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'BOWNE, Peter', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Physician. F of CCC. Author.)
Period of medical practice1614-1627
Place of birthEngland (of Oxford, from Bedfordshire)
Date of birth1575
AddressOxford 1617
Other notesTrouble 1616. CRCP 1617. See Munk & Birken thesis. Fellow of CCC Oxon.

College membership

Date became Candidate24/01/1617
Date became Fellow21/04/1620
Date of Candidacy1617-1620
Date of Fellowship1620-1624
Offices heldFELLEND = last known (15 Jan 1624). Replaced 3 March 1624.
In trouble before membershipYes
Other notesSee Birken & ?Munk. Not in Annals list 1 Jan 1628. CCC.
Date of birth1575

Censorial hearings

16 Feb 1616
EntryB, of Oxford, charged, with John BOWNE 108 and Thomas THURSTON 738 (qq.v.), with treating a kinsman of Anne Mountney of Marke Lane, & thrusting an instrument too deep down the throat of Leonard Mountney (?the kinsman?).
Initiator of the complaintrelative of the patient
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenB to be summoned.
Verdictcase not completed
Number of crimes1
2 Aug 1616
EntryB appeared for examination. 'Dr. Bowne, a Doctor for two years already, appeared to be examined. But three Censors were absent and the matter was postponed.'
Action takenSee next.
6 Sep 1616
EntryB was examined for the first time and approved. 'Then after the President, Dr. Argent and Dr. Winston had left, Dr. Bowne of Oxford appeared before the three Censors and the Registrar. He was examined for the first time and in that examination conducted himself so well that he satisfied them, and was approved for the first time.'
Action takenExamined and approved, first time.
4 Oct 1616
EntryB was examined for the second time and approved.
Action takenExamined and approved, second time.
8 Nov 1616
EntryB was [examined and] approved for the third time.
Action taken[Examined and] approved, third time.
24 Jan 1617
EntryB was admitted as a Candidate.
Action takenAdmitted Candidate.

BOWNE, Robert