Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
City of London, Coleman Street Ward, St Olives Jury Precinct


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: City of London, Coleman Street Ward, St Olives Jury Precinct', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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City of London, Coleman Street Ward, St Olives Jury Precinct

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Frederick, Thomas (Esquire)20.00100.0012.001000.00
Comment: Commissioner.
-, -8.0040.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Clayton, Robert (Sir)24.00120.0012.001000.00
Comment: Commissioner.
Atkins, - (Dr)6.0030.001.20100.00
Bray, George4.8024.000.1512.50
-, -4.0020.000.000.00
On behalf of: Frederick, Thomas Eq. Comment: Empty.
-, -2.0010.000.000.00
On behalf of: Frederick, Thomas Eq. Comment: Empty.
Roberts, - (Mrs)10.4052.003.60300.00
Comment: And Mrs Mitchell.
Magnony, Joseph15.6078.003.60300.00
Hicks, Johan3.0015.000.000.00
Fearne, James6.6033.000.6050.00
Fanshaw, Edward6.0030.000.6050.00
Nogeir, Stephen11.6058.003.60300.00
Property assessed: 2hse.
Seaman, Dutton8.8044.001.80150.00
Glover, Noell4.0020.000.6050.00
Burch, James1.809.000.000.00
Property assessed: whs.
Stallebrasse, Nathaniel5.2026.000.6050.00
George, Thomas5.2026.000.9075.00
Judd, - (Widow)9.6048.000.3025.00
Willoughby, George5.2026.000.1512.50
Wilks, John (Captain)5.2026.001.20100.00
Longuiviell, Peter9.2046.003.60300.00
Comment: And company.
Barlow, Benjamin2.4012.000.1512.50
Brett, William6.0030.000.6050.00
Hatton, -
Comment: Lodger.
Hamond, Henry0.000.000.3025.00
Comment: Lodger.
Hawley, Thomas8.0040.000.6050.00
Upton, William6.0030.000.3025.00
Smith, Jonathan0.000.000.6050.00
Comment: Lodger.
Davidge, John1.407.000.000.00
Timbrell, John1.407.000.000.00
Ensor, Henry1.407.000.000.00
Hager, Joseph6.0030.001.20100.00
Ross, - (Widow)3.4017.000.6050.00
Davis, - (Widow)3.4017.000.000.00
Crockett, Harbert0.000.000.1512.50
Comment: Lodger.
Halsey, John6.0030.000.6050.00
Knewstubb, John7.2036.001.20100.00
Comment: Collector.
Mercer, Samuel5.0025.000.3025.00
Safford, Isaac3.2016.000.3025.00
Vergoe, George5.6028.001.20100.00
Watts, Michael10.0050.003.60300.00
Comment: And partner.
Brumbly, Richard6.0030.000.1512.50
Wade, Samuel2.0010.000.000.00
Poore, Thomas6.0030.001.20100.00
Harvey, Joseph7.0035.000.6050.00
Harvey, Joseph0.000.003.60300.00
Comment: The Stock in Mr H's.
Barmley, Henry8.0040.000.9075.00
Chambers, Thomas0.000.003.60300.00
Comment: Lodger.
Hatch, William7.4037.001.80150.00
Brookbank, Joseph12.0060.003.60300.00
-, -3.0015.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Crook, - (Mr)6.0030.000.000.00
Atkinson, John3.8019.000.1512.50
Sealy, - (Major)6.4032.001.80150.00
Harris, John5.0025.000.6050.00
Weaver, John4.8024.000.6050.00
Barnsley, William12.8064.002.40200.00
Property assessed: 2hse.
Gledhill, Ebenezer6.4032.000.6050.00
Proole, David16.0080.003.60300.00
Comment: Assessor.
Hellers, - (Widow)2.0010.000.000.00
Hopkins, Benjamin5.6028.000.1512.50
Studder, - (Widow)5.6028.000.3025.00
Drury, John5.6028.000.9075.00
Roberts, George10.0050.001.20100.00
Comment: Assessor.
Steward, - (Mr)
Comment: Lodger.
Hatton, George2.4012.001.20100.00
Baynes, Edmund6.0030.000.6050.00
Wylett, - (Widow)3.8019.000.1512.50
Broome, - (Mr)
Comment: Lodger.
Rouse, William7.2036.002.40200.00
Comment: Assessor.
Read, Robert0.000.000.6050.00
Green, - (Dr)10.0050.000.000.00