Victoria County History



T F T Baker, J S Cockburn, R B Pugh (Editors), Diane K Bolton, H P F King, Gillian Wyld, D C Yaxley

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'Index: K-Z', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 4: Harmondsworth, Hayes, Norwood with Southall, Hillingdon with Uxbridge, Ickenham, Northolt, Perivale, Ruislip, Edgware, Harrow with Pinner (1971), pp. 279-288. URL: Date accessed: 18 September 2014.


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Keane, Edm.,

Kearley & Tonge Ltd.,

Keeling, Bassett,

Keen, John,

Kelk, Sir John, Bt.,

Kemble, John Phil.,

Kemp, John, Cardinal, Abp. of York, n

Kempton, in Sunbury, man.,

Kendale, Steph. de,

Kenilworth Chemical Manufacturing Co.,

Kennion, John,

Kensington, Bor. of,

Kent, Sarah,

Kenton, in Harrow, n, n, n, ch.: the Annunciation, St. Mary the Virgin, formerly St. Leonard, common: Kenton Green, educ., farms (Black, Glebe, Kenton, later Kenton Grange, Kenton), Kenton Lane, see Harrow Weald; fields, head tenements, houses: Kenton Grange, n; Kenton Grove, Kenton Lodge, inc., inns ('Plough', 'Three Horseshoes', 'Travellers' Rest'), pop., Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., roads, prehistoric track, Rom. Catholicism,

Kenton, Adam of,

Kenyon, A. W.,

Kettering (Northants.),

Kew (formerly Surr.), Observatory,

Key Glass Works,

Kidde, Walter, Co. Ltd.,

Kilburn Priory,

King, John, Marg., Ric. (fl. 1419), Ric. (fl. 1443), Ric. (fl. 1671), Rob., fam.,

King's Coll., Cambridge, disputes with Ruislip tenants,

Kingsbury, ch., man., Coffers, Freren,

Kingsbury U.D.,

Kingsley, Chas.,

Kingston (formerly Surr.), mkt. and fair,

Kirkham, John,

Kirton, Mountjoye,

Knel, Wm. le,

Knight, John,

Knightcote, Wm., Vicar of Hillingdon,

Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, see Clerkenwell, Grand Priory of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

Knyvett, Thos., Ld. Knyvett,

Kodak Ltd.,

Kraft Foods Ltd.,

Kroger, Helen, Peter,

Kundell, John,

Kynaston, Eliz., see Lestrange; Rog. (fl. 1453), Sir Rog. (fl. 19th cent.),

Kypping, Wm.,

L. & N.W.R., see London and North Western Rly.


Lactine Ltd.,

Lacy, Alice de, m. Thos., Earl of Lancaster, m. Ebulo Lestrange, m. Hugh de Frene, Hen. de, Earl of Lincoln, Marg., see Longespée

Lake, Eliz., see Gerard; Sir Lancelot, n; Thos., Warwick, fam.,

Lamb, John, n

Lambert, — (fl. bef. 1735),

Lambeth (formerly Surr.), man. of abps. of Canterbury in, and see St. Thomas's Hospital; Waterloo Bridge

lampreys, trade in,

Lancaster, Earl of, see Thomas

Lancaster, Duchy of, see Shiryngton

Lancaster Shooting Club,

Lancasterian schools, see Protestant nonconformity, educ.

Lane, Thos., W. R., fam.,

Lanfranc, Abp. of Canterbury,

Langley, Thos., Bp of Durham,

Langton, Agnes, w. of John, Eliz., ? wid. of John, Joan, John, Wal. de, Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Lapyn, Boniface,

Lateward, F. J., Rector of Perivale, John, formerly Schrieber, Ric. (d. 1777), Ric. (d. 1815), Sophia Jane, m. 1 Sir Thos. Croft, fam.,

Lauglie, Mr. (fl. 1649),

Launce, Wm., Headmaster of Harrow Sch., later Vicar of Harrow,

Lawes, Ann, John,

Lawrence, Chas., n; Nat. Tertius,

Layard, C., Perpetual Curate of St. John the Evangelist, Wembley,

Layton, Arthur, Vicar of Harrow, Ric., Rector of Harrow, Wm., priest of Tokyngton chap.,

Lea, H. A. H., Rector of Edgware, Rog., and see Lee

leather trade and tanning,

Lee, Harriet, m. — Fiott, John, formerly Fiott, Peter, Curate of Hayes, Wm., Wm., later Lee Antonie, and see Ley

Legge, John, Wm., Earl of Dartmouth,

Leland, John,

Lenee, Rob., Rector of Hayes,

Leofwine, Earl,

Leonard, Marg., see Fiennes; Sampson,

Lessy, John, Vicar of West Drayton,

Lestrange, Alice, see Lacy; Aline, Ebulo, Eliz., w. of Ric., Ld. Strange, m. Rog. Kynaston, Joan (Jane), m. Geo. Stanley, John, Ld. Strange (d. 1311), John, Ld. Strange (d. 1397), John, Ld. Strange (d. 1479), Ric., Ld. Strange, Rog., Ld. Strange (d. 1349), Rog., Ld. Strange (d. 1382), Rog. (d. 1426), fam.,

Letch, John, Rector of Harrow, n

Letchford, Dr.,

Lethieullier, Benj. (fl. 1741), Benj. (fl. 1770), Sarah,

Levric, man of Earl Leofwine,

Lewin, John, Sarah, see Mico; Susanna, m. Wm. Sheppard,

Lewis, Ant.,

Lewkenore, Sir Thos.,

Ley (Lye), John,

Leybourn, Wm.,


Lichfield (and Coventry), bps. of, see Langton; Northburgh; Wright, Rob.

Lidgould, John, Vicar of Harmondsworth,

Lighboun, Jas.,

Lightfoot, John, naturalist, Curate of Cowley and minister of Uxbridge,

Lill, Jas. Godf., see De Burgh

Lincoln, Earl of, see Lacy

Lindsay, Hon. John,

Linga Hæse, see Hayes

Linnaeus, Carolus,

Little Hillingdon, in Hillingdon,

Liverpool, Earl of, see Jenkinson

Local Govt. Board, the,

Lodge, John,

Lodington, see Luddington

Logge, Wm. de la,

London, John, s. of Nic. of, n

London, City of, ch. and par.: St. Bride, St. Giles, Cripplegate, St. Geo., Botolph Lane, St. Mic. Paternoster, see Bere; Companies of: Clothworkers', Ironmongers', see Peke; Leathersellers', Mercers', Saddlers' Hall, excursions to Middlesex from, mkt. for Middlesex, mayors, later lord mayors, of, see Brembre; Clayton; Clitherow, Sir Chris.; Eastfield; Vyner, Sir Rob.; Wright, Sir Edm.; Wychingham; merchants owning land in Middlesex, Sheriff of, see Pennifather; Tower of, and see St. Bartholomew, Smithfield; St. Helen, Bishopsgate; St. Paul, Cathedral of; St. Thomas of Acon; Smithfield Central Mkts.

London, bps. of, and see Fitz Neal; Maurice; Archdeacon of, see Newport

London, Univ. of, Univ. Coll., professor of Hindustani, see Dowson; professor of Modern Hist., see Vaughan

London Airport (Heathrow), † buildings and runways, staff,

London and North Western, formerly London and Birmingham, Rly.,

London Baptist Property Board,

London Congregational Union,

London County Council, and see Greater London Council

London Diocesan Board,

London Diocesan Fund,

London Diocesan Home Mission,

London Electric Rly.,

London Passenger Transport Board, see London Transport

London Postal Region Sports Club,

London Transport, n; posters, †

London United Tramways Co.,

Long, Rob.,

Longespée, Ela (Isabel), see Ela; Nic., Bp. of Salisbury, Margaret (Margery), m. Hen. de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, Wm., Earl of Salisbury (d. 1226), Wm., called Earl of Salisbury (d. 1250),

Longford, in Harmondsworth, bridges, houses (Longford Close, Longford Cottage, the Stables, Weekly Ho.), inc., inns, 'King's Head' (later 'Peggy Bedford'), 'White Horse', mills, Prot. nonconf.,

Lord, Thos.,

Lot, Eliz., Gideon, John,

Loud, C. A., n

Loudon, Wm., fam.,

Loughtborough, Thos.,

Louthe, Nic. de,

Lowe, Jos.,

Lowe & Shawyer Ltd.,

Lower End of Weald, see Harrow Weald

Luddington (Lodington), Maud, Peter, Rob. de,

Lumley, Arnold,


Lye, see Ley

Lynford, — (fl. 1597),

Lyon, Agnes, m. — Bugbeard, n, Geo., Joan, John (fl. 1435), n, John (fl. 1522–3), John (? another) (fl. c. 1538), John, of London (fl. 1547, 1553), Sir John (by 1564), John (d. 1592), founder of Harrow Sch., n, his farm-ho., see Preston; Wm., fam.,

Lysons, Dan., n, n,

Lytton, Edw. Bulwer-, Ld. Lytton,

Macadam, Jas.,

Macgregor, Gen. Alex. Murray,

Maintenance of the Faith, Society for the,

Makin, John,


Malthus, Rob., Vicar of Northolt,

Mandeville, Geof. de (fl. 1086), estate in Ickenham, Geof. de, Earl of Essex (d. 1144), fam.,

Mandeville, honor of,

Manfeld, Rob.,

Mann, John, Vicar of Harlington,

Marchford, Sim., Rector of Harrow, n

margarine factory,

market gardening,

markets, see Barnet; Edgware; Harrow; Kingston; Pinner; Redbourn; Southall; Uxbridge

Markland, Rob.,

Marlpits, Geof., n

Marsh, Eliz., m. Thos. Reading, Eliz., w. of Nic., see Eastend; Jas., John, Mary, see Warren; Nic., Ric. (fl. 1463), Ric. (fl. 1527–8), fam.,

Marshall, John, W. C.,

Martin, Mrs. Goditha, Hen.,

Martin, R. W., pottery firm,

Martyn, Thos., botanist, Curate of Edgware,

Martyrs' Memorial Trustees,

Mascall, Wm.,

Maselyn, John,

Mason, Hen., Vicar of Hillingdon,

Matthews, Maj. (fl. 1759),

Maud, m. Miles Crispin, m. Brian Fitz Count,

Maurice, Bp. of London,

Maynard, Rob., Thos., n

Maypole Dairy Co.,

McClean, Donald Stuart, Rector of Norwood, John Robinson, Maria Sophia,

Macdonald, Jas. Leonard,

Mears, Thos.,

Medical Research Council,

Melham, Ric.,

mental homes, see asylums

Mercer, John, fam.,

Mercia, kings of, see Beornwulf; Cenwulf; Offa; Wiglaf

Merrick, Chris., Francis, John, Rob., fam.,

Methodist Union,

Methodists (Wesleyans), and see Calvinistic Methodists; Primitive Methodists

Metropolitan District Rly.,

Metropolitan Electric Tramways Co.,

Metropolitan Police District,

Metropolitan Rly.,

Metropolitan Roads Commission,

Metropolitan Tower Construction Co.,

Metropolitan Turnpike Roads Trust,

Mico, Sarah, m. John Lewin,

Middlesex, Archdeacon of, Coroner of, peculiars of Abp. of Canterbury in, Sheriff of, and see Wallingford, honor of

Middlesex Advertiser,

Middlesex and Surrey Express,

Middlesex Brick Co.,

Middlesex County Council,

Middlesex Oil and Chemical Works Ltd.,

Middlesex Yeomanry Cavalry, see Uxbridge Yeomanry Cavalry

Middleton, John (fl. 1453), John, agric. writer,

Midland Rly.,

Miles, Sir Bernard,

Mill Hill, in Hendon, educ.,

Millais, Sir John,

Miller, Sir Alex. Edw., C. G.,

Millett, Edw., Hen. (d. 1505), Hen. (fl. 1553), Hen. (? another) (fl. 1566), Hugh (d. by 1462–3), Isabel, John, John, s. of John, Ric. (d. 1525–6), Ric. (fl. 1553), Ric. (fl. 1594), Rob., Wm. (d. by 1629), fam.,

Mills, Sir Chas., Bt. (d. 1872), Sir Chas. Hen., Bt., Ld. Hillingdon, fam.,

Milman, Sir Francis, fam.,

Milton Hutchings Ltd., see Hutchings

Mimms, North (Herts.), n

Mimms, South, n

Minet, Hughes, John Lewis, Wm. (fl. 1767), Wm. (fl. 1899), Wm. (fl. 1932), fam.,

Minster in Thanet ('Southminster') Abbey (Kent), see Cwenthryth

Mirabel, m. 1 Godf. atte Perry, m. Ric. Edward,

Missenden (? Great) (Bucks.),

Moffatt, Wm. Bonython,

Molder, Sim.,

Monck, Gen. Geo., later Duke of Albemarle,

Monro, Edw., Curate of Harrow, later Perpetual Curate of All Saints, Harrow Weald,

Mönsted, Otto,

Montesole, E. B.,

Montgomery, Rog. de, Earl of Shrewsbury,

Moore, Thos., poet, Mrs. (fl. 1840),

More, John atte, Rog.,


Morris, John,

Morten, Thos.,

Mortimer, Rog., Earl of March (d. 1330), Rog.,

Mortlake (formerly Surr.),

Morton, Cath., w. of John (fl. 1517), m. Thos. Roberts, Chris., Edith, see Ruislip; John (fl. 1500), John (fl. 1517), John (d. 1523), Peter, n; Wm. (fl. 1454), Wm. (d. c. 1525), n; Wm. (fl. 1530–1), — (d. 1530–1),

motorbus services, n


Moyle, Marg., m. — Bennet, Rob., Wal.,

Mudge, Joan,

Mulle, John atte,

Munsaugh, Wm., fam.,

Murimuth, Adam, Rector of Hayes,


mustard mills,

Napier, Thos.,

Napoleon III,

Nash, John,

Nashdom Abbey, Burnham (Bucks.),

National Society and National schools,

Needham, Hen.,

Neeld, Sir Audley, Sir John, Jos., fam.,

Nelson, Horatio, Vct. Nelson, Horatia, his dau., see Ward

Nestlé Co. Ltd.,

Neville, Cosmo, Hen.,

New Patent Brick Co.,

Newark, Thos. of,

Newman, Arthur, n; Hen., Susannah, m. Ric. Page (fl. 1745), fam.,

Newport, Peter de, Archdeacon of London,

newspapers and journals, see Attempt; Buckinghamshire Advertiser; Harrow Observer and Gaz.; Harrow Post; Harrow Press; Hayes, Harlington and Dist. Chron. ; Hayes Gaz.; Hayes News; Hayes Post; Middlesex Advertiser; Middlesex and Surrey Express; Southall Guardian; Southall News; Southall Post; Uxbridge Chron.; Uxbridge Gaz.; Uxbridge Marvel; Uxbridge Pioneer; Wembley News; Wembley Observer and Gaz.; West Mdx. Gaz.

Nicholas, Ellen, Hen. (d. 1611), Hen. (fl. 1720), Nat., Rector of Ickenham, Thos.,

Nicholl (Nichols), Cath., see Page; Randall, Ric. (d. c. 1498), Ric. (fl. 1572), Rob., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Nicholson, Sir Chas.,

Nihill, H. D.,

Noke, Wm.,

Norbury (lost), in Harrow,

Nordac Ltd.,

Norden, John,

Norfolk, Duke of, see Howard

Norrington, Wm.,

North, Dudley, Ld. North, n; Sir Edw., later Ld. North, Rog., Ld. North, n; fam.,

North London Presbytery,

Northburgh, Hugh, s. of Hugh de, Rog., Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield,

Northcott (lost), in Southall, fields, inns ('Angel', 'Harrow', 'Red lion', 'Walnut Tree'), mill, pop.,

Northolt, adv., agric., bridge, char., ch.: par., St. Barnabas, St. Hugh, St. Jos., St. Ric., church-ho., clubs and societies, common: Northolt Green, † ct., curates, and see Bouchery; Owen, Goronwy; detached area in Greenford, econ., educ., Eliots Green, farms: Court, Down Barns, Eliots Green, n; Islips or Gifford's, Manor, Moat, Wood End Green, fields, Frere Place (Le Freres), later Wood End Green Farm, Goslings End, later Elm End,

Northolt, houses: Northolt Court, Willow Cottages, housing estates, Mount Park estate, inc., inns: ('Crown', 'Plough', 'White Hart'), 'Load of Hay', local govt., man.: Northolt, Down (Down Barns), Islips (Ruislips), man.-ho., man. and par. officers, nonconf., Northolt village, poor-house, poor relief, pop., public services, rly., rly. sta., roads, Rom. Catholicism, tithes, trade and ind., vicarage, vicarage-ho., vicars of, and see Alston; Brabourne; Bures; Cockburn; Malthus; Palmer; West End, Wood End, workho.,

Northolt Airport, in Ruislip,

Northolt Brick Works,

Northolt Common, see Uxbridge Common

Northolt Racecourse Co.,

Northwick, Ld., see Rushout; Rushout-Bowles

Northwick Park (Worcs.),

Northwood, in Ruislip, ch.: Emmanuel, Holy Trinity, Vicar of, educ., grange (manorial), chap., houses: Gatehill Farm, Northwood Grange, pop., Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., Rom. Catholicism,

Northwood Golf Club,

Northwood Hills, in Ruislip, rly. sta.,

Norton, fam.,

Norton's brewery, Uxbridge,

Norwich, Bp. of, see Jane

Norwood, John,

Norwood, formerly part of Hayes, adv., agric., almshos., † bridges, char., ch., par., formerly chap., † church-ho., common: Frogmore Green, Norwood Green, ct., curates, drainage, educ., Biscoe's Sch., farms, Manor, Mill, fields, houses (Friars Lawn, the Grange, Norwood Hall, Norwood Lodge), Norwood Court, inc., inns, 'Wolf', 'Plough', local govt., man., man.-ho., mills, Old Greenford mill, Norwood village, par. officers, pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly., rectors of, see McClean, Donald; Worsley; rectory, rectory-ho., roads, Rom. Catholicism, tithes, workho., and see Dorman's Well; Southall

Norwood Flour Mill,

Nower Hill, in Pinner, ho., formerly Nower Hill Cottage,

nursery gardening, see market gardening

Nuttgens, Jos. E.,

Oakington, see Tokyngton

Oakley (Bucks.),

Offa, King of Mercia,

Offeham, Sim., Rector of Harrow,

Ogbourne Priory, Ogbourne St. George (Wilts.), Prior of, see St. Vaast

Ogilby, John,

oil-fired lighting,


Oke, Ric. atte, fam., n

Okebourne, or Hore, John, Rob.

omnibus services,

O'Neill, G. T.,

open spaces,

Ordnance Survey, triangulation sta.,


Orley Farm, model for farm-ho.,

Ortin, Greenhill,

Orwell, Geo., see Blair

Osborne, John,

Osmond, John, Ric., Wm. (fl. 1642), Wm. (fl. 1717), fam.,

Ossulston, Ld., see Bennet

Osterley Park, in Heston,

Otway, Francis, Sarah, see Hayes

Owen, Fred., Goronwy, Curate of Northolt,

Oxford, Univ. of, Brasenose Coll., Cardinal Coll., see Christ Church; chancellors of, Keble Coll., New Coll., see Harrow Weald; professorship of music at, Wadham Coll., see Wright, Rob.; and see All Souls Coll.; Christ Church

packaging materials and containers,

Padbury, John de,

Paddington, later part of (new) Grand Union Canal,

Page, Agnes, Ann, see Herne; Ant., Cath., m. Ric. Nicholl (fl. 1572), Cath., m. Wm. Bellamy (d. 1581), Eleanor, n; Francis (d. 1692), Francis (d. 1810), Hen. (fl. 1543–c. 1558), Hen. (d. 1829), Jas., John (fl. 1547, 1553), John (? another) (fl. 1573–4, 1580), John (fl. 1613, 1623, 1631), John (fl. 1650, c. 1664), n, John (fl. 1796), Ric. (fl. 1544, 1547), Ric. (? another) (d. by 1551), Ric. (fl. 1553), Ric. (fl. 1608, 1613), Sir Ric. (fl. 1645), Ric. (fl. 1745, 1759, 1781), Ric. (d. 1803), Rob. (fl. 1672), Sarah, m. — Daniel, Susannah, see Newman; Thos. (d. 1512), Thos. (fl. 1537, 1547, 1553), Thos. (fl. 1553), of Northall, Thos. (fl. 1640–1), Thos. (fl. 1672), Wm. (fl. c. 1458), Wm. (fl. 1553), n, Wm. (fl. c. 1583), Wm. (d. 1642), Wm. (d. 1642), Dr. Wm. (d. 1663), Wm. (fl. 1696), Wm. (d. 1824), — (fl. 1690), fam.,

Paget, Anne, Lady Paget, Eliz., Ctss. of Uxbridge, Hen., Earl of Uxbridge (d. 1743), Hen., Earl of Uxbridge (d. 1769), Hen., Ld. Paget, later Earl of Uxbridge (d. 1812), Hen., Marquess of Anglesey (d. 1869), Lettice, Lady Paget, Thos., Ld. Paget, Wm., later Ld. Paget (d. 1563), Wm., later Ld. Paget (d. 1628), Wm., Ld. Paget (d. 1678), fam., later earls of Uxbridge and marquesses of Anglesey,

Pain, John, Rector of Ickenham, Rob.,

paints, lacquers, and varnishes,

Pakeman, Thos., Vicar of Harrow,

Pakistanis, see immigrants

Palmer, Alice, see Pitt; Chas., Sir Chas., Edw., Geo., Vicar of Northolt, Ric.,


Para rubber mill,


Pargrave, fam.,

Parker, Eliz., Nic., Thos.,

parks (medieval), see Hayes; Hillingdon; Pinner; Ruislip; and see open spaces

parliamentary representation,

Parr, Marg., wid. of Sam.,

Parson, Hen., John, Ric.,

Particular Baptists,

Passey, Stanwardine,

Paston, Sir Thos.,

Patrick, Earl of Salisbury,

Pearce, Mic.,

Pearson, John Loughborough, John, Rector of Perivale, Wm., Rector of Perivale,

Peasants' Revolt, the,

Pease, Hen. Fell, Jos.,

Pecche, Sir John,

Pecham, John, Abp. of Canterbury,

peculiars, and see Croydon; Middlesex

Peke, John, Master of the Ironmongers' Company of London,

Pell, Albert, Hen. St. John Beauchamp, Rector of Ickenham, Oliver Claude,

Pembroke, earls of, see Herbert

Penge (formerly Kent) Congregational Church,

Penguin Books Ltd.,

Penn, Wm.,

Pennifather, Wm., Sheriff of London,

Pentecostal Assembly,

Pepys, Sam.,

Perivale, formerly Little or East Greenford, adv., agric., ch.: par., † St. Nic., clubs and societies, ct., econ., educ., farms (Alperton, Grange, Horsenden), Church, Manor, fields, Horsenden Hill, moated site, housing estates, ind., inn, 'Myllet Arms', local govt., man., as Little Greenford or Cornhill, man.-ho., man. and par. officers, mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectors of, and see Hughes; Lateward; Pearson; rectory, rectory-ho., rly., roads,

Perkin, Sir Wm. Hen.,

Perrers, Alice, m. William of Windsor,

Perry, Godf. atte, Hen. atte, John, s. of Rob. de, Mirabel atte, see Mirabel; Rob. atte (fl. 1308), Rob. de (fl. 12th cent.), —, of Greenhill,

Perry Oaks (Perry), in Harmondsworth, agric., fields, man., man.-ho. (Perry Place), Perry Heath,

Peter, Bp. of Corbavia,

Petersham (formerly Surr.),

Petrewogh, Peter,

Pettit, Louis Hayes,

Pexall, Anne, w. of Ralph, Anne, m. Bernard Brocas, Ralph, Sir Ric.,

Phelps, Hen., Revd. W. W., fam.,

Philip (? de Cowley),

Phillimore, Jos., Wm.,

Phillips, Edm.,

Phipps, P. G.,


Piccadilly line,

Pickerell, Cecily,

picture-frame making,

pictures, medieval murals, and see Streater

Pigg, Hen.,

Pilardington (Pilardeston), Hugh, s. of Steph. de, John de, Wm. de,


Pilheard (fl. 801),

Pim, Sir Chas.,

Pinn, riv.,

Pinner, formerly part of Harrow, adv., agric., bridges, Bury Pond Hill, char., ch., par., formerly chap., church-ho., clubs and societies, and see Pinner Association; 'Cocoa Tree', common, Pinner Common, Pinner Green, Pinner Wood Lane Green, Pinner Marsh, drainage, educ., and see Royal Commercial Travellers' Schools; fair, fields, head tenements, farms, Cannons, Church, Dear's, Down's, Oxhey Lane, Pinner Hill, Pinner Park, Woodhall, Woodridings,

Pinner, houses (Arden, Chestnut Cott., Church Ho., Clonard, Dingles, Elmdene, formerly New Ho., the Grange, formerly Rugby Ho., Grange Cott., Mount Cott., Moss Cott., Paines Place, Pinner Green Lodge, West Lodge), Cannons, the Grove (Pinner Grove), Pinner Hall, n, Pinner Ho., Pinner Park,

Pinner, housing estates, Woodridings, inc., ind., inns ('Bell', 'Chequers' (two), 'Crown', ? formerly 'Lower Queen's Head', 'Crooked Billet', 'White Hart'), 'George', 'Queen's Head', 'Red Lion', Jews, local govt., man. govt., par. govt. to local govt. after man., Pinner, as Females (Fearnals), Woodhall, mkt., par. officers, pk., officers, Pinner Hill, poor-ho., poor relief, pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, rly., rly. sta., roads, Church Lane, houses in, High Street, houses in, † Rom. Catholicism, Rom. remains, social hist., tithes, vicarage, formerly perpetual curacy, vicarage-ho., vicars, formerly curates and perpetual curates, of, and see Bourne; Cox, Jas.; Dey; Goodwin; Pinnock; Rowles; Venn; Williams, Wal.; Willis; woodland, workho., and see East End; Hatch End; Headstone; Nower Hill; Pinner Wood; Waxwell; West End

Pinner Assoc., journal, The Villager,

Pinner Gas Co.,

Pinner Hill Golf Club,

Pinner Wood, in Pinner, farm, Pinner Wood, now Pinnerwood, houses: Pinnerwood Cott., Pinnerwood Ho.,

Pinnora, de, fam.,

Pinnock, Wm. H., Vicar of Pinner,

Pite, Wm. Alfred,

Pitt, Alice, m. Edw. Palmer, Sir Jas. Rushout, Edm., Geo. (d. 1653), n, Geo. (fl. 1669), Geo. (fl. 1695), Jane, see Brydges; Rowland, Wm., the Younger, prime minister, Mrs. (fl. 1661), fam.,

plague, and see Black Death


Pluckyngton, Wal., n

Plymouth Brethren,

Pocock, Sam.,

police, and see Metropolitan Police District

Polton, Thos., Bp. of Worcester,


Pool, David, Eliz., Miles,

Pooley, John,

poor-houses, see Harrow; Ickenham; Northolt; Pinner

Poor Servants of the Mother of God,

Poplar, man.,

Port, Thos.,

Powell, A. A.,

Powell, Jas., & Sons (Whitefriars Glass Works) Ltd.,

Pratt, G. P.,

prehistoric remains, see Botwell; Harmondsworth; Hillingdon; Kenton, roads; Yiewsley

Prentice, Thos.,

Presbyterians, and see North London Presbytery

Preston, John, fam., n

Preston, in Harrow, n, n, ch., the Ascension, common, Preston Green, educ., farms: Hillside, Preston (John Lyon's), fields, Harrow Sch. estate, head tenements, house, Preston Ho., inc., inn, 'Horseshoe', Jews, man.-ho., pop., Preston Forty, see Uxendon; rly. sta.,

Preston (Suff.), n

Primitive Methodists,

printing, and see calico printing

Pritchet(t), John, Bp. of Gloucester, n; Wal., fam.,

Proctor, Revd. Jas.,

Protestant nonconformity, educ., British and Foreign or Lancasterian, and see Highbury Coll., Uxbridge Free Sch.; Uxbridge Sch.; see also Anabaptists; Apostolic Church; Assemblies of God; Baptists; Barn Mission; Botwell Brotherwood; British Israel World Federation; Calvinistic Methodists; Catholic Apostolic Church; Christian Brethren; Christian Scientists; Church of Christ; Church of God; Congregationalists; Elim Church; Exclusive Brethren; Friends, Society of; Independent Evangelical Churches; Independents; Irvingites; Jehovah's Witnesses; Lutherans; Methodists; Mormons; Particular Baptists; Pentecostal Assembly; Plymouth Brethren; Presbyterians; Primitive Methodists; Salvation Army; Seventh Day Adventists; Southall Brotherhood; Spiritualists

Prynne, G. H. Fellowes,

Public Record Office,

Pulman, G., & Sons Ltd.,

Pulteneye, Sir Wm. de,

Purchace, Cath., m. Wal. Aubrey, Odo,

Purefoy, Mic., n; fam.,

Pury, John,

Pycot, Wm., Isabel, his w., m. Edm. Blackwater,

Pye, Hen. John, John Hen., poet laureate,

Quaker Oats Ltd.,

Quakers, see Friends, Society of

Queen Anne's Bounty, Commissioners of,

Quilton, —, bailiff of Ld. Northwick,

R.A.F., establishments: Admin. H. Q. Strike, formerly Fighter, Command (Bentley Priory), Central Depot, formerly Group H.Q., Fighter Command, formerly Armament and Gunnery Sch., Royal Flying Corps (Hillingdon End, Uxbridge), Heathrow, Northolt Airport, and see United States Air Force


Rabb, Hen. or Wal.,

racing, see greyhound-racing; horse-racing; pony-racing


Rading, Rob. de,

railways and tubes, see Bakerloo line; District line; Edgware and Hampstead Rly.; G.W.R.; Great Central Rly.; Great Northern Rly.; Harrow and Uxbridge Rly.; L.N.E.R.; London and North Western Rly.; London Electric Rly.; Metropolitan District Rly.; Metropolitan Rly.; Midland Rly.; Piccadilly line

Rainsford, Miss (fl. 1866),

Rames, Adeliza de, Rob. de, Rog. de (fl. 1086), Rog. de (fl. c. 1130), fam.,

Randall, Wm.,

Rank, Sir Jos.,

Rapistagno, Raymund Pelegrini de, Cardinal, Rector of Harrow,

Read (Rede), John (fl. 1511), John (fl. 18th cent.), n; Ric., fam.,

Reading, Eliz., see Marsh; John, Mary, m. John Davy, Ric. (fl. 1527–8), Ric. (fl. 1542–3), Sim., Thos., Wm., fam.,

recreation grounds, see open spaces

Redbourn (Herts.), mkt.,

Rede, see Read

Redehough, Thos.,

Redford, Geo.,

Redhill, in Hendon, workho.,

Reeve, Edm., Vicar of Hayes,

Reeves, John,

Reigate (Surr.),

Repton, Humph.,

reservoirs, see Brent Reservoir; Ruislip reservoir

Rewse, Sim., n,

Reynardson, Jos., Priscilla, Sam., botanist,

Reynolds, Roland, Thos., Wal., Abp. of Canterbury, n

Rich, Edm., Abp. of Canterbury, John (fl. 1425), John, theatre manager,

Riches, Thos.,

Richmond (formerly Surr.),

Richmond, Archdeacon of, see Wodehouse

Rickmansworth (Herts.),

Ridge, Sam.,

Rigby, Geo., Thos.,

rivers, see Brent; Colne; Pinn

Rizla Cigarette Papers Ltd.,

Road Research Laboratory,

Roadnight, Ric.,

Roberts, Cath., see Morton; Edm., Mary, Mic., Thos., Ursula, Wm.,

Robins, John,

Robinson, Edw., Geo., Thos.,

Rochester (Kent), Cath. Priory of,

Rockingham, Dowager Mchnss. of, see Watson-Wentworth

Rocque, Jean,

Roger, Abbot of Walden, n

Roger, Earl, see Montgomery

Rogers, Eliz. (fl. 1756), Eliz. (d. c. 1803), Ric., Sam., poet, fam.,

Rokeseie, de, see Roxeth, fam.

Rolls, see Rowles

Roman Catholicism, educ., and see Claretian Missionaries; Daughters of the Cross; Dominican sisters; Grail, the; Jesuits; Poor Servants of the Mother of God; Salvatorians; Sisters of Charity of Ste. Jeanne Antide; Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul

Roman remains, see Brockley Hill; Harmondsworth; Harrow; Hillingdon; Ruislip


Rothschild, Nathan Mayer, Ld. Rothschild,

Rouen (Seine-Maritime, Fr.), Abbey of the Holy Trinity, later St. Catherine's,

Roumania, Marie, Queen of,

Roumieu & Aitchison,

Rountree, Hen.,

Rowdell, Hen.,

Rowles (Rolls), Rob., Wm.,

Roxeth (de Rokeseie), Hamo, Hugh, Joan, m. John Dereham, John, Wm., fam., n,

Roxeth, in Harrow, n, agric., char., ch., Christ Church, clubs and societies, common, Roxeth Green, ct., educ., farms (Eve's, Honeybourne's, Roxborough), Atkins's, Baker's, Grove, n, Parker's, Roxeth, Tithe, fields, head tenements, houses (Dabbshill Lodge, Dudley Lodge, Ivy Lodge, Pleasant Place, Roxeth Ho., Roxeth Lodge), the Grange, the Grove, housing estates, Hyde End, inc., ind., inns ('Half Moon', 'Three Horse Shoes', 'Timber Carriage', 'White Horse'), Jews, man., n, man.-ho. (Roxeth Place), Prot. nonconf., pop., public services, roads,

Royal Air Force, see R.A.F.

Royal Commercial Travellers' Schools, later Royal Pinner Sch.,

Royal Flying Corps, see R.A.F., Central Depot

Roys, John,


Rudge, John, Sam.,

Ruislip, Edith, m. — Morton, John Attewood, Hugh, Sim., fam.,

Ruislip, adv., agric., almshos., † bridges, char., ch.: par., † St. Edm. the King, St. Paul, church-houses and par. house, clubs and societies, Ruislip Village Trust, common: Ruislip Common, ct., curate, drainage, econ., educ., farms: Little Manor, Manor, Southcote, Woodman's, fields, houses: Battle of Britain Ho., and see Ruislip, roads; housing estates, inc., inns ('Black Pots', 'Leather Bottle', 'Plough', 'Red Lion', 'Six Bells', 'Sun', 'White Hart'), 'Old Swan', lands of Harmondsworth manor in, local govt., man.: Ruislip, St. Catherine's (St. Catherine End, Little Manor), Southcote, see Southcote; man.-hos., chap., moat, man. and par. officers, mills, pk., poor relief, pop., priory, Prot. nonconf., rly., rly. sta., rectory, reservoir ('lido'), roads, Bury Street, houses in, Frithwood Ave., houses in, † High Street, houses in, Rom. Catholicism, Rom. settlement, Ruislip village, † services, customary, tithes, trade and ind., industrial estate, vicarage, vicarage-ho., vicars of, and see Bright, Thos.; Collins, Dan.; Ellis, John; Gard; Giles; Smith, Thos.; woodland, Copse Wood, Park Wood, (earthwork) Mad Bess Wood, formerly West Wood, workho., and see Eastcote; Northolt Airport; Northwood; Northwood Hills; Ruislip, South

Ruislip, South, in Ruislip, ch., St. Paul, educ., ind., United States 3rd Air Division H. Q.,

Ruislip Building Co.,

Ruislip Golf Course,

Ruislip Manor Ltd.,

Ruislip-Northwood U.D., arms, officers, offices, rates,

Rushout, Alice, see Pitt; Anne, n; Sir Jas., Sir John (d. 1775), John, Ld. Northwick (d. 1800), John, Ld. Northwick (d. 1859), fam.,

Rushout-Bowles, Geo., Ld. Northwick (d. 1887), Eliz. Augusta, his wid.,

Ruskin, John,

Russell, Agnes, John,

Ruthall, Thos., Rector of Hayes, later Bp. of Durham,

Rutherford, Dr. Wm.,

Sacheverell, Wm.,

Sackville, Nigel de, Rector of Harrow,

Sadler, John, Matilda,

Sahler, Ann,

St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, Hospital of, in the City of London,

St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, Priory of, in the City of London, Prior of, see Bolton

St. Bernard's Hospital, formerly Hanwell Lunatic Asylum,

St. Catherine, Abbey of, see Rouen

St. Helen, Bishopsgate, Priory of, in the City of London,

St. Mary and St. Nic. Coll., see King's Coll.

St. Mary at the Cross, formerly St. Mary of Nazareth, Convent and Hospital of, in Edgware, formerly in Shoreditch,

St. Marylebone, par. and Bor. of, ch., St. Thos., Portman Square, schs. in Middlesex,

St. Paul, Cathedral of, in the City of London, Dean and Chapter of, Dean of, see Sherborne; Treasurer of, see Young, Patrick

St. Thomas of Acon, Hospital of, in the City of London,

St. Thomas's Hospital, in Lambeth, formerly in Southwark,

St. Vaast, Wm. de, Prior of Ogbourne,

St. Vincent's Orthopaedic Hospital,

Salisbury, Adeliza of, see Rames; Edward of,

Salisbury, earldom of, earls of, see Cecil; Fitz Patrick; Longespée, Wm.; Patrick

Salisbury, bps. of, see Beauchamp; Longespée, Nic.

Salvation Army,


sand, see gravel

Sanderson, Arthur, & Sons Ltd.,

Sandford, Sam.,

Sands, John,

Saunders, Drew, Francis, Vicar of Harrow, Sarah, m. Hen. Chapman, Mr. (fl. 1759),

Saunford, Elias de, Eliz. de,

Savoy Hospital, in Westminster,

saw-mills, see timber

Say, Wm., fam.,

Sayer, Hen., Mary, see Fearne

Scaccario, Wm. de,

Schomberg, Meinhard, Duke of Schomberg,

school boards,

Schrieber, John, see Lateward

Scientific and Industrial Research, Dept. of,

scientific instruments,

Scott, Adrian G., Geo. Gilb., later Sir Gilb., Sir Wal., W. Gilb.,

Scudamore (Skydmore), John, Wm.,

Scutt, J. M., Rector of Edgware,

Searle, John,

Sedgewick, Hen.,

Seles, John,

Sellon, J. Baker,

services, customary, see Edgware; Harmondsworth; Harrow; Hayes; Ruislip

Seventh Day Adventists,

Sever, Hen.,

sewerage, 'Wembley Pudding',

Seymour, Hen., Rob.,

Shackle, Edw., fam.,

Shadwell, Sir Lancelot, fam.,

Shaftesbury, Earl of, see Cooper, Cropley

Shannon, Vct., see Boyle

Sharp, Cecil Jas., Hen., Jas.,

Sharpe, John,

Shaw, Norman,

Shelley, Mary, wid. of Percy Bysshe Shelley,

Sheppard, Susanna, see Lewin; Wm., fam.,

Shepperton, Rector of, see Hubbard

Sherborne, Rob., Dean of St. Paul's, later Bp. of Chichester,

Sheridan, Ric. Brinsley,

Shirley, Margery, m. Pexall Brocas, Sir Thos.,

Shiryngton, Wal., Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,

Shodewell, John,

Shoesmith, Francis,

shooting, and see West London Shooting Grounds

Shorediche, Edm., Edw. Ricaut, Geo., John (fl. c. 1390), John (d. by 1452), Juette, see Charlton; Marg., Mic. (fl. 1612), Mic. (fl. 1800), Nic., Ric., Rob. (fl. 1433), Rob. (fl. 1496), Rob. (fl. 1751), fam.,

Show, John,

Shower, Sir Bart.,

Shrewsbury, Earl of, see Bellême; Montgomery

Shuckburgh, Sir Chas., John,

Siddons, Sarah,

Sidmouth, Vct., see Addington

Sikhs, see immigrants


Silvester, J. W. P., Vicar of St. John the Evangelist, Wembley,

Simon, chaplain of Southall,

Simpson, J. M.,

Sims, Chas.,

Sims & Brooks, see Sipson Caravans

Sipson, in Harmondsworth, common: Sipson Green, educ., fields, houses: Sipson Ho., inc., ind., Prot. nonconf.,

Sipson Caravans, formerly Sims & Brooks,

Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul,

Sisters of Charity of Ste. Jeanne Antide,

Sisters of the Poor (Anglican), see St. Mary at the Cross

Skinner, Jas.,

Skydmore, see Scudamore


Smallbroke, John,

Smith, And., Culling, Hen., Ric., Thos., Vicar of Ruislip, Thos. (fl. 1678), or Southcote, Wm. (fl. 1378), Wm. (fl. 18th cent.), Wm. (fl. 1814), fam., n,

Smith, Thos., & Son,

Smith's Potato Crisps Ltd.,

Smithfield Central Mkts., in the City of London,

Snell, Nat.,

Snow, Christian,

Snowden, Hen.,

Soames, Emily,

Soane, Sir John,

Somerset, John,

Soutar, A. & J.,

Southall, Alice of, (de Suhalle) Wm. of,

Southall, formerly part of Hayes, agric., almshos., bridges, Windmill Bridge, † canals, char., ch.: Christ the Redeemer, Holy Trinity, St. Geo., St. John, clubs and societies, educ., St. John's Sch., Southall Green, fairs, farms (Southall Lane, Warren, Waxlow (Wexley), Windmill), fields, houses: Featherstone Hall, the Shrubbery, Southall Park, (open space) Vine Cott., housing estates, inns, 'Plough' (later 'King's Head' and 'King of Prussia'), 'Red Lion', 'White Hart', man., man. and par. officers, man.-ho., mkt., mills, frontispiece, Mount Pleasant, pop., Prot. nonconf., rly., rly. sta., roads, King Street, † Rom. Catholicism, Southall Green (settlement), Southall village, trade and ind., and see Dorman's Well; Northcott; Norwood

Southall, Bor. of, arms,

Southall, Ealing, and Shepherd's Bush Tramway Co.,

Southall Brick Co.,

Southall Brotherhood, Sisterhood,

Southall Guardian,

Southall News,

Southall-Norwood Gazette, see West Middlesex Gazette

Southall-Norwood U.D., offices,

Southall Post,

Southampton, Earl of, see Wriothesley

Southampton (Hants),

Southcote, Avice de, Eliz. de, John de, Margery, Ric., Rob, de, Rog. de (fl. 1248), Rog. de, s. of Rog., Wm., see Smith; fam.,

Southcote (Southcoterow) (lost), in Harmondsworth, fields, man., man.-ho., see Ruislip

Southern Brick and Tile Works,

'Southminster', see Cwenthryth

Southwark, see St. Thomas's Hospital

Southwell, Hen., Joan, Sir Rob., Rob., Jesuit,

Spencer-Churchill, Capt. E. G.,

Spigurnel, Hen., Thos.,

Spilman, Eliz., see Frowyk; Hen., n; Sir John (fl. c. 1522), John (fl. 1573), John (d. 1663), fam.,


Spranger, Admiral John O., John,

Spring, Howard,

Springe, Ric., see Bristow

springs, chalybeate,

Stacey, Jas.,

Stacey & Son, iron founders,

Stafford, Jane, Sir Rob.,


Staines, Prot. nonconf.,

Staines R.D.,

Stanborough, Jos., Ric., fam.,

Stanerton, Ric.,

Stanhope, Sir Mic.,

Stanlake, Wm.,

Stanley, Alice, wid. of Ferdinando, Earl of Derby, m. Thos. Egerton, Vct. Brackley, Ferdinando, Earl of Derby, Geo., Ld. Strange, Hen., Joan, see Lestrange; Juette, see Charlton; Sir Ric. de, Thos., Earl of Derby (d. 1504), Thos., Earl of Derby (d. 1521), fam.,

Stanmore, Great, char., man.,

Stanmore, Little (Whitchurch), educ., man., Wimborough,

Stanmore Gas Co.,

Stanwell, n, man.,

Staple, Percival, n

Stapledon, Eliz., see Gerard; Miles, fam.,

Stapleton, Mrs. (fl. 1759),

Steel Barrel Co.,

Steel Bros.,

Steere, Wm.,

Sterrett, John E.,

Stevenage, Saer de,

Stickleton, in Greenford, man.,

Stidberht, Abbot (fl. 767),

Stilwell, Dr., fam.,

Stirling, Susannah, Lady,

Stockley brick-works,

Stokes, Gavin, n; Geo.,

Stonore, John de,

Strafford, Baron, later Earl of, see Byng

Strange, Lord, see Lestrange

Stratford, John, Abp. of Canterbury,

Stratton, Adam de,

Streater, Rob.,

Street, Eliz., m. — Aldwin, Hen., John (fl. before 1548), John (? another) (fl. 1553), John, (fl. 1573–4), John (fl. 1707), John (? another) (fl. 1722), John (fl. 1742), Sarah, Wm., fam.,

Strensham, Rob.,

Stringer, Ant.,

Stroud, Jos.,

Sturgeon, John,

Sturmer, Fred., Curate of Hayes,

Sudbury, in Harrow, n, agric., char., ch., St. And., common: Sudbury Common, warren, cotlands and cotmen, ct., Sudbury or Sudbury Court (Harrow) man., educ., Sudbury Home for Girls, farms, Hundred Elms, Ilotts, Jackson's, Sheepcote (Shipcot), Sudbury Court, n, Sudbury Place, Vale, Watson's, Weston's, Woodcock Hill (Ruff Leas), n, hermitage of St. Edm. and St. Kath.,

Sudbury, houses (Aspen Lodge, the Chestnuts, Elms Wood, Kennet Ho., the Mount, Oak Place, Seymour Villa, Sudbury Hill, later Bowden, Ho., Sudbury Ho., Sudbury Priory, Windmill Ho.), the Hermitage, Julian Hill, Sudbury Court, Sudbury Grove, n; Sudbury Hall, Sudbury Lodge, formerly Crabs Ho., later Barham Ho., Sudbury Place,

Sudbury, housing estates, † inns: 'Swan', 'Black Horse', 'Mitre', 'Rising Sun', man., Sudbury or Sudbury Court, chap., man. officers, mill, pop., n; Prot. nonconf., rly. sta., roads, Rom. Catholicism,

Sudbury Golf Club,

Suhalle, see Southall, Alice of

Sulloniacae, see Brockley Hill

Sun Fire Office,

Sutton, in Chiswick, man.,

Swain, Thos.,

Swakeleys, fam., see Swalcliffe

Swakeleys, in Ickenham, man., man.-ho., † chap., pk.,

Swalcliffe, Rob., fam.,

Swalcliffe (Oxon.),

Swetman (Sweetman), John,

Swift, Edw., Ric., Curate of Edgware,

swimming pools and public baths,

Sykes, Ric. Nic.,

Synagogue, United,

Synagogues, Federation of,

Talbot, J. H., Col. Sir Patrick Wellesley, n

Tampax Ltd.,

Tamworth, John,

Tanner, Hen., Wm., fam., n

Taverner, Ric., Vicar of Hillingdon,

Taylor, Brian, Elias, Rector of Hayes, Revd. H. M. S., John Chas.,

Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd.,

Technicolor Ltd.,


Tempest, Sir Hen., Lady Mary,


Tentirden, Rob., Rose,

tenures, see burgages; cotlands; head tenements; underset tenements

Terry, Dame Ellen,

Testa, Wm. de, Rector of Harrow,

Teulon, S. S.,

Thame Abbey (Oxon.), n

Thames Valley Co.,

theatres and theatrical profession, and see Harrow-on-the-Hill; Uxbridge

Thirlby, Thos., Bp. of Westminster,

Thomas, Earl of Lancaster (d. 1322), Alice, his w., see Lacy

Thompson, Emma Rousby,

Thornhill, Clara, m. Wm. Clarke, later Clarke-Thornhill,

Thornton, John,

Tibbald, Thos.,

Tichebourn, Nic.,

Tickenham, formerly 'Ticheham', lands in Hillingdon and Ickenham,

ticket machines,

Tikeham, Wm. de,

Tilbury, —, horse-dealer,

Tillyer, John, fam.,

timber products and saw-mills, and see coffins; furniture; toys

Tingewick (Bucks.), man.,

Tisdale, Thos.,

tobacco manufactures,

Tochi (fl. c. 1066),

Todd, Nic., W. W.,

Toft, A.,

Tokyngton, Godf., Marg., n; Ralph (fl. c. 1171), Ralph (fl. 1246–7), Ric., fam.,

Tokyngton (Oakington), in Harrow, n, chap., priests, see Benedict; Layton, Wm.; ch., St. Mic., farm, Tokyngton man., later Oakington Park or Sherren's, fields, man., man.-ho., pop.,

Tollit, Wm.,

Tooke, A. W., W. A., Wm., F.R.S.,

Tootell, W. S.,

Topcliffe, Ric.,

Tower, Chris., fam.,

Tower Co. Ltd.,

Town End, see Hillingdon End

Townsend, Geo., Jas., Rector of Hayes, Sir Rog. (fl. 1537), Rog. (fl. 1566),

Townsend trust (Uxbridge 'lectureship'),

toys, wooden,

tram services, and see London United Tramways Co.; Metropolitan Electric Tramways Co.

Transport, Min. of,

Travers, Alice, see Francis; M., architect, Ric., Sir Thos., fam.,

treaties, see Uxbridge

Tresom, Alex.,

Triplett, Dr. Thos., and see Dr. Triplett's Sch.

Troke, W. E.,

trolleybus services,

Trollope, Ant., and see Orley Farm; Frances, Thos., n, his farm.-ho. in Harrow Weald, fam.,

Trott, Eliz., see Wright; Sir John,

Trumpinton, John de, John, his s.,

Tubbs, Rob.,

Tunstall, Cuthbert, Rector of Harrow, later Bp. of Durham,

Turner, J. M. W., Thos.,

turnpike trusts, and see Metropolitan Turnpike Roads Trust

turpentine manufacture,

Turpin, Dick,

Twyere, Alice, m. Ric. Chandler, Elias, Joan, Rob.,

Twyford, West, chap., Twyford Ho.,

Twyford Abbey Sch.,

Tyndale, Dean, Francis,

Tyrell, Anne, Edw., n; Eleanor, see Flambard; Sir Thos., Wal., fam.,

Tyson, Thos., Vicar of Harmondsworth,

Ulf (fl. c. 1066),

Ulsi, s. of Manni,

Ulverston, Ric.,

underset tenements,

Unilever Ltd.,

United Dairies Ltd.,

United States Air Force, 3rd Air Div. H.Q., Ruislip,

Uxbridge, adv., almshos., banks, (Higgenson's), 'borough ditch', bor. officers, bridges, chant., char., ch., St. Marg., formerly chap., clubs and socs., Uxbridge Mechanics' Institute, commons and waste, disputes over, ct., Court Ho., Cross Street, houses in, econ., educ., fairs, Foundry Terrace, Friends' Meeting Ho., † guild, High Street, houses in, panorama (c. 1790), †

Uxbridge, houses: Bank Ho., Dragonfield, Park Lodge, see Hillingdon End; Red Ho., Treaty Ho. (Crown and Treaty Ho. Inn), † inns, 'Axe', 'Bell', 'Black Bull', 'Crown', 'Eagle and Child', 'Leg', 'Queen's Head', 'Rose', 'Saracen's Head', 'Spread Eagle', 'Swan', 'Three Tuns', 'Bull', 'Chequer', 'Cross Keys', 'George', 'King's Arms', 'White Horse', and see Uxbridge, houses

Uxbridge, lectureship, see Townsend trust; local govt., Lynch Green, man., lords in trust, mkt., tolls, disputes over, mkt.-hos.: new (built 1789), † old, mills, Mede, Mercer's, formerly Frays, formerly Town, Old Meeting Ho., poor relief, pop., Prot. nonconf., Providence Ch., † public rooms ('Town Hall'), public services, rly., rly. sta.: Belmont Road, High Street, Vine Street, Rom. Catholicism, theatres, trade and ind., trading and industrial estates, trading privileges, grant of, 'treaty' of, Windsor Street, houses in, old burial ground, workho., and see Hillingdon End

Uxbridge, Bor. of, arms, County Buildings, officers, rates,

Uxbridge, earls of, see Paget

Uxbridge and District Supply Co.,

Uxbridge and Hillingdon Consumers Co.,

Uxbridge Chronicle,

Uxbridge (Northolt) Common, in Hillingdon, warren,

Uxbridge Corn Exchange Co.,

Uxbridge Free School, formerly Uxbridge British School,

Uxbridge Gaz.,

Uxbridge Iron Works,

Uxbridge Local Board of Health,

Uxbridge Marvel,

Uxbridge (Hog) Moor, in Hillingdon (common),

Uxbridge Moor, in Hillingdon (suburb), and see Hillingdon, ch.

Uxbridge Nursery,

Uxbridge Old Gas Co.,

Uxbridge Pioneer,

Uxbridge Poor Law Union, workho., see Hillingdon

Uxbridge R.D.,

Uxbridge Rural Sanitary Authority,

Uxbridge School (nonconformist),

Uxbridge U.D., arms, officers,

Uxbridge Yeomanry Cavalry, later Middlesex Yeomanry Cavalry,

Uxendon, Alice, Mic., Ric., fam., n, and see Woxindon

Uxendon, in Harrow, bridge, Celtic earthwork, ct., farms: Forty, Uxendon, n, fields, Forty Green (also called Uxendon Forty, Wembley Forty, Preston Forty), head tenements, inc., man., n, man.-ho., pop., roads,

Uxton, John,

Vannam, Eliz., w. of Rob., Eliz. (? wid. of Wm.), Geo., John, Rob., Wm.,

Vaughan, Dr. Rob.,

Vazeille, Mrs.,

vehicles and components,

Velvet Cushion, the,

Venn, John, Perpetual Curate of Pinner,

Victoria, Queen,

Victoria and Hillingdon Nurseries,

Victoria oil mills,

Villiers, see Child-Villiers

Vincent, Ric.,


Vitio, Guy de, Rector of Hayes, Rayner de, Rector of Hayes,

vitriol factory,

Vyner, Sir Rob., Ld. Mayor of London (d. 1688), Rob. (fl. 1707), Thos., fam.,

Wade, Guy,

Waldegrave, Sir Ric.,

Walden Priory, later Abbey (Essex), Abbot of, see Roger

Waldo, Chas., Dan., Sir Edw., Eliz. Cath., wid. of Chas., m. Chas. Walsh, Grace, m. Wm. Carey, Ld. Hunsdon, Sam., fam.,

Wales, princes of, Edward (Black Prince), see Edward; Joan, Princess of, see Holland

Waleston, fam.,

Waleys, Ellis, John,

Walker, J. W., & Sons,

Walker, John,

Wall, Thos., & Sons Ltd.,

Waller, Wm.,

Wallingford, Wigot of,

Wallingford (later Ewelme), honor of, ct., Middlesex bailiwick, officers,

Wallop, Rob.,

wallpaper factories,

Walpole, Nic.,

Walsh, Chas., n, Eliz. Cath., see Waldo

Walter, Abbot of Evesham, n, n

Walter, Hubert, Abp. of Canterbury, n; Rob., Thos., fam.,

Walter, Graham, & Co.,

Walton, John, Thos.,

Walworth, Agnes, Ric.,

War Damage Commission,

Ward, Mrs. Horatia Nelson,

Warde, Thos.,

Warham, Wm., Abp. of Canterbury, Wm., Rector of Hayes,

Warren, Gilb., n; Mary, m. Jas. Marsh, Wm., fam.,

warrens, see Hillingdon, Coney Green; Sudbury, common; Uxbridge Common

Wateman (fl. 1086), Elveve, his w., see Elveve

water, supply of,

Waterloo Bridge (old), in Westminster and Lambeth,

Waters, Eliz., Jas.,

Watford (Herts.),

Watkin, Sir Edw., 'Watkin's Folly',

Watling Street, see Edgware, roads

Watlington, Geo.,

Watson, Ric., fam.,

Watson-Wentworth, Mary, wid. of Chas. Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of Rockingham,

Watts, Rog., Thos., —,

Waxwell, in Pinner, farm, Waxwell, Waxwell Lane, houses in,

Wayland, Wm.,

Waymouth, W. Chas.,

Weald, John,

Weald, the, see Harrow Weald

Wealdstone, in Harrow, ch., Holy Trinity, educ., housing estates, ind., pop., Prot. nonconf., Rom. Catholicism,

Wealdstone, Wembley, and Harrow Observer ('Harrow Observer'), see Harrow Observer and Gaz.

Wealdstone U.D., n, officers, rates,

Weall, Benj., John,


Webb, John, Ric., fam.,

Wedgwood, Josiah,

Weekly, John,

Welch, Wm.,

Wellesley, Arthur, Duke of Wellington,

Wells, Wm.,

Wembley, in Harrow, n, agric., bridges, ch.: St. Augustine, Wembley Pk., St. Cuthbert, North Wembley, St. John the Evangelist, Perpetual Curate of, see Layard; vicars of, and see Silvester; clubs and societies, common: Wembley Green, ct., educ., farms (Botnall, Wembley Hill), Dairy, fields, head tenements, houses (Cumberland Ho., Elm Lodge, the Gables, Wembley Park), the White Ho., housing estates, inc., ind., inns, 'Green Man', formerly 'Barley Mow', Jews, local govt., see Wembley, Bor. of; Wembley U.D.; man., n, man.-ho. (Wembley Ho.), pop., Prot. nonconf., public services, Wembley Park sewerage scheme, rly. sta., roads, Rom. Catholicism, Wembley Forty, see Uxendon; and see Empire Pool and Sports Arena; Wembley Stadium

Wembley, Bor. of, arms, officers, offices, rates, wards,

Wembley Hosp.,

Wembley News,

Wembley Observer and Gaz.,

Wembley Park Estate Co.,

'Wembley Pudding', see sewerage

Wembley Stadium, † and see British Empire Exhibition

Wembley U.D., officers, offices, rates, wards,

Wenne, Anna,

Werenberht (fl. 845),

Werhard (fl. 832),

Wesley, Chas., John,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

West End, in Pinner, Aldridges, farm, Sweetman's Hall, houses: Sweetman's Hall, West End Lodge, n; West Ho., formerly West End Ho., West End Lane, houses in,

West End Brick Co.,

West London Brick Co. Ltd.,

West London Shooting Grounds,

West Middlesex Gazette (formerly Southall-Norwood Gazette),

West Middlesex Golf Club,

Westbury Trust Ltd.,

Westland Helicopters, see Fairey Aviation

Westmacott, Sir Ric., Ric., his s.,

Westminster, City of, Buckingham Palace, ch. and par.: Christ Church, Endell Street, St. Luke, Berwick Street, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, St. Mary the Virgin, Charing Cross, Gatehouse prison, St. James's Park, Westminster Palace, and see Emanuel Hospital; Savoy Hospital; Waterloo Bridge

Westminster, Bp. of, see Thirlby

Westminster Abbey, later collegiate church of St. Peter,

Westminster Press,

Westmorland, Ctss. of, see Child, Sarah

West's Piling & Construction Co. Ltd.,

Wetynge, John,

Wharncliffe Viaduct, see Hanwell

Wharton, Edw.,

Whiston, John, Curate of Edgware,

Whitchurch, see Stanmore, Little

White, Alfred, & Sons, Wm.,

Whitefield, Geo.,

Whitelocke, Bulstrode,

Whitson, Jas., & Co.,

Whittewrong, Thos.,

Wiche, Ric., Vicar of Harmondsworth,

Wickens, Sam.,

Wigan, Humph.,

Wightman, Audrey, n; Wm.,

Wiglaf, King of Mercia,

Wilberforce, Wm.,

Wilcocks, Jos., n; Jos., Vicar of Harrow,

Wild, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1708), Wm. (fl. 1745),

Wilkins, Sarah, m. John Anderson (fl. 1642), Sim.,

Wilkinson, Wm. (fl. 1513–14), Wm. (fl. 1637), — (fl. 1686),

Willesden, Bor. of,

William I,

William III,

William IV,

William of Wykeham, see Wykeham

Williams, Sir Hutchins, Sir John, Sir Owen, Wal. L., Vicar of Harrow and Perpetual Curate of Pinner, Wm. Peere, Wm.,

Willing, Thos.,

Willis, John, Curate of Pinner,

Wilshaw, Francis, Ric.,

Wilshin, Dan.,

Wilson, Anne, Thos.,

Wimbledon (formerly Surr.), man. of abps. of Canterbury in,

Wimpey, Geo., & Co. Ltd.,

Winch, Wm.,

Winchelsey, Rob., Abp. of Canterbury,

Winchester, John,

Winchester, Bp. of, see Wykeham

Winchester Coll., wardens of,

Windsor, Alice of, see Perrers; Wm. of,

Windsor (Berks.), Constable of, St. George's Chap., Dean and Chapter of, Canon of, see Collins, Dan.; Windsor Castle,

Winford, Lady Sarah,

Winsor & Newton Ltd.,

Winter, Wm.,

Wiseman, Lady (fl. 1702),

Witney, Mrs. (fl. 1863),

Wixan, tribe,

Wlward 'White' (Wit),

Wodehouse, Rob., Treasurer of the Exchequer and Archdeacon of Richmond,

Wolfe, Miles,

Wollaston, Israel,

Wolsey, Thos., Cardinal, Abp. of York, n

Wombe, Alan, Vicar of Harmondsworth,

Wood, Edw., Lawr., Rose, Thos. (fl. 1672), Thos. (fl. 1776), Wm., and see Attewood

Wood End, in Hayes, educ., fields, houses (Barra Hall, the Chestnuts, formerly Grove Cottage, Grove Lodge, Wood End Ho.),

Wood End Green, in Hayes, educ., Prot. nonconf.,

Woodbridge, Chas., fam., n

Woodstock (Oxon.),

Woodville, Eliz., see Elizabeth

Woodward, Hezekiah,

Wooler Engineering Co. Ltd.,

Woolleys (tile-makers),

Woolman, Rob.,

Woolworth, F. W., & Co. Ltd.,

Worcester, bps. of, and see Polton; Wulfstan

Wordsworth, Chris., Headmaster of Harrow Sch., Wm., poet,

workhouses, see Harmondsworth; Harrow; Hayes; Hillingdon; Northolt; Norwood; Pinner; Redhill; Ruislip; Uxbridge

Worsley, Hen., Rector of Norwood,

Woxindon (Uxendon), Hugh of,

Wright, And., Cath., m. Sir Jas. Harrington, Sir Edm., Ld. Mayor of London, Edw., Eliz., m. Sir John Trott, Hugh (fl. 1522–3), Hugh (fl. 1547), Mary, Rob., Rector of Hayes, Warden of Wadham Coll., later Bp. of Bristol and of Coventry and Lichfield, Rog., Wm.,

Wright, Chas., Ltd.,

Wrigley, Co. Ltd., the,

Wriothesley, Thos., later Earl of Southampton,

Wroth, Sir Rob., Sir Thos., fam.,

Wulfred, Abp. of Canterbury,

Wulfstan, Bp. of Worcester,

Wulfweard (fl. c. 1066),

Wychingham, Geof. de, Mayor of London,

Wycombe (? High) (Bucks.),

Wyke, Mat. de la,

Wykeham, Wm. of, Bp. of Winchester, n,

Wyne, John,

Wythyton, John,


Yeading (Yedding), Adam, John, Wm., fam.,

Yeading (Geddinges), in Hayes, ch., St. Edm. of Canterbury, educ., ind., inn, 'Union', man., man.-ho., pop., Rom. Catholicism, tithes,

Yeading Brook,

Yiewsley, in Hillingdon, ch. (formerly chap.), educ., poor relief, prehistoric remains, Prot. nonconf., trade and ind.,

Yiewsley and West Drayton U.D.,

Yiewsley (Colham) Moor, in Hillingdon,

York, Edw. Chris., Edw., his s.,

York, Abp. of, see Wolsey

York, City of, All Saints, North Street, minster,

Young, Arthur, Hen., John, Rector of Hayes, Patrick, Rector of Hayes, chaplain of All Souls Coll., Oxford, and Treasurer of St. Paul's, his wid.,