House of Commons Journal Volume 3
21 October 1643


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Die Sabbati, 21 Octobris, 1643.


High Ongar Parsonage.

AN Order for sequestring the Parsonage of High Ongar in the County of Essex, whereof Josiah Tomlinson is Parson, to the Use and Benefit of Mr. Lavander, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is hereby required to officiate the said Cure as Parson; and to preach diligently to the said Parishioners; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented.

Plundered Ministers.

Ordered, That Mr. Gurdon, Mr. Millington, Mr. Ashherst, Mr. Jo. Browne, Sir Anth. Irby, Mr. Sam. Browne, Mr. Jo. Goodwyn, be added to the Committee for plundered Ministers.

Ordered, That it be especially recommended to the Committee for plundered Ministers, to take a great Care that the Ministers of the Assembly of Divines be taken care of, and provided for by them in the first Place.

Great Seal, &c.

Mr. Recorder, Mr. Sam. Browne, Mr. Selden, Mr. White, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Hill, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Prideaux, are appointed to consider of some Restrictions and Limitations to the Votes passed concerning the invalidating of the Great Seal at Oxon; and likewise to consider of the Adjournment of the Term: And are presently to withdraw.

King's Revenue.

Ordered, That Mr. Ashlon, Mr. Harvey, and Mr. Scawen, Members of this House, that are Receivers of the King's Revenue, do forthwith bring in their Books of Receipts, and Accounts, and Rentals to the Committee for the King's Revenue; or else that the said Committee shall have Power to seize the said Books and Accounts.

Guardian of the Fleet Prison.

Upon the Recommendation of Mr. Henry Nott, from the Lord General, it is Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde do bring in an Ordinance for investing Mr. Henry Nott in the Place of Guardian of the Fleet, in the stead of Mr. Hopkins, who has forfeited the said Place by going to Oxon, and assisting the Enemies there.

And it is further Ordered, That the Debt of One hundred and Fifty Pounds truly owing, by Bond, unto Mr. Reynolds, by the said Mr. Hopkins, be forthwith paid unto him, out of the Profits of the Sequestration of the said Office.

Prothonotary of Common Pleas.

Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde do from this House require the Justices of the Common Pleas forthwith to swear Mr. Bernard of Lincolns Inn into the Place of Prothonotary of the Common Pleas, become void by the Death of Mr. Gulston.

The Plague.

Ordered, That the Burgesses and Constables of the several Wards in Westminster, where any Persons are or shall be visited with the Sickness, do take especial Care, that such Persons be forthwith removed to convenient Places; and to use all other good Means to prevent the spreading of the Sickness.

Upnor Castle.

Resolved, &c. That the Ordnance in Upnor Castle and the Block-houses thereabouts, be forthwith removed out of that Castle and Block-houses; and that the Guards be forthwith discharged: And the Committee for the Navy are appointed to take Care, and give Order herein.

Northern Committee.

Upon the Report from the Common Council, it is Resolved, &c. That Mr. Sam. Avery, and Mr. F. Allen, be nominated and appointed Committees, to join with a Committee of both Houses to reside in the North, upon such Instructions as they shall receive from both Houses.

The Lords Concurrence to be desired herein; and in the Committee formerly appointed, by this House: And likewise to move the Lords to nominate some Members of their own House, to be likewise a Committee to reside in the North, upon the like Instructions.

Timber for Navy.

Upon a Certificate from the Commissioners of the Navy, concerning some Woods of Delinquents that have Parcels of Timber in them fit for the Service of the Navy; It is Ordered, That the Committee for the Navy consider of these Parcels, and bring in an Ordinance for the Felling of so much Timber, as shall be absolutely necessary for the great Necessity of the Navy; and for the setting forth of the Fleet the next Year: And that such Delinquents, whose Timber is ordered to be felled, if they, or any of their Friends shall offer so much Monies, to buy Timber upon this great Urgency, as their Timber shall be valued at, that then their Timber shall be spared.

Smythe's Plate.

Ordered, That the Plate, found in a Pond in Essex, belonging to one Mr. Smythe, a Malignant, shall be forthwith sold, and the Proceed thereof disposed to Sir Wm. Waller, towards the Payment of the Forces under his Command; the Charges of clearing and Cleansing the Pond, and the bringing up of the said Plate, being discharged.

Voluntary Contributions.

Ordered, That the Committee for Accounts, where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair, do require an Account to be given unto them of the Monies in Grocer's Hall, brought in upon voluntary Contributions, for setting forth the Forces of Sir Wm. Waller.

French Ambassador.

Mr. Holles reports that Sir Peter Killigrew is returned from attending the Prince D' Harcourt, Extraordinary Ambassador from France, in his Journey to Oxon: That the Ambassador doth by him return his Thanks and Acknowledgment to this House, for their Respects unto him: And, though he were stayed at the Guards here, and afterwards at Kensington, yet he imputes that to the Soldier only: He desires that what Dispatches he shall send from Oxon, to go for France, may have Warrants for free Passage; and doth promise to convey nothing in these Dispatches, but what concerns the Affairs of France; and hath given Order to Monsieur De Molin to observe the like Caution: That about the Middle of next Week he believes Monsieur De Gressey will impart, to the Houses of Parliament, the Matter and Occasion of his Embassy.

Ordered, That the Committee for Examinations do send for Monsieur De Molin before them, and acquaint them with the Message of Respect received from the Prince D'Harcourt, assuring, that He had sent Commands to himself, not to convey any Letters, but such as shall concern the Service and Crown of France.

Ship John.

Ordered, That the Ship the John, of London, be stayed in her Voyage, until the House take further Order; and that it be referred to the Committee for the Navy, to take the Examinations in that Business.

Adjourning Michaelmas Term.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports the Resolutions concerning the Adjournment of the Term: The which was read; and assented unto, viz. * *

Resolved, &c. That the Judges of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas [ (fn. a) and Barons of the Exchequer] be required to adjourn this Term of St. Michael from the Three-and-twentieth Day of this instant October, unto Octob. Sti Martini, at Westminster, according to the usual Manner of Adjournment.

Message to Lords.

Sir Jo. Clottworthy carried up to the Lord's this Order, for their Concurrence: And likewise the Order for investing Mr. Shute in the Places of Sir Jo. Wolstenholme in the Custom House: The Order for Fifty Pounds to Captain Skrimshire, out of the Adventurers Money for Ireland: The Names of the Committees appointed to reside in the North, upon such Instructions as they shall receive from both Houses; and was appointed to desire the Lords to nominate Two of their own House, if they shall think fit: And likewise to desire, that the Committee of both Houses, for the Articles of Cessation in Ireland, may meet this Afternoon.

West Tilbury Fort.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Fort of West Tilbury be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for the King's Revenue; who are to consider of the Importance of that Place; and to take Order, that it may be sufficiently manned and furnished.

Artillery Arrears, &c.

Ordered, That the Train of Artillery for Ireland, Lady Percivall, and Mr. Norris, shall have Satisfaction for the Arrears due unto them, out of the Debts owing unto such Creditors of Sir Thomas Dawes, by Sir Tho. Dawes, as are Delinquents, and their Estates sequestrable by Ordinance of Parliament: And that the Ordinance concerning the Creditors of Sir Tho. Dawes be read on Monday Morning next.

Trial of Waller.

Ordered, That it be on Monday Morning next considered and debated, in what Manner Mr. Waller shall be tried.

Importing Currans.

Ordered, That an Ordinance be brought in, for the landing of all such Currans as are of the Growth of the Morea; and for confirming the Restraint of importing and landing Zant and Cephalonia Currans.

Officers Petition.

The Petition of divers of the Officers under the Command of Sir Wm. Waller was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the Consideration of his Excellency my Lord General.

State of the Army.

Ordered, That Mr. Robert Goodwyn do, on Tuesday Morning next, report from the Committee appointed to consider of providing for my Lord General's Army, the State of that Army.

Powder for Gloucester.

Ordered, That One hundred Barrels of Powder, bought of Captain Jo. Hall for the Use of the Garison of Gloucester, shall be presently delivered to Serjeant Major Ferrer, to be conveyed to Gloucester Custom-free: And all Officers whatsoever, whom it may concern, are required to permit the same to be delivered and conveyed, without Interruption, or paying any Custom.

Maimed Soldiers.

Ordered, That the like Order as formerly passed, for Collections to be made in the several Parish Churches for Relief of the maimed Soldiers, shall be made and published for Collections to be made this next Fast Day.

Whereas there is an Order this Day made, for publick Collections to be made in all the Parish Churches in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, for Relief of the maimed and sick Soldiers of my Lord General's Army: It is Ordered, That, notwithstanding the said Order, that the Monies collected in the several and respective Parishes of St. Margarett's, Westminster, and St. Martin's in the Field, shall be paid in; the One Moiety at Tallow Chandlers Hall, to the Treasurers appointed by the former Order for the maimed Soldiers; and the other Moiety in the said respective Parishes, employed for the Relief of the maimed and sick Soldiers; within their own respective Parishes.

Much Holland Parsonage.

An Order for sequestring the Parsonage of Munch Holland, in the County of Essex, whereof Mr. Edw. Cherry is now Parson, to the Use and Benefit of Mr. Anth. Lapthorne, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine; who is forthwith to officiate the said Cure as Rector, and to preach diligently to the Parishioners of the said Parish, in the said Church; and to receive the Rents and Profits of the Parsonage, paying all Duties to his Majesty; was this Day read; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered accordingly.

Voluntary Subscriptions.

Ordered, That Tho. Sanders Esquire shall be hereby enabled to receive the Subscriptions of such well-affected Persons as will voluntarily lend any Sums of Money upon the publick Faith, towards the raising and maintaining of a Regiment of Horse in Derbyshire, for the Service of King and Parliament.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Jo. Clotworthy brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Order for investing of Mr. Shute in the Places of Sir Jo. Wolstenholme, in the Custom House: To the Order for Fifty Pounds to Captain Skrimshire, out of the Adventurers Money for Ireland: And do appoint, that the Committees concerning the Cessation of Arms in Ireland, shall meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock: And, to the rest of the Messages carried up by him, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Committee of this House, appointed to consider of the Articles of Cessation, &c. in Ireland, do meet the Committee of the Lords this Afternoon, at Three of Clock, in the Place formerly appointed.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Rob. Riche and Mr. Page;

Adjourning Michaelmas Term.

The Lords do agree to the Ordinance for Adjournment of the Term, with the Addition of these Words, viz.

"The Barons of the Exchequer."


They do likewise agree to the Ordinance concerning Saltpetre; with these Amendments, viz.

In the last Line in the first Page, put out these Words, "all Places and Houses," and add, "all Pigeon Houses, Stables, and all other Out Houses, Yards, and Places."

In the first Line the second Page, after the Word "Houses," and before the Word "except," add "between Sun-rising and Sun-setting."

In the same Line, after the Word "except," put out, "all Halls, Parlours, Kitchens, Shops, and Milk Houses;" add, instead thereof, "all Dwelling Houses, Shops, and Milk Houses."

These Amendments to both these Ordinances were particularly read; and particularly put to the Question; and, by Vote upon the Question, assented unto; and the Ordinances ordered to be amended accordingly.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and do agree to the Amendments sent down by the Lords to the Ordinances, concerning the Adjournment of the Term; and concerning Saltpetre: And have appointed, that the Committee, appointed to consider of the Articles of Cessation in Ireland, &c. shall meet the Committee of the Lords, this Afternoon.

Northern Committee.

Memorandum, That the Lords be put in Mind, at the next Message, of That Part of Sir Jo. Clotworthye's Message, concerning the Committees appointed to reside in the Northern Parts, to which, as yet, they have given no Answer.

Poole Garison.

Whereas there have been Two several Ships or Barques lately taken in Swantwich Bay, near the Town of Poole; one of them fraught with Linen Cloth, and other French Merchandize, being the Goods of such Inhabitants of Waymouth as are now in open Rebellion against the King and Parliament; and the other a French Vessel, laden with Corn, Gunpowder, Arms, and other Ammunition, intended to be carried into Ireland, to furnish the Rebels there; both which were seized upon by the Captain and the Company of the Ship called the Anne and Joyce, there employed in the Service of the King and Parliament: It is this Day Ordered, That, in case the said Ships and Goods shall happen to be adjudged to be good Prize, the whole Benefit and Profit thereof (the Two Thirds belonging to the Seamen and Soldiers that took the same being excepted) shall, by the Commissioners for the Admiralty, be allowed unto the said Town and Garison, for and towards the Payment of the Soldiers, and the provideing of Munition and other Necessaries for their Defence: Provided, that if the said Benefit and Profit shall exceed the Sum of Five hundred Pounds, no more thereof shall be allowed unto the said Town and Garison than Five hundred Pounds only.


a The Three following Protection, which are wrote upon a Sheet by themselves (of which Three Pages are blank) seem to be misplaced in the Binding-up of the Journal, between the Reading of Lord Grey's Letter, and the Order made upon it.