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'AIRE, William', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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William AIRE


Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Physician 1605-1626 ?1639?)
Period of medical practice1605-1639
Place of birthLondon (b in the City)
Date of birthc. 1567
Address[??Winchester 1610s]
Other notes?LRCP 1 Sep 1620. Many appearances before & some after (1615-29).

College membership

Medical education (university)Leiden
Date of MD1608
Degree incorporated into Oxford UniversityYes
Date became Licentiate /09/1620
In trouble before membershipYes
In trouble after membershipYes
Other notesLeyden 1596. MD where, when?
Date of birthc.1567

Censorial hearings

7 Feb 1606
Entry'Dr. Eyre of Leyden was accused of illicit practice, but because there was no reliable evidence, he was ordered to abstain until sufficient information had been more fully presented to us.'
Action takenOrdered to abstain pending more evidence.
Verdictnot proven
6 Feb 1618
EntryTo be indicted.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenTo be indicted
Verdictcase not completed
4 Dec 1618
EntryChristiana, wife of Martin Pollard, wrote to complain that A had given her 6 emetics for 9s.
Initiator of the complaintpatient
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenCollege replied, cd do nothing but fine A heavily.
Number of crimes1
m S Thomas 1618
EntryThe Pollards called to complain of the College's delay in the matter of A.
Initiator of the complaintpatient
Second initiator of the complaintspouse of the patient
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenAgreed to fix a day to summon A.
Number of crimes1
5 Feb 1619
EntryMartin Pollard wrote again. A was present & denied blooding, giving emetics or accepting money. The Pollards & Mr Tonte, apothecary, swore against A, who produced letter on case from Capt John Myllerd.
Initiator of the complaintspouse of the patient
Second initiator of the complaintpatient
Third initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Attitude of the accuseddenied
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenDeferred as there was no clear evidence.
Number of crimes1
9 April 1619
EntryA appeared and said he thought he could practise because he was born in the City. He was told that he would be indicted. Dr Pattison charged him with treating one Russell with emetic lozenges of Stibium. A denied it and said he did not remember the charge reported by Dr Herring from Darnell, apothecary, nor administering an emetic to Darling & Hodgson of the Custom House.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Second initiator of the complaintcollege member
Third initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action takenCensors gave A indemnity on previous practice for £20.
Number of crimes4
7 May 1619
EntryJohn SHEPHERD 666, apothecary, said that A had treated Mrs Newport in Bashing Lane. A said he had got the medicine from Hogheburt, apothecary, and had let her blood with assistance from Wilson, barber. Drs Winston & Ridley were summoned, & she died next morning. A denied that he had said that the College admitted none of worth.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action takenSee below.
Number of crimes1
7 May 1619
EntryExamined for the first time.
Action takenApproved.
4 June 1619
EntryDr Ridgeley, quoting Mr Newport, said that A examined Mrs N in childbed, brought purgative powder, ordered a vein opened. Ridgeley said she had almost no pulse and was sweating. Dr Winston said A had summoned him. Shepherd and all apothecaries having refused, Winston gave his own powder, had a vein cut and 8oz drawn.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Second initiator of the complaintspouse of the patient
Third initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenSee below.
Number of crimes1
14 Jan 1620
EntryA appeared. Statute on bad practice read; earlier evidence (Shepherd, Mr Newport, Ridgley, Winston) presented. A denied purging Mrs N, but admitted ordering vein cut, & said the syrups he gave were only coltsfoot, & he knew that Mrs Newport would die.
Attitude of the accusedsubmitted to the College
Action takenFined £10, prison remitted on public confession. Paid fine & agreed
SentenceFined £10. Prison remitted if he made public confession
Number of crimes1
21 April 1620
EntryMade public confession concerning Mrs Newport.
Action takenPrison remitted.
Number of crimes1
6 Nov 1607
Entry'Thomas Dowsing and his wife Elizabeth complained about Dr. Aire because he had given their daughter Anna Crakill, the wife of Miles Crakill, a medicament in the shape of a cake: its strength was such that she did not cease vomiting firstly fluid and finally blood until after making attempts to stop it, which were unsuccessful, she died.'
Initiator of the complaintrelative of the patient
Action takenSee below.
Number of crimes1
2 June 1620
EntryExamined for the second time.
Action takenApproved.
7 July 1620
EntryExamined for the third time.
Action takenNot approved (result not to be entered in the records).
1 Sep 1620
EntryA was examined again (?for Candidate). He failed and was not admitted, but was told that he should summon Fellows in serious cases.
Action takenNot approved ?but LRCP/connivance?
10 Nov 1626
EntryDr. Aire who had fastened bills on doors appeared and was questioned about gout.
Action taken?
Verdictcase not completed
m S Thomas 1626
EntryThe President asked us to report quacks: he named Blanke, DuVal, Butler, Aire and Bugg and the charge against them.
Action taken?
Verdictcase not completed
6 Dec 1639
Entry'Eyres his wife appered in beehalf of her husband who sete up bills'.
Action takenNone.
Verdictcase not completed
Number of crimes1
4 Dec 1607
Entry'On this day they summoned Dr. Ayre who showed letters testimonial from the University of Leyden, Holland, which stated that he had been created a doctor there. He was charged with having given an extremely dangerous medicine to a woman in childbed: he did not deny that he had given the medicament but said that it had been safe and eased her labour and that it was rhubarb with beavers stones and a few drops of chemical oil of juniper, to bring forth the lochia. He was charged however because contrary to the injunction given him in the time of the President, Dr Langton, he had dared to practise without approval or a licence; this he could not deny.'
Attitude of the accusedmade an excuse
Action takenOrdered to abstain until examined & licensed.
SentenceTo abstain until examined and licensed
Number of crimes1
14 July 1609
Entry'They appeared: ... Dr. Eyre who replied to the questions as is shown in the Book of Examinations: with regard to him it was decided that he should be indicted.'
Action takenTo be indicted.
Verdictcase not completed
16 Oct 1612
EntryPresident (MOUNDEFORD) made a list of 10 illicitly practising MDs, and selected 4 for indictment, incl. A who was MD of a foreign university. See also ANTHONY 19, BARKER 52, DEE 212.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenTo be indicted. See below.
13 Aug 1613
EntryFinally appeared on President's charge.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Second initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenConvicted & fined.
SentenceFined, but to be ?let off if apologized to Dr. Atkins
7 Oct 1614
EntryBegged for grace because he was born "here". Confessed he no longer had letters from certain universities.
Action takenPresident advised him to attend Censors for exam.
4 Nov 1614
EntryExamined, 'making use of a language very like Latin'.
Action taken?
15 Dec 1615
EntryTo be summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenTo be summoned
Verdictcase not completed