House of Lords Journal Volume 11
18 April 1664


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'House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 18 April 1664', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 11: 1660-1666 (1767-1830), pp. 594-595. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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DIE Lunæ, 18 die Aprilis.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke.
Arch. Cant.
Epus. London.
Epus. Durham.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Worcester.
Epus. St. Asaph.
Epus. Lyncolne.
Epus. Carlile.
Epus. Bristoll.
Epus. Norwich.
Epus. Cov. et Litchfeild.
Epus. Hereford.
Epus. Chester.
Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Petriburgh.
Ds. Thesaurarius Angl.
Ds. Custos Privati Sigilli.
Dux Richmond.
Marq. Worcester.
L. Great Chamberlain.
Comes Shrewsbury.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Dorsett.
Comes Bridgwater.
Comes North'ton.
Comes Warwick.
Comes Devon.
Comes Midd.
Comes Berks.
Comes Cleveland.
Comes Petriburgh.
Comes Newport.
Comes Norwich.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Sandwich.
Comes Essex.
Comes Cardigan.
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Bath.
Viscount Say et Seale.
Viscount Campden.
Ds. Abergaveny.
Ds. De la War.
Ds. Berkley Berk.
Ds. Wentworth.
Ds. Eure.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Pagett.
Ds. Chandos.
Ds. Arundell.
Ds. Howard de Ch.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Craven.
Ds. Lovelace.
Ds. Howard Esc.
Ds. Mohun.
Ds. Seymour.
Ds. Bruce.
Ds. Loughborough.
Ds. Vaughan.
Ds. Ward.
Ds. Colepeper.
Ds. Clifford.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Bellasis.
Ds. Rockingham.
Ds. Gerard Brand.
Ds. Lexington.
Ds. Berkley Str.
Ds. Townsend.
Ds. Ashley.
Ds. Crewe.


The Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas sat Speaker this Day.

Falmouth Parish Church Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for the making of the Church erected at Falmouth a Parish Church, and no Part of the Parish of Gluvias, or Chapelry of St. Budock."

Joyce, for arresting Lady Petre.

Upon reading the Petition of William Joyce, upon Bail until this Day, for arresting the Lady Elizabeth Petre, Wife of the Right Honourable the Lord Petre, a Peer of this Realm, contrary to the Right of Peerage:

It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the said Business is hereby referred to the Consideration of the Lords Committees for Privileges, who have Power to send for such Parties and Witnesses as they think fit, whereby they may prepare and state the whole Business for this House: And in the mean Time the said William Joyce is to remain upon his Bail, to appear at such Time as the Committee shall appoint.

Ingoldsby Manor. Armyn's Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for the Sale of the Manor of Ingoldsby, and divers Lands in Ingoldsby, in the County of Lyncolne, for raising Por tions for the Two Daughters and Coheirs of Sir William Armyn the Younger, Baronet, deceased."

Message from H. C. with a Bill.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Henry Coventrey Esquire and others; who brought up a Bill, intituled, "An Act for vacating certain Conveyances, made by Sir John Packington Baronet, to Christopher Henn and others;" wherein they desire their Lordships Concurrence.

Sir John Packington's Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for vacating certain Conveyances, made by Sir John Packington Baronet, to Christopher Henn and others."

Seamen and Navy Stores Bill.

Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for preventing the Disturbance of Seamen and others, and to preserve the Stores belonging to His Majesty's Navy Royal."

ORDERED, That the Consideration of this Bill is committed to these Lords following; videlicet,

L. Privy Seal.
Comes Dorsett.
Comes Bridgwater.
Comes Petriburgh.
Comes Sandwich.
Comes Anglesey.
Epus. London.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Durham.
Epus. Norwich.
Epus. Cov. et Litch.
Epus. Hereford.
Ds. Berkley B.
Ds. Euers.
Ds. Pagett.
Ds. Craven.
Ds. Mohun.
Ds. Colepeper.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Gerard Brand.
Ds. Lexington.
Ds. Crewe.
Justice Tyrrell and To attend the Lords.
Baron Turner,

Their Lordships, or any Five; to meet To-morrow Morning, at Nine of the Clock, in the Prince's Lodgings.

Forest of Froome, E. of Orrery's Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for confirming Eight Hundred Acres of Land, Parcel of the late Forest of Froome Letwood, unto the Earl of Orrery and his Heirs."

Roberts and Bodvill versus Wynn & al.

ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the Cause between Robert Robertes Esquire, Son and Heir Apparent of John Lord Robertes, and Sarah his Wife, sole Daughter and Heir of John Bodvell Esquire, deceased, and Charles Bodvell Robertes an Infant, Second Son of the said Robert and Sarah, Plaintiffs, and Thomas Wynn, Tymothy Pollard, Thomas Pugh, Edward Griffith, and others, Defendants, which should have been heard this Day at the Bar, is put off, to be heard the First Business on Thursday next, the 21th of this Instant April.


Dominus Capitalis Justiciarius de Com. Placit. declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Martis, videlicet, 19um diem instantis Aprilis, hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.