CHAMBERLEN, Peter (the Elder)


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'CHAMBERLEN, Peter (the Elder)', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Peter (the Elder) CHAMBERLEN


Primary occupationmedical surgeon (?Physician. Surgeon to Queen Anne (of Denmark?)? BSC 1599-1603)
Period of medical practice1590-1631
Place of birthFrance
Date of death1631
AddressBlackfriars 1583. Mark Lane till 1613
Other notesTrouble 1600-1612. Archbishop of Canterbury & EI on his side. London 1572-1631. Brother of 153 and uncle of 154.

Known London address

ParishSt Anne Blackfriars
WardFaringdon Within
Mark Lane
ParishSt Olave Hart Street
WardTower (Street)

Censorial hearings

2 May 1600
EntryC confessed to practising in morb. gallico, giving diet, purges and 'siccantem'.
Attitude of the accusedconfessed
Action taken?
Verdictcase not completed
1 Dec 1609
EntryC failed to appear.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?See next.
m S Thomas 1609
EntryC was fined 40s.
Action takenFined 40s.
SentenceFined 40s.
12 Jan 1610
EntryC failed to appear.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?See next.
9 March 1610
EntryC asked to be excused fine.
Action takenExcused 20s. of the 40s. fine
5 Oct 1610
EntryC failed to appear.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?
13 Nov 1612
EntryC was condemned for giving a medicinal drink to Mrs Miller of the Lord Mayor's household, to dry up a moisture. Contents were aquae 2 oz, salsae 16.ii, aquae liquiritiae 1 oz, sassafras 1 oz, betonic 1 minim. Drink to be taken between meals. It stained cloth yellow.
Action takenC condemned [and, evidently, imprisoned - see next].
Number of crimes1
17 Nov 1612
EntryLord Mayor and Judges supported C and demanded his release. Archbishop of Canterbury had sent letter at the Queen's command [presumably also supporting C].
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenC kept in prison. Deputation sent to Arch Cant - he was favourable
21 June 1631
EntryMr. Edwards an apothecary appeared: he denied that he had given anything to drink to Mr. Ward which not was prescribed by Dr. Chamberlen or by Mr. Chamberlen, the surgeon.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?None to C.
Verdictcase not completed