    Do.         do.     Wall-arcade of S. wall137
    Do.     Crossing and N. Transept looking N.E.138
    Do.     Coffin-lid140
    Do.     Desk32
    Do.     Glass. 'The Betrayal'36
    Do.     Lectern11, 139
    Do.     Monument (3), effigy of priest140
    Do.         do.     (11) of Tobias Rustat, 1693–4142
    Do.     Organ-case22
Chapel. Piscinae27, 137
    Do.     Screen139
    Do.     Seating, bench-ends, and finials from stalls139, 141
    Do.     Sedilia137
    Do.     Wax candle68
    Do.     Fragments of woodwork35
Former Chapter House. Entrance137
    Do.         do.     Details of capitals140
Hall. Dated planp. 93
    Do.     Diagram showing arrangement of Hall and Kitchen before 1875p. lxxxi
    Do.     Interior looking E.239
    Do.     Soffit of main oriel-window144
    Do.     Detail of small oriel-window in W. wall144
Cloister Court. Archway in W. Range144
    Do.     Glass. Bishop Alcock's rebus132
Conference Chamber64
Gateway from Jesus Lane56
(31) King's College. Dated PlanIn pocket at end of Part I
Aerial View148
Gatehouse and screen-wall, from N.E.195
Chapel. Diagram showing building progressp. 100
    Do.         do.     craftsmen employed between 1509–1515p. 102
    Do.     Dated planfacing p. 102
    Do.     Exterior from S.152
    Do.     W. Front149
    Do.         do.     Details of vaults to canopied niches159
    Do.     S. Porch146
    Do.     Mouldings of mullions and jambs of windowsp. 107
    Do.     Details of window-tracery153
    Do.     Mouldings, 1446–1515p. 108
    Do.     Interior, looking E.155
    Do.         do.     looking W.150
    Do.     Ante-Chapel, looking W.154
    Do.     Demi-angels from string below windows30
    Do.     N.E. doorway, label-stop147
    Do.     S.E. doorway, tympanum and label-stops160
    Do.     Ante-Chapel, Interior, enrichment of W. wall161
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of crowned Tudor rose160
    Do.         do.         do.     Screen to Chapel G161
    Do.     Main Vault, looking W.156
    Do.         do.     Detail157
    Do.         do.     Details of corbels30
    Do.     Roof-space above main vault157
    Do.     Numerals on roof-timbersp. 110
    Do.     Roof over main vaultp. 111
    Do.     Interior of Chapel A147
    Do.     Boss in vault of Chapel A.147
    Do.     Boss vault and bosses, Chapel B158
    Do.         do.     in Chapel L158
    Do.         do.     in Chapel P159
    Do.     Mouldings of vaulting-shafts in side-chapelsp. 112
    Do.     Masons' Marksp. 114
    Do.     Brass (1) of William Towne, 1496–75
    Do.         do.     (2) of John Argentein, 1507–85
    Do.         do.     (3) of Robert Brassie, 15585
Chapel. Chest (5), in Chapel L46
    Do.     Cupboard, in Chapel C192
    Do.     Door (5), in W. doorway, tympanum191
    Do.     Lock-plate to door (1), N. doorway192
    Do.         do.         do.     (6), Chapel H192
    Do.     Door (9) and lock-plate, Chapel Q192
    Do.     Font8
    Do.     Glass. Diagram of Great Windowsp. 117
    Do.         do.     Window 1. 'Messenger' 1163
    Do.         do.         do.     'Messenger' 2164
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.     Window 2. 'Presentation of the Golden Table' and 'Marriage of Tobias and Sara'Coloured Plate 173
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.         do.     'Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple' and 'The Marriage of Mary and Joseph'179
    Do.         do.         do.     'Messenger' 1162
    Do.         do.     Window 3. 'Messenger' 3162
    Do.         do.     Window 5. 'Presentation of Christ in the Temple'167
    Do.         do.     Window 7. 'Messenger' 3163
    Do.         do.         do.     'Messenger' 4164
    Do.         do.     Window 8. 'Elisha restores the Shunamite's son' and 'The Triumph of David'175
    Do.         do.     Window 9. 'Fall of the rebel angels'166
    Do.         do.     Window 10. Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.     Window 11. 'Christ before Herod'168
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.     Window 13. E. window. 'Pilate washing his hands'171
    Do.         do.         do.     A Carpenter169
    Do.         do.         do.     Longinus, and 'A Crucified Thief'170
    Do.         do.         do.     'The Deposition'172
    Do.         do.     Window 15. 'Pharaoh's host engulfed in the Red Sea'177
    Do.         do.         do.     'The Harrowing of Hell'Coloured Plate 165
    Do.         do.     Window 16. 'The Resurrection' and 'Christ appearing to the Virgin'176
    Do.         do.         do.     'Nineveh'177
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.     Window 19. 'Killing the fatted calf'178
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail of dog181
    Do.         do.     Window 20. 'The Ascension' and 'Pentecost'Coloured Plate 174
    Do.         do.     Window 22. 'Paul and Barnabas at Lystra' and 'Paul stoned at Lystra'180
    Do.         do.     Window 23. 'Harbour at Samothrace' or 'Troas'178
    Do.         do.     Window 24. Tracery-light54
    Do.         do.     Diagram of Windows in Side-chapelsp. 124
    Do.         do.     Window 34, Chapel G. Arms of Matthew Stokes54
    Do.         do.     Window 40, Chapel J. 'The Holy Hunt'9
    Do.         do.     Window 41, Chapel K. Saints and donors193
    Do.         do.     Window 46, Chapel P. A Bishop9
    Do.         do.     Window 48, Chapel Q. Tracery-lights193
    Do.         do.     Window 49,     do.     'The Annunciation'194
    Do.     Lectern6, 10
    Do.         do.     Figure of Henry VIFrontispiece, Part I
    Do.     Models for E. and W. Ranges of Great Court, by Hawksmoor37
    Do.     Monument (4) of John Churchill, Marquess of Blandford, 1702–315, 18
    Do.         do.     (8), arms of Samuel Collins, 1651p. 127
Chapel. Organ151
    Do.     Choir-organ21
    Do.     Painting of 'The Deposition'113
    Do.         do.     'The Virgin and Child', in Chapel H194
    Do.     Screen151, 182, 185
    Do.         do.     Details184, 186
    Do.         do.     Main door187
    Do.     Stalls150, 187
    Do.         do.     Details183, 190, 191
    Do.         do.     Misericordes188, 189
S. Range of Main Court195
Hall. Interior looking W.121
Octagon. Detail of Fireplace51
Fellows' or Gibbs' Building. Exterior from E.197
    Do.         do.     W.197
    Do.     E. Centrepiece196
Former Provost's Lodge39
(32) Magdalene College. Dated Planfacing p. 140
First Court. Achievement-of-arms on W. Range202
    Do.     S. Range. Plan of Rooms on Staircase E.p. 144
Chapel. Glass in E. window36
Hall. Achievement-of-arms above W. doorway202
    Do.     Interior looking N.199
    Do.     Staircase at S. end199
    Do.     Armorial painting on N. wall202
Library. Reredos from Chapel203
Combination Room, looking S.E.201
Pepys Building. W. Front200
    Do.         do.     Middle bays213
    Do.     Exterior from N.E.200
(33) Pembroke College. Dated Planp. 150
W. Front, to Trumpington Street204
Chapel. W. FrontFrontispiece, Part II, 198
    Do.     Interior looking W.205
    Do.     Ceiling206
    Do.     Chair44
    Do.     Communion Rails7
    Do.     Cushion230
    Do.     Model37
    Do.     Panelling33
    Do.     Reredos214
    Do.         do.     Painting of 'The Entombment'223
Old Library. Interior209
    Do.     Bookcasep. 152
    Do.     Ceiling207
    Do.         do.     Details62
First Court. N. Range. W. or President's Room on First Floor210
Ivy Court. N. Range from S.204
    Do.     S. Range, Hitcham Building. From the N.212
(34) Peterhouse. Dated Planfacing p. 158
Front to Trumpington Street, from S.E.218
Old Court, looking N.E.216
    Do.     looking N.W.216
Chapel. W. Front217
    Do.     Interior, looking N.W.208
Chapel. Wood ceiling25
    Do.     Glass. E. window215
Burrough's Building. Room on First Floor49
Kitchen. Arrangement before recent alterationp. 161
Diagram showing arrangement of Hall and Kitchen before alterationp. lxxxi
Perne Library. Planp. 163
    Do.     Bookcases and woodwork41, 209
    Do.     Fireplace40
    Do.     Staircase66
Old Library. Planp. 164
Gisborne Court, from S.W.39
Master's Lodge. Planp. 167
    Do.     Exterior, from S.W.300
    Do.     Staircase67
(35) Queens' College. Dated Planfacing p. 168
Gatehouse. E. side from N.E.251
    Do.     W. side228
    Do.     Vaulting297
Front Court, looking N.W.221
Front to Silver Street228
Chapel. Brass (3) of Robert Whalley, 15915
    Do.     Panels from Triptych, now in Reredos222
Combination Room64
Hall. Exterior, looking N.W.221
    Do.     Roof226
    Do.         do.     Carved angel226
Library. Planp. 175
    Do.     Fittings in Library41
President's Study. Panelling65
Cloister Court. From the N.W.220
    Do.     President's Lodge. Exterior of N. Range220
    Do.         do.     N. side221
    Do.         do.     Gallery. Planp. 175
    Do.         do.         do.     Interior224
    Do.         do.     Dining Room210
    Do.     W. Range. River Front from N.W.219
    Do.         do.     Staircase66
Walnut Tree Court. Wall-painting58
(36) St. Catharine's College. Dated Planfacing p. 182
Court. W. Range. E. side211
    Do.         do.         do.     E. Frontispiece229
    Do.         do.     W. side211
    Do.         do.     Staircase 'C'. Second Floor. Panelling in S. Room201
Chapel. S. Doorway211
    Do.     Communion Rails7
    Do.     Panelling33
    Do.     Reredos214
Walnut Tree Court. Staircase42
(37) St. John's College. Dated PlanIn pocket at end of Part II
Aerial View231
Front to St. John Street, from S.E.232
Gatehouse, from S.E.90
    Do.     Heraldic carving93
    Do.     Statue of St. John the Evangelist242
Chapel. Bishop Fisher's Chantry31
    Do.     Lectern10
Chapel. Misericordes242
    Do.     Monument (1) of Hugh Assheton, 152231
    Do.         do.         do.     Effigy and details243
    Do.         do.     (3) of James Wood, 183920
    Do.         do.     (4) of John Smith, 1715, lettering18
    Do.         do.     (6) of Robert Worsley, 1714–1516, 18
First Court, looking S.W.232
    Do.     W. Range. Statue of Foundress over doorway to Hall245
    Do.         do.     Cupolas238
Hall. Interior looking S.239
    Do.     Glass. Figure of St. John242
Treasury. Chest, now in Lecture Room 546
Roof over original Libraryp. 190
Second Court, looking N.W.234
    Do.     N. Range. Arms of Foundress above doorway in N. wall52
    Do.     Shrewsbury Tower233
    Do.         do.     Statue of the Countess of Shrewsbury255
    Do.     Combination Room, looking W.225
    Do.         do.     W. fireplace48
    Do.         do.     Candle-sconce45
    Do.     Staircase to Library237
    Do.         do.     Newel42
    Do.     S. Range. Wall-painting in Room on First floor58
Third Court. N. or Library Range. S. Front.235
    Do.         do.     W. end.236
    Do.     Library. Design of typical bayp. 197
    Do.         do.     Arms on E. wall above entrance237
    Do.         do.     Bookcases40, 42
    Do.         do.     Shelf-list230
    Do.     E. Range, looking S.E.234
    Do.     W. Range from S.E.235
    Do.         do.     from N.W.236
    Do.         do.     Centrepiece229
    Do.         do.     from S.W.244
Master's Lodge. Heraldic carving on oriel92
Covered Bridge236
Gateway to Old Bridge56
Old Bridge and details244, 247
New Court, looking N.E.240
    Do.     looking N.W.241
    Do.     Gatehall and Cloisters241
(39) Sidney Sussex College. Dated Planp. 205
Hall Range. E. side249
    Do.     before alterations. Early 19th-century drawing249
W. Front. Early 19th-century drawings248
Chapel Court39
Gateway in Jesus Lane246
Chapel. Painting of 'The Nativity'223
Library. Chest46
Fellows' Parlour. Fireplace277
(40) Trinity College. Dated PlanIn pocket at end of Part II
Aerial View231
Plan showing development of sitep. 210
Great Court, looking S.E.252
Great Gate, from the E.250
    Do.     from the W.250
Great Gate, Plan of upper floor of Towerp. 216
    Do.     N. archway, E. side251
    Do.     Statues of Henry VIII, Anne of Denmark, and Prince Charles255
Chapel. Exterior. Westernmost windows in S. wall254
    Do.     Communion Rails7
    Do.     Monument (1) of Sir Isaac Newton, set up 1755260
    Do.         do.     (4) of Francis Hooper, 176319
    Do.         do.     (6) of Daniel Lock, 175419
    Do.         do.     (7) of Peter Paul Dobree, 182520
    Do.         do.     (12) of John Wordsworth, 184020
    Do.         do.     (13) of George Chare, 1676–716
    Do.         do.     (16) of John Davies, 181717
    Do.         do.     (19) of Thomas Seckford, 1624. Effigyp. 220
    Do.     Organ-case, from W.258
    Do.     Panelling33
    Do.     Reredos258
    Do.     Screen, from W.258
King Edward's Tower254
Hall. Exterior, from S.W.253
    Do.     Interior, looking N.256
    Do.     Roofp. 225
    Do.     Brazier273
    Do.     Glass. 'Duke Richard'230
    Do.     Screen, and detail with shutter-boards257
Master's Lodge. Drawing-room274
    Do.     Staircase67
Old Combination Room274
    Do.     Oil Pendant55
Nevile's Court. N. Range213
    Do.         do.     Ceiling on first floor61
    Do.     Library Range. Exterior from S.W.263
    Do.         do.         do.     from E.264
    Do.         do.         do.     Details271
    Do.         do.     Interior of 'Cloister', from S.263
    Do.         do.     'Cloister' gate273
    Do.         do.     Ceiling in Staircase-pavilion270
    Do.     Library. Planp. 239
    Do.         do.     Interior, looking S.265
    Do.         do.     Panelled alcove, N.E. corner266
    Do.         do.         do.     Detail267
    Do.         do.     Bust of Anacreon267
    Do.         do.         do.     Richard Bentley261
    Do.         do.         do.     Sir Robert Cotton261
    Do.         do.         do.     Ben Jonson267
    Do.         do.     Busts of Sir Isaac Newton, (a) by Roubiliac, (b) by Rysbrack262
    Do.         do.     Bust of John Ray261
    Do.         do.         do.     Francis Willoughby261
    Do.         do.     Limewood carvings. Arms of Dr. Isaac Barrow269
    Do.         do.         do.         do.     Robert Drake268
    Do.         do.         do.         do.     Dr. John Pearson269
    Do.         do.         do.     Cypher of Sir Henry Puckering268
    Do.         do.     Glass in S. window272
    Do.         do.     Statue of Lord Byron81
    Do.         do.     Statue of Charles, 6th Duke of Somerset272
Nevile's Gate. E. face259
New Court, looking N.W.39
Bishop's Hostel, looking S.E.212
Cartouches of the arms of Sclater and Babingtonp. 244
(41) Trinity Hall. Dated Planp. 247
Front Court. N. side of N. Range114
Chapel. Ceiling227
    Do.     Brass (5) of Walter Hewke, 1517p. 249
    Do.     Lectern273
    Do.     Monument (3) of John Andrew, 1747203
Hall. Fireplace277
Diagram showing arrangement of Hall and Kitchen before 1731p. lxxxi
Library. Planp. 253
    Do.     Interior, looking W.275
Library-annexe. Fireplace276
Dr. Eden's Room, looking N.W.275
(43) Christ Church. Planp. 255
Interior, looking N.279
Font and Cover17
(44) Holy Sepulchre Church. Dated Planp. 256
Exterior, from W.282
Interior of Nave, looking S.W.283
N. aisle of Nave, looking W.283
Font and Cover17
Glass in S.W. window of Nave-aisle36
(45) Holy Trinity Church. Dated Planp. 258
Nave. Interior, looking W.284
Royal Arms53
Cup of 156924
Glass. Window in S. Transept17
Image, now in Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology68
Monument (3) of Reverend Charles Simeon, 183617
(46) St. Andrew the Great Church. Planp. 261
Interior, looking E.279
Glass in fifth window in S. aisle36
Monument (1) of Captain James Cook, erected 183517
    Do.     (2) of John Wolryche, 168914
    Do.     (4) of James Robson, 167614
    Do.     (6) of Richard Humfrey, 165913
    Do.     (7) of Isaac Aleyn, 166113
    Do.     (25) of Henry Cornwall, 169914
(47) St. Andrew the Less Church. Dated Planp. 263
(48) St. Benet's Church. Dated Planp. 264
Pre-Conquest Tower. Exterior, from N.W.281
    Do.     Tower-arch from E.p. 265
    Do.         do.         do.    281
    Do.         do.     Beast-stops28
Cup of Elizabethan date24
Flagon of 165923
Monument (10) of Sarah Newton, 1724–515
(49) St. Botolph's Church. Dated Planp. 267
Tower from S.W.280
Font-casing and canopy32
(50) St. Clement's Church. Dated Planp. 270
(51) St. Edward's Church. Dated Planp. 272
Interior, looking N.W.285
Corbels in N. and S. Chapels29
Cup of 156824
Cup and paten of 170423
Flagon of 171123
Monument (4) of Rev. Samuel Blythe, 171354
Lettering from Floor-slab (1) of Thomas Buck, 1669–7018
    Do.         do.     (2) of Hugh Martin, 171618
(52) St. Giles' Church. Monument (1) of Nicholas Carre, 156813
(53) St. Mary the Great Church. Dated Planp. 276
Exterior from S.E.295
Interior, looking E.288
N. arcade of Nave286
S. arcade of Nave, S. side288
Roof of Nave287
Roof-corbels in N. aisle287
Tower-frieze on S. side31
Bell-ringers' Board59
Brass (2) of Thomas Lorkin, 15916
Monument (2) of William Butler, 1617–1813
    Do.     (15) of William Finch, 1762, lettering18
    Do.     (17) of John Warren, 1608,     do.    18
Pall, now in Fitzwilliam Museum68
Panelling, formerly pulpit33
(54) St. Mary the Less Church. Dated Planp. 281
Exterior from N.E.289
Interior, looking E.289
Floor-slab (2) of Samuel Sandys, 1676, lettering18
(56) St. Michael's Church. Dated Planp. 284
Exterior of W. window of Nave290
Interior, looking W.291
    Do.     S. Chapel, looking E.290
Stone Mouldingsp. 395
Glass. Royal arms in S. aisle53
Piscina and Sedilia27
Doorway of former Screen27
(57) St. Paul's Church. Planp. 287
(58) St. Peter's Church. Dated Planp. 287
Fontp. cxxix
(59) Cherry Hinton. St. Andrew's Church. Dated Planp. 288
Interior. S. wall of Chancel294
Cup of 156924
Piscinae and Sedilia27
(60) Chesterton. St. Andrew's Church. Dated Planp. 291
Exterior from S.W.280
Painted clunch tablet, now in Fitzwilliam Museum68
Wall-painting of 'The Doom', and details292
(61) Trumpington. St. Mary and St. Nicholas Church. Dated Planp. 295
Exterior from N.E.295
Interior of Nave, looking W.293
Stone Mouldingsp. 395
Glass. N.W. window of Chancel, tricorporate lion54
    Do.     N. aisle, arms of Trumpington54
Monument (6) of Giles de Trumpington (c. 1330)294
    Do.     Brass attributed to Roger de Trumpington (1289)p. 297
    Do.     (10) of Sir Francis Pemberton, 169716
(62) Stourbridge Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. Dated Planp. 299
Interior, looking E.282
(64) Barnwell Priory. Remains of claustral buildings. Dated Planp. 300
(65) Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the English Martyrs. Statue of the Virgin and Child35
Figure of St. Andrew11
(71) Emmanuel Congregational Church. Porringers of 1698 and 170523
Flagon of 181623
(74) General Cemetery. Lodge309
(76) Choir-screen from Winchester Cathedral. Centrepiece, now in Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology246
Plan of central part of Cityp. 305
(77) Cambridge Castle. Site Planp. 306
Pre-conquest carved stones28
Court House298
(79) Hobson's Conduit. Mapp. 308
(80) Garret Hostel Bridge38
(82) Silver Street Bridge38
(84) Guildhall. Great Mace (i) and rest (vii). Mace (vi)45
(85) Railway Station. Exterior from N.W.298
(91) Former Female Refuge. Planp. 314
(92) Former Union Workhouse, Chesterton. Planp. 315
(99) Former Pound Hill School. Planp. 318
(101) Former National School, Russell Street. Planp. 318
(107) Trinity Street, No. 13. Exterior301
(108)     Do.     No. 14. Exterior305
(109, 110)     Do.     Nos. 15, 16, 16a. Exterior303
(120)–(132) King's Parade. Elevations facing W.facing p. 321
(120)–(125)     Do.         do.    303
(127)     Do.     Plan of Nos. 10 and 11p. 331
(136) Benet Street, No. 7, The Eagle Inn. Exterior304
(150) Market Hill, No. 5. Ceiling on First Floor63
(159) Rose Crescent, No. 8. Planp. 331
(162) Sidney Street, No. 35. Planp. 331
(171) St. Andrew's Hill, Nos. 3 and 4. Planp. 331
(187) Bridge Street, Nos. 21 and 22. Planp. 331
(188)     Do.     Nos. 15 and 16. Elevation307
(199) Thompson's Lane, No. 30. Plan, Elevation and Sectionp. 341
    Do.     Stove51
(204)–(206) Magdalene Street, Nos. 23–28. Exterior305
(205)     Do.     No. 25. Exterior306
(210)–(212)     Do.     Nos. 13–16 and Northampton Street, No. 1 and Cory House. Planp. 345
    Do.         do.     Exterior305
(216) Huntingdon Road, The Grove. Planp. 347
(218) Chesterton Road, Nos. 4–10. Exterior310
    Do.     Plan of No. 6p. 365
(222) Jesus Lane, No. 16, 'Little Trinity'. Planp. 349
    Do.         do.     Exterior300
    Do.         do.     Fireplaces50
(223)     Do.     No. 32. Exterior301
(227)     Do.     Radegund Buildings. Exterior310
(229) Malcolm Street, No. 2. Planp. 365
(237) Trumpington Street, Kenmare. Exterior301
(238)     Do.     Grove Lodge. Planp. 354
    Do.         do.     Exterior299
(240)     Do.     Scroope Terrace. Exterior308
(246) Fitzwilliam Street, No. 15. Plan and Elevationsp. 357
(249) Lensfield Road, Nos. 2 and 3 Benet Place. Exterior308
(251)     Do.     Downing Terrace. Elevation, facing N.facing p. 362
    Do.         do.         do.    298
(255)–(260) Parker's Piece. Elevations302
(262) Parker Street, No. 5. Planp. 365
(263) Site of Charles Humfrey's housep. 361
(264) Orchard Terrace. N.E. side. Exterior310
(265) New Square. N. Terrace. Exterior310
    Do.     S. and E. sides, elevationsfacing p. 362
    Do.     No. 16. Planp. 365
(266) Maids' Causeway, Doll's Close and Willow Walk Doll's Close. Elevation to Maids' Causewayfacing p. 321
    Do.     Reconstruction of original lay-outp. 363
    Do.     Exterior to Maids' Causeway308
Maids' Causeway, No. 16. Planp. 365
Willow Walk, No. 10. Planp. 365
(270) Newmarket Road, Abbey House. W. gable307
Planp. 367
(277) Theatre Royal. Planp. 370
(278) New Street, No. 28, and Eden Street, No. 28. Plansp. 365
(279) Hills Road. Wanstead House. Entrance doorway47
    Do.         do.     Fireplace on first floor50
(280)     Do.     Rattee's House. Exterior309
(284) Trumpington Road. Belvoir Terrace, No. 4. Planp. 365
(285) New Town. Union Road, No. 31, and Gothic Street, No. 5. Plansp. 365
(288) Newnham Cottage. Planp. 376
(292) Merton Hall. Plans of Ground and First Floorsp. 377
Exterior from S.E.296
    Do.     W.306
(296) Cherry Hinton Hall. Planp. 380
(305) Chesterton Tower. Planp. 382
Exterior from S.W.296
(309) Chesterton. Hall. Exterior. S. side307
(317)     Do.     Range in Water Street. Exterior306
(321)     Do.     Railway dwellings (a) and (b). Exterior309
(322)     Do.     The Round House. Exterior309
(324) Trumpington. Hall. Exterior from the E.299
(329)     Do.     The Old House. Exterior from the N.W.307
(336)     Do.     The 'Green Man'. Exterior from the W.304