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J.M. Lee, R.A. McKinley

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'Index: K-Z', A History of the County of Leicestershire: Volume 5: Gartree Hundred (1964), pp. 356-366. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Kancia, see Kent

Katherine of Braganza, queen of Charles II,

Kaye, R. W.,

Keay, W.,

Kebell, Eliz., m. Ant. Colly, Hen., Marg., Thos.,

Keck, Anne, see Bushby; Ant. (d. 1736), Ant. (d. 1786), Geo. Ant. Legh, J. C. L., Peers Ant., Peers Ant. Jas., fam.,

Kellam, John,

Kelleby, Beatrice, Wm. de,

Kelmarsh (Northants.),

Kelyng, John,

Kempe, - (fl. 1882),

Kendall, Clement J., Eliz., see Smith; Geo. E., J. R., John (d. 1717), John (d. 1804), Stanley, Thos. (fl. 1750), Thos. (d. 1876), fam.,

Kent (Kancia), Wal. de,


Kerchevall, Revd. - (d. 1785),

'Kereby', n

Kestian, Nic., Ric.,

Kettering (Northants.),

Keu, Wm. le,


Keynsham, Joan, John, Rob.,

Keythorpe (in Tugby),

Kibbeus, King,

Kibworth, n, and see Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt, Smeeton Westerby

Kibworth Beauchamp (or Lower Kibworth), adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., gasworks, houses, ind., local govt., man., market, mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., Rector of, rectory ho., Rom. Cath., schs.,

Kibworth Harcourt, n, adv., agric., boundaries, chap., char., ch., cross, houses, ind., inn, mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, schs., tumulus,

Kidney, David,


Kilwardby, Rob., Abp. of Canterbury, n

Kilworth, de, Hugh, Rog.,


Kilworth, North,

Kilworth, South,

King, Augusta, see Byron; John (fl. 1608), Lt.-Col. John (d. 1869), Louisa, Mary, Wm., Earl of Lovelace (d. 1893), fam.,

Kingston, Geo., Mary,

Kirby, see Kirkby

Kirby, Bellars, priory of,

Kirby, Monks (Warws.), priory of,

Kirby Muxloe, Wm. of,

Kirk, Chas.,

Kirkby (Kirby), Alice, m. Pet. Prilly, John de, Bp. of Ely (d. 1290), John (fl. 1764), Mabel, m. Wm. Grimbaud, Marg., m. Wal. Doseville, Maud, m. Gilb. de Houby, Wm. de (d. 1302), Wm. (d. c. 1731), fam.,

Kite, Sir Rob.,

Knapp, John,

Knaptoft, ch., Hall Farm, ind., man., Pinslade, and see Mowsley, Pynslade

Knight (Knit), Dan., John, Rob. (fl. 1279), Rob. (fl. 1605), Wm. (fl. 1509), Wm. (fl. 1880),

Knighton (in Leicester),

Knighton (Dors.),

Knit, see Knight

Knossington, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., estates, hosp., houses, inns, local govt., man., nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, schs.,

Knossington, hund. of,

Knyvet, Sir John (d. 1381), Sir John (d. 1418),

Knyveton, Roland,

Kyngeston, Geo., Mary,

'Kyrkeby', n

La Charité-sur-Loire (Nièvre),

La Saussaye (Eure),f

Lacy, John de, Earl of Lincoln (d. 1240), Marg., Seth,

Lafargue, Augustus Hubbard, Revd. Pet., Pet. Augustus, fam.,

Lamb, Geo., Marg., Mat., Maurice, Olive, see Rickman; fam.,

Lamport (Northants.),

Lancaster, Edmund of, Earl of Lancaster (d. 1296),

Lancaster, Thomas of, Earl of Lancaster (d. 1322),

Lancaster, Duchy of,

Lancaster, dukes of, and see Gaunt (John of), Henry of Lancaster

Lancaster, earls of, and see Lancaster, Edmund of; Lancaster, Thomas of

Landa, Agnes and Eudo de,

Landsdown Wallpaper Co.,

Lane, John,

Langham, Hen., Thos.,

Langham (Rut.),

Langley, Barbara, Lady Langley (d. 1677),

Langley, priory of,

Langton, Arthur, Denise de, Dorothy, Ivo de, John de (fl. 1290), John de (fl. 1400), John de (fl. 1428), Marg. de, Ric., Rob. de, Thos. de, Wal. de, Bp. of Lichfield, fam.,

Langton brook,

Langton, Church, adv., agric., bound- aries, char., ch., coll., concerts, houses, local govt., mans., mill, nonconf., nursing assoc., poor relief, pop., rlys., Rector of, rectory, roads, schs.,

Langton, East, agric., boundaries, chap., char., Grange, ind., inn, local govt., man., nonconf., poor relief, pop., rlys., schs.,

Langton, Thorpe, n, agric., boundaries, char., ch., houses, inn, man.-ho., mans. mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, schs.,

Langton, Tur (Terlington, Terlintone, Tyrlyngton), n, adv., agric., char., ch., houses, ind., inns, King Charles's Well, man., man.-ho., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., schs.,

Langton, West, agric., boundaries, char., Hall estate, local govt., man., nonconf., poor relief, pop., schs.,

Langton Caudle,

Lathbury (Bucks.), n

Latimer, Alice, see Ledet; Christine, see Ledet; Edw., Eliz., m. Thos. Griffin, John (d. 1282), John (d. 1343), Marg., Nic. (d. 1325), n; Nic. (fl. 1343), Thos. (d. 1334), Thos. (d. 1400), Warin, Wm., fam.,

Latimer, Lords (of Corby), (of Braybrooke),

Laud, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury,

Laughton, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., n; houses, Killock Ho., local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, schs.,

Laughton brook,

Laughton Hills,

Launde, priory of, n,

Laurence (fl. 1086),

Lawet, Wm.,

Lawrens, Wm.,

Ledet, Alice, m. Wm. Latimer, Christine, m. Hen. de Braybrook, Christine, m. John Latimer, Wal., Wischard,

Lee, Eliz., Frances (d. 1792), Frances, m. Thos. Thorp, John, Revd. W. Southworth, fam.,

Leeds (Kent), prior and priory of,

Leeke, Anne,

Leesthorpe (in Pickwell), n; agric., chap., estates, Hall, man., mill, pop., sch.,

Legh Keck fam., and see Keck

Leicester, Archdeacon of,

Leicester, Bp. of,

Leicester, earls of, n, n, and see Beaumont (Rob. de), Dudley (Rob.), FitzParnell (Rob.), Montfort (Sim. de)

Leicester, Lord Lieutenant of,

Leicester, char. (Alderman Newton's), Evington par., execu- tions at, grammar sch., n; Guildhall, house at, Infirmary, museum, New Park, Newarke Coll., Poor Boys' and Girls' Holiday Homes, Robin Hood Hotel, St. John's Hosp., St. Leonard's Hosp., St. Margaret's par., teachers' training coll., Wyggeston's Hosp.,

Leicester, abbey and abbot of,

Leicester, honor of, n,

Leicester, See of,


Leicestershire Aero Club,

Leicestershire Archaeological Soc.,

Leicestershire, Clerk of the Peace of,

Leicestershire County Council,

Leicestershire Education Committee,

Leicestershire, Sheriff of,

Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry,

Leicestershire and Rutland Congrega tional Union,

Leicestershire and Rutland Joint Board for the Mentally Defective,

Leland, John,

Lenton (Notts.), priory of,

Leofric, Earl of Mercia (d. 1057) and his w. Godiva,

Leonardo da Vinci,

Lestrange, Amice, see Fusche; Hamon, Hilary, Joan, m. John de Wileby, John II, John III, John IV, Wm. I, Wm. II, fam.,

Letts, Mary, Wm.,

Leu, see Lou

Levere, Wm.,

Levett, Wm., Dean of Bristol,

Levrick (fl. 1066),

Lewin, John,

Lewis, John, Wm.,

Lichfield, Bp. of, see Langton (Wal. de)

Lichfield, Earl of, see Stuart

Lichfield (Staffs.),

Life Hill,

Lightfoot, Ant.,

Lilford, Lord, see Powys (Thos.)

Lilford (Northants.),

Lilleshull (Salop.), priory of,

Lincoln, bps. of, and see Avalon, Blois, Chesney, Gravesend, Grosseteste, Smith (Wm.), Welles

Lincoln, D. and C. of,

Lincoln, Earl of, see Clinton (Edw.), Lacy (John de)


Lincoln, See of,

Lindrick, Wm.,

Linney, - (fl. 1832),

Linthwait, John,

Lisgar, Lord, see Young

Lisle, Baroness, see Grey (Eliz.)

Lisle, Vct., see Dudley, Grey, Plantagenet

Lisle, J. A. F. March Phillips de,


Llandaff, Bp. of, see Watson (Ric.)

Llewelyn (fl. 1226),

Lloyd, Col. P. H.,

Lloyds Bank,

Local Government Board,

Lodbrok, de, Joan, John, Wm.,


Loddington (Northants.),

Logan, J. W., n,

Logan and Hemingway, Messrs.,

Lokington, Beatrice de,

London, Chamberlain of, Charterhouse, Lord Mayor and Aldermen of,

London and North Western Railway,

Longden, Hen. Isham,

Longnor (Salop.),

Lord, John le, Wm.,

Loseby, Thos.,

Loterington, see Luterington

Lou (Leu, Loup, Wolf), Amice, John le,


Louth (Lincs.),

Loveday, John,

Lovel (Lovell), Francis, Lord Lovel (d. 1485), Francis, Lord Lovel (fl. 1507), Isabel (fl. 1300), Isabel (fl. 1858), John, Lord Lovel (d. 1408), Maud, see Holland; Maud (fl. 1422), Maud, m. Wm., Lord Zouche, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1250), Wm. (d. 1455), fam.,

Lovelace, earls of, and see King

Lovet (Loveth), Rob., Sarah, see Holt; Wm. (fl. 1086), Wm. (fl. 1375), - (fl. 1086),

Lowe (Low), Geo., Ric.,

Lowe (Lancs.),

Lubenham, de, Gregory, Mat., Thos., Wal.,

Lubenham, n, adv., agric., airfield, boundaries, chant., char., ch., earthwork, estates, houses, inns, local govt., man.-ho., n; mans., markets, mills, nonconf., Papillon Hall, poor relief, pop., rly., schs., sewage disposal, vicarage ho., workho.,

Lubenham, Thorpe (in Marston Trussell, Northants.),

Lucas, Drugo,

Lucy, Wm. de,

Ludlow, Hen., Lord Ludlow (d. 1922),

Luffenham (Rut.),

Lumley, de, Rob., Rog., Sybil, see Morwic

Luterington (Loterington), de, Hugh, Ric.,

Lutheran Council of Great Britain,


Lutyens, Sir Edwin,

Lymington, Lady, see Wallop

Lynoll, Hugh, Marg.,

McGrath, Raymond,

McNeil, Chas. F. P.,

Maidwell (Northants.),

Maine, J. T., fam.,

Major, Ant., Wm., Revd. Wm. French,

Maleda, John,

Mallesours, Anne, m. Rog. Prestwiche, John de (fl. 1247), John (fl. 1300), Lettice, Ralph, Sir Thos., Wm., n; fam.,

Mallorie, Hen.,

Malmeins, Eleanor, n; Thos.,

Malore, Christine, Thos., fam.,

Malure, Christine de,

Malyvorie, Sir Wm.,

Manchester, Adam de,

Mandalay (Burma), Royal Sch.,

Manners, Chas. Cecil John, Duke of Rutland (d. 1888), Grace, m. Francis Fortescue, Sir John, fam.,

Manning, Randall,

Manton, Mary,

Manton (Rut.),

Marcell, Rob.,

March, John, John Thos.,

Mare, de la, Maud, see Trussell; Wigan,

Marefield, North (in Owston),

Marefield, South (in Tilton), n,

Margaret, queen of Edward I,

Margaret of Anjou, queen of Henry VI,

Markham, Chas.,

Marlborough, Dchss. of, see Churchill

Marmion, Edw., Joan, m. Alex de Fryville, Kath., m. John Hazlewood, Marg., Maun- cer, Phil. (fl. 12th cent.), Phil. (d. 1291), Rob., Wm. (fl. 1217), Wm. (fl. 1291), Wm. (d. 1520), fam.,

Marriott, Sir Chas., J., John, Dame Lucy, Revd. R. W., Sarah, T., Thos., W. M.,

Marsh, Geo., L. W.,

Marshall, Gilb., John, Ric., Thos., - (fl. 1838),

Marston, Sarah, Wm. (fl. 1551), Wm. (d. 1732), fam.,

Marston Trussel (Northants.), chant., ch., n; man., par., and see Lubenham (Thorpe)

Martell (Martel), Alan, Eliz., m. (1) John Bonville (2) Ric. Stuckley, Eudo, Hen., John, Rob., Rog., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Martival, Anketil (d. 1274), Anketil (fl. 1329), Joan, m. John de Weleham, Joyce, m. Rob de Saddington, Ralph, Ric., Rob., Rog. de, Bp. of Salisbury, Wal., Wm. (fl. 1130), Wm. (fl. 1220), fam.,

Martyrs' Memorial and Church of England Trust,

Marwood, Wm.,

Mary I, Queen,

Masham (Yorks.),

Mason, Vice-Admiral Sir Francis, M., Rob., n; fam.,

Massey, John,

Massey (Charles) and Son Ltd.,

Matthews, Revd. A., Mr. and Mrs. A. H. J.,

Mattock, Ric., fam.,

Mauduit, Alice, Ctss. of Warwick, (d. before 1263), n, Wm., Earl of Warwick (d. 1268),

Maunsell, Joan, m. Wm. Chetwynd, John (d. 1265), n; John (d. 1284), Mary, m. John Boyville, Rob. (fl. 1166), Rob. (d. 1352), fam.,

Maureward, Wm.,

Maxstoke (Warws.), priory of, n, n

Maxwell, Alethea, see Turville-Petre; David Constable,

Maycock, Lt. -Col. Dottin,

Maydwell, Laur.,

Maynard, John,

Meadows, John,

Meath, earls of,

Medbourne, de, Amfrid, Amice, see Mowsley; Wm.,

Medbourne, n, adv., agric., bottle-kicking contest, boundaries, bridges, char., ch., fair, houses, ind., inns, local govt., man.-ho., mans., market, mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rlys., Rector of, rectory ho., roads, Rom. Cath., Roman remains, schs., smithy, workho., and see Bradley

Medbourne brook,

Melbourn, John of,

Melton, Bailiff of,

Melton Mowbray, fox-hunting at, sch., U.D.C.,

Melton Mowbray Union,

Merceron, F. H., Hen., J. F.,

Merchant Taylors' Company,

Mercia, kings of, and see Ethelred

Mercia, Earl of, see Leofric

Mering, Anne, see Ormond; Wm.,

Merley, Eliz., m. Rob. de Somerville, Rog. de,

Merrilees, W. G.,

Merton, Wal. of, Bp. of Rochester,

Merying, Thos.,

Metcalf, Humph.,

Metford, Wm.,

Metropolitan Railway Country Estates Ltd.,

Meulan, Count of, see Beaumont, Rob. de

Meynell (Meynill), Agnes, see Basset; Hugh de, Hugo, Joan (d. 1398), Joan (w. of Hugh), see Ward; Joan, m. (1) John Staunton (2) Thos. Clinton, Ric., Wm. de, fam., n

Meynell Hunt,

Michelham, Lord, see Stern

Michell, see Mitchell

Middleton, of, Beatrice, see Foxton; Hubert, John Ric., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Middleton (Northants.),

Midland Railway,

Migliorucci, Count Cosmas (d. 1726), Cosmas Hen. Jos. (later Nevill), Mary, Ctss., see Neville

Milbanke, Anne Isabella, m. Lord Byron, Judith, see Noel; Sir Ralph,

Mildmay, Sir Ant., Sir Wal., n; fam.,

Milk Marketing Board, n

Mills, Mrs. E. A., Hen. Trueman, J. R., J. T.,

Milner, le, Hen., Ric.,

Milton Malzor (Northants.), n

Minneapolis (U.S.A. Minnesota),


Mitchell (Michell), Humph., n; Ric., Thos.,

Mitton, John, Marg., see Dexter

Moels, de, Isabel, m. Wm. de Bot- reaux, John, Lord Moels (d. 1310), John, Lord Moels (d. 1337), Nic., Rog. (d. before 1295), Rog. (d. 1316), fam.,

Molesworth, Thos., fam.,

Monhaut, Millicent,

Monk, J., Jonathan, Rob.,

Montagu, Hen., Lord, see Pole

Montague (Montagu), Sir Edw., Kath., m. Francis, Lord Hastings,

Montalt, Milisent de,

Montfort, de, Amice, Ctss. of Leicester, Sim., Earl of Leicester (d. 1265),

Moore, Edw., John (d. 1619), John (d. 1657), John, Bp. of Norwich (d. 1714), John (d. 1844), Jos. Cooper, Thos. (alias Smith), Thos. (d. before 1795), n; Thos. (fl. 1817), Wm. (fl. 1669), Wm. (fl. 1713),

Moore, Haddon and Co.,

Morcott (Rut.), n

Mordaunt, John,

More, John,

Moreton Morell (Warws.),

Morgan, Revd. John,

Morgan Vane, Hen., fam.,

Moriland (fl. 1086),

Morison, Denis,

Morley, Hen., John,

Morpott, Jas.,

Morris, Chas., Dorcas,

Morton, Earl of, see Douglas

Morwic, of, Beatrice, m. John Rossell, Hugh (fl. 1180), Hugh (d. 1269), Sybil, m. (1) Rog. de Lumley (2) Laur. St. Maur, Tiffany, m. John de Bulmer, fam.,

Mould, T. B.,

Mountgrave (Yorks.), priory of, n

Mountjoy, Lord, see Blount

Mountsorrel, n,

Mowbray, de, Anne, Eliz., see Segrave; John (fl. 1353), John, Duke of Norfolk (d. 1476), Rog. (fl. 1130), Rog. (fl. 1204), Rog. (d. 1297), Thos., Duke of Norfolk (d. 1399), fam.,

Mowsley, de, Amice, m. (1) Amfrid de Medbourne (2) Thos. le Brabazon (3) Rob. de Holt, Ellen, Hugh, Idonea, m. Hugh Pirramus, John, Ralph, Reginald, Reynold, Ric., n; Rob., Wm. (fl. 1217), Wm. (d. 1325),

Mowsley (in Knaptoft), adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., n; Guild of the Holy Child, hosp., houses, inns, local govt., mans., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, Rom. Cath., schs.,

Mowsley Hills,

Moyses, Sarah,

Mulsho, Francis, Ric.,

Murdak, Alice, m. Thos. Boyville, Hen., Iseult, Wm., fam.,

Murmann, Commander W. L.,

Murray Smith, Arthur Geo., Lt.-Col. G. Ant., Geo., fam.,

Muston, Ric.,

Muxloe, Edw., Eliz.,

Myners, Wm.,


Naseby, battle of, n

National Assistance Board,

National Church League Trust,

Neal (Neale, Neel), Agnes, Chris., Eliz., see Barnak; Geo., John Hales, Sir Thos. (fl. 1613), Thos. (fl. 1719), Wm., fam., n,

Neatherd, - (fl. 1381),

Needham (Nedham), Edw. (d. 1617), Edw. (d. 1691), Edw. (d. 1728), Edw. (d. 1732), Edw. (d. 1758), Eliz. (d. 1639), Eliz. (fl. 1758), Francis, John (fl. 1618), John (d. 1669), John (d. 1689), Mary, m. Chas. Dimock, Mary (w. of Edw. d. 1732), Miss - (d. 1758), fam.,

Neel, see Neal

Nereford, de, John, Nic.,

Ness, Great (Salop.),

Nethercote, John, Thos., - (fl. 1790),

Neufmarché, Aubrey, m. Ingebald, Emma, m. Hugh de Senlis, Ivo of,

Neville (Nevill), Agnabilla de, Alice (fl. 1262), see Curly; Alice, m. (1) John Hacluit (2) Sir Edw. Dalyngrigge, Ann, Chas. (d. 1783), Chas. (d. 1848), Cosmas (d. 1829), Cosmas Hen. Jos. (formerly Migliorucci), Cosmo Geo., Capt. G. H., Hen. (fl. 1503), Hen. (or Smith, fl. 1631), Hen. (d. 1665), Hen. (fl. 1696), Hen. (d. 1728), Hugh (fl. 1204), Hugh (d. 1269), Hugh (fl. 1279), Hugh de (fl. 1321), n; Humph. (fl. 1537), Humph. (or Blunt, d. 1590), Ivo de, Joan, John de (d. 1282), John, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1471), Juliana, Kath., see Palmer; Marg. (fl. 1371), Marg. (fl. 1750), Mary (d. 1742), m. Count Migliorucci, Mary, m. (1) Thos. Smyth (2) Francis Harvey, Pet. de, Ralph de (fl. 1227), Ralph de (fl. 1303), Ralph (fl. 1356), Ric., Earl of Salisbury (d. 1460), Ric., Earl of Warwick (d. 1471), Rob. de, Theobald de, Thos. de (fl. 1303), Thos. (d. 1503), Sir Thos. (d. 1571), Sir Thos. (or Smyth, d. 1636), Sir Thos. (d. 1637), n, Wm. (fl. 1190), Wm. de (fl. 1259), Wm. (d. 1497), Wm. (fl. 1830), fam., n,

Nevinson, E. B., T. K. B.,

Newbold, Hugh,

Newbold-on-Avon (Warws.),

Newbold Saucey (in Owston),

Newcombe, - (17th-cent. bell- founder), fam.,

Newdigate, John, Dame Juliana, Sir Ric., fam.,

Newington Green (Mdx.),

Newman, Revd. H. O.,

Newmarch, Wm.,

Newsham and Ragg, Messrs.,

Newton, Anne, John de (fl. 1240), John de (fl. 1381), John (fl. 1545), John (d. 1670), Rob., Wm., fam.,

Newton Harcourt, agric., boundaries, bridges, canal, chant., char., ch., houses, ind., local govt., man., man.-ho., mills, non- conf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, schs.,

Newtown Linford,

Nichol (Nicol), Hen., Thos.,

Nicholas, John,

Nicholls, Sir Augustine,

Nichols, John (d. 1815), John (d. 1826),

Nicol, see Nichol

Nixon fam.,

Noel, And., Lady Ann, Anne, see Fowler; Chas. Noel, Earl of Gainsborough (d. 1866), Diana, Edw., Vct. Wentworth (d. 1774), Sir Gerard Noel (formerly Edwards), Hen., Earl of Gainsborough (d. 1798), Lady Jane (d. 1811), m. Gerard-Anne Edwards, John, Judith, m. Sir Ralph Milbanke, Thos., Verney, fam.,

Norfolk, dukes of, and see Mowbray

Norfolk, Earl of, see Brotherton

Norman (fl. 1086),

Norman, son of Walter (fl. 1150),

Norman, Revd. Jas.,

Normanton (in Thurlaston),

Normanville, de, Geof., Rob.,

Norris, Thos., Toby,

North, Brownlow, Bp. of Winchester, Sir Francis, Francis, Earl of Guilford (d. 1790), Francis, Earl of Guilford (d. 1861),

Northampton, Earl of, see Senlis (Sim. de), Waltheof

Northampton, Prior of St. Andrew's,

Northampton, academy, Red Lion inn,

Northampton, See of,

Northampton Brewery Co.,

Northamptonshire, Sheriff of,


Northumberland, Duke of, see Dudley (John)

Northumberland, earls of, see Neville (John), Percy

Norton, Giles, John of, Rob. de, fam.,

Norton (in Norton and Lenchwick, Worcs.),

Norton, East,

Norton, Green's (Northants.),

Norton, King's, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., houses, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, schs., water supply, and see Stretton, Little

Norwich, Bp. of, see Moore (John)

Norwich, Ada, see Bringhurst; Anne, see Watson; Sir Chas., Sir Erasmus, Hen., John (fl. 1367), John (fl. 1502), Sir John (d. 1661), Mary, Sir Rog., Sim., fam.,

Noseley, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., collegiate chap., earthworks, Hall, man., mill, nonconf., pop., roads, schs.,

Nottingham, de, Hugh, Juliana, Ralph (fl. 1359), Ralph (fl. 1394), fam.,


Nottingham, See of,


Noveray, de, John (fl. 1279), John (fl. 1389), Rob., fam., n

Nowers, Sir Geo., Ralph de, Rob. de, fam.,

Oadby, de, John, Ric., Rog., fam.,

Oadby, sch., U. D.,

Oakham (Rut.), n,

Oakham, honor of,

Oakham, soke of,

Oakham Union,

Oddfellows, Soc. of,

Ogden, C. C.,

Oiry, Beatrice, Hen. de, n,

Oliver, Jas., Ric.,

Olney, Joan, m. Ric. Fox, John (formerly Parker),

Orby, de, Isabel, John,

Ord, Anne (fl. 1780), Ann (fl. 1850), Revd. Jas., Jas. Pickering, Jemima Eliz., Revd. T. C., Miss - (fl. 1880), fam.,

Ordmar (fl. 1050),

Orget, Rog.,

Ormond, Anne, m. Wm. Mering, Eliz., m. Sir Ant. Babington, Joan m. Thos. Dynham, Joan (w. of John), see Chaworth; John,

Orpin, John,

Orsett Hall (Essex),

Orton (?-on-the-Hill),

Osbern (fl. 1086),

Osborne, Thos.,

Osmund (fl. 1060),

Ostler, - (fl. 1832),

Osulf (fl. 1060),

Oswin, Kath.,

Othorpe (in Slawston),

Our Lady of Good Counsel, order of,

Overton, Cold,

Overy, John,

Owen, Hugh D. A.,

Owsley, John (fl. 1750), Revd. John (d. 1835), W. P. M., Revd. Wm., fam.,

Owston, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., estates, houses, inn, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, schs., work- ho., and see Marefield (North), Newbold Saucey

Owston, abbey and abbot of,

Owston Wood,

Oxendon, Great (Northants.),

Oxford, earls of, and see Vere

Oxford, Brasenose Coll., Cardinal Coll., Christ Ch., Merton Coll., St. Ebbe's Ch., Trinity Coll., Univ. of,

Packe, Chas., Chas. Wm., Mrs. Chas. Wm., Col. E. C., Hen. Vere, Revd. W. J., fam.,


Paget, Major Guy, R. T., T. G. F., Thos. (of Humberstone), Thos. (of Ibstock), Thos. Tertius,

Pain, Mrs. - (fl. 1850),

Palmer, Cath. (fl. 1767), Cath. (d. c. 1818), Edw., Eliz., Frances, Fred., Geof. (fl. 1661), Sir Geof. (fl. 1724), Sir Geof. (fl. 1880), Sir Geof. (fl. 1957), Sir Geof. F. N., Revd. Hen., Sir John (fl. 1766), John (fl. 1790), Sir John Hen. (d. 1865), Kath., m. Wm. Nevill, Mary, Ric., Rob., Thos. (d. 1474), Thos. (fl. 1590), Thos. (d. c. 1729), Sir Thos. (fl. 1775), Wm., fam.,

Pancevolt, Hen., Ric. (or de Dumar), Wm.,

Pantulf, Wm.,

Papillon, David, Geo.,

Papworth, J. B.,

Paragreen, - (fl. 1949),

Pares, J. T., John, Thos. (fl. 1787), Thos. (fl. 1846),

Pares' Leicestershire Banking Co.,

Parker, Geo., John (later Olney), Kath., Wm.,

Parr, Mary, m. (1) John Digby (2) Hen. Brooke, Wm.,

Parry, Dr. - (fl. 1754), n

Parsons, Jane, Ctss. of Rosse (d. 1838), John, Wm.,

Parton, Hen.,

Paston (Northants.),

Pateman, Mrs. - (19th-cent. school-mistress),

Pates, Ric.,

Patrick, Ric.,

Paston, C. B.,

Paveley, John de, n

Payne, Ben., Cath., m. Sir Ric. Waldram, John (fl. 1381), John (fl. 1570), John (fl. 1639), n; Martin, Mic., n; Ric., Rob., Thos., Wm. (fl. 1551), Wm. (d. 1615), Wm. (fl. 1628), fam.,

Paynel, Eliz., see Gobion; Marg., Thos., fam.,

Peace, Edw.,

Peach, Thos.,

Peake, B. M., Cosmo Francis Nevill, Lt.-Col. F. G., Fred., n; Hen., Revd. J. D., Rob., Maj. W. A., fam.,

Peake and Co. (solicitors),

Pearce, Esau, Ric., Rob., Zachary, Bp. of Rochester, n

Pearson, Capt. G. J. H., J. L., Rob., Thos.,

Pease, Edw.,


Pecchar, Wm.,

Peche (Pecche), Gilb., John,

Peck, Eustace, Fred., Hen. (fl. 1570), Hen. (d. 1820), John, Ric., Steph., Thos. (fl. 1670), Thos. (d. 1756), Wm., fam.,

Pembroke, Ctss. of, see St. Paul

Pembroke, earls of, and see Hastings

Percy, Hen., Earl of Northumberland (d. 1408),

Periam, Geo.,

Perkins, Bart., John, Joshua, Mary, Susanna,

Perkins (Joshua) and Son,

Perkyn, Agnes, Amice, Laur., Wm.,

Peshall, Edm., Rob.,

Peter (son of Reynold) and his w. Ela,

Peterborough, abbey and abbot of,

Peterborough, Bp. of,

Peterborough, D. and C. of,

Peterborough, cath., cath. sch.,

Peterborough, See of,

Petre, E. H., Gwendoline, see Turville; Oswald (later Turville-Petre),

Petton (Salop.),

Peverel, Alice, n; Edm., Hugh, Ralph, Wm., fam.,

Peverel, honor of,

Peyll, Hen.,

Pheasant, Mrs. Mary, n, Steph.,

Phelip, Eliz., m. John, Vct. Beaumont, Joan, see Bardolf; Sir Wm.,

Phillips, F. Serrille, John,

Phipps, G. W., - (fl. 1760),

Pick (or Peck), Eliz.,

Pickering, Dorothy Eliz., Sir Edw., Eliz., see Stanton; Frances, m. Thos. Bird, Geo., Sir Gilb., Rog. de (fl. 1322), Rog. (fl. 1346),

Pickwell, Lewis of,

Pickwell, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., estates, houses, ind., local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, sch., and see Leesthorpe

Pierpont, Sir Wm.,

Pigot, J.,

Pilkington, Mary, Thos.,

Pinturicchio, Bernadino,

Pipard (fl. 1130),

Pipewell (Northants.), abbey of,

Pippin, Eliz., m. John Weston, Frances, see Brudenell; John, Jos.,

Pirramus, Hugh, Idonea, see Mowsley

Pitt, Wm., (writer on agriculture),

Plant, Thos.,

Plantagenet, Arthur, Vct. Lisle (d. 1542) Eliz., see Grey

Playz, Alice, Wm.,

Pochin, Mat., W. J. R.,

Poer, John le,

Pole, Dorothy, Hen., Lord Montagu (d. 1539), Reginald, Abp. of Canterbury,

Polebrooke (Warws.),

Pool, W. H., n

Poor Law Commissioners,

Popham, Sir John,

Port, Hen. de,

Porter, Anne, see Prilly; Mary, Sam., Thos. (fl. 1447), Thos. (fl. 1607), Wm., - ('widow'),

Poultney (Poulteney), John (fl. 1332), John (fl. 1647),

Powell, Fred. York, - (19th-cent. glass-maker),

Power (or Campion), John (d. 1479), John (fl. 1505),

Powlet, Agnes, see Howard; Wm., Marquess of Winchester (d. 1598),

Powys, Hen. Littleton (later Powys- Keck), Thos. (fl. 1750), Thos., Lord Lilford (d. 1825),

Powys-Keck, Hen. Leycester, Hen. Littleton (formerly Powys), Maria, fam.,

Powys-Keck estate,

Poynor (R. H.) and Co. (hosiery manufacturers),

Pratt, John,

Prestgrave (in Bringhurst),

Preston, de, Hen., Laur., Wal., fam.,

Prestwiche, Anne, see Mallesours; John, Ric., Rog., Rose m. Wm. Digby, Wm., fam.,


Pretyman, Eliz., see Turpin; Sir John (fl. 1633), John (d. 1658), Marg., m. Sir John Heath,

Price, Charlotte Mary, see Hinrich; Rob. Harvard (later Price-Dent),

Price-Dent, Rob. Harvard (formerly Price), Rob. Hinrich, fam.,

Price-Jones, Revd. P.,

Prilly, Alice, see Kirkby; Anne, m. (1) John Waver (2) Thos. Porter, Edm., Pet., fam.,

Prior, John, Sim.,

Proctor, Eliz., n, n

Propagation of the Gospel, Soc. for the,

Prudential Insurance Co.,

Public Health Act (1848),

Pugin, A. W. N.,

Pulford, - (19th-cent. sculptor),

Pulteney, Sir John de, Sir Thos., fam.,

Purdie, A. J., n

Purefoy (Purfey), John, Mic., fam., n

Putt fam., n

Pydyngton, Ric. de,

Pyncombe, Mrs. - (fl. 1830),

Pynslade (in Knaptoft),

Pysford, Rog.,

Pytchley (Northants.), n,

Pytchley Hunt,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Quenby (in Hungarton),

Quency, de, Arabella, m. Ric. de Harcourt, Eliz. (or Isabel), m. Alex. Comyn, Ellen, m. Alan la Zouche, Marg., Ctss. of Winchester (d. 1234), Marg., m. Wm. de Ferrers, Rog., Earl of Winchester (d. 1264), Saer, Earl of Winchester (d. 1219),

Queniborough, Rob. of,

Quorn Hunt,


Raby (co. Dur.), n

Ralph pincerna,

Ram (Rame, Ramme), Alice, Hen., fam., n

Ramsey (Hunts.), abbey of,

Randal, Wm.,

Rannulf (fl. 1086),

Ratcliffe, Rog.,

Ratten, Thos.,

Raunson, Agnes, Wm. de,

Raven, John, Wm.,

Raveniston, John de,

Ravenstone (Derbys.),

Rawlins, Edw.,

Raworth, Ric., fam.,

Reade, Thos., fam.,

Reading, Dan.,


Redburn (Herts.),

Redlich, Mrs. V. K. L.,

Reinbudcurt, Guy de,

Restwold, Marg., Thos.,

Retchford, Jas.,

Reve, Thos.,

Reynes, Rob.,

Reynolds, Eliz., see Wright; Jos., Thos.,

Rice, C. M.,

Richard I, King,

Richard II, King,

Richard, son of Herbert the Chamberlain,

Richard's Castle (Herefs.),

Richardson, Agnes, m. John Francis, Joan, Wm. Westbrook,

Richmond, Ctss. of, see Beaufort

Richmond, Earl of, see Bretagne

Ricketts, Wm.,

Rickman, Olive, m. Maurice Lamb,

Riddington, Francis,

Ridel (Rydell), Geof. (d. 1120), n; Geof., Bp. of Ely, Hen., Maud, m. Ric. Basset, Maud (w. of Ralph), Ralph,

Riston, Marg., see Thorp; Wm.,

Robert (fl. 1086),

Robert (fl. 1130),

Robert, Count of Meulan,

Robert dispensator,

Robert of the Hall,

Robert, son of Helgot,

Robert, son of Ivo,

Robert, son of Nicholas,

Robert, son of Osmund,

Robert, son of Ralph pincerna,

Robert, son of Vitalis (or de Foxton),

Robert, son of Walter,

Robert, Vicar of Loddington (Rut.),

Roberts, Chas. (d. 1791), Revd. Chas. (d. 1859), Lady Eliz. (d. 1679), Eliz. (fl. 1867), J. W., Sir Ric. (d. 1644), Ric. (fl. 1691), Susanna, Thos. (d. 1633), Thos. (fl. 1737), fam.,

Robinson, Caleb, Dorothea, Sir Geo. (fl. 1766), Sir Geo. (fl. 1840), fam., n

Robson, Messrs. (paperhangers), n

Rochester, Bp. of, see Merton, Pearce (Zachary)

Rockingham, Earl of, see Watson

Rockingham (Northants.), cast., rly. sta.,

Roe fam.,

Roger (fl. 1086),

Rogers, Sam. (d. 1790),

Rolfe, - (fl. 1638),

Rolleston, n, agric., boundFaries, chap., char., ch., cross, Hall, houses, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,

Rolleston (Notts.),

Rollos, de, Ric. I, Ric. II, fam.,

Rome, St. Peter's Colonnade,

Roos, Rob.,

Ros, de, Edm., Isabel, see Aubigny; John, Lord Ros (d. 1393), Margery, Mary, Rob., Thos., Lord Ros (fl. 1361), n; Thos., Lord Ros (fl. 1461), Wm. (fl. 13th cent.), Wm., Lord Ros (d. 1343), Wm. (d. 1353), fam.,

Roseby, W. J.,

Roskyn (Ruskyn), Ellen, see Houby; Jasper, Wm., fam.,

Ross, T. H.,

Rosse, Ctss. of, see Parsons

Rossell, Beatrice, see Morwic; John,

Rothley, preceptory of,

Rothley, soke of,

Rothwell (Northants.),

Roulf (fl. 1060),

Rouse, Rowland, Sam.,

Rowlatt (Rowlett), Marg., Sir Ralph, Ric., fam., n,

Rowley, Eliz. H., John,

Rowley (R.) and Co.,

Royal Air Force,

Royal Army Ordnance Corps,

Ruddestane, Rob. de,

Ruddington, Wm., fam.,


Rugby (Warws.),

Ruthos, Elias de,

Rupert, Prince (d. 1682),

Rural Community Council,

Ruskyn, see Roskyn

Russell, Lord Hugh, John, Lord Russell (d. 1555), Lucy, Ctss. of Bedford (d. 1627), Sambrook,

Rutland, dukes of, and see Manners

Rutland fam., n


Rydell, see Ridel

Ryley, C. L.,

Rypham, Wm.,

Sacheverell, Hen., John, Mary, see Hungerford; Sir Ric., Thos.,

Saddington, de, Agnes, Amice, Isabel, m. Ralph Hastings, John (fl. 13th cent.), John (fl. 14th cent.), Joyce, see Martival; Rob., Rog. (d. before 1277), Rog. (fl. 1286), fam.,

Saddington, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., Hall, houses, ind., man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., Rector of, rectory ho., reservoir, roads, schs.,

Saddington brook,

St. Albans, Duke of, see Beauclerk

St. Albans, Rob. of,

St. Albans (Herts.), n

St. Albans, abbey and abbot of,

St. Amand, Amauri de, fam.,

St. Andrew, Barbara, m. Oliver St. John, John, Mary, see Skeffington; Wm., fam.,

St. Audoen, Wal. de,

St. Clare, Alan, Joan, see Esseby; John, n, n

St. Cloud (Seine-et-Oise), Parc de,

St. Evroul (Orne), abbey of, n,

St. John, And., Barbara, see St. Andrew; Eliz., see Stonor; John, Lord St. John (d. 1596), Oliver, Lord St. John (d. 1582), Oliver (fl. 1626), Rowland,

St. Lo, Agnes, see Basset; John, Ralph de,

St. Mary in Arden (in Great Bowden), ch.,

St. Maur, Laur., Sybil, see Morwic

St. Paul, Mary de, Dowager Ctss. of Pembroke (d. 1377),

St. Pierre-sur-Dives (Calvados), abbey of, n,

St. Wistan, n

Sakry, John,

Salden (Bucks.),

Salisbury, Bp. of, see Martival (Rog. de)

Salisbury, Earl of, see Neville (Ric.)

Salisbury, Eliz., John, Thos. (of Houghton on the Hill), Thos. (of Bringhurst),

Salter, And., Geo.,

Sampson, John, Rob., Thos., Wm., - (fl. 1220), fam.,

Sanderville, Rob. de,

Sandford, Nic.,

Satterthwaite, Brian,

Saucy, de, Ansketil, see Ansketil; Sim.,

Saunders, Clement, Francis, Joan, see Farnham; Lawr., Marg., Mat., Wm., fam.,

Saunderson, Jane,

Saunt, Joanna Barfoot, Thos. Barfoot,

Savage, Wm.,

Saville, John, Wm.,

Sawbridge, Thos.,

Sawyer, Edw.,


Scampton, Wm.,

Scheemakers, Pet.,

Scheftinton, see Skeffington

Schiplowe, Ric.,

Schools Inquiry Commission,

Sclater, Wm.,

Scott, Chas. H., Sir Gilb.,

Scraptoft, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., estates, Hall, hotel, houses, local govt., man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, schs., vicarage ho.,

Scrope, le, Alice, m. Sir Jas. Strangways, Eliz., m. Sir Ralph Fitzrandolf, Eliz., m. (1) Wm. Beaumont (2) John de Vere, Geof. (fl. 1336), Geof. (d. 1517), Hen. (fl. 1312), Hen., Lord Scrope (d. 1415), Hen., Lord Scrope (d. 1459), Hen., Lord Scrope (d. 1592), John (d. 1456), John, Lord Scrope (fl. 1542), Margery (fl. 1415), Margery, m. Sir Chris. Danby, Ric. (fl. 1355), Ric., Lord Scrope (d. 1403), Ric., Abp. of York (d. 1405), Wm., fam.,

Seabrooke, Thos.,

Seagrave, see Segrave

Seamark, Chas., Dorothy,

Seaton, Anne, m. Eusby Catesby, Edw., Joan (fl. 1313), Joan (fl. 1476), Nic., fam.,

Seaton (Rut.),

Segrave (Seagrave), de, Eliz., m. John Mowbray, Gilb., Sir Hen., Iseult, John, Lord Segrave (d. 1353), Nic., Steph., fam., n,

Selby (Yorks.), abbey of,

Semere, John,

Sence, riv.,

Senlis, de, Emma, see Neufmarché; Hen., Hugh, Sim., Earl of Northampton (d. 1109),

Serjeant (Sergeant), Pet., Wm.,

Sewell, Mary, fam.,

Seymour, Sir Edw., Joan, Sir Mic. Culme,

Shalston (Bucks.),

Shangton, n, n, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., houses, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectors of, n; roads, schs., n, workho.,


Sharp (Sharpe), A. T., Harold, n; Wm.,

Sharpless, John,

Shaw, Chris.,



Sheen (Surr.), priory of,

Sheffield, Wm.,

Sheffield (Yorks.),

Sheffield Regional Hospital Board,

Sheild, see Shield

Shenton, Nat.,

Shepherd, - (fl. 1381),


Sherrard (Sherard), Rob., Earl of Harborough (d. 1799), - (fl. 1710),

Shield (or Sheild), Revd. Wm.,

Shipley, Thos.,

Shipton, Thos.,

Shirley, John, Ralph,

Shore, Mic.,

Short, Dr. T.,

Shrewsbury, Earl of, see Chetwynd-Talbot, Talbot


Shugborough, Ant.,

Shuter, Revd. Pet.,

Shuttlewood, John,

Shuttleworth, Revd. Barton, Hen., John, Mary, Rob., fam.,

Sibbertoft (Northants.),

Sibley, Frances Brudenell, see Weston; Jos.,

Silyok, John, n

Simms-Reeve, F. P.,

Simon (fl. 1389),

Simons, Mat., Nic.,

Simpson, Isabella, Mrs. Wallis (later Duchess of Windsor),

Sims, John, Patience, m. John Crick, fam.,

Sitwell, Edw. Sacheverell,

Skeffington (Scheftinton), de, Geof., Isabel, Iseult, John (fl. 1287), John (d. 1613), Kath., m. Rob. Barford, Mary, m. Wm. St. Andrew, Rob., Thos. (fl. 1262), Thos. (fl. 1329), Thos. (d. 1543), Thos. (fl. 1586), Wm. (fl. 1558), Wm. (d. 1606), fam.,

Skeffington, n,

Skillington, Wm.,

Skipton-in-Craven (Yorks.), honor of,

Skynner, Edm. I, Edm. II,

Slater, J. E., Wm.,

Slater (J. E.) and Co.,

Slater and Carpenter, Messrs. (architects),

Slawston, n, adv., agric., boundaries, bridge, char., ch., cross, estates, houses, ind., inns, man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, sch., n, vicarage ho., and see Othorpe

Slawston Hill,

Sleaford (Lincs.),

Smalley, Eliz., John, Wm.,

Smart, Edw. I, Edw. II, Edw. III, n; John, fam.,

Smeeton, Job, John, S. P., fam.,

Smeeton Hill,

Smeeton (Smetheton) Westerby, n, adv., agric., canal, char., ch., estates, houses, ind., man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, schs., n; wharf, workho.,

Smirke, Sir Rob.,

Smith (Smyth), Revd. A. T., Alice, m. Edw. Asborne, Ambrose, Anna, Anne, m. Ric. Halford, Ayscough, Charlotte, Chas., Sir Edw. (d. 1707), Sir Edw. (d. 1720), Edw. (d. 1762), Eliz., m. Thos. Kendall, Eliz., m. Nic. Strelley, Erasmus, Geo. (d. c. 1624), Geo. (d. 1901), H., Hen., Jane, m. Hen. Coleman, John (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1587), John (of Kibworth, fl. 1610), John (fl. 1692), John Buswell, Mary, see Neville; Nic., Randle, Rob. (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1572), Rob. (of Medbourne, fl. 1601), Rob. (of Harborough, fl. 1614), Rog. (of Wistow, fl. 1601), Sir Rog. (d. 1655), Rog. (fl. 1700), Thos. (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1524), Thos. (or Nevill, fl. 1540), Thos. (d. c. 1564), Thos. (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1587), Thos. (of Tur Langton, fl. 1628), Sir Thos. (later Nevill, d. 1636), Thos. (d. 1640), Thos. (or Moore, d. 1643), Thos. (of Louth, fl. 1750), Wm., Bp. of Lincoln (d. 1514), Wm. (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1529), Wm. (of Sutton Bassett, fl. 1585), Wm. I and II (of Thorpe Langton, fl. 1628), Wm. (of Mowsley, fl. 1680), Wm. (d. before 1711), Wm. (of Mowsley, fl. 1788), Wm. (of Drayton, fl. 1804), Wm. (d. c. 1879), - (19th- cent. benefactor), fam.,

Snelson, Ben., fam.,

Soar, riv.,

'Soleby', see Sulby

Somerby, adv., Hall, man., n; sch., Vicar of, vicarage ho.,

Somerby (Lincs.),

Somers, John, Lord Somers (d. 1716), and see Cocks

Somerville, Eliz., see Merley; Phil., Rob. de,

Sonderman, G.,

Sondes, Baron, see Watson

Sotherey, Wm.,

Sothill, Anne, see Boyville; Eliz., m. Sir Wm. Drury, Eliz. (w. of John), Hen. (fl. 1467), Hen. (d. 1505), Jane, m. Sir John Constable, John, fam.,

Southam, - (ejected minister),

Southampton, Earl of, see Wriothesley

Southampton, St. Julian's Hosp., n

Southwell (Notts.),

Southworth, Paul,

Sparrow, - (19th-cent. mason),

Spayne, Hugh,

Spence, Wm.,

Spencer, Albert Edw. John, Earl Spencer (succ. 1922), Barbara, Fred., Earl Spencer (d. 1857), Geo. Geo. John, Earl Spencer (d. 1834), Jane, Vctss. Churchill (d. 1900), John (fl. 1637), John (d. 1746), John, Earl Spencer (d. 1783), Victor Albert, Vct. Churchill (d. 1934), fam.,

Spridlington, Ric. de,

Sprigg (Sprigge), Edw., Jeremiah, John, Wm.,

Sproston, Geo.,

Sproxton, of, John, (fl. 1220), John (d. c. 1273),

Stacy, Wm.,

Stafford, John of, Thos.,

Stamford, earls of, and see Grey

Stamford (Lincs.), sch., and see Burghley

Stanford, Hen.,

Stanford-on-Avon (Northants.),

Stanhope, Chas., Lord Stanhope (d. 1675), n, Jas. Ric., Earl Stanhope (succ. 1905), John, Lord Stanhope (d. 1621),

Stanketon, Sim. de,

Stanton, Eliz., m. Sir Gilb. Pickering, Francis, Mary, see Staveley; Staveley,

Stapleford (Glos.), ch., n

Stapleton, Canon W. Chetwynd,

Staunton, Eliz., m. Wm. Hazlerigg, Harold, Joan, see Meynell; John, fam.,

Staunton Harold,

Staveley, Arthur, Geo., Mary, m. (1) Francis Stanton (2) Steph. Pheasant, n, Thos. (d. 1582), Thos. (d. 1631), fam.,

Steers, Wm.,

Stenning, Isabella,

Stern, Herman Alfred, Lord Michelham (succ. 1919),

Stevens, Bryan, fam.,

Stevenson, Jas. (formerly Bellairs), Wm.,

Steward, John,

Still, Edw.,

Stockerston, n; adv., agric., boundaries, chant., char., ch., earthworks, estates, Hall, hermitage, houses, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., reservoir, roads, sch., and see Holyoaks

Stockton, de, Alan, John, Marg., Rob. (fl. 1275), Rob. (later Burrough, fl. 1380), Wm. (d. 1470), Wm. (d. 1537), fam.,

Stoke, Rob. de (fl. 1293), Rob. (fl. 1530), fam.,

Stoke Albany (Northants.),

Stoke Dry (Rut.),

Stoke Golding, n

Stoke Goldington (Bucks.),

Stokes, Adrian, Chas., John (fl. 1800), John Hen. (fl. 1900), Thos., - (fl. 1836),

Stonham, Eliz., m. John Broughton, Mary, see Barnak; Rob. de,

Stonor, Eliz., m. Oliver, Lord St. John, Sir Francis, n

Stonton, Rob. de,

Stonton Brudenell,

Stonton Wyville, adv., agric., bound- aries, char., ch., earthworks, houses, man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., Rector of, rectory ho., roads, sch., n, Wood,

Stoughton, agric., airfield, boundaries, char., Charity Farm, ch., cross, Grange, houses, man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,

Straker, Alfred Hassall,

Strangways, Alice, see Scrope; Sir Jas. I, Sir Jas. II, Wm.,

Stratford, F. P., H. M., Dr. -,

Straunge, Rob., Wm. le, fam.,

Street, Berkeley, G. E., Wm., fam.,

Strelley, Elias, Eliz., see Fitz- randolf, Smith; Frideswide, Isabel, Nic. (fl. 1530), Nic. (d. 1627), Nic. (fl. 1650), Rob., n; fam.,

Stretton, Geo., Pet. de, Rob. de, Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield (d. 1385), fam.,

Stretton, soke of,

Stretton, Great (in Great Glen), n, agric., airfield, chant., n, chap., char., ch., Hall, n, hosp., houses, man., nonconf., plague at, poor relief, pop., sch.,

Stretton, Little (in King's Norton), adv., agric., boundaries, chap., char., ch., houses, man., mill, nonconf., plague at, poor relief, pop., roads, schs.,

Strutt, Edw., Baron Belper (d. 1880),

Stuart, Bernard, Earl of Lichfield (d. 1646),

Stubbs, Leonard,

Stuckley, Eliz., see Martell; Ric.,

Sturges (Sturgis), Thos., fam.,

Sturges Bourne Act (1819),

Sturgis, see Sturges

Styles, Jas.,

Suavis (fl. 1086),

Sudbury, Sim. of, Abp. of Canterbury,

Suez crisis (1956),

Suffield, Baron, see Harbord

Suffield Brown, John, fam.,

Suffolk, Duke of, see Grey

Sulby (Northants.),

Sulby ('Soleby'), abbey and abbot of, n,

Sulhamstead (Berks.), n

Sun Fire Office,

Sunderland, John,

Sundial Nursing Home Ltd.,

Sutherland, W. S.,

Sutton, Ant. de (or 'Howeby', de), Revd. F. H., John, n; Ric.,

Sutton Bassett (Northants.),

Swan fam.,

Swillington, Marg., m. Sir John Grey, Rog.,

Swynford fam.,

Syfrewast, de, Halanath, Wm.,

Symington, Jas., Miss Perry Gold, Rob., W. H., Wm., fam.,

Symington (R. and W. H.), Messrs.,

Symington (William) and Co.,

Symkins, Thos.,


Tackley (Oxon.),

Tailby, G. W. A., Geo., John (of Welham), John (of Slawston), Mary, see Ward; T. M. J., Wm., (d. 1829), Wm. (fl. 1850), Wm. Ward (d. 1914), - (of Welham, fl. 1796), fam.,

Tailor, see Taylor

Talbot, Barbara, m. F. F. Turville, Chas., Francis, Geo. (d. 1753), Geo., Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1787), Gilb., Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1743), John, Marg., Ctss. of Shrewsbury (d. 1467),

Tamworth, John,

Tamworth (Staffs.),

Tanner, G. A.,

Taplin, T. K.,

Tatershall (Tateshale, Tateshall), de, John, Rob. (d. 1302), Rob. (d. 1308), fam.,

Tatham, - (fl. 1819), n

Taylor (Tailor, Tayllur), D. A. G., Eliz., Hugh le, John (fl. 1547), John (fl. 1786), John (fl. 1850), John (fl. 1952), Rob., Wm.,

Taylor and Son, Messrs. (organ-builders),

Taylor (John) and Co.,

Tedbert (fl. 1086),

Tempest, Sir Chas.,

Templars, Knights,

Temple, Nic.,

Tenby (Pemb.),

Terlington, Terlintone, see Langton, Tur

Terry, Thos.,

Teryngton, Wm.,

Theddingworth, n, n, adv., agric., boundaries, chant., char., ch., fox-hunting, houses, ind., inns, local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, Rom. Cath., schs., vicarage ho., workho.,

Theobald, Abp. of Canterbury (d. 1161),

Therlington, see Tirlington

Thomas, Edw. (d. 1836), Edw. (d. 1843), Rob., Revd. Thos., Wm.,

Thompson, Prof. A. Hamilton, Geo., Wm., fam.,

Thornton, B., Wm.,


Thoroughgood, Anne,

Thorp (Thorpe), Agnes de, Admiral C. F., Frances, see Lee; Fred., Marg. de (fl. 1347), Marg. de, m. Wm. Riston, Ric. de, Rob., Thos. de (fl. 1389), Thos. (fl. 1440), Thos. (fl. 1625), Revd. Thos. (d. 1846), Sir Wal. de, Capt. Wm., fam.,

Thorpe Arnold, man.,

Thorpe Mandeville (Northants.),

Thorpe Satchville Beagles,

Thoyts, Emma, n

Thresher, - (fl. 1381),

Throsby, John, n,

Thurlaston, and see Normanton


Thurnby, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., court, estates, houses, ind., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., roads, schs., and see Bushby

Thurnby Hill,

Thursby, Francis, Jane,

Thursk , H.M. Gunboat,

Tickhill, honor of,

Tilley, Edm., Francis, Jos.,

Tilton (Tylton), n, and see Marefield, South

Tilton plateau,

Tindall, Jas.,

Tirlington (Therlington) fam.,

Tirrell, Adam, Sam., fam., n

Tixover (Rut.),

Tochi (fl. 1060),

Todeni, Rob. de,

Todington, Thos.,

Toleho, Rob. de,

Tolthorp, Alice, Eliz., m. Giles de Erdington, Thos. de,

Tomblin, Thos.,

Tong, Ric. de,

Tookie, Hen., Martha, Thos.,

Topp, Sam.,

Tot fam.,

Tours, Isabel de,

Tozer, Anne,

Trafford, de, Chas. Edm., Gilb., Hilda, Sir Humph., fam.,

Trazleman, John,

Trenchant, Thos.,

Trentham (Staffs.), priory of,

Tresham, Geo., Thos., Wm.,

Trigg, Hen.,

Trollope, And., n

Trussell, Sir Alfred, Amice, Edm., Eleanor, see Helpston; Fulk, Hen., John (fl. 1328), Sir John (d. 1440), Laur., Marg., Margery, see Doseville; Maud, m. (1) Rob. de Esseby (2) Wigan de la Mare, Maud, see Char- nel; Osbert, Philippa, Ralph, Ric., Theo- bald, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1175), Wm. (fl. 1279), Sir Wm. (fl. 1300), Wm. (d. before 1344), fam.,

Tucker, - (19th-cent. clockmaker),

Tugby, n, and see Keythorpe

Turchil (fl. 1060),

Turner (Turnor), Edm., n; Lucy, see Byron; - (fl. 1638),

Turpin (Turpyn), Eliz., m. Sir John Pretyman, Frances, see Brocas; Sir Geo., John, Sir Wm. (d. 1523), Sir Wm. (d. 1617), fam.,

Turville, Barbara, see Talbot; Edw., Frances, Sir Francis C. Fortescue (d. 1889), Francis Fortescue (d. 1839), Gwendoline, m. E. H. Petre, John, Miss M. F., Mary, Nic. de, Ralph de (fl. 1208), Ralph de (fl. 1282), Ric., Wm. (fl. 1725), Wm. (d. 1777), Wm. (fl. 1825), fam.,

Turville-Petre, Alethea, m. D. C. Maxwell, Col. Oswald H. P. (formerly Petre), fam.,

Turwitt, Rob.,

Twickten, Edw., John (d. 1619), John (fl. 1632),

Twyford, Geof. de,

Twyford, n

Tyler (W.), Sons and Co.,

Tylton, see Tilton

Tyrlyngton, see Langton, Tur

Uffington (Lincs.),

Underwood, John, W. W., Wm. (fl. 1660), Wm. (fl. 1700),

Union Assurance Co.,

Uppingham (Rut.), sch.,

Uppingham Union,

Upton, n, n

Vane, see Morgan Vane

Vardy, Revd. E.,

Vaudey (Lincs.), abbey of,

Vaughan, Hen. (later Halford), Dr. Jas., Sir John, fam.,

Vaux, Nic., Baron Vaux (d. 1523), Sir Wm., fam.,

Vavasour, John,

Venice (Italy),

Venur, Ric. le,

Verdon, de, Bertram, Eliz., m. Bergersh, Eliz., see Burgh; Margery, m. John de Croppehull, Rose, m. Theobald Butler, Theobald, fam.,

Vere, de, Eliz., see Scrope; Hawise, n; Hugh, Earl of Oxford (d. 1263), John, Earl of Oxford (d. 1513), Rob. (d. 1296), Rob., Duke of Ireland (d. 1392),

Vergil, Polydore,

Vernon, Dorothy, Dr. - (fl. 1708),

Vescy, Rob. de,

Victoria, Queen,

Villiers, Alex., Edw., Geo., Duke of Buckingham (d. 1628), Sir Jas., Marg., Mary, Ctss. of Buckingham (d. 1632), Ric., fam.,

Vincent, Revd. Wm.,

Vinrace, Jos.,

Vitor, John,

Vowe, John, Leonard (fl. 1563), Leonard (fl. 1638), Marg., see Dexter; Martha, Thos. (d. 1691), Thos. (fl. 1770), Thos. (d. 1855), Wm. (fl. 1430), Wm. (d. 1546), fam.,

Wade, John, Rob.,

Wagstaffe, - (fl. 1730),

Wake, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury,

Wakefield (Yorks.), ch. of St. Michael,

Wakelin, John,

Walchelin (fl. 1086),

Waldegrave, John, Warin, fam.,

Waldram, Cath., see Payne; John, Sir Ric., n, Thos., fam.,

Waldron, Thos.,

Wale, - (19th-cent. hosier),

Waleys, Isabel, Nic.,

Walker, C. W., Eliz., Geo., Jane, Revd. Dr. John, Jos., Revd. Ric., Rob. (fl. 1808), Rob. (fl. 1870), Romaine, fam.,

Walker (R.) and Sons,

Wallop, Kath., Lady Lymington (d. 1750),

Walssh, Isabel, John, Thos. (fl. 1440), Thos. (nephew of Thos.), fam.,

Walter (fl. 1086),

Walter (fl. 1150),

Walter, Mrs. - (fl. 1922),

Waltham, Rob. de,

Waltheof, Earl of Northampton (d. 1076), and see Judith, Ctss.

Walton, Francis, Thos., fam.,



Wansford (Northants.),

Ward (Warda, Warde), Anne, m. Francis Hodges, Anne, see Burgh; Annie, Bryan (fl. 1730), Bryan (fl. 1851), Mrs. Bryan, Geo., Ida de la, n; Joan de la, m. Hugh de Meynell, John (fl. 1381), John (fl. 1545), Kath., m. Thos. Entwistle, Leonard, Marg. de la, Marg., m. John Daunsey, Mary, m. Wm. Tailby, Ric., n; Rob. de la, Sam., Stanley, Theobald, Thos. (d. 1598), Thos. (fl. 1791), Wm. de (fl. 1177), Wm. (fl. 1279), Wm. (fl. 1533), Wm. (fl. 1576), Wm. (d. c. 1773), fam., n,

Wardon (Northants.), honor of, n

Ware (Herts.), prior and priory of,

Warenne, de, Beatrice, m. Doun Bardolf, Wm.,

Warner, C. W. B., Edw., Mary, Capt. W. P., Wm., - (fl. 1838),

Warr, de la, Ric., Lord de la Warr (d. 1476), Thos., Lord de la Warr (d. 1525), Thos., Lord de la Warr (d. 1554),

Warrin, Wm.,

Warrington, Revd. P. E.,

Warrington (Lancs.), academy,

Wartnaby, Thos.,


Warwick, earls of, and see Beauchamp, Dudley, Mauduit, Neville (Ric.)

Warwick, Rob.,

Warwick, collegiate ch. of St. Mary,


Wastnes (Wastenys), Phil. de, Ric., Thos., fam.,

Waterhouse, Paul,

Waterville, Rob. de,

Watkyn, Wm.,

Watson, Anne, m. Sir Chas. Norwich, Edw. (d. 1584), Edw., Baron Rockingham (d. 1689), Edw. (d. 1899), Geo. Lewis (d. 1899), Hen., Kath., Ctss. of Rockingham (d. 1766), Sir Lewis (fl. 1626), Lewis, Baron Rockingham (d. 1653), Lewis, Baron Sondes (d. 1795), Lewis Ric., Baron Sondes (d. 1836), Lewis Thos., Baron Sondes (d. 1806), Ric., Bp. of Llandaff (d. 1816), Ric. (d. 1852), Thos., Earl of Rockingham (d. 1746), Revd. Wentworth, fam.,

Watts, Hugh, Thos., Dr. Wm.,

Waure, Wm. de,

Waver, Anne, see Prilly; John, Ric.,

Webb, Ric., - (fl. 1925),

Wedon, Ralph, Thos., fam.,

Weldon (Northants.),

Weleham, see Welham

Welford (Northants.),

Welham (Weleham), de, Adam, Joan, see Martival; John, Thos.,

Welham, n, adv., agric., boundaries, bridges, canal, char., ch., estates, houses, inn, mans., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., rectory ho., roads, schs., n,

Welland, riv.,

Welles, Hugh of, Bp. of Lincoln, Pet. de, fam.,

Wellingborough (Northants.),

Wellington (N.Z.),

Wellsborough (in Sheepy),

Welti, C. H.,

Wentworth, Sir Geo.,

Wentworth, Vcts., and see Noel

Westerby, see Smeeton Westerby

Westerby-Basset Beagles,

Westgraff, Ralph,

Westley, John,

Westmacott, Ric. II,

Westminster, Abbot of,

Westmorland, earls of,

Weston, Agnes de, Eliz., see Pippin; Frances Brudenell, m. Jos. Sibley, Hugh, John (fl. 1450), John (of Billesdon, fl. 1750), John (of Burton Overy, fl. 1777), Nic., Pet. de, Ric., Sim. de, Thos., Wm. de (fl. 1359), Wm. (fl. 1387), Wm. (fl. 1534), - (17th-cent. vicar), fam.,

Weston, Edith (Rut.),

Weston Favell (Northants.),

Weston-by-Welland (Northants.),

Wetherley, Wm.,

Weymouth and Portland Railway,

Whalley, Anne, m. Wm. Fortrey, Bernard, Ralph (d. 1601), Ralph (fl. 1635), Stanhope, Thos., Wm. (d. 1635), Wm. (fl. 1677), Wm. (fl. 1718), fam.,

Wharton, Wm.,


Whatton, Thos., Wm.,

Wheeler, Francis,

Whirler, Wm.,

Whitchurch (Hants),

White, Luke Hen., Baron Annaley (b. 1885),

Whiteside, Mariotta, Ric.,

Whitgreave, J. L. J.,

Whitmore, Capt. T. C. D.,

Whittingham, Jos.,

Whyley, E. B.,

Whyte-Melville, Geo. John,

Whythed, John,

Widville, see Wyville

Wigley, Ann, Edw. (fl. 1590), Sir Edw. (d. 1710), Geo., Hen. (fl. 1560), Hen. (d. 1607), Hen. (fl. 1630), Jas., Letitia, m. Sam. Hartopp, Letitia (w. of Sir Edw.), Thos., fam.,

Wignell, John, Wm., fam.,

Wigston, Rog., Sim. of, Thos., Wm.,

Wigston Magna,

Wilbarston (Northants.),

Wildboef, Geof.,

Wileby (Willoughby), Alice (or Ankareta), m. Thos. Drakelowe, Emma, Joan, see Lestrange; John de, Rob. I, Rob. II, fam.,

Willcocks, Jeffery,

William I, King,

William IV, King,

William (fl. 1130),

William (fl. 1356),

William, Chaplain of Quenby (fl. 1200),

William, son of Thomas (fl. 1279),

Williams, Ant., Revd. Wm., - (18th-cent. benefactor),

Willins, John,

Willoughby fam., see Wileby


Wills, John,

Willson, see Wilson

Wilmot, Dorothy, Rob.,

Wilson (Willson, Wylson), Eliz., Hen. Wm., Lord Berners (d. 1871), Jas., John, Jos., Mary, P., Thos. (fl. 1715), Thos. (fl. 1787), Thos. (fl. 1820), Wm., - (fl. 1790),

Winchilsea, Earl of, see Finch-Hatton

Winchester, Bp. of, see North

Winchester, earls of, and see Despenser, Quency

Winchester, Marquess of, see Powlet

Winchester, honor of, n,

Winckley, Canon S. T., fam.,

Windsor, Duke and Dchss. of,

Wing, J. (fl. 1740), n, J. (d. 1794), n,

Wingfield, de, Alice, see Bringhurst, de; Wal.,

Winkerdale Hill,

Winlove, Wm.,

Winthrop, Mrs. - (fl. 1882),

Winwick (Northumb.),

Wirce, Geof. de,

Wishingford (Worcs.),

Wistow, adv., agric., bound- aries, char., ch., Hall, houses, man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,


Witley (Worcs.),

Wittering (Northants.),

Wolf, see Lou

Wollaston (Woollaston), Ric., Wm. (fl. 1640), Wm. (fl. 1780), fam.,

Wolley (Yorks.),

Wolsey, Thos., Cardinal,

Wolsey Ltd., Messrs.,

Wolstanton, Wm.,

Wolston (Warws.), prior and priory of,

Wolverton (Warws.),

Wolwardington, Pet. de, fam.,

Wood, Wm.,

Wood (Ann) and Sons, Messrs.,

Woodcock, Ann, Thos., fam.,

Woodcroft (Northants.),

Woodford (Northants.),

Wooding's, Messrs.,

Woodruffe, Ann, Dan., John, fam.,

Woodward, Wm., fam.,

Woodyer, H.,

Woollaston, see Wollaston

World War, First,

World War, Second,

Wormegay (Norf.),

Worrall, Revd. T. P.,

Worthing (Suss.),

Worthington, Vicar of,

Wotton, Revd. R. M.,

Wragge, Petronella, Zachary,

Wrath, Sir Thos.,

Wray, C. G.,

Wraysbury (Bucks.),

Wreake, riv.,

Wright, And., Eliz., m. Jos. Reynolds, Jas., John (d. 1761), John (d. 1807), John (fl. 1823), Sam., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Wriothesley, Thos., Earl of South-ampton (d. 1550),

Wyce (Wyche), Alan le, John

Wycomb and Chadwell, n

Wyghe, Edm.,

Wylson, see Wilson

Wymant, Dinah, Wm.,

Wymeswold, n


Wynne, Ric.,

Wyrley, Dorothy, John,

Wyville (Widville, Wyvell), Agnes, see Fitzrandolf; Chris., Hugh de, John, Marg., Marmaduke, Rob. de (fl. 1220), Rob. de (fl. 1279), Thos., Wm., fam.,

Yarmouth (I.O.W.),

Yates, T., - (fl. 1710),

Yaxley, John,

Yetsweirt, Nicaise,

York, abps. of, and see Scrope (Ric. le)

Yorke, John of,

Youle, H.,

Young, Adelaide Annabella, Lady Lisgar (d. 1895), John, Lord Lisgar (d. 1876), n; Thos.,

Zouche, la, Alan (d. 1270), Alan (d. 1314), Alan (fl. 1342), Ellen, Eudo, John, Lord Zouche (d. 1525), John (date unknown), Mary, see Engaine; Maud, m. Rob. de Holland, Maud (w. of Wm. d. 1352), see Lovel; Milisent, see Cantilupe; Thos., Wm. (fl. 1315), Wm., Lord Zouche (d. 1352), Wm., Lord Zouche (d. 1396), Wm., Lord Zouche (d. 1468), Wm. (d. 1462), fam.,