Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
City of Westminster, St Anne Westminster, In the Alley


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: City of Westminster, St Anne Westminster, In the Alley', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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City of Westminster, St Anne Westminster, In the Alley

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Bregoe, Stephen2.0010.000.000.00
Hall, William1.
Comment: Or tenant.
Hall, William2.4012.000.000.00
Property assessed: 2hse.
Cooper, Thomas5.0025.000.3025.00
Markes, Samuel5.2026.001.80150.00
Dumaise, Ann0.000.001.20100.00
Courton, Peter5.6028.000.000.00
Monerote, - (Mr)
Hayward, John5.2026.000.3025.00
Philippo, Peter4.0020.000.1512.50
Soames, John4.8024.001.20100.00
Basken, Adam5.6028.000.6050.00
Gowen, Thomas4.0020.000.1512.50
Lanford, William4.0020.000.1512.50
Fulgam, Adriell4.0020.000.3025.00
Tessar, Charles2.8014.000.6050.00
Palmer, Philip (Esquire)6.0030.006.00500.00
Pavey, Peter4.6023.000.3025.00
Merriott, Francis8.0040.001.20100.00
Hambleton, Ralph4.2021.000.3025.00
Griffen, - (Mr)5.0025.001.20100.00
Baldwin, Thomas5.4027.000.6050.00
Horsman, Thomas3.6018.000.1512.50
Lambert, Peter3.6018.000.6050.00
Freeman, Thomas3.6018.000.6050.00
Powell, John3.6018.000.000.00
Veney, Paul6.0030.000.3025.00
Hayes, William7.0035.000.6050.00
Bolt, - (Mr)3.0015.000.000.00
Comment: Or tenant.
Williams, John2.4012.001.20100.00
Comment: Reputed papist **per.
Ragsdell, George2.0010.000.1512.50
Nicholls, William2.8014.000.3025.00
Lewen, Abraham1.407.000.000.00
Huntingdon, Thomas1.
Dowcaster, Thomas1.
Rowdine, Ann1.
Meads, Thomas1.
Strafton, Thomas1.005.000.1512.50
Squire, John2.0010.000.3025.00