BOMELIUS, Elisaeus &c.


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'BOMELIUS, Elisaeus &c.', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Elisaeus &c. BOMELIUS


Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Empiric. Physician. Mathematician. Astrologer. Magician.)
Period of medical practice1564-1574
Place of birthBommel, Holland (son of Henry ?Bomelius, Lutheran preacher)
Date of birth?c. 1530
Date of death1574
AddressSt Michael le Querne 1564 (marriage)
Other notes?MD Cantab by 1568. Trouble 1570. Sent to Moscow 1570 and d there in prison (?by torture) 1574. NB what was his family name? Bomelius = 'of Bommel', presum. Was he Jewish?

Known London address

St Michael le Querne
ParishSt Michael le Querne
WardFaringdon Within

Censorial hearings

12 Dec 1569
Entry'The wife of Bomelins by a letter from the Lord Treasurer petitioned that her husband should be released from prison since he had given satisfaction to the Queen for violation of the laws of the Kingdom by practising medicine, without knowledge and by magical arts. But the College replied that he should first pay £20 for his offence and then £15 towards the expenses of the case for that would lessen his gains: finally that he should pledge his earnings not to practise medicine afterwards. But neither course of action was adopted, first on the plea of poverty and then because he went off to Moscow with the ambassador in great haste, unless that very departure, of which we shall speak later, had any bearing on the case.'
Attitude of the accusedsubmitted to the College
Action takenTo pay £35 & give bond against future practice.
13 Jan 1570
Entry'On 13 January it was decided that the Lord President and Dr. Caius or in his absence Dr. Good should meet Lord William Cecil the Queen's secretary because of a letter he had written on behalf of Bomelins. He replied with consideration saying that the President and Doctor Caius might come on the following morning and that he had made no decisions to the detriment of the College but that he had the highest regard for all the Fellows: he sincerely desired that Bomelins should be completely expelled from the Kingdom and sent away for as long as possible.'
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenSee next.
2 June 1570
Entry'On 2 June by the consent of all the Fellows present, Elizeus Bomelins was released from prison on condition that if he should afterwards be arrested in the City of London or anywhere else in the whole of England he would be liable to a fine assessed at one hundred silver pounds, as appears in his bond.'
Action takenB released on bond of £100 not to practise further in England.
SentenceBond of £100 not to practise