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'MOORE, Dr John', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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NameDr John MOORE (MORE)
Primary occupationmedical physician (university education) (Physician)
Period of medical practice1596-1641
Date of birthc.1559
Date of deathNov 1641
AddressSt Brydes (house of HICKS) 1624, 1626
Other notesOx 157* (Univ Coll) BA 1580 MA 1583 lic med 1596. Trouble 1612-39. RC (1624 1626 1628), AC ban, connived at unofficially for money. = 525b. Raach p.227? Important patrons.

Known London address

House of (Mr) Hicks, St Brydes
ParishSt Bride Fleet Street
WardFaringdon Without

Censorial hearings

25 June 1612
EntryIt was decided that Dr. Moore should be summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenTo be summoned.
13 April 1632
EntryDr. Anthonye was accused of practice on Lady Walsingham. He said that, after he had given her a laudanum pill, 'Dr. Moore being called, did approve of his Cordiall pill, which was his Laudanum pill. And ... after the second pill he mett with Dr. Moore and Dr. Despotine, by whose appointment Mr. Yardlye made her Almond Milke: a fomentation for her stomach and a Cordiall julep ...'
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action taken?None to M.
8 June 1632
EntryDr. Despotine, questioned about Lady Walsingham, said that he had been called after Dr. Moore and Dr. Anthony.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action taken?None to M.
Verdictcase not completed
4 Oct 1639
Entry'John Yardley ... complayned of Roger Starlinge ... affirminge that the said Starlinge had under-taken to cure the wife of Yardley of the pox ... at the end of 20 dayes ... shee was worse and not better, in so much that her husband was enforced to leaue him and to call for D. Moore. ... the Colledge thought fitt to send to D. Moore to knowe in what state of body hee found Mrs. Yardley'.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action takenM to furnish the College with information (as witness).
2 Nov 1639
Entry'D. Moore would not testifie any thinge in ye businesse', so Starlinge was acquitted.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action takenNone; witness only.
Verdictcase not completed
7 May 1613
EntryDr M was examined regarding the legality of his practice. See E.
Action taken?
4 June 1613
EntryDr M was charged with an offence against good taste in his criticisms of Dr Herring's practice.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action taken?
Verdictcase not completed
6 Sep 1616
EntryAfter the visitation of the apothecaries, HICKS was asked where he got his theriaca Andromache. He said, from Mr WHETLYE. But his servants said, from Dr MOOR.
Action takenNone.
m S Thomas 1617
EntryM was discussed. He had left £20 with the President. Despite prohibition by the Archbishop of Canterbury, his licensing would be pleasing to important men.
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenAsked to reappear. Had paid £20 for licensing fee / gift / bribe.
3 July 1618
EntryPresident read a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury dated 9 May 1618, regarding the need to exclude Puritans as well as recusants. He (President) suggested that M's practice should be connived at until the King forbade it. Suggestion rejected on a vote.
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenCollege refused to connive at M.
22 March 1619
EntryDr M had written to Dr Atkins offering the College a gift of £20. College voted on whether to accept it and decided to (voting was 12-10).
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenCollege to accept Dr M's "gift" of £20.
3 March 1626
EntryDr M appeared and promised to pay £4 p.a.
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenTo pay £4 p.a.
29 March 1626
EntryListed as suspected Papist doctor.
Action takenNone
Verdictcase not completed

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