Burbeach Hundred


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T P Hudson (Editor), A P Baggs, C R J Currie, C R Elrington, S M Keeling, A M Rowland

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'Burbeach Hundred', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 6 Part 3: Bramber Rape (North-Eastern Part) including Crawley New Town (1987), pp. 5-6. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=18378 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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BURBEACH hundred generally descended with the rape. (fn. 1) Between 1403 and 1425, however, it was held in dower by Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Mowbray, duke of Norfolk, (fn. 2) and in 1476-7 Elizabeth, duchess of Norfolk, had dower in it. (fn. 3)

In 1086 the hundred included Beeding, Erringham (in Old Shoreham), Shoreham, Truleigh (in Edburton), and Tottington (in Upper Beeding). (fn. 4) Ifield then apparently formed a hundred by itself, (fn. 5) while King's Barns (in Upper Beeding) was evidently in Steyning hundred; it too was once later said to be a hundred by itself. (fn. 6) Ashurst was included in 1248, (fn. 7) perhaps in error. From the late 13th century to the early 19th Beeding, Edburton, Horton (in Upper Beeding), and Ifield tithings were regular constituents of the hundred, (fn. 8) though Ifield was said to be in Steyning hundred in 1288 (fn. 9) and in Singlecross in 1600; (fn. 10) in 1624 Fulking, Perching (in Fulking), and Paythorne (also in Fulking), were presumably reckoned in with Edburton. (fn. 11) Tottington was apparently included in Horton tithing after 1296, (fn. 12) and Truleigh in Edburton tithing by 1316. (fn. 13) Erringham and part of Old Shoreham were still listed in Burbeach in the 16th century. (fn. 14) The unlocated tithing of Old Bridge was listed in 1296 (fn. 15) and in the 16th century, and Hazelholt (in Southwick) in 1598; in 1598 Old Bridge made no presentment, by old custom. (fn. 16) Stanford (in Slaugham) was listed as part of Beeding in 1598, (fn. 17) and as a single tithing with Ifield and Bewbush (in Lower Beeding) in 1788. (fn. 18) In 1831 the hundred was said to comprise the parishes of Beeding, Edburton, and Ifield. (fn. 19)

There are hundred court rolls for the years 1538, 1598, 1600, 1703-15, (fn. 20) and 1845-9. (fn. 21) The court was held half-yearly in the late 16th century, and once a year in the early 18th. The hundred name suggests an original meeting place marked by beech trees near an earthwork; a possible site is Truleigh Hill, the name of which may refer to a clearing marked by prominent or isolated trees. (fn. 22) In the later 18th century and earlier 19th courts were held at the King's Head inn in Upper Beeding and at the Crabtree in Lower Beeding. (fn. 23)

A bailiff and under-bailiff were mentioned in 1288, (fn. 24) an alderman and a constable in 1598, (fn. 25) and a constable in the later 18th century and earlier 19th. (fn. 26) In the 16th century the court held the assize of bread and of ale, and dealt with stray animals and with the upkeep of roads, bridges, and ditches. (fn. 27) By 1845 there was no business apart from the election of officers. (fn. 28)


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