Social and economic history
Appendix 2


Victoria County History



William Page (Editor)

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'Social and economic history: Appendix 2', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 2: General; Ashford, East Bedfont with Hatton, Feltham, Hampton with Hampton Wick, Hanworth, Laleham, Littleton (1911), pp. 104-108. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Year Carpenters Tylers Thatchers
Rogers' (fn. 169) Average Rogers' Highest Price Middlesex Wage Rogers' Highest Price Middlesex Wage Rogers' Average Middlesex Wage
1273–4 2d.–21/8d. Edgeware,2d.
1278–9 25/8d.–2¼d. 3d.–4½d.(with man) Edgeware, 4½d. (with man)
1300–1 d.–2d. 3¼d. (with man) Teddington, 3½d. (with man)
1311–12 25/8d.–3¼d. Teddington, 3d.
1314–15 3d.–37/8d. 4d.–5d. Isleworth, 4d. & 5d. d.–7d. (with help) Isleworth, 4d. d.–4d. Isleworth, 4d.
1320–1 d. 5d. Isleworth, 4d. d.–3½d. Isleworth, 4d.
1324–5 d. 5d. 10½d. a week 5d. (with help) 4d. (with man) d. 2d.
1335–6 33/8d. 4d. Teddington, 3½d. 6d.–7d. (with help) Teddington, 3d.
1349–50 41/8d.–4¼d. 5d.–7d. Teddington, 4d. 37/8d.–3¼d. 5d.–6d. (with man) Paddington, 9d. (with man)
1350–1 d.–33/8d. 7d.–4d. Teddington, 6d.
1351–2 4d. 9d. (with man) Isleworth, 6d. Teddington, 6d. & 4d. 4d. Isleworth, 7d. (with boy) 3d.–3½d. 63/8d. (with man) Isleworth, 7d. (with boy) Teddington, 3½d.
1384–5 5d.–4¾d. 5d.–6d. Isleworth, 6d. 4d. Isleworth, 4d.
1407–8 d.–5¾d. d.–6d. Sutton, 5d. (without food) 4d.–5¼d. Sutton, 5d. (without food)
1433–4 d.–6d. 6d.–8½d. Harmondsworth, 6d.
1434–5 d. d. Sawyer, 6d. Carpenter, 5d.
1439–40 6d.–5¾d. d.–7d. 6d. 6d.–8d. 6d. 5d.
Year Helps And Women Carters And Ploughmen Thrashing
Rogers' Average Middlesex Wage Rogers' Highest Price Middlesex Wage Rogers' Highest Price Middlesex Wage
1273–4 ½d. Edgeware, 1½d. Edgeware, Messor, 4s.6½d.
1274–5 d. Teddington, Daye, 3s. 6d. Teddington, Ploughman, 6s. and 5s. d. 2½d. Teddington, Barley, 1½d. Wheat, 2½d. Teddington, Herdsman, 4s. 6d.
1278–9 Edgeware, 3d. 3d. 1½d. Edgeware, Wheat, 3d. Barley, 1d.
1300–1 ½d. to 1d. Teddington, Daye, 3s. 6d. Teddington, Ploughman, 6s. Fugator, 5s. d. 3d. Teddington, Barley, 1½d. Wheat, 2½d. Teddington, Herdsman, 4s. 6d.
1311–12 d. to 13/8d. Teddington, Daye, 3s. 6d. Teddington, Ploughman, 6s. Fugator, 5s. Teddington, Herdsman, 4s. 6d.
1314–15 13/8d. Isleworth, Help,2d.& 1½d. Women, 1½d. Isleworth, Wheat, 3d. Oats, 1d.
1320–1 13/8d. Isleworth,
Help, 1½d. Labourer, 2d.

4d. 1½d.
Isleworth, Wheat, 3d. Oats, 1d.
1324–5 1d. Woman help, 1d. 3d. 1d. Wheat, 3d. Oats, 1d.
1335–6 1d. to 1½d. Teddington, Daye, 2s. Teddington, Tentor, 6s. Fugator, 5s. Carter, 4s. 6d.
After Black Death
1349–50 d. Teddington, Daye, 4s. Paddington, Poultry-maid, 5s. Teddington, Ploughm'n, 11s. Carter, 11s. Herdsman, 11s. Paddington, Ploughm'n, 11s. d. 2½d. Teddington, Wheat, 4d. Paddington, Wheat, 6d. Oats, 2d. Serjeant, 13s. 4d. per ann.
1350–1 21/8d. Teddington, Daye, 4s. Labourer, 3d. Teddington, Tentor, 11s. Fugator, 10s. Carter, 10s. d. 3d. Teddington, Wheat, 4d. Barley, 3d. Teddington, Herdsman, 10s.
After Statute of Labourers
1351–2 17/8d. Isleworth, Woman, 2d. Teddington, Daye, 4s Woman, 2d. Labourer, 3d. Teddington, Tentor, 7s. Fugator, 7s. Carter, 7s. 2d. 4½d. 3d. Isleworth, Oats, 2d. Teddington, Wheat, 4d. Barley, 3d. Swineherd, 6s. 8d.
1376–7 Totenhale, Wheat, 4d. Oats, 2d.
1384–5 2d. Isleworth, Labourer, 3d. and 4d. Isleworth, Barley, 3d. Bailiff, 20s.
1385–6 2d. to 21/8d. Workman, 4d. 4d. Wheat, 3d.
1388–9 2d. to 2½d. 3d.(without food) Ploughman, 8s., 6s., 5s. Carter, 13s. 4d. Wheat, 4d. Swineherd, 6s.
1407–8 3d. Haymakers, men and women, 3d. Ploughman, 16s. Carter, 16s. Second ploughman, 13s. 4d. Third ploughman, 9s. Bailiff, 40s.
1433–4 3d. Harmondsworth, Daye, 5s. Harmondsworth, Ploughm'n, 16s. 13s. 4d. Carter, 16s. d. to 4½d. 2¾d. to 3d. Wheat, 4½d. Barley, 3½d. Reaper, 16s. Swineherd, 10s. Bailiff, 40s.
1434–5 3d. Help, 4d.
1439–40 3d. to 4d. Help, 4d. and 5d. Bailiff, 53s. 4a. Foresters, 50s.

Assessment Of Wages For The County Of Middlesex, Charles II

Artificers by the year, £10 12s.; second sort, £6 8s. Husbandmen, carters, and drivers: First sort, £8; second sort, £6; third sort, £4. Women servants, £4, £3, and £2.

Day Wages
Carpenters Winter With food, 12d. and 10d.
Without food, 2s. and 20d.
Summer With food, 1s. 6d. and 1s.
Without food, 2s. 6d. and 2s.
Tylers Winter With food, 1s. and 10d.
Without food, 2s. and 1s. 8d.
Summer With food, 1s 6d. and 1s.
Without food, 2s. 6d. and 2s.
Thatchers Winter With food, 8d. and 6d.
Without food, 1s. 6d. and 1s. 4d.
Summer With food, 12d. and 9d.
Without food, 2s. and 1s. 6d.

Reports To Board Of Agriculture, 1794

Labourers, 1s. 6d. to 1s. 8d. a day; handy workmen near London, 2s. winter and summer.

Thrashing barley and oats, 2s. 6d. a quarter; wheat, 4s.

Common labourers by the week, 12s. to 8s.; 15s. at harvest time. Women, 5s. and 6s.

Year Oxen Cows Sheep
Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price
1268 6s. 8d. With calf, 8s. 11d.
1269 10s. 0½d. 10s. 6s. 7s. 9d.–10s.
1275 1s. 10d.; ewe, 2s. 6d.
1300 8s. 0¼d. With calf, 8s.
1311 14s. 5½d. 9s. 9d.–13s. 4d.
1314 10s. 2½d. With calf, 13s.
1321 12d.
1325 15s. 1¾d. 8s.–5s. 6¼d. 10s. 10¾d. 6s. 8d. & 5s. 8¾d. 10d.
1344 12s. 8½d. 16s. 6½d. 9s. 3½d. 10s. 2s.
1350 9s. 8d. 8s.–18s. 6d. 9s. 8½d. 7s.–10s. 1d.
1353 14s. 3d. 13s. 4d.
1364 16s. 8d. 10s. 6d. 1s. 8d.–2s.
1389 13s. 4d. 9s.; with calf, 10s. 6d.
1408 13s. 5½d. 13s. 4½d.
1434 15s. 12s. 4d. 8s.; with calf, 11s. 2s. 4d. 12d.
Year Pigs Horses Poultry
Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price
1269 12s. 0¼d. Affri, 6s.–12s.
1275 3s. 3¼d. 3s.; hog, 2s. 4d. Goose, 3½d.
1300 2s. 6d. 2s. 3½., 2s. 6d. Eggs, 4d. per 100; goose, 3½d.; hen, 2d.
1302 9s. 6¼d. Affri, 16s. Goose, 3½d.; capon, 3d.
1311 4s. 1d. 3s. 1d. Goose, 3½d.
1314 Cart. 6s.
1325 3s. 1¾d. 3s. 11¾d. 3s. 8d 1s. 6d.–2s. Sow, 2s.–2s. 6d. Boar, 2s.–3s. 4d. 16s. 6d. Cart 10s.–5s. Duck, 2d.; goose, 2d.; capon, 2d.; hen, 1½d.
1336 Hen, 2d.; goose, 3½d.
1344 16s. 8d. 9s. 4½d. Cart. 23s. Affri, 13s.
1350 Pig, 2s. 7d. Boar, 3s. 2d. Boar, 3s. 6d. Pig, 2s. 6d. and 2s. Capon, 3d.; hen, 2d.; goose, 2½d.
1353 Affri, 12s. Capon, 4d.
1364 Goose, 4d.; eggs, 12 for 1d.
1389 2s. 6d.
1408 4d. Capon, 4d.; pullet, 1½d.
1434 3s. 4d. 2s. Hen, 2d. Goose, 4d. Goose, 4d.; hen, 2d.; eggs, 5d. per 100
Prices (continued)
Year Wheat Oats Barley Salt(per bushel)
Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price Rogers' Average Middlesex Price
1268 5s. 33/8d. 1s.10d., 2s. 5d., 4s.
1269 1s. 7¼d. 2s. 4d.–2s. 11d. 4d.
1275 5s. 07/8d. 8s. 8d. 2s. 2½d. 6s. 8d. 5d.
1300 4s. 9d. 5s. 6d. 1s. 113/8d. 1s. 4d. 3s. 8½d. 3s. 4d. 4d.
1302 4s. 117/8d. 4s. 8d. 2s. 13/8d. 1s. 4d.–2s. 3s. 47/8d. 4s. 6d.–8d.
1311 5d.
1314 2s. 8¾d. 3s. 5s. 4d. 4s. 10d. d.
1321 4s. 0¾d. 2s. 7d.
1325 5s. 87/8d. 6s. 8d. 2s. 1d. 1s. 10d. 3s. 8½d. 4s.–6s. 7d.
1344 1s. 2d.
1350 8s. 31/8d. 6s. and 6s. 8d. 3s. 8d. 2s.–4s. 6s. 4d. 5s. 8d.
1353 4s. 2½d. 10s. 2s. 37/8d. 2s. 8d. 1s. 6d.
1364 7s. 53/8d. 10s. 8d. 2s. 85/8d. 2s. 4s. 2¼d. 6s. 8d.
1389 5s. 53/8d. 4s. 3s. 03/8d. 2s. 8d.
1408 7s. 3¼d. 10s. 2d., 10s., 8s. 8d. 4s. 4¾d. 5s. 8d.
1434 5s. 4½d. 6s. 8d. 1s. 11½d. 2s. 2s. 10d. 5s. 4d. 7d.
1275 Wool, 2s. 4d. per st. (92 fells=13 st.)
1300 Wool, 2s. 3½d. per st. (119 fells=15 st.)
1311 Wool, 2s. 2d. per st. (83 fells=14½ st.)
1321 Salmon, 2s. 8d.
1325 Keep of prior, 3s. weekly; his attendant monk, 1s. 6d.; price of donkey, 5s.
1336 Wool fells, 5d. each.
1353 Wool fells, 3d. each; 1½d. represents cost of daily keep of workman.

Rents in Middlesex vary a good deal from holding to holding, but the most usual rent for one virgate is 5s. (4s.–7s. 6d.) and for half a virgate 2s. 6d. (2s.) from the time of Henry III to Henry VI.


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