Assistant to Under Secretaries 1801-26


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J.M. Collinge

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'Assistant to Under Secretaries 1801-26', Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 8: Foreign Office Officials 1782-1870 (1979), pp. 45. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Assistant to Under Secretaries 1801-26

In 1801 an annual allowance of £250 was made available to S. Rolleston, the First Senior Clerk, who for 'a considerable time past' had been employed as Assistant to the Under Secretaries. (fn. 1) Rolleston continued to receive the allowance while serving both as Second Chief Clerk and Chief Clerk until his retirement in 1824, when it was made available to the First Senior Clerk, J. Bidwell. The allowance was discontinued in 1826 when Bidwell was appointed Superintendent of the newly formed Consular Department. (fn. 2)

1801 20 Feb. Rolleston, S.
1824 2 Feb. Bidwell, J.


1 Order in council 16 June 1801 (FO 366/671 pp. 186-8).
2 FO 366/672 pp. 429-32.