Corrigenda to Volumes I and III


Victoria County History



T F T Baker, J S Cockburn, R B Pugh (Editors), Diane K Bolton, H P F King, Gillian Wyld, D C Yaxley

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'Corrigenda to Volumes I and III', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 4: Harmondsworth, Hayes, Norwood with Southall, Hillingdon with Uxbridge, Ickenham, Northolt, Perivale, Ruislip, Edgware, Harrow with Pinner (1971), pp. 289. URL: Date accessed: 01 November 2014.


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Earlier lists of corrigenda will be found in Volumes I and III

Vol. I, frontispiece, for 1883 read 1833
page xxiii, line 3, after 'Cannings' insert 'Cross'
xxiii, line 8, for 'Oxoniensis' read 'Oxonienses'
xxiii, line 9, for 'C. J. Aungier' read 'G. J. Aungier'
xxiv, line 3, for 'préhistoire' read 'préhistorique'
xxiv, line 4 from end, after 'Society' add '. Consecutive numbers are used for the whole series, although
Volumes vii-xvii (1905-54) appeared as N.S. i-xi'
17, lines 6, 23, and 4 from end, for 'Galloway' read 'Garraway'
23, note 60, for 'Record' read 'Records'
60, note 45, for 'Jahrbucher' read 'Jahrbücher'
65, note 7, for 'iii' read 'ix'
84, line 15, for 'Loefwine' read 'Leofwine'
91, line 5, for 'th c ii' read 'the cotarii'
126b, line 17 from end, for '; a beech-grove (silva' read 'and beasts of the chase (silva-'
160a, line 19, for 'Liège' read 'Liége'
168, note 19, for 'Seeley' read 'Seely'
182b, line 14 from end, for 'nun's' read 'nuns''
219, line 6 from end, for 'words' read 'wands'
230, lines 24-25, delete ', the Royal Engineers' at Brompton,'
249, line 2 from end, for 'Aberbeen' read 'Aberdeen'
250, line 23, for 'Dodderidge's' read 'Doddridge's'
262, line 2 from end, for 'Enfield.' read 'Enfield,'
277, line 18, for 'Jew's' read 'Jews''
281, line 3 from end, for 'Fortress' read 'Fortess'
289, line 32, for 'Surburban' read 'Suburban'
300b, line 34, for '1823-6' read '1823-4'
311, note 14, for 'Rosalie C. Grylls' read 'Rosalie G. Grylls'
363 c, s.v. Angers, for 'Maire-et-Loire' read 'Maine-et-Loire'
363c, s.v. 'Arnold's' wood, delete whole entry and substitute 'Arnos Grove ('Arnold's' wood), in Southgate, 169'
364a, s.v. 'Atherley's lands', for '169' read 'see London, City of'
368a, between 'Dodd' and 'Doding', insert 'Doddridge, Dr. Phil., 250'
369c, s.v. Fortress Road High Sch., for 'Fortress' read 'Fortess'
373a, s.v. Jews' College, after '263' add ', 277'
374b, s.v. London, City of, before 'Bank of England' add ''Atherley's lands', 169;'
379b, s.v. Royal Engineers, delete whole entry
380c, s.v. Seeley & Paget, for 'Seeley' read 'Seely'
381a, s.v. Southgate, after 'and see' insert 'Arnos Grove;'
385, line 13 from end, for '227b' read '277b'
Vol. III, page xx, line 2 from end, after 'date)' add'. Consecutive numbers are used for the whole series, although Volumes vii-xvii (1905-54) appeared as N.S. i-xi'