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Susan Reynolds (Editor)

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'Index: K-Z', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 3: Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sunbury, Teddington, Heston and Isleworth, Twickenham, Cowley, Cranford, West Drayton, Greenford, Hanwell, Harefield and Harlington (1962), pp. 300-324. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Kalthoeber, -, bookbinder,

Katherine, see Catherine

Kauffman, Angelica,

Kay, Thos.,

Kaye, Sir John,

Keate, R. W., and his w., n and see Keete

Kedermister, Edmund,

Keen, Alice, Steph.,

Keene, Hen., architect,

Keete, Mrs. Mary, n; and see Keate

Kele, Ric.,

Kelly, F. S., oarsman, Frances Marie, John, and see Flight & Kelly

Kelmscott Press,

Kempe, John,

Kempton, in Sunbury, agric., Kempton Park Ho., man., n, n; manorho., Park, racecourse,

Kempton Park Race Course Co.,

Kendal, Dchss. of, see Schulenberg

Kennedy, Arch., Marquess of Ailsa (d. 1846),

Kenilworth, Dictum of,

Kennington (Surr.), n, Oval,

Kensal Green, see Willesden

Kensington, par. and borough, agric., Beaufort Ho., Brompton, Brompton Chap., Brompton Oratory, Campden Ho., cavalry corps, chs., feud. services, Gardens, Grammar Sch., Gravel Pits, High St., Holland Ho., Ladbroke Grove, man., museums, and see Museums; Notting Hill, Nottingham Ho., see Kensington Palace; pop., Queen's Club, Royal Albert Hall, St. Paul, Wilton Place, soil, South, Victoria and Albert Mus., see Museums

Kensington Palace, formerly Nottingham Ho., n, n,

Kensington Rowing Club,

Kent, C. W., Wm. (d. 1748), architect, Wm. (d. 1853), - de (fl. 1381), and see Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.

Kent, Earl of, see Grey, Hen.

Kent, maid of, see Barton

Kent, fruit-growing, sports,

Kentish Town, see St. Pancras

Kentwood, Reynold, dean of St. Paul's,

Keppel, Arnold Joost van, Earl of Albemarle (d. 1718), Revd. Fred., dean of Windsor, bp. of Exeter, Wm. Anne, Earl of Albemarle (d. 1754), -, see Walpole

Kerr, R., athlete,

Kerry, Ric.,

Kew (Surr.), n, bridge, Observatory,

Key (Keye), Maj. A. Cooper, John, Thos.,

Key & Co.,

Keyes, Rob.,

Keynes, Wm. de, f. of Wm., Wm. de (d. c. 1336),

Kidd, Ric., Mrs.,

Kidd, Sam., & Co. Ltd.,

Kilburn Priory, see Religious Houses, in Middlesex

Killigrew, Anne, poet, Eliz., m. Francis Boyle, Vct. Shannon, Hen., prebendary of West- minster, Sir Rob. (d. 1633), vice-chamberlain, Rob. (fl. 1651), Sir Thos., Sir Wm. (d. 1622), M. P., groom of privy chamber, Sir Wm. (d. 1695), gentleman-usher,

Killingworth, Wm.,

Kilmansegg, Sophia Charlotte, Baroness von, Ctss. of Darlington and Leinster,

Kilmorey, Earls of, see Needham

Kimber, Arthur,

Kimble, Gt. & Lt. (Bucks.),

Kimpton & Freeman,

King, Wm., -, boxer, Dr., n

King Street, see Westminster, City of

King's Coll. Sch., now in Wimbledon,

King's Hill, see Hampstead

King's River, see Longford River

King's Road, see Chelsea

Kingsbury, C. B., cyclist,

Kingsbury, par., agric., man., pop.,

Kingsclere (Hants.),

Kingsgate Street, see Holborn

Kingsland Road, see Hackney

Kingston, John of, Sir Wm., constable of the Tower,

Kingston-on-Thames (Kyngston) (Surr.), n; bridge, fishing, rly., regatta, roads to, workho., and see Hampton

Kingston Rowing Club,

Kingston-upon-Hull (Yorks.), St. Mary's ch.,

Kinnaird, Arthur FitzGerald, Lord Kinnaird (d. 1923),

Kinnel House, see Breadalbane

Kinnoull, Earl of, see Hay

Kinton, Aaron, Cath., m. Jas. Eckersall,

Kip, Johannes, engraver,

Kiralfy, Imre,

Kirby, Mat.,

Kirchmann, see Kirkman

Kirgate, Thos.,

Kirkman (Kirchmann), Abraham, Hen., Jacob, Jos., sr., s. of Abraham, Jos. jr. (d. 1877),

Kirkman & Son,

Kirkwall, Vct., see FitzMaurice

Kitchin, Jas.,

Knapp, Edw.,

Kneller, Sir Godf., n,

Knewstubs, John,

Knight, Rob.,

Knightcote, Wm.,

Knights Hospitallers, see St. John of Jerusalem

Knights Templar, see Templar

Knightsbridge, in City of Westminster, agric., houses, inns, skating,

Knolle, John atte, Thos. atte, Wm. atte,

Knollys, Sir Francis, Lettice, m. 1 Walt. Devereux, Earl of Essex, m. 2 Rob. Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Rob.,

Knowle, John, Thos.,

Knowles, Sir Lees, Bt., n; Wm.,

Knyff, Leonard,

Knyvett, Catherine, m. 1 Ric. Rich, m. 2 Thos. Howard, Earl of Suffolk, Sir Hen., Sir Thos., later Lord Knyvett (d. 1622), Thos. (fl. 1629), Lady, see Hayward; property,

Köhler, -, brass instrument maker,

Kramer, see Cramer

Kraus, -, of Florence,

Kuffler, Dr. Johannes Sibertus,

Kyme, Eliz., see Pigeon

Kyngston, see Kingston

Kynnersley, Clement,

Labet, R. H.,

Laboratory, see National Physical

Lacy, Hen. de, Earl of Lincoln (d. 1311), Jas.,

Ladbroke Grove, see Kensington

Lad Lane, see London, City of

Laffan, Revd. R. S. de Courcy,

Lafone, Alf., J. P.,

Laguerre, Louis, painter,

Lake, Sir Lancelot (fl. 1660), M. P., Lancelot (fl. 1663), T. (fl. 1774), Sir Thos. (fl. 1608), Thos. (d. 1630), Thos. (d. 1653),

Laleham, par., adv., agric., berewick, Billets, see below, La Hyde; Burway, char., ch., ferry, fishing, incl., Ho., La Hyde (Billets), man., man., mills, open fields, pop., rectory, roads, sch., Thames, tithes, weirs,

Lally, Mic.,

Lamb, Chas., essayist,

Lamball, Gil.,

Lambart, Geo., Wm.,

Lambert, Bessie, Maj.-Gen. John,

Lambeth (Surr.), bridge,

Lambeth, Treaty of,

Lambourne (Essex),

Lamplugh, Thos., abp. of York,

Lanark, Earl of, see Hamilton Wm.


Lancaster, see Locke, Lancaster & Johnson

Lancaster, duchy of, pop. of Liberty of, n; property,

Lancaster, Duke of, see Henry IV

Land tenures, and see Customs, Feudal; Services, Commutation of

Landon, Sam.,

Langenburg, see Hohenlohe Langenburg

Langham, Nath., boxer,

Langley (Langeleye, Langleigh, Langleye), Walt.,

Langley Marish (Bucks.),

Langton, Steph., abp. of Canterbury

Lannoy, Cornelius de,

Large, Rob., lord mayor of London,

Larner, G. E., athlete,

Larrimore, Dan.,

Lateward, John,

Latimer, Lord, see Nevill

Lau, -, de (fl. 16th or 17th c.),

Laud, Wm., abp. of Canterbury,

Lauderdale, Earl and Duke of, see Maitland

Laumas & Rolyat,

Laundre, Ralph,

Laurie & Marner Ltd.,

Lausanne (Swit.),

Lauson, - (fl. late 17th c.),

Law, Ernest, n; -, historian,

Lawrence, Hon. H. A., Hen.

Lawrence Street, see Chelsea

Lawson, Arth. Silva, Hon. Hen.,

Lawton, Thos.,

Lea Brooke,

Lea River, bridge, fishing, ind. by, navigation, valley of,

Lea and Stort Navigation,

Leach, Dorothy,

Leagrave Marsh (Beds.),

Leake, see Billyard-Leake

Leander Rowing Club,

Leatherhead (Surr.),

Leather Lane, see Holborn

Le Blon, Jas. Chris.,

Leconfield, Lord, see Wyndham

Lee, John, and his w. Serena, Ric., Rob., Wm. de la,

Leeds (Yorks.), ch.,

Legge, Col. Wm.,

Leicester, ch.,

Leicester, Earls of, see Dudley, Rob.; Montfort

Leicester House, see Westminster, City of

Leicester Square, see Westminster, City of


Leigh, Eliz., m. Sir Humph. Tracy, Bt., Sir Francis (fl. 1629), Sir Francis (fl. 1678), Francis (d. by 1754), Francis (fl. 1754), Francis (fl. 1767), Jane, John, Juliana, m. Sir Ric. Newdigate (d. 1678), Thos., Wolley, fam., n; and see Chandos-Leigh

Leighton, W. J., M.B., n

Lely (Lilly), Sir Pet., painter,

Lemming, E. V., athlete,

Lemput, Rémee van,

Lennox, Chas., Duke of Richmond and Lennox (d. 1819), Chas., Duke of Richmond (d. 1860), and see Gordon-Lennox

Lennox, Duke of, see Stuart

Lennox, Earl of, see Stuart

Lenthall, Wm., speaker of the House of Commons,

Leofric (fl. c. 1060),

Leofwine, Earl,

Leonard, see Carless, Capel & Leonard

Leopold I, Emperor (d. 1705),

Leopold I, King of Belgium,

Lepell, Mary, m. John, Lord Hervey,

Leroux, John,

Lesley, John, bp. of Ross, n

Leslie, C. F. H., cricketer,

Lester, Thos.,

Lestile, Walt. de,

Leveland (Grendon), Joan, m. John Shenche, Marg. de, m. 1 Giles de Badlesmere, m. Fulk de Peyforer, Nath. de, and his w. Desirea, Rob. de, Steph. de,

Leveland (Kent), man.,

Levens (Westmorland), n

Lever, Sir Ashton,

Levy, E. Lawrence, n

Lewes, Wm.,

Lewin Earl (fl. c. 1060),

Lewis of Greenford,

Lewis, Chas., -, horsetrainer, and see Louis

Lewis, Fred., & Co. Ltd.,

Ley, Joan, n

Leycester, Minna Edith Eliz., see De Burgh; R. O.,

Leyden (Holland),

Leyton (Essex),

Liberty, Lasenby,

Lichfield, Wm., canon of St. Paul's,

Lichfield, bps. of, see Northburgh; Smith, Wm.

Liddell (Liddle), Hen. Geo., headmaster,

Lifford, Vct., see Hewitt

Light Brigade,

Lightfoot, John, naturalist,

Lilleston, see St. Marylebone, Lisson

Lillie Bridge, see Fulham

Lillingstone Dayrell (Bucks.),

Lilly, see Lely

Limehouse, in Stepney, agric., canal, ch., docks, pop.

Lincoln, John de,

Lincoln, battle of,

Lincoln, bps. of, see Barlow; Fuller; Longland; Smith, Wm.

Lincoln, Ctss. of, see Rivers

Lincoln, Earls of, see Lacy; Roumare

Lincoln's Inn, see Inns of Court


Lindsay, G. C., P. A. R., W. H., W. S., M. P.,

Lindsay-Watson, R. H., athlete,

Linoleum Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,

Linton (Camb.),

Lintot, Bernard, Hen.,

Lion Wharf Ltd.,

Liquorpond Street, see Clerkenwell

Lisbon (Portugal), n

L'Isle, John de, constable of Windsor castle,

Lisle Street, see Westminster, City of

Lisle, Vct., see Dudley, John

Lisson Grove, see St. Marylebone

Lister, Thos., Lord Ribblesdale (d. 1925),

Litchfield, - (fl. 16th c.),

Literary Club,

Little Queen Anne Street, see St. Marylebone

Little Queen Street, see Holborn

Little St. John's Wood, see Highbury

Littleton, Osbert de, Rob. de, Thos. de, rector of Harrow,

Littleton, par., n, adv., agric., Astlam Common, Astlam man., bridge, chant., ch., Common, House, incl., ind., man., and see above, Astlam man.; mill, pop., roads, road to, sch., Thames, weir,

Littleton (Wilts.), n

Liverpool, St. Geo.'s Hall,

Livery Companies of City of London, see Brewers'; Carpenters'; Clockmakers'; Coopers'; Fishmongers'; Founders'; Glass-Sellers'; Goldsmiths'; Grocers'; Gunmakers'; Ironmakers'; Mercers'; Merchant Adventurers'; Merchant Taylors'; Stationers'; Watermen and Lightermen

Lloyd, Sir Nath.,

Lloyd, Ric., & Sons,

Lloyds Golf Club,

Loane, Nath.,

Lock, Mat.,

Locke, John, philosopher,

Locke, Lancaster & Johnson & Sons Ltd.,

Lockwood, -, architect,

Lodeve, see Clermont

Lolsworth, see Spitalfields

Lombard Street, see London, City of

Lombe, Sir Thos.,

London, Geo., gardener, Mat. of,

London, as address, ch. livings, communications, conference, as destination or departure points, docks, see Docks; earthwks., 'Green Belt', and see Middlesex; hunting, incl. near, ind., invasions, labour force, lectures, mkt. for Middlesex, Olympic Games, parishes of, see London, City of; Peasants Revolt, people of, plague, Port of London Authority, preachers, roads to, Roman, School Board, shops, sports clubs, taxation, n; Tower Hamlets, n, West End, other refs., n,

London Airport (Heathrow),

London, bishops of, diocese, grants to, jurisdiction, palace, see Fulham Palace; patronage, property, and see Aylmer; Bancroft; Bathurst; Blomfield; Bonner; Compton; Fauconberg; Foliot; Gravesend; Gray, Wm.; Grindal; Jackson, John; Porteus; Robinson, John; Seagrave; Sigillo; Tait; Temple

London, City of, aldermen, and see Crosby; Wandesford; archery, arms, Bank, Blackfriars, Blackfriars bridge, Bridge, n, n; citizens of, in Civil War, Common Council, corporation of, Crosby Hall, docks, and see Docks; Farringdon mkt., n; farm, Foundling Hosp., Freemason's Hall, Goldsmith's Hall, Goodman's Fields, Guildhall, and see Museum; hosps., see Hospitals (medical); ind., Livery Companies of, see Livery; Mansion Ho., mayors, and see Billesdon; Brembre; Combe, Harvey Christian; Cowan; Gill; Heathcote; Hill, Sir Rowland; Horne; Martin; Parsons; Thorold; Tichborne; Truscott; Walleis; Walworth; Wilkes; White, Sir Thos.; M.P., see Brembre; and Middlesex, militia, Moorfields, Old Artillery (Ground), parishes, see below; Peasants Revolt, plague, police, poor relief, Queenhithe, Royal Exchange, St. Bride's Inst., St. Paul's Cathedral, see St. Paul; school, sheriffs of, and see Dewar; Wilkes; Wandesford; streets, see below; suburbs, Temple Bar, tennis cts., Thames admin., and see Port of London Authority; Thames Conservancy Board; Tower bridge, Tower Hamlet, see, above London; wards, Aldgate, Whitefriars, precinct of, other refs.,

London, City of, parishes and churches in: Allhallows, Barking, Allhallows, Bread St., Allhallows the Great, Allhallows, Honey Lane, Allhallows the Less, Allhallows, Lombard St., Allhallows, London Wall, Allhallows Staining, Christ Ch., Newgate St., Holy Trinity, Aldgate, Holy Trinity, Gough Sq., Holy Trinity the Less, Holy Trinity, Minories, St. Alban, Wood St., St. Alphege, Sion Coll., St. Andrew Hubbard, St. Andrew Undershaft, St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, St. Anne, Blackfriars, St. Anne and St. Agnes, Aldersgate, n; St. Antholin, St. Augustine, Watling St., St. Bartholemew Exchange, St. Bartholemew the Great, St. Bartholemew the Less, St. Benet Fink, St. Benet Gracechurch, St. Benet, Paul's Walk, St. Benet Sherehog, St. Botolph, Aldgate, St. Botolph without Aldgate, St. Botolph, Aldersgate, St. Botolph, Billingsgate, St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, St. Bride, St. Christopher le Stock, St. Clement, Eastcheap, St. Clement, Lombard St., St. Dionis Backchurch, St. Dunstan in the East, St. Dunstan in the West, St. Edmund King and Martyr, St. Edmund, Lombard St., St. Ethelburga, St. Faith the Virgin, St. Gabriel, Fenchurch St., St. George, Botolph Lane, St. George in the East, St. Giles without Cripplegate, St. Gregory by St. Paul's, St. Helen, Bishopsgate, and see below, Religious Houses in and near London; St. James, Duke St., St. James, Garlickhithe, St. John the Baptist, Walbrook, St. John the Evangelist, Friday St., St. John Zachary, St. Katherine Coleman, and see Blanch Appleton; St. Katherine Cree, St. Laurence Pountney, St. Lawrence Jewry, St. Leonard, Eastcheap, St. Leonard, Foster Lane, n; St. Magnus, London Bridge, St. Margaret, Fish St. Hill, St. Margaret, Lothbury, St. Margaret Moses, St. Margaret Pattens, St. Martins le Grand, St. Martin, Iremonger Lane, St. Martin, Ludgate, St. Martin Orgar, St. Martin Outwich, St. Martin Vintry, St. Mary Abchurch, St. Mary, Aldermanbury, St. Mary Aldermary, St. Mary Axe, St. Mary Bothaw, St. Mary le Bow, St. Mary Colechurch, St. Mary at Hill, St. Mary Magdalen, Milk St., ii, n, St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St., St. Mary Mounthaw, St. Mary Somerset, St. Mary Staining, St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, St. Mary Woolnoth, St. Matthew, Friday St., St. Michael Bassishaw, St. Michael, Cornhill, St. Michael, Crooked Lane, St. Michael Paternoster or Royal, St. Michael, Queenhithe, St. Michael le Querne, St. Michael, Wood St., St. Mildred, Bread St., St. Mildred, Poultry, St. Nicholas Acon, St. Nicholas Coleabbey, St. Nicholas Olave, St. Olave, Hart St., with St. Nicholas-in-the-Shambles, St. Olave, Old Jewry, St. Olave, Silver St., St. Pancras, Soper Lane, St. Peter, Cornhill, St. Peter, Paul's Wharf, St. Peter le Poor, St. Peter, Westcheap, St. Stephen, Coleman St., St. Stephen, Walbrook, St. Swithin, London Stone, St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Vedast, Foster Lane,

London, City of, streets: Abchurch Lane, Aldgate, formerly Aldgate St., and see above, St. Botolph; Aldersgate, and see above, St. Botolph; Belle Sauvage Ct., Bishopsgate, formerly Bishopsgate St. Without, and see above, St. Helen, Bishopsgate; Religious Houses in and near London; Brick Lane, Bridge, see above, London, City of; Change Alley, Chancery Lane, Cheapside, Cornhill, and see above, St. Michael; St. Peter; Cripplegate, Crutched Friars, Fenchurch St., and see above, St. Gabriel; Fetter Lane, Finsbury Pavement, Fleet Hithe, Fleet St., Gough Sq., Gracechurch St., Houndsditch, n, Johnson's Ct., Lad Lane, Lime St., Little Britain, Lombard St., and see above, St. Clement; Ludgate, Mark Lane, Moorgate, Old Street, Paternoster Row, Pauls (Powles) Chain, Paul's Wharf, Pemberton Row, Poultry, and see above, St. Mildred; Queen Victoria St., n; St. Paul's Churchyd., Threadneadle St., Took's Ct., Tower Hill,

London, County of, Council,

London, religious houses, see Religious Houses

London, Tower of, n, constable of, and see Kingston; Mandeville; earthwks., imprisonments and executions, pop., stairs,

London and South Western Rly.,

London and Westminster Light Horse Volunteers,

London Athletic Club,

London, Chatham & Dover Rly.,

London Co-operative Society,

London Diocesan Home Mission,

London Free Church Ministers' Golfing Soc.,

London Insurance Golf Club,

London International Coll. in Isleworth,

London Lothian Golfing Assoc.,

London Metal Exchange Assoc. Golf Club,

London Press Soc. Golf Club,

London Rowing Club,

London Scottish Border Counties Golf Club,

London Solicitors Golf Club,

London Stock Exchange Soc. Golf Club,

London Suburban Omnibus Co.,

London Transport, Central Lond. Rly., Metropolitan and District Rly., Piccadilly Rly.,

London United Electric Tramway Company,

Londonderry (N. Ireland),

Longchamp, Wm., bp. of Ely,

Longford, in Harmondsworth, bridge, n; ind.,

Longford River (Cardinal's; King's; Queen's R.),

Longland, John, bp. of Lincoln,

Longman & Broderip,

Longton Hall (Staffs.),

Lonsdale, Earl of, see Lowther

Looker, B. W., oarsman,

Loosemore, John,

Lopez, Roderigo, physician,

Lord, Thos.,

Lords, see St. Marylebone

Lorraine, see Albert

Lorraine, Dukes of, see Charles; Francis I, Emperor

Losse, Sir Hugh,

Loudoun, Earl of, see Campbell, Sir John

Loughborough, Lord, see Wedderburn

Louis VIII, King of France, as prince,

Louis XIV, King of France, n,

Louis (Lewis) XV, King of France,

Louis Philippe, King of the French, as Duke of Orleans,

Louth, see Luda

Love, Chris.,

Lovell (Lovel), Alice, Eliz., see Brian; Eliz., see Harpsden; Gregory (fl. 1536), keeper of Hanworth man., Gregory (d. 1545), and his w. Anne, Hen., John I (fl. 1349), John II (fl. 1367), John III (fl. 1456), Ric. (fl. 1249), Ric. (d. 1351), Ric. (fl. early 15th c.), Rob., Thos. (fl. 1260), Thos. (fl. 1385), and his w. Joan, Thos. (fl. 1474-6), Thos. (fl. 1493), s. of Thos., Sir Thos. (fl. 1517), Wm. (fl. 1353), - (fl. c. 1360), and his w.,

Loveney, Wm.,

Low, Rachel,

Low Countries, see Netherlands

Lowden, G. R.,

Lowe, A. J., oarsman, Rob.,

Lowndes, J., oarsman, Jonathan, clockmaker,

Lowthe, Thos., and his w. Anne,

Lowther, Grace Caroline, m. Wm. Fred. John Powlett (Fane), Duke of Cleveland, Hugh Cecil, Earl of Lonsdale (d. 1944), Sir Jas., Earl of Lonsdale (d. 1802), Sir Rob., governor of Barbadoes,

Lubbock, A., cricketer,

Lubbyns, - (fl. 1536/7),

Lucan, Earls of, and see Bingham

Lucas, A. P., cricketer, R. C., R. S., cricketer,

Lucy, Berkeley,

Luda (Louth), Ric. de, Thos. de (fl. 1306), Thos. de (fl. 1341),

Ludlow, Edmund, regicide,

Luke of Greenford,

Lumley, Louisa, R. W., Ric., Earl of Scarborough (d. 1740), Susan, w. of R. W.,

Lumsden, Col.,

Lurgan, Lord, see Brownlow

Luscombe, F.,

Luther, Martin,

Luton (Beds.),

Luttrell, Narcissus, author, Hen. Lawes,

Lutyens, W. E. athlete,

Luyt, Joan,

Lydgate, John, poet,

Lyne, Jos. Leycester, Fr. Ignatius,

Lyniard, Sir Phil.,

Lynn, Kings (Norf.), ch.,

Lynn Boxing Club,

Lyons, J., & Co. Ltd.,

Lyons (Fr. Rhône),

Lysons, Dan., loc. historian, cited, n,

Lyttelton, Hon. Alf., cricketer, Hon. C. G., Hon. Edw.,

Lyttleton, Sir Thos., and his w.,

Lytton, Eliz., see Windsor; Sir Rob.,

Lytton, Lord, see Bulwer-Lytton

Mabel of Greenford,

Macaulay, Thos. Babington, Lord Macaulay (d. 1859),

Macclesfield, John de,

Macclesfield (Ches.),

McColm, see Duggan, Neel & McColm Ltd.

McCormick, J. J., canon,

Macdonald, Sir Arch., chief baron of the Exchequer,

Mace, -, boxer,

McEwen, E. S.,

Macfarlane Lang & Co. Ltd.,

Macgregor, C., cricketer, Sir Evan, n; Gregor, cricketer, Sir John Atholl Bannatyne,

McIntosh & Clements,

Mackenzie, see Stuart-Wortley- Mackenzie

McKerral, Bestwick,

Mackinlay, John,

Macky, J., writer,

Maclagan, W. E.,

Maclaren, A. C.,

McMillanx, J. G.,

Macpherson, David, Annals of Com- merce,

Maculloch, John,

Madrid (Spain),

Maffei, Scipione,

Magniac, Francis,

Mahoon, - (fl. 18th c.),

Maiano, Giovanni,

Maidstone (Kent),

Maida Hill, see Paddington

Maier, John and Agnes,

Maigre, Cyrus,

Mainwaring, G. B., Wm.,

Maitland, F. W., historian, Jas., Earl of Lauderdale (d. 1839), John, Earl and Duke of Lauderdale (d. 1682), Sarah, w. of Sir Peregrine Maitland,

Makenade, Wm.,

Malcolm, J. P., author,

Maldon (Surr.),

Malemains, Ernest, Serlo,

Malet, Baldwin,

Mall, the, see Westminster, City of

Mall, Upper, see Hammersmith

Manchester, Earl of, see Montagu, Edw.

Manchester, cath., Chetham Lib., mayor,

Manchester Street, see St. Marylebone

Mandeville, Geof. de (fl. 1086), Geof. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1144), constable of the Tower, Maud de, Wm. de (d. c. 1130), constable of the Tower, Wm. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1189), fam., honor of, property,

Manfield, Gil., Rob.,

Mann, Sir Horace,

Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd.,

Manners, Edw., Earl of Rutland (d. 1587), Fursan, Thos., Earl of Rutland (d. 1543),

Manning, Hen. I, Hen. II, Hugh, Thos., Wm.,

Manoel, King of Portugal,

Mansell, see Rowley, Mansell & Cook

Mansion, Colard,

Mansion House, see London, City of

Mantegna, Andrea,

Mantua (It.), Dukes of, and see Gonzago

Marble Arch, see Westminster, City of

Marble Hill, see Twickenham

Mare, Walt. de la, poet,

Margaret (of Anjou), queen, m. Hen. VI,

Margaret of Batchworth,

Margaret Street, see St. Marylebone

Margate (Kent),

Maria, queen of Portugal,

Maria Grey Training Coll., in Isleworth,

Marillac, Chas. de, French ambassador,

Mariscot, - (fl. late 17th c.),

Marius, -, piano-maker,

Marjoribanks, - (fl. early 19th c.),

Mark Lane Golf Club,

Market-gardening, in Cranford, in Greenford, in Hanworth, in Harefield, at Harlington, in Heston and Isleworth, at Shepperton, at Staines, in Stanwell, in Sunbury, in Teddington, at Twickenham, in West Drayton,

Markets and fairs, and see parish entries

Markham, Sir Clements, n; Ellen, see Sapurton; Rob.,

Mark Lane, see London, City of

Marlborough, Dchss. of, see Jennings

Marlborough, Duke of, see Churchill; Spencer

Marlborough House, see Westminster, City of

Marlow, -, superintendent of gardens, n

Marner, see Laurie & Marner Ltd.

Marnham, Wm. (d. c. 1710), Wm. (d. c. 1716),

Marriott, C. J. B., -, housekeeper of Hampton Ct.,

Marsh Lane, see Tottenham

Marshall (Marshal), John, Julian, Ric., T., Wm., Earl of Pembroke (d. 1219), and see Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.

Marshalsea Prison,

Marsham Street, see Westminster, City of

Martenson, F. W., wrestler,

Martin, Chas. Douglas, Edwin Bruce, Eugenie, Sir Ric., lord mayor of London, Ric., s. of Sir Ric., Rob. Wallace, Walt. Fraser, - (fl. 19th c.), and see Day & Martin Ltd.

Mary I, Queen, n; as princess, chaplains to, clockmaker to, grants by, and Hampton Court, other ref.,

Mary II, Queen, w. of Wm. III, and see William III

Mary (de Bohun), queen, m. Hen. IV,

Mary (of Modena), queen, m. Jas. II,

Mary, Queen of Scots,

Mary, d. of Jas. I,

Marylebone Cricket Club,

Mascy, Aveline de, see Cranford; John de,

Mason, Sir John, Revd. Wm., - (fl. 1751),

Massey, Col. Edw.,

Massingberd, Eliz. m. Geo. Berkeley, Lord and Earl of Berkeley,

Master, G. S., n,

Matilda (Maud), Empress,

Matilda (of Boulogne), queen, m. Stephen,

Matthew of London,

Matthew of Whitton,

Matthew, Tobias, bp. of Durham,

Maud, Empress, see Matilda

Maud, queen, see Matilda

Maud of Herriard,

Maud of Hinton,

Maud of Whitchurch,

Maude, Chas., Col. Sir Geo. Ashley, K.C.B., n,

Maufe, Sir Edw.,

Maule, -, servant of Chas. I,

Maunsell, Gen. Sir Fred.,

Maurice, Landgrave of Hesse,

Mawley, Hen.,

Mawson, -, architect,

Maximilian I, King of the Romans (d. 1519),

Maxwell, Sir John, n; Col. Rob., n

May, Adrian, Bab, Hugh,

Maydston, Thos.,

Maydstone, Thos.,

Mayfair, see Westminster, City of

Mayo, Dan., n; Herb., n,

M.C.C., see Marylebone Cricket Club

Meard Street, see Westminster, City of

Mearn, Chas., Sam.,

Mears, Chas., Geo., Thos. (fl. 1789-1810), bell-founder, Thos. (fl. 1806- 43), bellfounder, s. of Thos., Wm.,

Mears, Geo., & Co.,

Mears & Stainbank,

Mecklenburg, Duke of,

Medici, Ferdinand de,

Medway, River,

Meekin, T. D. C., yachtsman,

Meggot, Smith, and see Hucks & Meggott

Mehnert, G. N., wrestler,

Meir, Ric.,

Melancthon, Phil.,

Melbourne (Australia),

Mellish, F. G., n; Wm.,

Mellitus, bp. of the East Saxons,

Melville, C. E., Sir Jas., Scots ambassador,

Memsey moor, unidentified,

Mendoza, Daniel, boxer,

Mercer, Dan., J., n; John, Nich., Ric.,

Mercers' Company of London,

Merchant, John,

Merchant Adventurers of London, Company of,

Merchant Taylors' of London, Company of, Sch.,

Mercia, King of, see Offa

Meredith, Anne, m. 1 Sir Rob. Brett, m. 2 Francis, Lord Cottington, Geo., writer, Sir Wm.,

Meriet, Eliz., m. Urias Seymour, John,

Merk, Joan, m. Rog. Usher, Ralph atte, and his w. Agnes,

Merlin, John Jos.,

Merstham (Surr.),

Merton Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Messel, see Chapman & Messel

Methuen, Sir Paul, M. P.,

Metropolitan and City Police Orphanage,

Metropolitan and District Rly., see London Transport

Metropolitan Police,

Metropolitan Regatta,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Mets, Roelandt de,

Meux, Sir Hen., Bt., Ric.,

Meux, A. H., & Co.,

Meux's Brewery Co. Ltd.,

Mewburn, G. R., n

Mewtas, Pet., gent. of privy chamber,

Meyer, - (fl. 1778),

Micham, Sim. de,

Michelangelo, see Buonarotti

Michelham, Lord, see Stern

Michell, see Mitchell

Middlesex, agric., archdeacon of, see Stortford; area, bridge repair, in Civil War, colonization, crops, Domesday tenants, econ. hist., elections, farm, feudal customs, Green Belt, and see London; harvesting, ho. of correction, incls., and see index sub parishes; invasions, knights of the shire, see below, M. P.'s; land units, livestock, mkt.gdns., and see Marketgardening; mkts. and fairs, M. P.'s (kns. of the shire), and see Brackenbury; Brook; Clay; Newdegate, Sir Rog.; Wilkes; Windsor, Ric. de; militia and trained bands, and see Middlesex Reg.; Royal East Middlesex Reg.; Royal Elthorne Militia; Uxbridge Yeomanry Cavalry; and see below, volunteer corps; newspapers, Olympic Games, parks, and see Green Pk.; Hyde Pk.. Kensington Gdns.; Regent's Pk.; St. James's Pk.; Peasants' Revolt, poor relief, population tables, price tables, race meetings, and see Harefield; Kempton; religious houses, see Religious Houses; rivers, and see below, Rivers; Sessions, sheriffs, soil, sports and clubs, Thames towpath, turnpike rds., vineyards, volunteer corps see Barnet; Brentford; Ealing; Edmonton; Hadley and S. Mimms; Hampstead; Highgate; Islington; Kensington; Tottenham; Twickenham; Uxbridge; and see above, militia and trained bands; wage tables, woods, and see South Middlesex; West Middlesex

Middlesex and Surrey Express,

Middlesex Chronicle,

Middlesex County Council,

Middlesex County Cricket Club,

Middlesex County Times,

Middlesex Mercury,

Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own),

Middlesex Telegraph,

Middleton, Charlotte, m. Edw. Rich., Earl of Holland and Warwick, John, and View of the Agric. of Mdx.,

Mignon, -, cricketer,

Mildmay, Hen., Jane, see Awnsham

Mile End (Mylende), in Stepney, agric., archery, Green, ind., New Town, pop.,

Miles, Eustace H.,

Mill, Sir Chas., John atte, Ralph atte, Thos. atte, fam.,

Mill Hill, in Hendon, School,

Millar, And.,

Millbank Penitentiary, n

Miller, -, polo player,

Millett, Wm. (fl. 1631), Wm. (d. c. 1663), fam.,

Million, Hen.,

Millner, Col. J. K., marksman,

Mills, Alan, Eliz., Jas., and his w. Eliz., -, actor, n; fam.,

Millwall, see Poplar

Milne, J.,

Milner, see Haley & Milner

Milton, John, poet, Arcades,

Milward, Ric.,

Mimms, North (Herts.),

Mimms, South, par., agric., Blanche Fm., earthwks., ch., house, incl., Old Fold Man. Fm., pop., Potters Bar, Priory of St. Monica, see Religious Houses in Middlesex; soil, turnpike rd., Wrotham Pk., n, and see Hadley and South Mimms

Mincing Lane Athletic Club,

Mineral & Battry Co.,

Mines Corporation,

Mines Royal Co., or Soc. of Mines Royal,

Minet, Wm.,

Ministries, Admiralty, Air Ministry, Bd. of Agriculture, Bd. of Education, Bd. of Works, of Health, India Office, of Supply, of Transport, of Transport and Civil Aviation, War Office, of Works,

Mirymanth, Maud,

Missenden Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Mitchell (Michell), Francis, Humph.,

Mitchison, W. A.,

Moffatt, H. C.,

Mohun, Cordelia, see Aston; John,

Moir, 'Gunner', boxer,

Mole, Anna, see Weedon; Thos.,

Molesey (Moulsey), East and West (Surr.), regatta,

Molesey, East (Surr.), ferry, man., mill,

Molesey, West (Surr.), man.,

Moleyns, Sir John de,

Molière, - de la,

Molin, Ric. de,

Molyneux, -, boxer,

Monamy, Pet., marine-painter,

Monceaux, - (fl. late 17th c.),

Monck, Geo., see Monk

Monconys, Balthasar de, incorrectly called Duke of Monconys,

Mongeorge, - (fl. late 17th c.),

Monk (Monck), Geo., Duke of Albemarle (d. 1670), general,

Monken Hadley, see Hadley, Monken

Monmouth, John,

Monmouth, Duke of, see Scott, Jas.

Monson, D. J., G.,

Montagu (Montague), Chas., Earl of Halifax (d. 1715), n, Edw., Earl of Manchester (d. 1671), Lady Emily, n; Geo., Earl of Halifax (d. 1739), Lady Mary Wortley, and see Douglas-Scott-Montagu

Montagu, Lord, see Neville, John; Vct., see Browne, Sir Ant.

Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Walt. Francis, Earl of Drumlanrig, Duke of Buccleuch (d. 1884),

Montague Street, see Holborn

Monte, Gil. de, John de,

Monteagle, Lord, see Parker, Wm.


Montfort, Sim. de, Earl of Leicester (d. 1265),

Montgomery, Hugh de, Rog. de, Earl of Arundel and Shrewsbury, Earl Roger (d. 1094),

Montgomery, Earls of, see Herbert

Monthermer, Ralph of,

Montmorency, Anne de, French ambassador, and see Bellay

Montpensier, Duke of, see Orleans, Antoine Philippe d'

'Montrallis', Ctss. of,

Moon, -, cricketer,

Moore, Dan., Edw., Thos. (fl. 1627-48), Thos. (fl. 1769),

Moorfields, see London, City of

Moorhall, in Harefield, chap., man., manor ct., mission, Moorhall Cotts.,

Mordaunt, Chas., Earl of Peterborough (d. 1735),

More, Edw., Mrs. Hannah, R. E., cricketer, Sir Thos.,

Moreels, Hendryck,

Morgan, Ann, m. Hen. Carey, Lord Hunsdon, Wm. de,

Morgan, Wm. de, & Co.,

Morley, - (fl. 1863),

Morley, Lord, see Parker, Hen.

Morris, Sir Chris., master of the ordnance, Sir John, Revd. Jos., Rog., architect, Wm., artist and poet,

Morris & Co.,

Morson, T., & Son.,

Mortain, Counts of, see Robert; William

Mortlake (Surr.),

Morton, J. W., athlete,

Moselle, River, near Tottenham,

Moser, Geo. Mich.,

Moss, see Charrington & Moss; Edwardes-Moss

Mossom, Rob.,

Mostyn, Mrs. Eliz., n; - (fl. late 18th c.),

Mot, Rob.,

Moulsey, see Molesey

Mount, Alan atte,

Mount Street, see Westminster, City of

Mountfort House, see Highbury

Mountrath, Ctss. of, see Newport

Mowbray, Rob. de, Earl of Northumberland (d. by 1107), Thos. de, Earl of Nottingham, Duke of Norfolk (d. 1399), conspiracy,

Moyer, Humfrey,

Mucedent, Walt. de,

Mudge, Thos., clockmaker,

Mulgrave, Earl of, see Sheffield

Mulliner, H. S.,

Mulliners Ltd.,

Mullins, Prof., boxer,

Mullock, Sir F.,

Mulso, John,

Munden, Wm.,

Munro, Alex.,

Munster, Earl of, see Fitzclarence

Murano (Italy),

Murrayx, E. T., n; Hen., and his w. Anne, John, Earl of Dunmore (d. 1752),

Murray, Earl of, see Stewart

Muscat, Imam of,

Muschamp, Wm.,

Muscovy, see Russia

Museum, British, n, Guildhall, Victoria and Albert, Liverpool, and see Oxford

Museum Street, see Holborn

Musgrave, Sir John Chardin, Sir Phil., Bt.,

Musical Instrument manufacture,

Muswell Hill Golf Club,

Muswell Hill, see Hornsey

Mylende, see Mile End

Mynchin Buckland (Som.),

Mytens, Daniel, painter,

Nantes, Edict of,

Napier, Rob. Cornelis, Lord Napier of Magdala (d. 1890), FieldMarshal, and his w., n

Napier Co.,

Naples (Italy),

Napoleon I, Emperor of France,

Napoleon III, Emperor of France,

Naseby, battle of,

Nash (Nasshe), Ric., 'Beau' Nash, Walt. atte,

Nassau, Lucy, see Young

Nassau de Zuylestein, Wm. Hen., Earl of Rochford (d. 1781),

Nasshe, see Nash

Natal (S. Africa), n

National Coal Board,

National Physical Laboratory,

National Trust,

National Union of Gas Workers and General Labourers,

Naubauer, Fred.,

Navy, see Royal

Nayler, Jas.,

Naylor, John, and his w. Clemence, - (fl. 17th c.), n

Neale, J. M., hymn writer, n

Neasden, in Willesden, golf club, n; man., n

Needham, Francis, Earl of Kilmorey (d. 1860), Francis Chas., Earl of Kilmorey (d. 1915), Francis Jack, Earl of Kilmorey (d. 1880), John, later Vct. Kilmorey (d. 1791),

Needler, Geo.,

Neel, see Duggan, Neel & McColm Ltd.

Negus, Sam.,

Nelson, Abraham, Frances, Horatio, Earl Nelson (d. 1805), Mary, Ric., Susanna, see Spencer

Nemours, Duke of, see Orleans, Louis Chas. d'

Nepean, E. A., cricketer,

Netherlands (Low Countries), ambassador, and see Belgium; Flanders; Holland

Nettlebed (Berks.),

Nettleship, Thos.,

Neve, John,

Neville (Nevell; Nevill), Chas., Earl of Westmorland (d. 1601), n; Francis, Hugh de, John de (fl. 1313), John, Marquess of Montagu (d. 1471), John, Lord Latimer (d. 1543), Ric., Earl of Warwick (d. 1471), Sir Thos., fam.,

New Canton China Wks.,

New Hall (Essex),

New Inn, see Inns of Court

New River,

New River Co.,

New Road, see St. Pancras

Newall, L., archer,

Newark Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Newbury (Berks.),

Newbury, battles of,

Newcastle, Dukes of, see FiennesClinton; Holles

Newcomb, Thos.,

Newcourt, Ric.,

Newdegate, formerly Newdigate, Anne, w. of John (d. c. 1545), Chas. Newdigate, formerly Parker, Edw. (d. 1734), Sir Edw. Newdigate (d. 1902), Lt.-Gen., Eliz. (d. 1765), Francis (d. 1582), Sir Francis (d. 1936), Hen., Hester, w. (2nd) of Sir Rog. (d. 1806), Joan, n; John (fl. c. 1439-46), John (fl. 1486), John (fl. 1499), John (d. 1528), John (fl. 1542-53), John (d. c. 1545), John (fl. 1586), Sir John (d. 1610), and his w., Juliana, see Leigh; Hon. Mrs. L. FitzRoy, Mary, w. of Sir Ric. (d. 1710), Sir Ric., Bt. (d. 1678), sergeant-at-law, Sir Ric., Bt. (d. 1710), Sir Ric., Bt. (d. 1727), Sir Rog., Bt. (d. 1806), M.P., Sarah, Sophia, w. of Sir Rog. (d. 1806), Thos. (fl. 1573- 80), fam., monuments, prize,

Newgate Prison,

Newington (Kent),

Newington (Surr.), St. George's Fields (part of),

Newington, Stoke (Newton), par. and borough, man., parks, pop.,

Newman, Rob. (d. 1924), fam.,

Newmarket (Suff.), n

Newport, Diana, m. Algernon Coote, Earl of Mountrath, n

Newport (U.S.A., Rhode Is.),

Newport Pagnell (Bucks.),

Newsam, Bart., Edw., John,

Newton, C. M., S. C., cricketer,

Newton, see Newington, Stoke

Neyte, see Westminster, City of

Nicholas of Cowley,

Nicholas de la Despence,

Nicholas of Drayton,

Nicholas of Farnham, iii.

Nicholas of Halliford,

Nicholas of Shoreditch,

Nicholl, Ann, m. John Biscoe, S. J., architect, Wm.,

Nicholls, -, architect,

Nichols, papermakers,

Nickalls, Guy, V.,

Nicolls, Rob.,

Nigel, s. of Wm.,

Nightingale, J. E.,

Nimrod, see Apperley

Niven, W.,

Noel, Baptist, Vct. Campden (d. 1682), E. B., racquets player, Eliz., m. Chas. Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley (d. 1710),

Nollekins, Jos., sculptor,

Nonsuch (Kent), man., Palace,

Nooth, see Wright-Nooth

Norbert, Père, see Parisot

Norbonne, Frances, wid. of Wm., Wm.,

Norbury (Surr.), man.,

Norcote, see Norwood

Norcrosse, Jeremy,

Norden, John, Speculum Britaniae, cited,

Norfolk, Edw.,

Norfolk, Dukes of, see Howard, Thos.; Mowbray


Norman, John,

Normandy, see France

Normandy, Duke of, see Richard

Norris, John, Sam., - (fl. 1865-9),

North, Anne, Lady, see Speke; Francis, Lord Guilford (d. 1685),

North Briton, The,

North Hyde, see Heston

North London Rowing Club,

North Middlesex Golf Club,

North Mimms, see Mimms, North


Northampton, Marquess of, see Parr


Northburgh, Rog., bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Northold, see Northolt

Northolt, Wm. of, archdeacon of Gloucester, canon of St. Paul's,

Northolt (Northold), par., agric., ch., de-tached areas, Down or Downbarns man., earthwks., incl., man., and see above, Down man.; pop., sch.,

Northolt Road, see Harrow

Northumberland, Dow. Dchss. of, see Clive; Dchsses. of, see GordonLennox; Guildford; Seymour, Eliz.

Northumberland, Dukes of, see Dudley, John; Mowbray; Percy; Earls of, see Percy

Northumberland House, see Westminster, City of

Northumberland's River, Duke of, see Duke

Northwick, Lord, see Rushout

Northwood, see Ruislip

Norton, Eardley, Jas., Col. Ric., Wm., fores ter, Mrs., - (fl. mid. 19th c.),

Norton Folgate, see Shoreditch


Norwich, St. Giles's Hosp.,

Norwich, bps. of, and see Corbett

Norwich, Earl of, see Goring, Geo.

Norwood, Andrew,

Norwood (Norcote), in Southall, formerly in Hayes, par., agric., Green, ind., man., mills, pop., road to, St. Bernard's Hosp., sch., Urban Dist., see Southall-Norwood; Windmill Lane, and see Southall

Norwood Vitriol Wks.,

Nostre (Nôtre), André le, gardener, n,

Notary, Julian,

Nôtre, see Nostre

Nott, Sir Thos.,

Nottidge, J., oarsman,

Nottingham, archdeacon of,

Nottingham, Ctss. of, see Stewart, Marg.

Nottingham, Earls of, see Finch, Dan.; Howard, Chas.; Mowbray

Nottingham House, see Kensington Palace


Notting Hill, see Kensington

Noy, Wm., n

Nugent, Rob., Vct. Clare, later Earl Nugent (d. 1788),

Nunwell (I. O. W.),

Nunziato, Toto del (or Ant. Toto), n

Nursery gardening,

Nussa, Terrice de, prior of the Hospitallers,

Nutt, W., and see Ohrmann & Nutt

Oakham (Rutland),

Oakley Hunt,

Oates, Titus,

Oatlands (Surr.), man.,

O'Brien, Sir Tim., cricketer,

Odell, R. E., Ltd.,

Odiham, Wm. of,

Offa, king of Mercia,

Offley (Ofley), Sir John,

Ogilby, John,

Oglander, Sir Hen.,

Ogle-Skan, H. W.,

Ogwell, East (Devon),

Ohrmann, - (fl. 1780-90),

Ohrmann & Nutt,

O'Kelly, G. C., wrestler,

Okey, Col. John, regicide,

Olaf (fl. 1086),

Old Ford, see Ford

Old Street, see London, City of

Oldaker, Hen., Rob., Tom,

Oldcastle, Sir John,

Oldenburg, Ant. Gunther, Count or Earl of Oldenburg,

Oldfield, Mrs., actress, n

Oldman, A. L., boxer,

Oldrid, see Scott

Oliver, Ann, C., Rob., Sarah, m. Rob. Patrick,

Olney (Bucks.),

Olyff, Wm.,

Olympic Games,

Ongar (Essex),

Onions, A. E., Ltd.,

Onslow, Col. G. M., n; and see Hughes-Onslow

Openshaw, W. E.,

Orange, Prince of, see William III

Orange Street, see Holborn; Westminster, City of

Orde, Marg. Emma,

Ordnance Survey, baseline,

O'Reilly, E. J., n

Orkney, Lady, see Villiers, Eliz.

Orleans, Ant. Philippe d', Duc de Montpensier (d. 1807), François Ferd. d', Prince de Joinville, Ferd. Philippe, Duc d' Orleans (d. 1842), Hen. Louis d', Duc d' Aumale (d. 1897), Louis Chas. d', Comte de Beaujolais (d. 1808), Louis Chas. d', Duc de Nemours, Louis Philippe d', Comte de Paris (d. 1894),

Orme, John,

Ormond, Duke of, see Butler; Marquess of, see Butler

Ormsby-Gore, Emily Charlotte, Lady Harlech, see Seymour

Orpin, glassmakers,

Orpington (Kent),

Osbaldeston, - (fl. third 19th c.),

Osborn, Chas., - (fl. late 18th c.),

Osborne, Thos.,

Osborne, Bauer & Cheseman,

Oskytel, abp. of York, n

Ossulston, Lord, see Bennet, John

Ossulstone, hundred of, n,

Osterley, John of, Thos.,

Osterley Park, in Heston, agric., architecture, chap., estate, heronry, incls., lakes, man., mill, owners, road to, settlement, stn.,

Other, see Fitz Other

Ottaway, C. J., cricketer,

Otto, Prince of Hesse,

Oude (India), King of,

Oursiau (Orseau), Nich.,

Oval, see Kennington

Owen, Sam., painter,

Oxford, Ric. of, Thos. of (fl. late 13th c.), Thos. of (fl. 1338),

Oxford, City of, ch., in Civil War, governor of, see Aston, Sir Arth.; ind., roads to,

Oxford, diocese of,

Oxford, Earls of, see Harley, Vere

Oxford, Provisions of,

Oxford, University of, n, All Souls Coll., Ashmolean Mus., Chair of poetry, Christ Church, Exeter Coll., gift to, Hertford Coll., Magdalen Coll., n; M. P., Newdigate Prize, Oriel Coll., Queen's Coll., St. John's Coll., sports,


Oxford Street, see St. Marylebone

Pack, Thos.,

Paddington, par. and borough, agric., Bayswater, canal, ch., Chilworth St., Edgware Rd., feud. services, ind., Maida Hill, man., pop., soil, South Wharf, stn., see Paddington Station; wages, Westbourne St., woods,

Paddington Station, trains from,

Padye, Wm.,

'Paeogthath', Earl,

Page, Francis, Isabel, m. of Mat., John, Mat., Roland, Thos., -, headmaster, and see Wastell

Pagenham, Sir Hugh, n

Paget, Lord, see Bayly

Paget (Pagette), Lord Alfred (d. 1888), general, and his w., Anne, see Preston; Chas., Eliz., Ctss. of Uxbridge, see Bagot; Hen., Earl of Uxbridge (d. 1769), Hen., Earl of Uxbridge (d. 1812), Sir Hen. Wm., Marquess of Anglesey (d. 1854), Thos., Lord Paget (d. 1590), Thos. (fl. 1655), Sir Wm., cr. Lord Paget (d. 1563), secretary of state, n; Wm., later Lord Paget (d. 1628), Wm., Lord Paget (d. 1678), Wm., Lord Paget (d. 1713), fam., and see Bayly

Pain & Bretell, solicitors,

Paine, J., oarsman, Mary Anne, Wm.,

Paint Research Station,

Paisley (Renfrew),

Palace Street, see Westminster, City of

Palatine, Elector, see Frederick V; Electress, see Elizabeth, d. of Jas. I

Paleson, Mat.,


Pallarum, Norde,

Pall Mall, see Westminster, City of

Palmer, And., Barbara, Ctss. of Castlemaine, Dchss. of Cleveland, Isabel, Kath., Rob., Sir Rog. (fl. 1627), Rog., Earl of Castlemaine (d. 1705), n; Sir Thos., Wm. le, and see Fitzroy

Palmerston, Vct., see Temple

Pamphilon, Edw.,

Panin, -, skater,

Panton Street, see Westminster, City of

Papelowe, Hamo,


Paramatta (Australia),

Paris, Count of, see Orleans, Louis Philippe d'

Paris (Fr.), n; air service to London, exhibition,

Parish, J.,

Parisot, Pet. (Père Norbert),

Parkx, C. J., Charlotte, wid. of John, John, - (fl. 1907),

Parke Davis & Co. Ltd.,

Parker, Dan., Chas., sr., Chas., jr., Chas., see Newdegate; Hen., Lord Morley (d. 1556), John, Mat., abp. of Canterbury, Wm., Lord Monteagle (d. 1622), Col.,

Parkhousex, M.,

Parkinsonx, Wm.,

Parks, and see Enfield Chase; Hampton, parks; Hyde Pk.; Kensington Gdns.; Osterley Pk.; St. Marylebone, Regent's Pk.; St. James's Pk.; Syon Ho.

Parliament, Houses of, army musters, in Civil War, M.P.s., and see Biscoe; Brackenbury; Brook; Clay; Killi grew; Lindsay, W. S.; Newdegate, Sir Rog.; Roberts; Wilkes; Windsor, Ric. de; survey of Hampton Ct., taxation by,

Parliament Hill, see St. Pancras

Parliament Street, see Westminster, City of

Parr, Cath., see Catherine; Sam., Sir Wm., Lord Parr of Horton (d. 1547), Wm., Lord Parr, Earl of Essex, Marquess of Northampton (d. 1571),

Parsons, Humph., lord mayor of London, and his w.,

Parton, John, Some Acct. of the Par. of St. Giles in the Fields,

Partridge, Eliz., see Ashby; Jos., Jos. Ashby (d. 1857), fam.,

Passau (W. Ger.),

Passavaund, Wm.,

Pastimes, and see Archery; Polo; Rowing; Tennis

Paston, Sir John, Sir Thos.,

Pate, John, and his w. Juliane,

Patent Impermeable Millboard Co. Ltd.,

Paternoster, Rog. de,

Paternoster Row, see London, City of

Paterson, Geo.,

Paton & Charles,

Patrick, Rob., Sarah, see Oliver

Patten, Wm.,

Paulet (Powlett), Sir Amias (d. 1588), Chas., Marquess of Winchester, later Duke of Bolton (d. 1699), Grace Caroline, see Lowther; Sir Wm., Lord St. John, Marquess of Winchester (d. 1572),

Paulin, see Mann, Crossman & Paulin

Pavri, M. E., cricketer,

Pawel Rammingen, see Frederica

Pawles Wharfe, see London, City of, Paul's Wharf

Payne, M. W., cricketer, Rog., Thos., bookbinder, Thos., bookseller,

Peachey (Peche), Bart. (fl. 1250-2), Bart. (d. c. 1282), Bart. (fl. 1316), Herb., Sir John (d. by 1357), John (fl. 1350), s. of Sir John, Lucy, Mary, w. of Sir John, Wm., clerk,

Peacock, John, Ric. (fl. 1343), Ric. (fl. 1660), Thos. Love,

Pearce, Geo., Hen., boxer, Mary Ann,

Pears, And.,

Pears, A. F., & Co.,

Pearson, T. S., cricketer, T. W.,

Pease, F. E.,

Pecarne, see Pitcairne

Peche, see Peachey

Peel, Col. Jonathan, Gen.,

Peil Heath, see Hillingdon

Peirs, Wm., bp. of Bath and Wells,

Pelham, see Fiennes-Clinton

Pelican Boxing Club,

Pellew, Edw., Vct. Exmouth (d. 1833), n

Pelling (Pellyng), E. H., athlete, John,

Pemberton, Sir Jas., -, violin-maker,

Pemberton Row, see London, City of

Pembroke, Wm.,

Pembroke, Earls of, see Herbert, Phil.; Marshal

Pembroke and Montgomery, Earl of, see Herbert, Thos.

Penfather, Wm.,

Penguin Books Ltd.,

Penifather, Wm.,

Peninsular War,

Penn, David, Sibell, see Hampden; Wm., Quaker, Mrs., n

Pennant, Thos., historian,

Pennell, Vane, sportsman,

Penni, Luca,

Penselwood (Dors.), battle of,

Penton Hook, see Staines

Pepys, Sam., diarist,

Percy, Algernon, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1668), Algernon Geo., Lord Prudhoe, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1899), Eliz., m. Chas. Seymour, Duke of Somerset, Hen. de, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1408), Hen., Earl of Northumberland (d. 1632), Hen. Geo., Duke of Northumberland (d. 1918), Sir Hugh, formerly Smithson, cr. Duke of Northumberland (d. 1786), Hugh, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1817), Hugh, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1847), Hugh, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1865), Hugh Algernon, Duke of Northumberland (b. 1914), Joceline, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1670), Thos., Earl of Northumberland (d. 1572), n; Thos. (d. 1605), conspirator, Wm., badges,

Pergolesi, Mich. Angelo,

Perigal, Francis (fl. 1740), Francis (fl. 1770-94), John, fam.,

Perigal & Browne,

Perigal & Duterran,

Perivale (Greenford Parva; Little Greenford; Purevale), par., n, agric., bridge, ch., Cornhill man., earthwk., Horsenden Fm., hosp., ind., loc. gov., mans., and see above, Cornhill man.; pop., P. Nonconf., road to, sch.,

Perkelee, Sir Geof. de, rector of Littleton, Guy de (fl. 1424), Guy de (fl. 1444-58), Matilda, m. John Talent, Sim. de, Wm. de, and his w. Agnes,

Perkin, Mrs. A. W., Wm. Hen., chemist,

Perkins, Algernon, Grace, see Day; Hen., Jas., John (fl. 1667-8), John (d. 1794), Matthias, Ric., Tryon,

Pernes, Thos. de, and his w. Maud,

Perrault, -, gardener, n

Perrier, Idris & Co.,

Perrott, Geo., baron of the Exchequer, and his w. Mary, Sir John, Sir Thos.,

Perry (Pyrie), Godfrey atte, Ralph de,

Perryman, Geo.,

Peter Fitz Walter,

Peterborough (Northants.),

Peterborough, bps. of, see Dove; Terrick

Peterborough, Earl of, see Mordaunt

Peters, Geo., Hen.,

Peters, coach-builders,

Petersham, Vct., see Stanhope, Chas.

Pether, piano-maker,

Petit, Jean,

Petre, Rob., Lord Petre (d. 1713), n; Sir Wm., Secretary of State, n

Petticoat Lane, see Stepney, Middlesex Street

Petworth (Suss.), Ho.,

Peverel, Alice,

Peyforer, Fulk de,

Peyton, Arch., polo-player, -, huntsman,

Phelips (Philips), Anne, Dorothy, m. Hen. Thynne, Eliz., m. Sir John Tyrwhitt, Bt., Francis (d. 1674), Francis (d. 1679), n, John, fam., and see Phillips

Phelps, John, regicide, Ric., bellfounder,

Philip II, King of Spain,

Philip, Duke of Anjou, s. of Louis XIV,

Philip, Duke of Stettin Pomerania, n

Philip of Cranford,

Philippa (of Hainault), queen, m. Edw. III,

Philips, see Phelips

Philipson, H., cricketer,

Phillips, Francis, W. P., athlete, -, cricketer, and see Phelips

Philp, Wm., fam., n

Philpot, John,

Phipps, Edmond,

Piccadilly Rly., see London Transport

Pickerell, John, and his w. Cecilia,

Pickering, Mrs. Mary, Sir Wm., n

Piel Heath, see Hillingdon

Pierpoint, Wm.,

Pietri, Dorando, athlete,

Pigeon, Edmund (fl. 1562), and his w. Joan, Edmund (fl. c. 1608), Edw., Eliz., m. - Kyme, Frances, m. - Dorman, - (d. 1619), and see Draper

Pigg, Hen.,

P.I.M. Board Co., see Patent Impermeable Millboard Co. Ltd.

Pimlico, see Westminster, City of

Pinchbeck, Chris.,

Pinckney (Pynkney), Dr. John Hearn, fam., n

Pindar, Peter, poet,

Pinkie, battle of,

Pinn, River,

Pinner (Pynner), par., agric., earthwks., Green, Headstone (Hedgstone), man., pop., road to, sch., n; woods,

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista,

Pitcairne (Pecarne), And., groom of the chamber, Charity, w. of And., Chas., Thos.,

Pite, see Habershon & Pite

Pitt, Geo., Jane, see Brydges; Thos., architect, Wm., Earl of Chatham (d. 1778), Wm., the Younger, statesman,

Piwelsdon, Thos.,

Platelayers' Union,

Playford, F., oarsman, Herb. H., oarsman, John,

Player, - (fl. 18th c.),

Plenius, Rog. (Rutgerus),

Pleydell-Bouverie, Helena, see Adeane

Pleyel, Ignace,

Plot, Rob., The Nat. Hist. of Oxon.,

Plume (Plum; or Cole), Rob., - (fl. 1607),

Plymouth (Devon),

Pocock, Sam.,

Pohlmann, Johann,

Pointz, Lady Letitia,

Poland Street, see Westminster, City of

Pole, Arthur, n; Reg., later abp. of Canterbury and cardinal,

Political History, of Middlesex,

Pollard, Hen., Juliana,

Pollen, J. Hungerford,

Pollock, Lady,

Polo clubs,

Poltayne, Rob.,

Polytechnic Sports Clubs,

Pomfret, Earl of, see Fermor

Pompe, Wm.,

Ponders End, see Enfield

Ponsonby, Fred. Geo. Brabazon, Earl of Bessborough (d. 1895),

Ponte, Ric. de,

Poole (Dors.),

Pooley, -, cricketer,

Poor Clergy Relief Corporation,

Poor Relief, and see parish entries sub almsho.; poor relief; workho.

Pontefract (Yorks),

Pope, see Adrian III; Adrian IV; Alexander IV; Alexander V; Urban II

Pope, Alex, poet, quoted, n, Eliz., Wm.,

Popham, Sir John,

Poplar, par. and borough, agric., ind., Millwall, pop., and see Bow; Bromley; Ford, Old

Population, table of,

Porcelain, Bow and Chelsea, see Pottery

Porro, F., wrestler,

Porter, H. F., athlete, John, Mary, actress, n

Porteus, Beilby, bp. of London,

Portland, Ctss. of, see Stuart, Frances

Portland, Duke of, see Bentinck

Portman Square, see St. Marylebone

Portsmouth (Hants), road to,

Portugal, king of, see Manoel; queen of, see Maria

Postel, Geof. (fl. 1212), Geof. (fl. 1300), Ric., canon of Salisbury and Windsor, Ric., clerk, Thos.,

Pote, -, bookseller,

Potsdam (E. Ger.),

Pott, Capt. Thos., fam.,

Potter, Cipriani, Hen., Ralph, n; Ric., Wm. Hen., - (fl. 1746), papermaker, - (fl. 1857), oarsman,

Potter, H., & Co.,

Potters Bar, see Mimms, South

Pottery and Porcelain (Bow and Chelsea) industry,

Potton (Beds.),

Poughley Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Poulett, John, Lord and Earl Poulett (d. 1743),

Poultry, see London, City of

Pounz, Ric.,

Povey, Eliz., n; Justinian, Thos.,

Powell, Harry, K., athlete, Wm. (or Hinson),

Powell, Jas., & Sons,

Power Plant Co.,

Powles, see St. Paul

Powlett, see Paulet

Pownall, F. H., Hen.,

Poyle, Isabel, John (d. 1317), John (d. 1423), Rob., Walt. (fl. 1235/6), Walt. (d. 1299), Wm. (fl. 1243-67),

Poyle, in Stanwell, Fm., Green, Ho., Ind. Estate, man., mill, Poyle Rd., and see Stanwell

Poyle Mill River (Heacham Stream),

Poynter, 'Ric.', n; Vincent, see Corbett

Pratt, Chas., cr. Earl Camden (d. 1794), Sir John Jeffreys, Earl, later Marquess of, Camden (d. 1840),

Pratt Street, see St. Pancras

Prendergast, Thos., later Sir Thos.,

Prescot, E.,

Press, -, athlete,

Prest, Alice, w. of Thos., n; Thos.,

Preston, Anne, m. Wm. Paget, Lord Paget,

Prettyman, John,

Price, -, glassmaker,

Prices, in Middle Ages, table of,

Pride, Col. Thos.,

Primatt, Lacy,

Primrose Hill, see Hampstead

Princes Street, see Westminster, City of

Printing industry,

Prior, Mat., poet, n

Prior Bank (Roxburgh),

Prisons, see Fleet; Marshalsea; Millbank; Newgate

Pritchett, John, later bp. of Gloucester,

Proctor, Sir Wm. Beauchamp,

Progers, Edw., groom of the bedchamber,

Prudde, John,

Prudhoe, Lord, see Percy, Algernon Geo.

Prynne, G. H. Fellowes,

Pryor, Arthur (d. 1904), Arthur Vickris, J. A., Rob. (d. 1839), Rob. (d. 1905), T. M.,

Public Record Office,

Pugin, Augustus Welby, architect, Edw. Welby, architect,

Pullen, Capt. Aubrey,

Pulteney, Wm., Earl of Bath (d. 1764),

Purbeck, Isle of (Dors.),

Purevale, see Perivale

Purle, Walt. de, and his w.,

Pursley (Herts.),

Putney (Surr.), bridge,

Puttenham (Surr.),

Pymmes Brook,

Pyncheford, Geof. de, constable of Windsor Cas.,

Pynkney, see Pinckney

Pynner, see Pinner

Pynson, Ric.,

Pyrene Co. Ltd.,

Pyrford (Surr.),

Pyrie, see Perry

Pywell, W.,

Quadra, Alvarez de, bp. of Aquila, Spanish ambassador, n

Quare, Dan.,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Queenhithe, see London, City of

Queensberry, Marquess of, see Douglas

Queen's Club, see Kensington

Queen's College, see Oxford

Queen's River, see Longford

Queen's Square, see Holborn

Quin, Jas., actor,

Quintenye, Jean de la, gardener,

Racing and Racemeetings, and see Harefield; Hornsey, Alexandra Pk.; Kempton

Radcliffe, Mary, see Arundell; Rob., Earl of Sussex (d. 1542),

Radnor, Ctss. of, see Adeane


Raghener (Rahener), Alice, wid. of Wm., John, Wm. (fl. 1310-21), Wm. (d. by 1341),

Raglan, Lord, see Somerset

Rahener, see Raghener

Railways, and see Gt. Central; Gt. Eastern; Gt. Northern; Gt. Western and Gt. Central Joint; Gt. Western; Hounslow and Metropolitan; London Chatham and Dover; London and South Western; London Transport; Staines and West Drayton; Thames Valley; Windsor, Staines and South Western

Raines, Ric. de,

Rainsborough (Raynesborough), Col. Ric.,

Raleigh, Carew, Sir Walt., n;

Ralph, Godfrey s. of,

Ralph of Harpsden,

Ralph atte Mill,

Ralph of Whitton,

Ram, Revd. Digby,

Rames, Rog. de,

Ramsay, Earl of, see Sidney

Ramsbury (Wilts.),

Ramsden, Omar,

Ramsey, David, Sir John,

Randal, Mat.,

Randall, John,

Randolph, Thos.,

Ranelagh (Surr.), Gardens,

Ranelagh Polo Club,

Ranjitsinhji, K. S., cricketer,

Ranulph of Whitchurch,

Raphael, Alex., Edw., Santi, n,

Raseley, Wm. de,

Ratcliff, in Stepney, agric., archery, ind., poor relief, pop.,

Rathbone Place, see St. Marylebone

Ratner Safe Co. Ltd.,

Ratto, Giovanni,

Ravener, Thomas,

Ravening, fam.,

Ravenscourt Park, see Hammersmith

Ravenswyk, see Renwick

Rawlin, -, cricketer,

Ray, John, naturalist,

Rayment, Sam.,

Raynham (Essex), man.,

Read, Anne, m. Sir Mich. Stanhope, C. H., Raphael W., Wm.,

Reading, Burnet, engraver,

Reading (Berks.),

Reamsbottom & Co.,

Recordon, Louis,

Red Lion Brewery,

Red Lion Square and Street, see Holborn

Redeswell, John de,

Redman, Lionel,

Redvers, see Rivers; Vernon

Redwood, Bernard,

Reed, Bart., Eliz., w. of Bart., John (d. 1545), John (fl. 1589), Wm., Mrs. (fl. 1908), and see Thwaites & Reed

Reeve, Ann, Mary,

Reeves, Pelsant,

Regent Street, see Westminster, City of

Regent's Canal,

Regent's Park, see St. Marylebone

Reid, A.,

Reid & Co.,

Reigate (Surr.),

Reinfrid (de la Bruere), s. of Rog.,

Religious Houses, foreign: Bec, Abbey of (Fr., Eure), Fécamp Abbey (Fr., Seine Inf.), Fontevrault Abbey (Fr., Maine et Loire), n; Grestain Abbey (Fr., Eure), Rouen, Abbey of the Holy Trinity (Fr.), and see Religious Houses in Middlesex, Harmondsworth; and see St. Valéry, Abbey of the Holy Trinity

Religious Houses, in and near London: Charterhouse Priory, priors, Christ's Hosp., St. Bartholemew, Smithfield, Priory of, St. Helen, Bishopsgate, Priory of, and see London, City of, parishes in; St. Mary Graces, Abbey of, Southwark Priory, and see St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Hosp. of; St. John of Jerusalem (Clerkenwell Priory); St. Paul's Cath.; West minster Abbey

Religious Houses, in Middlesex: Bentley Priory, in Stanmore, Harmondsworth Priory, Kilburn Priory, St. Monica, Priory of, in S. Mimms, and see Hounslow Friary; Syon Abbey

Religious Houses, other counties: Ankerwyke Priory (Bucks.), Barking Abbey (Essex), Bisham Abbey (Berks.), Bur- cester (probably Bicester Abbey (Oxon.)), n; Burton Lazars, Hosp. of (Leics.), Chacombe Priory (Northants.) n; Domus Dei, Hosp. of (Kent), Godstow Abbey (Oxon.), n; Merton Priory (Surr.), Missenden Abbey (Bucks.), Newark Priory (Surr.), Poughley Priory (Berks.), St. Albans Abbey (Herts.), St. Radegund Abbey (Kent), Sheen Priory (Surr.), Stoke by Clare Priory (Suff.), Stratford Abbey (Essex), Takeley Priory (Essex), Tewkesbury Abbey (Glos.), n; Thame Abbey (Oxon.), Tin- tern Abbey (Mon.), Walden Abbey (Essex), Waltham Abbey (Essex), Wintney Priory (Hants), and see Chertsey Abbey (Surr.); Hurley Priory (Berks.)

Rendel, see Goodhart-Rendel

Rennie, Geo., John (d. 1821), n; John, later Sir John (d. 1874), civil engineer,

Renwick (Ravenswyk) (Cumb.),

Reservoirs, Queen Mary, and see Staines; Stanwell

Reviers, see Rivers

Reynell, Eliz., w. of Sir Ric. Reynell (d. 1723), Sir Geo., Hen., later Hen. Reynell Spiller, Katherine, see Spiller; Sir Ric., Sir Ric., (d. 1723), s. of Sir Ric., Sir Thos. (d. 1665), Thos. (d. 1670), Sir Thos. (d. post 1741),

Reynold of Cornhill,

Reynolds, C. W., Chas., Dr. John (fl. 1604), John (fl. 1844), Sir Joshua, n; Ric., S., Thos., and see Fyllyns

Reynot, - van (fl. 17th c.), picture collector,

Rhodes, Harold, cricketer,

Ribblesdale, Lord, see Lister

Ricardo, Halsey,

Riccards, Wm.,

Rich, Barnaby, Charlotte, Ctss. of Holland, see Middleton; Hen., Earl of Holland (d. 1649), n; Isabel, Ctss. of Holland, see Cope; John, Penelope, Lady, see Devereux; Sir Ric., Lord Rich (d. 1567),

Richard (fl. 1227), forester,

Richard I, King,

Richard II, King, other refs.,

Richard III, King, as Duke of Gloucester,

Richard II, Duke of Normandy (d. 1026), n

Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans (King of Almain) (d. 1272), clerk to, grants to,

Richard of Batchworth,

Richard of Cowley,

Richard of East Bedfont,

Richard the Harper,

Richard of Herriard,

Richard of Hinton,

Richard of Oxford,

Richard of Staines,

Richard, s. of Bart.,

Richard, s. of Jocelin, and see Jocelin

Richards, H. W. P.,

Richardson, Prof. Sir Albert, P.P.R.A., Edw., W. Ryder, n; Walt., and see Bishop, Starr & Richardson

Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis de, cardinal,

Richmond, Marg., Ctss. of, see Beaufort

Richmond (Surr.), aits, bridges, char., ch., ferry, fishing, Hill, hosp., ind., palace, park, rly., river at, shops, suburb of, theatre, theol. coll.,

Richmond (Yorks.),

Richmond and Twickenham Times,

Richmond, Duke of, see Lennox

Richmond and Lennox, Duke of, see Lennox

Rickman, see Finch, Rickman & Co.

Rickmansworth (Herts.), P. Nonconf., road to,

Rickmansworth and Uxbridge Valley Water Co.,

Riddell, T.,

Ridge, Cath., see Sedley; John, Ric.,

Ridley, A. W., cricketer, Thos.,

Ridley, Whitley & Co.,

Rievaulx, Pet. des,

Rigby, Thos.,

Right, petition of,

Rimbault, E. F., The Pianoforte, Steph.,

Ripariis, see Vernon

Ripon, bp. of, see Carpenter

Ripon, Marquess of, see Robinson

Risselip, see Ruislip

Ritchie, M. J. G., tennis player,

Rivers (Redvers; Reviers), Baldwin de, Earl of Devon (d. 1155), Baldwin (d. 1245), Hawise (Harwis) de, m. Wm. Roumare, Earl of Lincoln, Joan, Ric. de, Wm. de, Earl of Devon, see Vernon; and see Vernon

Rivers, Earl, see Woodville

Rivers in Middlesex, see Ash; Bigley Ditch; Bourne; Brent; Burket's Brook; Colne; Colney Stream; Crane; Drayton Stream; Duke of Northumberland's; Fishbourne; Fray's; Lea; Longford; Medway; Moselle; New; Pinn; Poyle Mill; Pymmes Brook; Sweep's Ditch; Thames; Westbourne; Wyrardisbury; other rivers, see Avon; Clyde; Cobham; Frome; Horton Brook; Trent

Rivett-Carnac, C. J., yachtsman,

Rivington, Chas., John, sr., John, jr. (d. 1785), Wm., and see Gilbert & Rivington

Rixon, see Hancock, Shepherd & Rixon

Road Machines (Drayton) Ltd.,

Roads, Watling St., Western Ave., and see Bath; Great North; Great South West; Great West; Staines; Turnpike

Roan, Ant.,

Robbins, R. M., n; W. C., athlete,

Robert, Count of Dreux (d. 1218),

Robert, Count of Mortain (d. 1090),

Robert, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1147),

Robert of Barking,

Robert of Harpsden,

Robert of St. John,

Robert the Simple,

Robert (fl. 1086),

Roberts, Fred. Sleigh, Earl Roberts (d. 1914), field marshal, G. E., oarsman, H. J., J. H., Sir Wm., M.P.,

Robertson, G. S., n; J., cricketer, W. P., cricketer,

Robin (Robyn), Walt.,

Robinson, C. Newton, n; Sir E. Clifton, Sir Fred. Oliver, Earl de Grey, Marquess of Ripon (d. 1923), Hen., bp. of Carlisle, John (d. 1723), bp. of London, John (d. 1802), Nich., bp. of Bangor, Wm. (fl. 1757), printer, Wm. (d. 1775), architect, - (fl. 1839), coach-builder,

Robson, C., cricketer, F., Jos., and see Flight & Robson

Robyn, see Robin

Roche, -, cricketer,

Rochester, bp. of, see Atterbury

Rochester, Earls of, see Hyde, Laurence; Wilmot

Rochester Terrace, see St. Pancras

Rochford, Anne,

Rochford, Earl of, see Nassau

Rochford, Lord, see Boleyn, Geo.

Rockingham (Northants.), forest,

Rockingham, council of,

Rockware Glass Ltd.,

Rocque, Jean, cartographer, n

Rodney, Geo. Brydges, Lord Rodney (d. 1792), admiral,

Roehampton Polo Club,

Roger, Earl, see Montgomery, Rog. de

Roger of Batchworth,

Roger of Cranford,

Roger of Harpsden,

Roger of Worcester,

Roger, s. of Alf.,

Roger, the fruiterer,

Roger le Gras,

Roger, Reinfrid s. of,

Roger, -, boxer, and see Roper

Rogers, Dan., Rog.,

Rokewood (Rookwood), Ambrose,

Rolfe, Rob.,

Rolle, Sam.,

Rolleston, J. A. M., oarsman,

Roll's Charity,

Rolls, Liberty of the, pop.,

Rolyat, see Laumes & Rolyat

Romans, King of the, see Richard, Earl of Cornwall

Rome (Italy), n,

Romford (Essex),

Ronjat, -, surgeon,

Rookwood, see Rokewood

Roos, Maud, wid. of Ric., Ric.,

Roper (Roger), Ant., Geo., Rog., Wm. (fl. 1520), Wm. (d. by 1580),

Roquet, - (fl. early 18th c.), n

Rose, John, John Mitchell, R., athlete, and see Rudall & Rose

Rose Street, see Westminster, City of

Rosencrantz, Paul, Danish ambassador,

Rosoman Street, see Clerkenwell

Ross, H., cricketer, Capt.,

Ross, bp. of, see Lesley

Rotherham, Alan,

Rotherhithe (Kent),

Roubiliac, Louis François,

Rouen (Fr.), and see Religious Houses, foreign

Roumare, Hawise de, see Rivers; Wm. de, Earl of Lincoln (d. c. 1160),

Round, J. H., Feudal Engl.,

Rous (Ruis), Ric. le, Thos., fam.,

Row, A. W. S. A.,

Rowden, John,

Rowe, Ant., G. D., Owen, Sir Thos.,

Rowe, T. D., & Co.,


Rowley, Mansell & Cook,

Rowse, Sir Francis,

Roxbury (U.S.A., Mass.),

Roxeburghe Club,

Roy, Fr. Wm., n, General Wm., n

Royal College of Music,

Royal Dutch Shell Group,

Royal East Middlesex Regiment,

Royal Elthorne Light Infantry,

Royal Elthorne Militia,

Royal Fusiliers,

Royal George, capt. of,

Royal Lustring Co.,

Royal Military Sch. of Music,

Royal Naval School, in Isleworth,

Royal Navy,

Royal Small Arms factory,

Royal Society, fellows of,

Roydone, Hen. de, and his w. Joan,

Rubens, Sir Pet. Paul,

Ruckers, fam.,

Rudall, Geo.,

Rudall, Carte & Co.,

Rudall & Rose,

Rudall, Rose, Coute & Co.,

Rudd, Ant., bp. of St. David's,

Rudhall, fam.,

Rue, - la (fl. 1696), and see De la Rue

Ruel, Jas.,

Rugby Sch. (Warws.), and see Arnold, Thos.

Rugmere, see St. Pancras; St. Paul's Cath.

Ruis, see Rous

Ruislip (Risselip) par., agric., ch., Common, earthwks., feudal customs, incl., incumbent, mans., and see below, Southcote man.; Northwood Golf Club, park, pop., reservoir, road to, R. Catholm., Southcote Fm., Southcote man., stn., woods,

Runnymede (Berks.),

Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhine (d. 1682),

Rushout, Geo., Lord Northwick (d. 1887),

Russell, A., athlete, Anne, m. Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, Arth. Oliver Villiers, Lord Ampthill (d. 1935), Francis, Duke of Bedford (d. 1802), Hugh, n; Jack Southwell, Lord de Clifford (d. 1909), John, Lord Russell of Chenies, later Earl of Bedford (d. 1555), John, Duke of Bedford (d. 1771), Lucy, Ctss. of Bedford, see Harington; Ric., Sir Wm. (fl. 1632), Wm., Earl of Bedford (d. 1700), Revd. Wm. (d. 1870), -, (fl. 1696), n; fam.,

Russell Square, see Holborn

Russia (Muscovy),

Rutland, Earl of, see Manners

Rutter, E., cricketer,

Rutton, W. L.,

Ryde (I. O. W.),

Rye, Agnes de la, Ric. de la,

Ryland, Wm. Wynne, engraver,

Ryley, John,

Rysbrack, John Mich.,

Ryse, Kath.,

Rythe, ? Chris., Solomon, Theophilus,

Ryves, Bruno, dean of Chichester and Windsor,

Sackville, Thos., Lord Buckhurst, Earl of Dorset (d. 1608),

Sadler, Nich., Mrs.,

Sadler & Green,

Saffron Hill, see Holborn

Sainsbury, John,

St. Albans, Hen. of, and his w. Sabine, Margery de, m. John Vyel, n; Wm. of, and his w. Alice,

St. Albans, Duke of, see Beauclerk

St. Albans, Earl of, see Jermyn

St. Albans, Vct., see Bacon

St. Albans (Herts.), Verulamium,

St. Albans, Abbey of, see Religious Houses, other counties

St. Albans, second battle of,

St. André, see Albon

St. Andrew, see Holborn, par. of

St. Barbe, Ursula, m. 1 Sir Ric. Worsley, m. 2 Sir Francis Walsingham,

St. Bartholemew, see London, City of; London, parishes in City of; Religious Houses, in and near London

St. Benedict, Order of,

St. Catherine's, see St. Katherine's

St. Clement Danes, see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. Cloud (Fr., Seine et Oise),

St. David's, bp. of, see Rudd

St. Domingo, see Dominican Republic

St. Eloy, Isaac Guiquet,

St. George, Bloomsbury, see Holborn, par. of,

St. George, Hanover Sq., see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. George the Martyr, Queen's Sq., see Holborn, par. in

St. George, see Windsor

St. George's Fields, see Newington; Southwark

St. Georges, Mme de,

St. Germains (Fr., Seine et Oise),

St. Giles-in-the-Fields, Hospital of, grants to, master,

St. Giles-in-the Fields, see Holborn, parishes in

St. James, Duke St., see London, parishes in City of

St. James, Haymarket, see Westminster, City of

St. James', Piccadilly, see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. James's Palace, in City of Westminster, n, pop., tennis ct.,

St. James's Park, in City of Westminster,

St. John the Evangelist, see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. John, Horsleydown, see Southwark

St. John, Antonia, n; Hen., Vct. Bolingbroke (d. 1751), (as John Trot), Rob. of,

St. John, Lord, see Paulet

St. John of Jerusalem, Hospital of (Knights Hospitallers; Clerkenwell Priory), buildings, cells, see below preceptories; leases by, preceptories (or cells), priors, and see Docwra; Hagham; Nussa; Thame; Weston

St. John's Gate, Lane, Square, and Street, see Clerkenwell

St. John's Wood, see St. Marylebone; Little St. John's Wood, see Highbury

St. Katherine's Docks, see Docks

St. Katherine by the Tower, in Stepney, precinct of Hospital of, ind., pop.,

St. Louis (U.S.A., Miss.), n

St. Luke, Old Street, see Finsbury, par. in

St. Martin in the Fields, see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. Martin's Lane, see Westminster, City of

St. Mary Graces, Abbey of, see Religious Houses, in and near London

St. Mary Merton, see Religious Houses, other counties

St. Mary le Strand, see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. Marylebone, borough of, agric., chs., Lisson (Lilleston), Lord's (cricket ground), man., M.C.C., park, pop., Regent's Park, John's Wood, station, sch., streets: Berners St., Cavendish Sq., Dorset Sq., George St., Gloucester Place, Gresse St., Inner Circle, Lisson Grove, Little Queen Anne St., Manchester St., Margaret St., Marylebone Rd., Oxford St., Portman Sq., Rathbone Pl., Stephen St., Upper Baker St., Wigmore St., tennis club, Tyburn, and see Marylebone Cricket Club

St. Monica, Priory of, see Mimms, South

St. Neots (Hunts.),

St. Pancras, 'Earl of',

St. Pancras, par. and borough, agric., Battle Bridge, Camden Town, ch., earthwk., Kentish Town, man. Parliament Hill, pop., Rugmere man., see above, man.; soil, streets: Albany St., Camden Rd., Charlotte St., Fitzroy Sq., Gower St., Hanway St., New Rd., Pratt St., Rochester Terr., Seaton St., Store St., Torrington Sq., Winchester Row, Whitefields Tabernacle, woods,

St. Paul, Cathedral of, in the City of London, n, n; ball, n; bells, canons, see Lichfield; Northolt; Sutton, John; canons residentiary, chapter, and see below, dean and chapter; choir, deans, and see Feckenham; Kentwood; dean and chapter, liberty of dean and chap., lights, peculiar of, prebends, Rugmere prebend in St. Pancras, property of, screen,

St. Paul, Covent Gdn., see Westminster, parishes in City of

St. Paul, Wilton Place, see Kensington

St. Paul's Churchyard, see London, City of

St. Paul's Sch., in the City of London,

St. Peter's Chapel, see Westminster, City of

St. Peter's Road, see Stepney

St. Radegund Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

St. Sepulchre without Newgate, see Finsbury, parishes in

St. Stephen, see Westminster, City of

St. Thomas' Street, see Southwark

St. Valery, Annora de, m. Rob. de Dreux, Bernard of (d. by 1130), Bernard of (d. c. 1191), Guy de (d. by 1130), n; Guy of (fl. c. 1140), Reg. de, Reynold of, Thos. of, Walt. of (fl. 1086), honor of,

St. Valéry (St. Walery), Abbey of Holy Trinity (Fr., Somme), prior, n,

Salchow, -, skater,

Salisbury (Wilts.), cath., canon,

Salisbury, bishop of, see Burnet

Salisbury, Earl of, see Cecil

Salter, Sir Nich.,

Salviati, Dr.,

Samford, Sir Thos. de, Thos. de (fl. 1312),

Samon, John,

Sampson, J. E.,

Sancroft, Wm., abp. of Canterbury,

Sandby, Thos.,

Sandesfeld, see Usher

Sandford, Dan., later bp. of Edinburgh,

Sandown (Surr.), man.,

Sandringham (Norf.), ch.,

Sapurton, Eliz., m. Wm. Venour, Ellen, m. Rob. Markham, John, Rog., s. of Rog.,

Sarson, Hen., & Sons,

Sauche, Jehan le,

Saunders, A., Valentine,

Saunderson, Col. and Hon. Mrs.,

Saunford, Thos. de, n

Savage, Sir Thos., later Vct. Savage (d. 1635),

Savile, Geo., Marquess of Halifax (d. 1695),

Savoy, in City of Westminster, Chap. Royal, n; ind., Hospital, Ho., pop., n

Saxe-Coburg, Prince of, see Ernest

Saxe-Gotha, princes of,

Saxe-Weimar, Duke of, see Ernest


Saxons, East, bp. of, see Mellitus

Saxony, envoy from,

Saxton (Sexton), Edmund, cartographer,

Saxy, John,

Say, Wm., engraver, Wm. de (fl. 1245),

Say, Saye and Sele, Lord and Vcts., see Fiennes

Sayer, Hen.,

Sayers, Thos., boxer,

Scaccario, Hen. de, Ralph de, Wm. de,

Scarborough (Scarbrough), Earl of, see Lumley

Scarburgh, Sir Chas., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.,

Scarlett, Jas., later Lord Abinger (d. 1844), K.C., Jas. (fl. 1873),

Schick, W. A.,

Schilles, M., cyclist,

Schlosel, -, oarsman,

Schmidt, see Smith

Schomberg, Fred. Herman von, Earl of Brentford, Duke of Schomberg (d. 1690),

Schreiber, Lady Charlotte,

Schrider, Chris., sr. (d. c. 1754), Chris., jr. (fl. 1754),

Schröter, Chris. Gottlieb,

Schulenberg, Ehrengard Melusina von der, Ctss. of Schulenberg, Dchss. of Kendal,

Schwarz, R. O.,

Schweppes Ltd.,

Scilly Islands,

Scoles, Revd. Alex.,

Scotland, ambassador, and see Melville; Semple; episcopal ch. of, wars with,

Scotstoun (Renfrew),

Scott, Lord Geo., cricketer, Sir Geo. Gil., architect, J. Oldrid, Jas., Duke of Monmouth (d. 1685), Jas. (d. 1855), S. W., cricketer, Sam., painter, Thos., Sir Walt., Fortunes of Nigel, Walt. Francis MontaguDouglas -, see Montagu-Douglas- Scott; and see Freeman, H. Scott

Scoville, Humph. de, and his w. Maud,

Scriven, John Bagot,

Scrope, Sir Hen. de, Philippa, see Brian

Seagrave, Hugh,

Seale, H. D., J. C. H., Sir John, Bt.,

Searle & Sons,

Seaton Street, see St. Pancras

Sebastopol (Sevastopol) (U.S.S.R., Ukraine),

Sedley, Cath. (d. 1747), see Weedon; Cath. (d. c. 1776-83), m. - Ridge, Sir Chas., Hen. Sumner, Jane, see Brydges; John Sumner, Sir Wm., Bt.,

Segrave, Gil., bp. of London, Steph.,

Seldon, John,

Selet, John, master of St. Giles's Hosp., Norwich,

Selkirk (Silkirke), Alex.,

Selwyn, Geo. Augustus, Col. John, n; -, see Farrington

Sempill (Semple), Rob., Lord Sempill (d. 1611),

Semyn, John Baptist,

Sench, see Shenche

Serjeants' Inn, see Inns of Court

Sermon, Sarah,

Services, Commutation of, and see Customs, feudal; Land tenures

Sevenoaks (Kent),

Sèvres (Fr., Seine et Oise),

Sewell, J. J., cricketer,

Sexton, see Saxton

Seymour, Adelaide, m. Fred. Spencer, Earl Spencer, Algernon, Duke of Somerset, cr. Earl of Northumberland (d. 1750), Anne, Dchss. of Somerset, see Stanhope; Cath., see Cath. (Parr); Chas., Duke of Somerset (d. 1748), Col. Chas. (d. 1854), Charlotte, see Finch; Cicely, see Beauchamp; Edw., Vct. Beauchamp, Earl of Hertford, Duke of Somerset (d. 1552), Lord Protector, Edw., Earl of Hereford (d. 1621), Eliz., m. Sir Hugh Percy (Smithson), Duke of Northumberland, Lady Eliz. (fl. c. 1800), n; Eliz., see Meriet; Eliz., see Percy; Emily Charlotte, m. Wm. Ric. OrmsbyGore, Lord Harlech, Frances, see Devereux; Frances, see Howard; Fred. Beauchamp Paget, Lord Alcester (d. 1895), admiral, Sir Geo. Francis, admiral, Sir Hen. (fl. 1549), Col. Sir Horace, Lord Hugh, Jane, see Jane (Seymour); Jane Georgiana, see Sheridan; Lady Kath., Nich., Rob., Sir Rog., Sir Thos., later Lord Seymour of Sudeley (d. 1549), Urias, Wm., Earl of Hertford, later Duke of Somerset (d. 1660), n,

Seymour-Conway, Francis, Marquess of Hertford (d. 1822), Francis Chas., Marquess of Hertford (d. 1842),

Shackle, Thos.,

Shadwell, Chas., 'Duke of',

Shadwell, see Stepney

Shaftesbury, Earl of, see Cooper

Shaftesbury Avenue, see West minster, City of

Shaftesbury Soc.,

Shakerley, Eliz.,

Shakespeare, Wm., n, Othello,

Shalderton, see Shalstone

Shales, John, - (fl. 1686), n

Shalstone (Shaldeston), misprinted Shalderton (Bucks.),

Shanks, -, coach-builder,

Shannon, Earl of, see Boyle

Shannon, Lady, see Killigrew

Sharp, Bros.,

Sharpe, Ben., Sir Montagu, n, n, n,

Shaw, Hen., Huntingdon, Sir Rob., Wm., Lady, w. of Sir Rob.,

Shearman, E. C., Montague, K. C.,

Shee, Sir Martin Archer,

Sheen, East (Surr.), Palace,

Sheen Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Sheffield, Edmund, Earl of Mulgrave (d. 1658),

Sheffield (Yorks.), ch.,

Shelley, Percy Bysshe, Capt.,

Shelton, Mary,

Shenche (Sench), Joan, see Leveland; John (fl. c. 1300), John (d. 1349), Marg.,

Shenley (Herts.),

Sheparde, Thos., n

Shepherd, see Hancock, Shepherd & Rixon

Shepherd's Bush, see Hammersmith

Sheppard, M. W., athlete,

Shepperton, par., adv., agric., almsho., Battle Crease Hall, boundaries, brickflds, bridges, chaps., char., chs., commons, Cowey, demesne, Dunally, Elmbank, ferries, film studios, fishing, glebe,

Shepperton, par. (cont.) gravel-digging, Green, n, Hamhaugh I., houses, incl., ind., inns, lights, loc. gov., Lower, mans., manor cts., Manor Fm., manor-hos., mkt.-gdns., Millbrook Ho., mills, Nether, nursery-gdns., Old Manor Ho., open fields, Pool End, pop., rly., Range, rector, Rectory ho., reservoirs,

Shepperton, roads, roads to, Charlton Rd., Chertsey Rd., Church Rd., Church Sq., Felix Lane, Ferry Lane, Fordbridge Rd., Gaston Bridge Rd., Govett Ave., Green Lane, High St., Highfield Rd., Laleham Rd., Linden Way, Manor Farm Ave., New Rd., Russell Rd., Sheepwalk Lane, Squires Rd., Walton Bridge Rd., Walton Lane, Walton Rd., Watersplash Rd., Windmill Lane,

Shepperton, schs., settlements, Shepperton Creek Ho., stn., suburban development, Thames, Thamesfield, tithes, Town End, Upper, vestry, Walton Bridge Green, Walton Bridge Ho., Watersplash Fm., workho., and see Halliford

Sheraton, Thos.,

Sherborn, Wm.,

Sheridan, Chas., Frank, Helen Selina, m. Price Blackwood, Lord Dufferin, Jane Georgiana, m. Edw. Adolphus Seymour, Duke of Somerset, M. J., athlete, Ric. Brinsley, playwright, Thos., and his w.,

Sheriff, see Middlesex; London

Sherrard Street, see Westminster, City of

Sherston (Wilts.), battle of,

Sherwood, Wm.,

Sheter, Ric.,

Shillibeer, John,

Shire Ditch, see Colne River

Shirley, Jas., Rob., Earl Ferrers (d. 1787),

Shitterton, in Bere Regis (Dors.),

Shobington (Bucks.), man.,

Shoolbred, furniture firm,


Shoreditch, Nich. of,

Shoreditch, borough of, agric., Balmes, or de Beauvoir Town, ch., Curtain Rd., Curtain St., High St., Holywell, incl., ind., inns, Norton Folgate, pop., and see Hoxton

Short, Jas.,

Shorter, Cath., m. Sir Rob. Walpole,

Shovell, Sir Cloudesley,


Shrewsbury, Duke of, see Talbot

Shrewsbury, Earls of, and see Montgomery; Talbot


Shrubb, A., athlete,

Shudi (Tschudi), Barbara, m. John Broadwood, Burkat (Burckhardt) (d. 1773), Burkat (d. 1803),

Shudi & Broadwood,

Shutz, Chris.,

Sidney (Sydney), Sir Hen., n; Hen., Earl of Romney, misprinted Ramsey (d. 1704), Sir Phil. (d. 1586), n; Sir Wm., Lady, see Dudley, Mary

Sifrewast, Ric. de, and his s.,

Sigillo, bp. of London,

Silbermann, Gottfried,


Silkirke, see Selkirk

Simnel, Lambert,

Simonds, H. & G., Ltd.,

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., n

Simple, Juliana, w. of Rob., Lettice, Rob. the (fl. 1169- 81), Rob. (fl. early 13th c.), Rob. the (d. by 1213), Rob. (fl. 1307),

Simpson, Aaron, Carlos, Edith, Wm., and see Brooke, Simpson & Spiller

Sindercombe, Miles,

Sipson, see Harmondsworth

Sipson Draghounds,

Sire, Wm. le (fl. 1235),

Skelton, John, poet, n,

Skene, Hen., Zoë, m. Wm. Thomson, abp. of York, n

Skinner, Sir Vincent,

Slack, -, boxer,

Slanestaple, unidentified,

Slaney, Kenyon,

Slater, W. L., oarsman,

Slavin, Frank,

Slein, -, wrestler,

Slingsby, Sir A.,

Sloane, Sir Hans, n

Sloane Square, see Chelsea

Slough (Bucks.), road to,

Smallberry Green, see Isleworth

Smallwood, W. H.,

Smart, John,

Smirke, Rob., R.A.,

Smith (Schmidt, Smyth), Sir A. L., Alf. Wm., Bernard, C. R., Sir C. Aubrey, actor and cricketer, Chas., Culling, Eastlake, tennis-player, Geo. (fl. 1601), Geo. (fl. 1649), J. T., Jas. (fl. 1776-94), clockmaker, Jas. (fl. 1886), boxer, John (fl. 1534), John (fl. 1616), John (fl. early 18th c.), Capt. John (d. 1808), Rob. (fl. 1666), Rob. (fl. 1908), Sir Thos. (fl. 1547), n; Thos. (fl. mid 18th c.), violin maker, Thos. Woodrouffe, Hon. W. F. D., Walt., Sir Warrington, Wm. (d. 1514), bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, later of Lincoln, Wm. (fl. 1651), - (fl. 1824), - (fl. 1850), -, d. of T. W., m. Geo. Head, -, of Ashford, and see Drake Smith

Smith, O. H., & R. Carrington,

Smith, T. & G.,

Smithesby, Thos., keeper of Privy Seal,

Smithfield, East, Liberty of, ind., pop., and see Religious Houses in and near London

Smithsby (Smithsbie), Wm.,

Smithson, F. C., athlete, Sir Hugh, see Percy

Smyth, see Smith

Smythe, John, Sir Wm., Wm., and see Smith

Snetzler, John,

Snyders, Franz, painter,

Soame, Thos., vicar of Staines,

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel,

Soho, see Westminster, City of

Solon, L. M., The Art of the Old English Potter, Old English Porcelain,

Somer, Hen.,

Somers, Sir John, Lord Somers (d. 1716), n; Will,

Somerset, Sir Alf. Plantagenet Fred. Chas., Edw., Earl of Worcester (d. 1628), Lord Fitzroy Jas. Hen., Lord Raglan (d. 1855), John, physician, Wm., Earl of Worcester (d. 1589), n

Somerset, Dchsses. of, see Percy, Eliz.; Sheridan; Stanhope, Anne

Somerset, Dukes of, see Seymour


Somerset House, or Place, see Westminster, City of

Somerton, John,

Somery, Alice de, Ralph de, fam.,

Sotheron, Rob.,

South Hants Militia,

South Middlesex Hosp.,

Southall (Southold), borough (for- merly part of Hayes par.), agric., ind., man., mkt., open fields, stn., trade union, and see Norcote

Southall-Norwood Urban District,

Southampton, Earl of, see Fitzwilliam

Southampton Row, see Holborn

Southampton Street, see Holborn; Westminster, City of

Southampton Water (Hants),

Southcote, Rog. of,

Southcote, see Ruislip

Southcott, Joanna,

Southgate, in Edmonton, agric., Arnos Grove, Bowes man., Broomfield Ho., ch., earthwk., Grovelands, Victoria Park,

Southill (Beds.),

Southold, see Southall

Southwark, borough of, bridge, n, cath. (St. George's), chs., fair, ind., St. George's Fields (part of), St. Thomas' St., Stoney Lane,

Southwark Priory, see Religious Houses, in and near London

Southwell, Wm.,

Sownes, Rob.,

Spain, n, ambassadors, and see Acuña; Quadra; Kings of, see Charles II; Philip II

Spalding Bros. Ltd.,

Spalding Golf Club,

Sparks, Dr. Thos.,

Spaxton (Soms.), rect.,

Speed, John, cartographer,

Speilman, see Spilman

Speke, Anne, m. Fred. North, Lord North, later Earl of Guildford,

Speltham Coursing Society,

Spelthorne, hundred of,

Spencer, Adelaide, Ctss., see Seymour; Alice, m. 1 Ferdinando Stanley, Earl of Derby, m. 2 Sir Thos. Egerton, Sir Brocket, Chas., Earl of Sunderland (d. 1722), Eliz., m. Geo. Cary, later Lord Hunsdon, Geo. (later Spencer-Churchill), Duke of Marlborough (d. 1817), Sir John, John, Earl Spencer (d. 1783), Rob., Earl of Sunderland (d. 1702), Susanna, m. Abraham Nelson, Thos., Hon. Capt., Lady,

Spenser, Edmund, Thos. le,

Spicer, John,

Spikes, Rob., boxer,

Spiller, Lady Anne, Brent Reynell, Sir Hen. (d. 1649/50), Hen. (fl. 1741), Hen. Reynell, see Reynell; Jane, m. Jas. Herbert, Kath., m. Sir Thos. Reynell, and see Brooke, Simpson & Spiller; Reynell

Spilman (Speilman), - (fl. 1588),

Spitalfields (formerly Lolsworth Field; Spittlehope), in Stepney, Acts, archery, ch., ind., mkts., riots, pop., silk,

Spode, Josiah,


Sprimont, Nich.,

Spring, Thos.,

Spring Gardens, see Westminster, City of

Spurr, Ant.,

Stables, S.,

Stackpole, John,

Stafford, Alex.,

Stafford-Howard, Wm., Earl of Stafford (d. 1734),


Stag Brewery,

Staggemeier, -, bookbinder,

Stainbank, Rob., and see Mears & Stainbank

Stainer, see Steiner

Staines, Ric. of,

Staines (Stanes), par., n, agric., berewicks, n; Binbury, Birch Green, boundaries, Bridge, other bridges, chapelries, chars., chs., n, Church End, Church Eyot, commons, communications, and see below, rly.; demesne, Duncroft Ho., East End, n; fairs, ferry, fishing, glebe, Grovebarns man., Hengrove, Hounslow Heath, Hythe, ind., inns, Knowle Fm., Knowle Green, Knowle Green Ho., Lit. & Scientific Inst., loc. gov., mans, n, n, see above, Grovebarns man., and below, Vicar's man.; Manor Ho., mkts. and fair, mkt.-gdns., Mill Mead, mills, n, Moor, newspapers, open fields, open spaces, Penton Hook, Pontes, P. L. union, pop., P. Nonconf., rly., and see above, communications; rect., regatta, reservoirs, and see Reservoirs; rivers,

Staines, roads, roads to, Binbury St., Blackboy, formerly Quaker's, Lane, Bridge St. Chestnut Grove, Church Lane, Church St., Clarence St., Edgell Rd., Goodman Pl., Gresham Rd., Hale St., High St., Kenilworth Gdns., Kingston Rd., Laleham Rd., London Rd., Market Sq., Memorial Gdns., Moor Lane, Richmond Rd., Riverside Drive, Staines Rd., and see Heston and Isleworth; Sunbury; Stanwell New Rd., Station Path, Thames Rd., Thames St., Tilley's Lane, Tothill St., Town Lane, Wheatsheaf Lane, Worple Ave., Wraysbury Rd., Wyatt Rd.,

Staines, Rural District, schs., settlements, Shortwood Common, Shortwood Ho., soil, sports clubs, stns., Southern Trading Estates, suburban de velopment., tenants, tithes, Town Hall, Urban District, vestry, vicar of, vicarage, Vicarage Ho., Vicar's man., warren, n; weirs, woods, workho., and see Hampton and Staines Turnpike Trust; Yeoveney

Staines and Egham News,

Staines & West Drayton Rly.,

Staines Road, see Heston and Isleworth; Staines; Sunbury

Staller, see Asgar

Stamford (Lincs.),

Stamford Hill, see Hackney

Standen, Col.,

Stanes, see Staines

Stanfield & Co.,

Stanhope, Anne, m. 1 Edw. Seymour, Duke of Somerset, m. 2 Francis Newdigate, Anne, see Read; Bridget, m. Geo. Feilding, Earl of Desmond, Chas., Vct. Petersham, Earl of Harrington (d. 1851), E., E. F., Eliz., m. Geo., Ld. Berkeley, Fitzroy, Geo., Earl of Chesterfield (d. 1866), John (fl. 1587), Sir John, later Lord Stanhope (d. 1621), vice chamberlain, Sir Mich. (d. 1552), Sir Mich. (d. 1621), groom of the privy chamber, Phil., Earl of Chesterfield (d. 1713), fam.,

Stanley, Alice, see Spencer; Anne, m. Grey Brydges, Lord Chandos, Edw., Earl of Derby (d. 1572), n; Eliz., see Vere; Ferdinando, Earl of Derby (d. 1594), Col.,

Stanmore, Great, par., agric., Canons, n Canons Park, golf club, incl., ind., man., n; pop., soil, and see Bentley Priory

Stanmore, Little, or Whitchurch, par. pop.,

Stansfeld, Rt. Hon. Sir Jas.,

Stansfeld & Co. Ltd.,

Stansgate (Essex),

Stanton, Mabel de, Wm. de, n,

Stanwell, par., n, adv., architecture, chars., agric., boundaries, bridges, Brook Cott., Court Fm., Cleremont or Clermunds man., Colnbrook End, Cheltenham Villas, ch., The Croft, demesne, Dunmore Ho., fishery, glebe, Hammonds Fm., Hammonds man., Hithermoor Fm., Hollies, n; Hounslow Heath, incl., ind., inns, Knollers man., lights and obits, Lord Knyvett's Sch., man., and see above, Cleremont, Hammonds and Knollers mans., and below, Park and Rudsworth mans.; manor courts, manor-ho., mkt.-gdns., Merricks Fm., see below, Southern; mills, ii. iii. Moor, iii. Moor Fm., iii. moors, iii. open fields, iii. Park Fm., see below, Stanhope Fm.; Park (Stanwell Park) man., iii. Perry Green, iii. Place, iii. pop., iii. P. Nonconf., iii. rly. stns., iii. reservoirs, iii. and see Reservoirs; rivers, iii.

Stanwell, roads, iii. road to, ii. Bath Rd., iii. Bedfont Rd., iii. Hithermoor Rd., iii. Horton Rd., iii. Leylands Lane, iii. London Rd., iii. Long Lane, iii. Moor Lane, iii. New Rd., iii. Oaks Rd., iii. Park Rd., iii. St. Mary's Cres., iii. Selwood Pl., iii. Spout Lane, iii. Staines Rd., iii. Stanwell New Rd., iii. Town Lane, iii. Viola Ave., iii. Rudsworth, iii. Rudsworth End, iii. Rudsworth Fm., iii. Rudsworth man., iii. schs., iii. and see above, Lord Knyvett's Sch.; settlements, iii. soil, iii. Southern, formerly Merricks, Fm., iii. Stanhope, formerly Park, Fm., iii. Stanwellmoor, suburban development, iii. Town Fm., East iii. Town Fm. West, iii. vestry, iii. Vicarage Ho., iii. Windsor Cott., iii. workho., iii. and see Bedfont, West; Poyle; Windsor

Stapley, Thos., ii.

Starr, see Bishop & Starr

Stationers' Company of London, ii.

Steane (Northants.), ii. iii. n

Stebenhythe, see Stepney

Steele, Ric., essayist, ii.

Steere, Wm., iii.

Stein, Johann Andreas, ii.

Steiner, violin makers, ii.

Stephen, King, iii.

Stephen Street, see St. Marylebone

Stephens, Alex., ii.

Stephenson, Edw., iii.

Stepney, Brice of, iii. - (fl. 1807), ii.

Stepney (Stebenhythe), par. and borough, ii. agric., ii. archery, ii. Blackwall, ii. chs., ii. fair, ii. feud. services, ii. incl., ii. ind., ii. plague, ii. pop., ii. Shadwell, ii. soil, ii. streets: Brick Lane, ii. Brown's Lane, see below, Hanbury St., Cleveland St., ii. Commercial Rd., East, ii. Halliwell St., ii. Hanbury St., formerly Brown's Lane, Spitalfields, ii. Middlesex St., com- monly Petticoat Lane, ii. Mile End Rd., ii. Petticoat Lane, see above, Middlesex St., Ratcliff Highway, ii. St. Peter's Rd., ii. Whitechapel Rd., ii. and see Bethnal Green; Charterhouse; Limehouse; Ratcliff; St. Katherine by the Tower; Spitalfields; Wapping; Whitechapel

Stern, Herbert, Lord Michelham (d. 1919), and his w., ii.

Sternberg, Cath. Augusta, Baroness de (d. 1859), iii.

Stettin Pomerania, Duke of, see Philip

Stevens, C. E., ii. Col. Geo., ii.

Stevenson, Rob. Louis, iii.

Stewart, Lord Jas., Earl of Moray (d. 1570), ii. Marg., m. Chas. Howard, Earl of Nottingham., ii. n; and see Stuart

Stewart & Head, ii.

Stiff & Co., ii.

Stigand, abp. of Canterbury,

Stocken, John, ii. Oliver (d. 1808), ii. Oliver Thos. John (fl. 1824-40), ii. Ric., ii. Wm., ii.

Stockholm (Sweden), ii. n

Stodart, John, ii. Mat., ii. Rob., ii. Wm., ii.

Stoddart, A. E., cricketer, ii. A. G., ii. n

Stoke, Hen. de, iii. Maud de, iii.

Stoke abbey, unidentified, ii.

Stoke by Clare Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Stoke Newington, see Newington

Stoke Poges (Bucks.), iii.

Stokes, Nich. de, iii.

Stone, E. H., ii. n; John, iii. Nich., sculptor, iii.

Stone (Staffs.), iii.

Stoney Lane, see Southwark

Stoop, Dirk, ii.

Storer, Martha, m. Wm. Baker, ii. Pet. (d. before 1753), ii. Pet. (d. 1760), ii. Rob., ii. Walt., ii.

Store Street, see St. Pancras

Stort Navigation, see Lea and Stort

Stortford, Wm. of, archdeacon of Mdx., iii.

Storye, John, ii.

Stout, W., oarsman, ii.

Stow, John, Annals, ii. Survey of Lond., ii.

Stowe (Bucks.), ii.

Stoyte, John (Jacob),

Strachan, G., cricketer, ii.

Stradivari, Antonio, ii.

Strafford, Earls of, see Byng; Wentworth

Strand, see Westminster, City of

Strand on the Green, see Chiswick

Strasbourg (France), ii.

Stratford, A. H., cricketer, ii. Penelope, m. Ric. Geast, later Dugdale, iii. Rob., iii.

Stratford atte Bow, see Bow

Stratford-le-Bow (Essex), ii.

Stratford Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Strathblaine Road, see Clapham

Stratton, W. T, iii.

Straw, Jack, ii. castle, see Hampstead

Strawberry Hill, in Twickenham, ii. architecture, iii. Golf Club, ii. iii. park, iii. press,

Streatley (Berks.),

Street, G. E., iii.

Streicher, Johann Andreas, ii.

Stretes, Guilliam, painter, ii. n

Streatfield, - (fl. 1908), ii.

Strickland, Agnes, ii. n; C., ii.

Strode, Sir Geo., ii. Hen., iii.

Stroud, Thos., iii.

Stroud Green, see Hornsey

Strudwick, -, cricketer, ii.

Strype, John, ii.

Stuart, A. A., oarsman, ii. Lady Arabella, m. Sir Thos. Seymour, ii. Frances, m. Jerome Weston, Earl of Portland, ii. Ludovick, Duke of Lennox (d. 1624), ii. Mary, see Mary, Queen of Scots; Mat., Earl of Lennox (d. 1571), and his w., iii. and see Stewart

Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Jas. Arch., Lord Wharncliffe (d. 1845),

Stubbs (Stubbes), Laurence (fl. 1515- 27), ii.

Studd, C. T., cricketer, ii. G. B., cricketer, ii.

Sturt, Sir Humph. Napier, Lord Abington (d. 1919), ii.

Stutchbury, H. O., ii.

Styles, W. K., marksman, ii.

Suckling, Sir John, poet, iii.

Sudbury, Sim., abp. of Canterbury,

Sudbury, see Harrow

Sudbury (Suff.), ii.

Suffolk, ii.

Suffolk, Ctss. of, see Howard, Henrietta

Suffolk, Dchss. of, see Brandon, Frances; Grey, Frances

Suffolk, Duke of, see Grey, Hen.; Brandon

Suffolk, Earl of, see Howard, Jas., Thos.

Suffolk House, see Westminster, City of

Sugden, John, iii.

Sully, Hen., ii.

Sunbury, par., ii. adv., iii. agric., ii. iii. almsho., iii. architecture, iii. Batavia Ho., iii. Blakesley Lodge, iii. boundaries, iii. brickworking, iii. bridges, iii. Burwash, iii. n; the Butts, iii. chars., iii. Charlton, iii. Charlton Ho., iii. Charlton man., iii. Church Green, iii. Church Villa, iii. Church Wharf, iii. chs., iii. Clock Ho. Fm., iii. Common, Court, iii. The Creek, iii. Darby Ho., iii. demesne, iii. ferries, iii. fishing, ii. French ch., iii. glebe, iii. gravel working, iii. Hawke Ho., Hawke Villa, iii. House, later Sunbury Park Ho., iii. incl., ii. iii. ind., iii. inns, iii. Ivy Ho., iii. land in, ii. loc. gov., iii. Loudwater, iii. n; Lower, iii. man., iii. and see above, Charlton man., and below, Oxenford man.; Manor, iii. Manor Fm., iii. manor ho's., iii. mkt. and nursery gdns., iii. mill, iii. Montford Ho., iii. Mount Pleasant, iii. Old Manor Fm., Old Manor Fm., Old Vicarage, open fields, iii. Orchard Ho., iii. Oxenford (Somertons) man., iii. Place, iii. Pomfret Cott., poorho., and see below, workho.; pop., rly.,

Sunbury, roads, road to, Ashford Rd., The Avenue, Batavia Rd., Beechwood Ave., Burgoyne Rd., Charlton Lane, Charlton Rd., Church St., Fordbridge Rd., French Pl., French St., Green Lane, Green St., formerly Sunbury Lane, Hanworth Rd., Lower Hampton St., Manor Lane, Marion Pk., Nursery Rd., Park Rd., Port Lane, Ropewalk, n; School Walk, Staines Rd., Staines Rd. East, Staines Rd. West, Sunbury Lane, see above, Green St.; Thames St., Upper Halliford Rd., Vicarage Rd., Windmill Rd.,

Sunbury, R. Catholm., Rookery, Rossall Ho., schs., stns., suburban development, Sunbury Park, Sunbury Park Ho., see above, House; Thames, tithes, Upper, Urban District, see Sunbury-on-Thames; vestry, Vicarage ho., waterworks, West Lodge, workho., ii, and see above, poorho.; and see Halliford; Kempton

Sunbury-on-Thames Urban District, n,

Sunderland, Earl of, see Spencer

Sundon, Lady, see Dyve

Surgey, Cornelius,

Surrey, agric., bridges, ch. bells, hunting, Mdx. land in, riots, sports, Thames as boundary, Thames towpath,

Surrey, Earls of, see Fitzalan; Howard, Hen.

Sussex, Duke of, see Yelverton

Sussex, Earl of, see Radcliffe

Sussex, n,

Sutherland, A. H., n

Sutton, or Dudley, Sir Edmund, Edw., Lord Dudley (d. 1532), Joyce, see Tiptoft

Sutton, John, canon residentiary of St. Paul's, Sir Ric., Thos.,

Sutton, in Chiswick, feud. services, tenants, wages,

Sutton, see Heston

Sutton (Surr.), man.,

Sutton Street, see Westminster, City of

Swaefred, King of Essex,

Swahn, O. G., marksman,

Swain, Thos., bellfounder,

Swakeleys, see Harefield; Ickenham

Swalcliffe (Swalclyve), Rob. de,

Swan Brewery,

Swanlond, Denise, w. of Wm. (d. by 1439) Joan m. John Newdigate, Sim. (fl. 1315-) 33), Sim. (fl. 1346), Sim. (fl. 1353-4), Wm. (fl. 1355), Wm. (fl. 1364-71), Wm. (d. 1403), Wm. (d. by 1439), fam.,

Swansfield, see Usher

Swayne, Francis,


Sweep, -, boxer,

Sweeps Ditch, in Staines,

Swift, Jonathan, n,

Switzerland, and see Anglo-Swiss Screw Co.

Sydney, see Sidney

Sydney (Australia),

Syers, E., n; Mrs., skater,

Sykes, W. E., Ltd.,

Symons, Thos.,

Syon Abbey, in Isleworth, n, abbesses, agric., brickmaking, conduit, demesnes, and see Isleworth, Dairyhouse; foundation, grants to, nun of, park, property, site of,

Syon House, in Isleworth, agric., architecture, gateway, owners, park, royal visits,

Tabel, Herman, -, w. of Herman,

Tait, Arch. Campbell, bp. of London,

Takeley (Essex), n

Takeley Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Talbot, Chas., Earl and Duke of Shrewsbury (d. 1718), Geo., Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1538), n; Geo., Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1590), n; Geo., called Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1733), Gil., Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1616), Sir Gil. (fl. 1661), Sir John, fam., n,

Talbot, Clement, Ltd.,

Talent, John, Matilda, see Perkelee

Tallard, Comte de, see Hostun

Talman, Wm.,

Tandeane (Soms.),

Tanfield, Eliz., m. Sir Hen. Cary, Vct. Falkland,

Tankerville, Earl of, see Bennet, Chas.

Tann, John,

Tapestry working,

Tapp, Maj. W. H., n

Tarbe, bp. of, see Grammont

Tarleton, Capt. Alf. Hen.,

Tarrant, -, cricketer,

Tassaert, Jean Pierre Ant.,

Tassie, Wm.,

Tate, John, jr. (fl. 1496), mayor of Lond.,

Tattersalls', auctioneers,

Taunton (Soms.),

Tavener, Phil.,

Tavistock Street, see Westminster, City of

Tayler, Emily Charlotte, Ric. (fl. 1679), Ric. (d. 1792),

Taylor, A. S., Evelyn, G., Geo., H., swimmer, H. H., J. B., athlete, J. H., J. V., John (fl. 1585), John the younger (fl. 1856), Sir Rob., Rog., W. H., Capt., - (fl. 1575),

Taylor & Co., n,

Taylors of Loughborough, bellfounders,

Technicolor Ltd.,

Teddington (Tuddington), par., n, n, account rolls, adv., agric., almsho., n, and see below, workho.; archi tecture, berewick, Blackmore Fm., Bridgeman Ho., Bushy Ho., Causeway, chapelry, see below, ch.; chaplains, chars., chs. and chapelry, Common, Creweyte curate, demesne, earthwk., Elmfield Ho., Faversham Ho., feud. services, fishing, Fulwell, Gayles or Geles man., Gomer Ho., Grove, Hall, hosps., Hounslow Heath, incl., ind., inns, local gov., lock, man., and see above, Gayles man.; manor-ho., map of, mkt.-gdns., mill, Nat. Physical Lab., New Hampton, nursery-gdns., open fields, Place, pop., P. Nonconf., rly., rectory,

Teddington, roads, road to, Anlaby Rd., Broad St., Broom Rd., Bushy Pk. Rd., Church Rd., Clarence Rd., Coleshill Rd., Cromwell Rd., Elfin Grove, Elmfield Ave., Fairfax Rd., Ferry Rd., Fulwell Rd., Hampton Rd., High St., Kingston Lane, Kingston Rd., Manor Rd., Middle Lane, Park Lane, Park Rd., Park St., Princes Rd., Queens Rd., Rivermeads Ave., St. Mark's Rd., Sandy Lane, Schoolhouse Lane, Shacklegate Lane, Shacklegate Rd., Staines Rd.,

Teddington, roads (cont.) Stanley Rd., Station Rd., Twickenham Rd., Vicarage Rd., Waldegrave Rd., Wellington Rd., Wilcox Rd.,

Teddington, R. Catholm., St. Margaret's Ho., schs., settlements, soil, South, suburban development, Thames, tithes, Town end, Town Hall, Trowlock I., Udney Hall, Udney Ho., Udney Park, Upper, Urban District, vestry, wages, Wick, workho., and see above, almsho.

Teinfrith (fl. c. 1066),

Templars, Knights, master of,

Temple, Fred., bp. of London, Hen., ii. Hen. John, Vct. Palmerston (d. 1865), statesman,

Temple Bar, see London, City of

Temple, Inner, and Middle, see Inns of Court

Tennant, H. M., n; J. P., athlete,


Tennis Court, see Westminster, City of

Tenterden, Rog.,

Tenures, see Land tenures

Terrick, Ric., bp. of Peterborough,

Terry, Edw. (d. 1660), Edw. (fl. 1663),

Teulon, S. S.,

Tewkesbury Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Tewkesbury Court, see Whitechapel

Thackeray, Wm. Makepeace,

Thame, Phil. de, prior of the Hospital of St. John,

Thame Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Thames, River, admin., and see London, Port of London Authority; Thames Conservancy Board; aits, banks, basin, as boundary, bridges, crossings of, ferries, fishing, floods, ind. on, mill on, navigation, reclamation, rivers draining into, rowing on, settlements on, towpath, valley, water meadows, watermen, and see Doggett; weirs, other refs., and see Isleworth; Laleham; Littleton; Shepperton; Staines; Sunbury; Teddington; Twickenham

Thames Angling Preservation Society,

Thames Conservancy Board,

Thames Ditton (Surr.),

Thames Iron Works,

Thames Rowing Club,

Thames Valley Rly.,

Thames Valley Times,

Thatcher, fam.,

Thavies Inn, see Inns of Court

Thayer, Augustine,

Theed, W.,

Theobald's Park (Herts.), n,

Theobald's Road, see Holborn

Thickpenny, Leo.,

Thistleworthe, see Isleworth

Thom, Jas.,

Thomas, Sir Dalby, Francis, H., boxer, Susanna,

Thomas, of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1397),

Thomas atte Knolle,

Thomas of Oxford (fl. late 13th c.), of Oxford (fl. 1338),

Thompson, Jane, Sam., Sir Wm., Wm. 'Bendigo', boxer,

Thoms, R.,

Thomson, Rob., Mrs., see Skene

Thoresby, Ralph,

Thorneycroft, -, yachtsman,

Thorneycroft & Co.,

Thornbury (Glos.),

Thorney, in Iver (Bucks.),

Thornhill, Sir Jas.,

Thornton, C. I., cricketer, Edw., Dr. G., cricketer, Jos., P. M., Ric., and his w. Alice, Thos.,

Thorold, Sir Geo., Bt., lord mayor of London,

Thorowgood, Sir John,

Thorp, Geo., Nich., Ric.,

Thrale, -, brewer,

Threadneadle Street, see London, City of

Three Cocks (Brecknock),

Throckmorton, Sir Wm.,

Throwley (Kent),

Thubron, E. B., yachtsman,

Thurbarn, Ralph, Rob.,

Thurloe, John, clerk of Council of State,

Thurstan, thegn,

Thwaites, Ainsworth, John,

Thwaites & Reed,

Thynne, Dorothy, see Phelips; Hen., Sir John, n

Tichborne, John, Sir Rob., lord mayor of London, Rog.,

Tichborne (Hants),

Tichborne, John, and his w. Marg.,

Tijou (Tissue), Jean,

Tilbury, -, coach-builder, -, huntsman,

Tillières, - de (fl. early 17th c.), chamberlain to the queen,

Tilston, Thos.,

The Times,

Tindall, H. C. L., athlete,

Tintern Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Tiptoft, Edw., Earl of Worcester (d. 1485), Sir John (d. 1442/3), John, later Earl of Worcester (d. 1470), iii. Joyce, m. Sir Edm. Sutton (or Dudley), Philippa, see Gurney

Tirrell, Geo., gentleman usher,

Tissue, see Tijou

Tobacco manufacture,

Todd, A. F.,

Toft Hall (Ches.),

Tolkein, see Gravell & Tolkein

Tollemache, Chas.,

Tollit, Wm.,

Tolson (or Dash), Anne, n,

Tomlin, Jerrard,

Tompion, Thos., clockmaker,

Tompkins, Pet.,

Tongham (Surr.), man.,

Took's Court, see London, City of

Torbay (Devon),

Torrington Square, see St. Pancras

Torrington, Vct., see Byng

Tothill, see Westminster, City of

Toto, Ant., see Nunziato

Tottel (Tottyl), Ric.,

Tottenham (Tottenhall), par. and borough, agric., Bruce Castle, n; Bruce man., Bruce Park, earthwks., Down Hills, man., and see above Bruce man., and below, Mockings man.; Marsh Lane, mills, Mockings man., pop., soil, Willoughbys, Wood Green,

Tottenham Court Road, see Holborn

Totteridge (Herts.),

Tottyl, see Tottel

Tough, R. A.,

Tough Bros. Ltd.,

Tough & Henderson Ltd.,

Toulouse (France),

Tours (France, Indre-et-Loire),

Tower Bridge, see London, City of

Tower Hamlets, see London, City of

Tower House, see Orpington

Tower Hill, see London, City of

Tower of London, see London, Tower of

Tower Without, Old, precinct of,

Townley (Townly), Francis, Nich., and his w. Joan,

Townsend, Hen. Hare, n; Chas., Vct. Townshend (d. 1738),

Towse, Martha,

Tracy (Tracey), Eliz., see Leigh; Sir Humph., John,

Trade Unions, and see Nat. Union of Gas Workers and General Labourers; Platelayers' Union; United Building Labourers' Union

Trafalgar, battle of,

Traherne, Thos., poet,

Transylvania, Prince of,

Trapp, Prof. Jos.,

Travers, R., boxer,

Treasurer (Tresourer), Wm.,

Treaties, see Hampton Court; Lam beth; Uxbridge; Wedmore

Tregent, John,

Trent, River (Notts.), n

Tresham, Francis,

Tresourer, see Treasurer

Treswell, Ralph,

Trinder, Dan.,

Trinidad (W. I.), n

Tristram, Dr.,

Trollope, Ant., novelist,

Trollope & Sons Ltd.,

Trot, John, see St. John, Hen.

Trott, Albert, cricketer, ii, Rob.,

Truber, Lawrence,

Truesdale, fam.,

Truman, Ben., later Sir Ben., Jos. sr. (d. 1719), Jos. jr.,

Truman's Brewery,

Truman & Co.,

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. Ltd.,

Trunkey, Rob., n

Truscott, Sir Geo. Wyatt, Bt., lord mayor of London,

Tschudi, see Shudi

Tuddington, see Teddington

Tudor, Marg., see Beaufort

Tufton, Sir Chas.,

Tull, John,

Tunbridge Wells (Kent),

Turenne, François, Vicomte de,


Turner, Chas. (fl. 1837), John, vicar of Sunbury (fl. 1663), John (d. c. 1753), John (fl. 1761), Jos. M. W., artist, M., cricketer, Dr. Wm., naturalist, - (fl. 1828), fam.,

Turnham Green, see Chiswick

Turnpenny, John,

Turnpike Roads, in Mdx., and see Bath Road; Brentford; Hadley; Hampton and Staines

Turnstile, see Holborn

Turpin, Dick,

Tuscany, Duke of, see Cosmo III; envoy from,

Twickenham, par. and borough, n, adv., agric., Ait, almshos., and see below, workho.; architecture, Borough Co., boundaries, bridges, Burgate, cavalry corps., chars., chs., and see below, Montpelier chap.; cinemas, clubs, Common, Cross Deep, earthwk., East, Eel Pie I., ferries, feud. services, fisheries, glebe, Green, hosps., Hounslow Heath, incls., ind., inns, landholders, lesser estates, loc. gov., man., n; n, and see below, York's man.; manor-ho., manor pk., map of, mkt.gdns., Met. and City Police Orphanage, Milford Stakes, n; mills, and see below, powder mills; Montpelier chap., Moor Mead, newspapers, and see Richmond and Twickenham Times; obits and lights, Oldford, open fields, pop., powder mills, P. Nonconf., Queen's Fm., rly., Ratepayers Assoc., rectory, regattas, rivers, R. Catholm., rowing club, Rugby Union Football Ground, St. Margaret's, St. Mary's Training Coll., schs., settlements, soil, stns., Strawberry Vale, suburban development, Thames, theatre, tithes, Town Hall, Urban District, vestry, vicarage, vicarage ho., vineyd., warren, waterways, weirs, workho., and see above, almshos.; worthies, York Fm., York Ho. Soc., York's (Worton; Whitton; York Hold), man., other refs., and see Fulwell; Strawberry Hill

Twickenham, houses in, Arragon Ho., Arragon Tower, Bath Ho., Briar Ho., Brook Ho., Cambridge Ho., Cambridge Pk., Cole Pk., n, Colne Lodge, Copt Hall, Crane Pk., Cross Deep Ho., Dial Ho., Fortescue Ho., Grosvenor Ho., Heath Lane Lodge, Heatham Ho., Heathfield, Holly Ho., Kneller Hall, and see Royal Military Sch. of Music; The Lodge, Manor Ho., Marble Hill, n; Mt. Lebanon, Orford Lodge, Orleans Ho., Orleans Pk., Perryn Ho., Pope's ho., Pope's Villa, Poulett Lodge, Radnor Ho., Richmond Ho., Riverside Ho., St. Hubert's Priory, Sandycombe, formerly Solus, Lodge, Saville Ho., Solus Lodge, see above, Sandycombe; South End Ho., Twickenham Ho., Twickenham Park, Vicarage, n; Wellesley Ho., York Ho.,

Twickenham, roads, roads to, Alma Rd., Amyand Pk. Rd., Arragon Rd., Back Lane, Briar Rd., Cambridge Parade, Campbell Rd., Catherine Rd., Chertsey Rd., Church Alley, Church St., Clifden Rd., Cobbett Lane, Colne Rd., Creswell Rd., Edwin Rd., Egerton Rd., Embankment, First Cross Rd., Garfield Rd., Garret Lane, n; Gould Rd., Grosvenor Rd., Hampton Rd., Heath Rd., Heath Row, Holly Rd., Hospital Bridge Rd., Hounslow Rd., Kneller Gdns., Kneller Rd., King St., London Rd., Manor Rd., May Rd., Meadway, Mereway, Montpelier Rd., Montpelier Row, Oak Lane, Old Manor Drive, Orleans Rd., Percy Rd., Pope's Ave., Pope's Grove, Powder Mill Lane, Queen St., Queen's Rd., Radnor Gdns., Richmond Rd., Riverside, Rosslyn Rd., St. Margaret's Rd., Sandycombe Rd., School Alley, Shoe Lane, Sion Row, Staines Rd., Strawberry Hill Rd., Third Cross Rd., Trafalgar Rd., Trafalgar Sq., Turk's Lane, Vicarage Rd., Waldegrave Gdns., Waldegrave Pk., Waldegrave Rd., Warren Rd., Whitton Rd., Winchester Rd., York St.,

Twining, Eliz., Ric., Thos.,

Two Brewers Yard, see Holborn

Twyford, in Willesden, Abbey, agric., man., n, pop., Twyford Pk.,

Tybault, Jas.,

Tybbold, Francis,

Tyburn, in St. Marylebone, execution at, man., and see St. Marylebone

Tyldesley, -, cricketer,

Tyler, Walt.,

Tyrell, Sir Wm.,

Tyrrel, Ant.,

Tyrwhitt (Tyrwhit), Eliz., see Phelips; Sir John, Bt., Rob.,

Tyves, Lodewyke,

Udall, Ephraim,

Udney, A. L., n; Rob.,

Ulf, housecarl,

Ulward (fl. 1066),

Ulyett, -, cricketer,

Umfray, Ric.,

Unilever Ltd.,

Union Oil and Cake Mills,

Unions, Trade, see Trade Unions

United Asbestos Co., iii.

United Building Labourers' Union,

United Hospitals Athletic Club,

United States of America, see America

Unwyt, Arthur,

Upton (Bucks.),

Urban II, Pope,

Urlewin, Rog.,

Urmson, G. H.,

Urquhart, Thos.,

Urseau, see Oursiau

Usher (Sandesfeld; Swansfield), Joan, see Merk; Rog.,

Uvedale, Rob., botanist,

Uxbridge, Earl of, see Paget

Uxbridge, par. and borough, Borough Co., cavalry corps, in Civil War, common and moor, communications, courts at, fairs, Golf Club, Hillingdon Ho., hunt, ind., man., n; mkt., Moor, P.L. Union, pop., P. Nonconf., rivers, roads, roads to, Rural District Co., shops, Urban District Co., other refs., and see Colham; Rickmansworth and Uxbridge

Uxbridge, conference of,

Uxbridge and District Electricity Supply Co.,

Uxbridge and Hillingdon Gas Con- sumers' Co.,

Uxbridge, Treaty of,

Uxbridge Yeomanry Cavalry,

Uxendon, see Harrow

Valognes, Joan de, m. Sir Rob. de Grey, Thos. de, and his w. Joan,

Valoigne, Rob. de, Rose de, see Blunt

Vanbrugh, Sir John, architect,

Vanderdoort, Abraham,

Vanderoke, Joyce,

Vandyck, see Dyck

Van Gogh, Vincent,

Vanneck, Joshua, Lord Huntingfield (d. 1844),

Van Somer, Paul, painter,

Vardon, H.,

Vaudemont, Francis, Prince of,

Vaughan, Lady Blanche, Francis, Sir Hugh, Waller,

Vautort, Hugh, John (fl. 1232), John (fl. 1267), Ric., Sim.,

Vauxhall (Surr.), bridge,

Veer, see Vere

Venice (Italy), ambassadors, see Giustinian; Venier

Venice and Murano Glass & Mosaic Co. Ltd.,

Venier, Marco Antonio, Venetian ambassador,

Venour, Wm., keeper of the Fleet prison,

Ventnor (I.O.W),

Vere, Eliz. de, m. Wm. Stanley, Earl of Derby, n; Lady Frances, m. Hen. Howard, Earl of Surrey, John de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1513), John de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1562), Rob. de, Earl of Oxford (d. 1392), Lady Susan, n

Vere, Lord, see Beauclerk

Vernon (Redvers; Reviers; Ripariis; Rivers), G. E., cricketer, G. F., cricketer, Jas., secretary of state, Joan, m. Hubert de Burgh, Wm., Earl of Devon (d. 1217), Wm. Fred., and see Rivers

Verrio, Antonio, painter,

Versailles (France),

Verulamium, see St. Albans

Vicars, Sam.,

Vick, Ric.,

Victor, - (fl. 18th c.),

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria Street, see Westminster, City of

Vienna (Austria),

Vigue, H.,

Vikings, see Danes

Villebois, Hen., John Freeman, - (fl. 1824),

Villiers, Chris., Earl of Anglesey (d. 1630), Edw., Earl of Jersey (d. 1711), Eliz., m. Lord Geo. Hamilton, cr. Earl of Orkney, n; Frances, see Coke; Lord Francis, n; Geo., Duke of Buckingham (d. 1628), Geo., Duke of Buckingham (d. 1687), n, n; Geo. (later ChildVilliers), Earl of Jersey (d. 1859), Sir John, and see Child-Villiers; FitzGerald

Villiers Estates Co.,

Vincent, Sir Edgar, n; Mat., Wm.,

Virginia (U.S.A.),

Viste, Antoine le,

Vitalis, abbot of Westminster,

Voight, E. R., athlete,

Voltaire, François Arouet,

Vulliamy, Ben. (fl. c. 1780), Ben. Lewis (d. 1854), Justin, fam.,

Vyel, John, n; Margery, see St. Albans; Sabine de, m. Wm. of Durham,

Vyner, Rob., Notitia Venatica,

Waade, Armagill,

Waddington, M.,

Wade, G. C.,

Wages, in Middle Ages, table of,

Walcheren (Netherlands), n

Waldegrave, Sir Edw. (fl. 1554), Geo. Edw., Earl Waldegrave (d. 1846), Jas., Earl Waldegrave (d. 1741), n

Waldegrave, Ctsses., see Braham; Walpole

Walden, And. of, Ric. de,

Walden Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Waldon, Dr. Thos.,

Waldron, Geo., n


Wales, Princes of, see Edward VII; Frederick; George II; Henry

Wales, Princesses of, see Augusta; Joan (Holand)

Waleys, Augustine, and his w. Maud,

Walham Green, see Fulham

Walker, Ant., Geo., I. D., cricketer, J., cricketer, J. G., cricketer J. O., J. R., Jos. Wm., R. D., R. E., athlete, Thos., V. E., cricketer, W. (fl. 1908), W. H.,

Walker, J. W., & Sons,

Wall, F. J., n

Wallace, Mrs.,

Walleis, Hry.,

Waller, Edmund, poet, n; Sir Wm.,

Wallingford (Berks.),

Wallingford, honor of, honor courts,

Wallmoden, Amalia Sophia von, Ctss. of Yarmouth,

Wallop, Sir John,

Walls, L.,

Walpole, Catherine, see Shorter; Sir Edw., Horace, quoted, n, Hugh, Laura, m. Fred. Keppel, bp. of Exeter, Maria, m. 1 Jas. Waldegrave, Earl Waldegrave, m. 2 Wm. Hen., Duke of Gloucester, n; Sir Rob., statesman,

Walrond, Col. H., n

Walshe, Peter,

Walsingham, Sir Francis, Commodore Hon. Rob. Boyle,

Walsingham, Lady, see St. Barbe

Walsingham, Lord, see Grey, Thos. de

Walter de Albini,

Walter fitz Other,

Walter the Franklin,

Walter, John (fl. 1381), Sir John (d. 1630), chief baron of the Exchequer, John (d. 1812), Pet. Fitz, see Fitz Walter

Waltham (Essex),

Waltham Abbey, see Religious Houses, other counties

Waltham Cross (Essex),

Waltham Watch Co.,

Walther, -, bookbinder,

Walton, Bryan, bp. of Chester, Izaak,

Walton Leghe (Surr.), man.,

Walton on Thames (Surr.), boundaries, bridge, ch., ferry, fishing, man., regatta, Urban Dist. Co.,

Walton on the Hill (Surr.), man.,

Walworth, Wm., lord mayor of London,

Walyngton, Thos.,

Wamsley, Peter,

Wandesford (Wandsford; Wansford; Waynesford), John, Thos., alderman and sheriff of London, Wm.,

Wandon, see Fulham

Wandsford, see Wandesford

Wandsworth (Surr.), n; bridge, man.,

Wanedsor, see Windsor

Wansdon's Green, see Fulham

Wansford, see Wandesford

Wanstead (Essex),

Wanswell Court (Glos.),

Wapping, in Stepney, pop.,

Wapping (Essex),

War Office, see Ministries

Warburton, John,

Warbynton, John,

Ward, Dudley, Jas., John, Vct. Dudley and Ward (d. 1788), Thos.,

Wardour Street, see Westminster, City of

Ware, Wm. de,

Ware (Herts.),

Warham, Wm., abp. of Canterbury, n

Waring, - (fl. 1780),

Warland, Lydia, see Dwight; Thos.,

Warner, Eliz., m. Walt. Green, Hugh (fl. 12th c.), Pelham F., cricketer, Rob., -, bellfounder,

Warner Bros.,

Warner, John, & Sons,

Warren, Revd. Dawson,

Warrener, John the,

Warton, Thos.,

Warwick, Ctss. of, see Russell, Anne

Warwick, Earls of, see Beauchamp, Ric. de; Dudley, Ambrose, John; Neville, Ric.; Rich


Warwick, Isaac, & Co.,


Washington, Sir Wm.,

Wastell (Page), Joyce, groom of the chamber,

Wastfield & Moss,


Waterloo, battle of,

Waterloo, bridge, see Westminster, City of

Waterlow, Sir Sidney,

Waterlow Park, see Highgate

Watermen and Lightermen of London, Company of,

Watford (Herts.),

Watkin, Thos.,

Watkins, Steph., Wm.,

Watling Street, see Roads

Watney, Jas. (fl. 1837-56), Jas. (d. 1884), Norman,

Watney (Herts.),

Watney & Co.,

Watney, Combe Reid & Co.,

Watson, Ant., bp. of Chichester, J. B., Sir Wm., and see Farnell & Watson; LindsayWatson

Watt, Jas.,

Watteau, Antoine, painter,

Way, Ben., Lewis, fam.,

Wayland, John, Margery, and see Weyland

Waynesford, see Wandesford

Wealdstone, see Harrow

Wear Gifford (Devon),

Weatherby, - (d. 1762), and see Crowther & Weatherby

Webb, Anne, F. Doran, Ric., Wm., -, athlete,

Webb, John G., & Co.,

Webbe, A. J., cricketer,

Webber, Geo.,

Webster, Ric. Everard, Lord, later Vct., Alverstone (d. 1915),

Wedderburn, Alex., Lord Loughborough, later Earl of Rosslyn, Lord Chancellor (d. 1805),

Wedgwood, Carlos, Josiah, pottery,

Wedmore, Treaty of, or Alfred and Guthrum's Peace,

Weeding, Thos.,

Weedon, Anna (d. by 1755), w. of John, Anna (d. by 1770), m. Thos. Mole, Cath., m. Hen. Sumner Sedley, John, Nath., and his w. Kath., fam.,

Weekman, W., wrestler,

Weiss, John, & Son Ltd.,

Weisz, R., wrestler,

Welbeck, John,

Weld, Baroness (d. 1871),

Weldish, Thos.,

Wellence, Peter,

Wellesley, Anne, m. 1 Hon. Hen. Fitzroy, m. 2 Chas. Culling-Smith, Arthur, Duke of Wellington (d. 1852), general, Garrett, Earl of Mornington (d. 1781), Hon. Revd. Gerald Valerian, Ric. Colley, Marquess Wellesley (d. 1842), governor-general of India,

Wellington, Duke of, see Wellesley

Wells, C. M., cricketer,

Wells, bp. of Bath and, see Peirs

Welman, F. T., cricketer,

Wembley, in Harrow, earthwk., soil, sports clubs,

Wemyss, Col.,

Wendon, see Fulham

Wenman, Thos., Vct. Wenman (d. 1665),

Wentworth, Thos., Earl of Strafford (d. 1641),

Werhard (d. 830),

Wesley, John,

Wessex, Kings of, see Edmund; Edred

West, Benjamin, Edmund, Eliz., m. John Beckenham, John (fl. 1608), John (fl. 1720), and his w. Frances, Marg., Ric. (fl. 1636), Ric. (fl. 1755), formerly Eckersall, Thos., Walt. (fl. early 13th c.), Walt. (fl. 1312), -, cricketer,

West Drayton Millboard Co. Ltd.,

West Middlesex Gazette,

West Middlesex Herald,

West Middlesex Hospital,

West Middlesex Times,

West Middlesex Yeomanry,

Westbourne Stream,

Westbourne Street, see Paddington

Westbrook (Westbrooke), -, wid. of Edw., John, Jas., Wm., - (fl. 19th c.),

Western Avenue, see Roads

Westhall (Suff.), man.,

Westmacott, Sir Ric.,

Westminster Abbey, later collegiate church of St. Peter, abbots, and see Arundel; Berking; Feckenham; John; Littlington; Vitalis; bells, dean and chapter, n, dean of, see Dolben, John; organs, prebendary, and see Wood, Thos.; property: churches, estate admin., jurisdictions, manors, mills, other property,

Westminster, City of, Adelphi, Adelphi theatre, agric., Apsley Ho., Bedford Ho., Berkeley Ho., bridge, Carlton Ho., Carnaby Mkt., Chapel Royal, Charing Cross, Covent Gdn., Derby Ho., Drury Lane theatre, Ebury (Eabury; Eia; Eybury), Ebury man., Empire theatre, Essex Ho., Exeter Change, Green Park, Guards' Memorial, Gunpowder plot, Horse Guards, Hyde Pk., see Hyde; ind., Leicester fields, Leicester Ho., mans., see above, Ebury man.; and below, Neyte and Toddington mans.; Marble Arch., Marlborough Ho., Mayfair, Neyte man., Northumberland Ho., Pimlico, Pimlico Ho., St. James's, and see St. James's Palace; St. James's Park; St James's auction, St. Peter's chap., St. Stephen's Coll., Somerset Ho., formerly Pl., sports, Star Chamber, Suffolk Ho., tennis cts., theatres, see above, Adelphi; Drury Lane; Empire; Toddington man., Tothill, water-supply, Waterloo bridge, Westminster Hall, York Pl., and see Covent Gdn.; Hyde Park; Knightsbridge; London and Westminster; St. James's Pal.; St. James's Pk.; Savoy; Whitehall

Westminster, City of, parishes in: St. Anne, Soho, St. Clement Danes, ch., ind., pop., rector, St. George, Hanover Sq., pop., St. James, Piccadilly, pop., St. John the Evangelist, St. Margaret, pop., St. Martin in the Fields, ch., pop., St. Mary le Strand, St. Paul, Covent Gdn., St. Peter, close of collegiate church of,

Westminster, City of, streets: Almonry, Bedford St., Berkeley Sq., Bow St., Bridge St., Broad St., Brook St., Buckingham Gate, Bury St., Castle St., Chandos St., Charing Cross Rd., Church St., Cockspur St., Compton St., Conduit St., Constitution Hill, Coventry St., Cranbourn St., Dean St., Dover St.,

Westminster, City of, streets (cont.) Duke's Ct., Drury Lane, Eaton Sq., n; Garrick St., Gerard St., Glasshouse St., Golden Sq., Grafton St., Gt. George St., Gt. Marlborough St., Gt. Pulteney St., Gt. Queen St., Greek St., Grosvenor Rd., Grosvenor Sq., Halkin Pl., Hamilton Pl., Hanover Sq., Hay Hill, Haymarket, n, Hog Lane, Hyde Pk. Corner, and see Hyde Pk.; James St., Jermyn St., King St., Leicester Sq., n; Lisle St., Long Acre, The Mall, n; Marsham St., Meard St., Mount St., New Bond St., Orange St., n; Palace St., Pall Mall, n; Panton St., Parliament St., Piccadilly, Poland St., Princes St., Regent St., Rose St., St. James's St., St. Martin's Lane, Shaftesbury Ave., Sherrard St., Soho Sq., South Audley St., Southampton St., Spring Gdns., Strand, Sutton St., Tavistock St., Tennis Ct., Victoria St., Wardour St., Windmill St., Wych St., York St.,

Westminster, diocese of, bp. of,

Westminster, Duke of, see Grosvenor

Westminster Palace, in City of Westminster, King's chap.,

Westminster School, n,

Westmorland, Earl of, see Neville, Chas.

Weston, Sir Ric. (fl. 1509), Sir Ric. (fl. 1521), Sir Wm., prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem,

Weston (Surr.),

Westwood (Surr.),

Wether, John,

Wethered, Isabella,

Wette, A. de,

Weybridge (Surr.), ferry, fishing, man.,

Weyland, Wm., and see Wayland

Weymouth (Dorset),

Weyf, Sim., and his w. Euphemia,

Whalley, Col. Edw., regicide, R. S.,

Wharf, see Docks

Wharncliffe, Lord, see Stuart-Wort- ley-Mackenzie; and see Hanwell

Wharton, Phil., Vct. Wharton (d. 1696), Thos., Life of Sir Thos. Pope, and see Cawood Wharton & Co. Ltd.

Wheathampstead (Herts.),

Wheatley, Col. Sir Hen., K.C.B., n; Col., s. of Sir Hen., n

Wheatstone, Sir Chas.,

Wheler, Edmund, Sir Wm., Bt., Mrs.,

Whetstone, in Friern Barnet, man.,

Whipple, G. M.,

Whitaker, John,

Whitbread, Sam. (d. 1796), Sam. (d. 1815), Sam. (fl. 1852-95), W.,

Whitbread's Brewery,

Whitbread & Co.,

Whitchurch, Maud of, Ranulph of, Wm., s. of Ranulph, Wm. of (fl. 1235),

White, Gil., naturalist, Lydia, see Dwight; Sir Thos., lord mayor of London, W., architect, W. J. (fl. 1800), Wm. (fl. 1610), mon. sculptor, Wm. (fl. 1762), potter, - (fl. 1761), - (fl. 1813), - (d. 1862), fam.,

White, Alfred, & Sons,

Whitechapel (Matfelon), in Stepney, High St., ind., pop., Tewkesbury Ct., Whitechapel Road, see Stepney

White Conduit Club,

Whitefields Tabernacle, see St. Pancras

Whitefriars, see London, City of

Whitehall, in City of Westminster, Cockpit theatre, Palace, pop., n; tennis court, and see St. James's and Whitehall palaces

Whitehall Court Golfers Club,

Whitehaven (Cumb.),

Whitehead, Paul, satirist,

Whitelock, Bulstrode,

Whitgift, John, abp. of Canterbury,

Whitley, see Ridley, Whitley & Co.

Whittingham, Chas., & Co.,

Whitton, Gil. of, John of, Mat. of, Ralph of,

Whitton, in Isleworth and Twickenham, n, agric., bridge, chars., ch., Collingwood Cl., fishery, High St., houses, Hounslow Heath, Hounslow Rd., incl., library, loc. gov., man., Manor, mill, Nelson Rd., nursery gdns., open fields, Percy Rd., pop., P. Nonconf., rivers, R. Catholm., schs., settlement, stn., suburban development., Whitton Court Ho., Whitton Pk., Whitton Place, Whitton Place Pk.,

Wier, Ric.,

Wigan (Lancs.),

Wiggins, Mat.,

Wight, Isle of, n; and see Carisbrooke; Ventnor

Wightman, Sir Wm.,

Wigmore Street, see St. Marylebone

Wigot (fl. c. 1060),

Wilberforce, Wm.,

Wilderspin, Sam.,

Wilkes, John, M.P., Wetenhall, -, actor, n

Wilkin, John,

Wilkins, John, F.R.S., later bp. of Chester,

Wilkins, Campbell & Co. Ltd.,

Wilkinson, Dr.,

Wilkinson's, coach-builders,

Wilkinson Sword Co. Ltd.,

Willan, Thos.,

Willcox, - (fl. 1759),

Willesden, par. and borough, agric., benefice, Dollis Hill, earthwk., incl., Kensal Green, man., n; pop., St. Andrew's Hosp., soil, and see Neasden; Twyford

William I, King, the Conqueror, other refs.,

William II, King,

William III and Mary II, King and Queen, n, n, other refs.,

William III, King, as Prince of Orange, and Hampton Ct., at Kensington Palace, n; sports, other refs.,

William IV, King, as Duke of Clarence, and Hampton Ct., other ref.,

William, Count of Mortain (fl. 1106),

William, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1700), n

William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (d. 1765),

William Henry, Duke of Gloucester (d. 1805),

William of Cranford,

William of Harpsden (fl. 1279), of Harpsden (fl. 1302), of Harpsden (fl. 1340),

William, John s. of,

William atte Knolle,

William, Nigel s. of,

William of Northolt, archdeacon of Gloucester, canon of St. Paul's,

William of Odiham,

William fitz Other, and see Windsor

William, s. of Ranulph of Whitchurch,

William le Sire,

William of Stortford, archdeacon of Mdx.,

William of Whitchurch (fl. 1235),

Williams, Charlotte (fl. 1759), m. Hon. Rob. Boyle Walsingham, Charlotte (d. c. 1793), Chas., Sir Chas. Hanbury, Hen., John (fl. 1538), John (d. 1788), Revd. Theodore, Thos. (fl. 1800-44), Thos. (fl. 1872), n; W.,

Williams (Hounslow) Ltd.,

Willis, Hen. (fl. late 17th c.), n; Hen. (d. 1905), organ-builder, Thos., sch. master, n, Thos., s. of Thos.,

Willoughby, Eliz., m. Jas. Bertie,

Wills, Ant.,

Willson, -, architect,

Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester (d. 1680),

Wilson, Felix, Maj. G. C., Herb., J. G., athlete, Lady Sarah, see Churchill; - (fl. 1647), n

Wilton, John,


Wimbledon (Surr.), man.,

Winch, Geo. (d. 1805), Geo. (d. 1835), Juliet, fam.,

Winchelsea (Suss.),

Winchester (Hants), cath., ind.,

Winchester, bps. of, n; and see Bilson; Day; Duppa; Fox; Gardiner; Wykeham

Winchester College, head master, property, sports,

Winchester, Marquess of, see Paulet

Winchester Row, see St. Pancras

Winchilsea, Earls of, see Finch; Finch Hatton

Windesore, see Windsor

Windmill Street, see Westminster, City of

Windover, C. S., & Co. Ltd.,

Windsor (Wanedsor; Windesore), And., And., cr. Lord Windsor (d. 1543), Ant., Brian of, Edmund, Edw., Lord Windsor (d. 1575), Eliz., w. of Thos. (d. 1485), m. 2 Sir Rob. Lytton, Geo., Hawise of, Hen., Lord Windsor (d. 1605), Miles of (d. 1387), and his w. Anne, Miles of (d. by 1415), Miles of (d. c. 1452), Phil., Ric. of (fl. 1235-6), Ric. of (fl. 1293), Ric. de (fl. 1301), kn. of the shire, Ric. of (d. 1326), Ric. of (fl. 1336), Ric. of (d. 1367), Ric. of (fl. 1415), Ric. of (d. 1439), Thos. of (d. 1485), Thos. (fl. 1544-52), Walt. of (fl. 1198), Wm. of (fl. 1166), formerly Fitz Other, Wm. of (fl. 1198-1212), Wm. of (fl. 1248), Wm. of (d. c. 1275), Wm., Lord Windsor (d. 1558), barony, fam.,

Windsor (Berks.), canons of, deans, and see Keppel, Fred; Ryves; forest, honor of, rly., St. George's Chap., other refs.,

Windsor Castle (Berks.), n; castle-guard, constables, and see L'Isle; Pyncheford; road to, n; royal visits,

Windsor, Staines & S. W. Rly.,

Windus, coachbuilders,

Winnans, W., marksman,

Winslow, Revd. John Lyndhurst,

Winston Electronics Ltd.,

Winter, Hen., Thos.,

Winterbourne, Thos.,

Wintney Priory, see Religious Houses, other counties

Winton, Edmund de, Edw. de, R. de (fl. mid 19th c.), Rob. de (fl. 1209),

Wisden, Thos.,

Wise, Hen., gardener,

Wisley (Surr.),

Withers, Sir W.,

Woffington, Peg, actress,

Wokingham (Surr.),

Wolfenstone, Sir John,

Wolseley, Garnet Jos., Vct. Wolseley (d. 1913), field marshal, n, Louisa, see Holmes

Wolsey, Thos., cardinal, abp. of York, death, diplomacy, entertainments, and Hampton Ct.,

Woodburn Green (Bucks.),

Wood, C. G., athlete, Gen. Sir David, Dorothy, Edw., alderman of London, Mrs. Eliz., Sir Hen. Evelyn, general, Rob., LL.D. (d. c. 1737), Rob. (d. 1771), traveller and author, Thos. (fl. 1552-6), vicar of Isleworth, Thos. (fl. 1558), prebendary of Westminster, Thos. (fl. 1660), Thos. (fl. late 17th c.), ranger of Hampton Ct., Thos. (fl. 1783), Thos. (fl. 1787), Col. Thos. (fl. 1824-36), Thos. (d. by 1872), lieut.-general, Capt. Thos. (fl. 1908), Sir Wm., -, Fr. (fl. 18th c.), fam., and see Bainbridge & Wood


Wood Green, see Tottenham

Wooden, Edw., and his w.,

Woodfall, Hen.,

Woodhall, Nich. de la,

Woodhall, see Hendon

Woods, Jane,

Woods, Surveyor General of,

Woodstock, Thos. de, Duke of Gloucester, see Thomas

Woodstock (Oxon.),

Woodville, Eliz. see Elizabeth (Wood- ville); Ric., Earl Rivers (d. 1491), fam.,

Woodward, H., and see Henry

Woodyard Brewery,

Wootton, -, cricketer,

Worcester, Rog. of,

Worcester, cath., dean of,

Worcester, battle of,

Worcester, bp. of, see Babington, Gervase

Worcester, Earls of, see Somerset; Tiptoft


Worde, Wynkyn de,

Worden, Maj.-Gen.,

Worges, Thos., & Co.,

Works, Board of, see Ministries

Worle Hill (Som.),

Wormholt, see Hammersmith, Wormwood Scrubs

Wormwood Scrubs, see Hammersmith

Wornum, Rob.,

Worsley, G. T.,

Worth (Suss.), ch.,

Wortley, see Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley; Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie

Worton, in Isleworth, bridge, Hall, man., manorho., n; Worton Grove, n; Worton Lane, Worton Rd.,

Wratislaw, Count, Imperial ambassador,

Wraysbury (Bucks.),

Wraysbury Paper Mill,

Wren, Sir Chris., architect, n, dom. architecture, eccl. architecture, Hampton Ct., n, n, n,

Wright, Bernard, n; Chris., E., J. E., John, Mary, Sir Nathan, Steph., Thos.,

Wright-Nooth, - (fl. 1891),

Wriothesley, Thos., Lord Wriothes- ley, later Earl of Southampton (d. 1550), lord chancellor,

Wroth, Sir Hen., Sir Rob. (fl. 1530), Sir Rob. (fl. 1572- 1602), Sir Rob. (fl. 1612), Thos., later Sir Thos. (fl. 1550-2), gentleman of the privy chamber, Sir Thos. (d. 1573), fam.,

Wrotham, John de,

Würtemberg, dukes of,

Wyat, Ric.,

Wyatt, Jas., architect, n; Sir Thos.,

Wych Street, see Westminster, City of

Wycherley, - (fl. 1866),

Wycombe, High (Bucks.),

Wyer, Rob.,

Wygram, Revd. Fitzroy John Fitz,

Wyke, Wm. de, and his w. Maud,

Wyke, in Isleworth, n, Green, man., Wyke Fm., Wyke Ho.,

Wyke Green Golf Club,

Wykeham, Wm. of, bp. of Winchester, n

Wylie & Co.,

Wyndham, Geo., Lord Leconfield (d. 1869), Sir Wm.,

Wyndham-Quinn, Capt.,

Wynegaarde, Antonius, n, Pet.,

Wynn, Anne, w. of Sir Ric. Wynn, Grace, Hen., Sir Ric., Bt. (d. 1649),

Wyrardisbury River (Finch's or Fisher's Allowance; Fawcons Wharf; Heatham Stream; Hooke R.; Poyle Mill Stream),

Wythes, E. J.,

Yale University (U.S.A., Conn.),

Yarmouth, Gt. (Norf.),

Yarmouth, Ctss. of, see Wallmoden

Yarrow Shipbuilding Yard,

Yeading Brook,

Yeames, Wm., painter,

Yelverton, Geo. Augustus, Earl (misprinted as Duke) of Sussex (d. 1758), n

Yeoveney (Yeveney), in Staines, agric. chapelry, Fm., man., mill, and see Staines

Yerdesle, Rob.,

Yetswiert, Chas., Jane, wid. of Chas., m. 2 Sir Phil. Butler, Nicasius,

Yeveney, see Yeoveney

Yiewsley, in Hillingdon, brickmaking, High St., loc. gov.,

Yiewsley and West Drayton Urban District Co., stn.,

Yiewsley and West Drayton Co- operative Soc.,

York, Dchss. of, see Anne (Hyde)

York, Dukes of, see Frederick; Frederick Augustus; James II

York, Eliz. of, see Elizabeth

York, Eliz. (d. 1497), w. of Wm., John (fl. 1381), John (d. by 1410), John (d. 1413), John (d. 1512), Thos., Wm. (d. 1476), Wm. (d. by 1512), fam.,

York, abp. of, n; and see Bowet; Holdegate; Lamplugh; Oskytel; Skene

York, minster,

York, New (U.S.A.),

York Place, see Westminster, City of

York Road, see Islington

York Street, see Westminster, City of

Yorke, Edmund, n; Phil., Earl of Hardwicke (d. 1764), n; Wm.,

Yorkshire, sports,

Young, Arthur, Lucy, m. Wm. Hen. Nassau, Earl of Rochford, Thos., Wm.,

Younger, Miss, actress, n

Zaehnsdorf, Jos. W.,

Zoffany, John,

Zouche, John, Lord Zouche (d. 1550), Wm.,

Zucchero, Federigo, painter,

Zumpe, Johannes,

Zurner, A., swimmer,