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Victoria County History



Alan Crossley, C R Elrington (Editors), Eleanor Chance, Christina Colvin, Janet Cooper, C J Day, T G Hassall, Mary Jessup, Nesta Selwyn

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'Principal Bodleian manuscripts used', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 4: The City of Oxford (1979), pp. XV-XVI. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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MS. Add. D 114 Collection of original papers relating to the siege of Oxford
MS. Ballard 11 Letters to duke of Buckingham (d. 1628) and Dr. Charlett (d. 1722)
MS. Ballard 22 Collections on literary and antiquarian subjects of George Ballard (d. 1755)
MS. Bodley 282 Letter book of the university 1508-1597, formerly classified as Register FF
MS. Ch. Oxon. Oxfordshire charters
MS. d.d. All Souls Medieval deeds from All Souls College, Oxford
MS. d.d. Bertie c 2-4 Estate papers of the earls of Abingdon, 15th-19th centuries
MS. d.d. Ch. Ch. Medieval deeds from Christ Church, Oxford
MS. d.d. Hall's Brewery Transferred to O.R.O: in 1977
MS. d.d. Oxf. Methodist circuit Transferred to O.R.O. in 1978
MS. d.d. Par. Oxf. Records of Oxford city parishes
MS. Don. a 2-3 Drawings by J. C. Buckler of Oxford buildings, 1810-30
MS. Don. c 97 Miscellaneous drawings and prints of Oxford
MS. Gough Oxf. 50 Drawings of old Oxford buildings c. 1750
MS. Lat. Misc. c 72 Collections for a work on St. Frideswide made by Miss L. I. Guiney
MS. Lyell 15 Mid-14th-century cartulary of Abingdon abbey
MS. Morrell Records of Oxford companies and craft guilds, 1260-1852
MS. Oxf. Archd. Oxon. Oxfordshire Archdeaconry Papers, indexed by Canon J. W. Oldfield, in 'Parochial Index to some MSS. in the Bodleian Library' (2 MS. vols. in Duke Humfrey's Library)
MS. Oxf. Dioc. Oxford Diocesan Papers, indexed by Canon J. W. Oldfield, as above (MS. Oxf. Archd. Oxon.), and also in 'Index to the Muniments at Cuddesdon Palace' (2 MS. vols. in Duke Humfrey's Library)
MS. Oxf. Barbers Oxford barbers' company records, 1675-1859
MS. Rawl. B 397 Collections for Oxfordshire by Michael Hutton (17th century)
MS. Rawl. B 400 D Parochial collections for Oxfordshire by Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755)
MS. Rawl. B 402 A Registers of St. John the Baptist parish, Oxford, 1617-1690
MS. Rawl. B 407 A, B Anthony Wood's History and Description of Oxford, transcribed from Bodl. MSS. Wood, with additional matter collected by Richard Rawlinson
MS. Rawl. C 507 14th-century legal collection
MS. Rawl. C 712 Formulary written by John Sapcote in 1547, with later additions
MS. Rawl. C 867 Collections relating to Oxford by Richard Rawlinson and Thomas Hearne (d. 1735)
MS. Rawl. D 317 B Miscellaneous collections by Thomas Hearne (d. 1735)
MS. Rawl. D 399 Miscellaneous collections by Thomas Hearne (d. 1735)
MS. Rawl. D 1481 English topographical papers (15th-18th century)
MS. Rawl. Statutes 34 15th-century statutes of some Oxford colleges and halls
MSS. Rolls Oseney Account and court rolls of Oseney abbey
MS. Rolls Oxon. Account and court rolls relating to Oxfordshire
MS. Tanner 56 Collection of letters and papers, 1649-50
MS. Tanner 456* Collections by Anthony Wood relating to the university and city of Oxford
MS. Top. Eccles. e 4 Descriptions of fonts, compiled in the late 19th century and early 20th
MS. Top. Oxon. Topographical collections relating to Oxfordshire, including H. E. Salter's transcripts of material in Oxford college archives. Described in F. Madan, Rough List of Manuscript Materials Relating to the History of Oxford (Oxford, 1887), and P. S. Spokes, Summary Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library relating to the city and university of Oxford: accessions 1916-1962
MS. Twyne 24 volumes containing MS. collections of the early-17th-century antiquary Brian Twyne relating to the university and city. Described by A. Clark in Life and Times of Anthony Wood, iv (O.H.S. xxx), 202 sqq. Formerly in the university archives
MS. Twyne-Langbaine 6 volumes of collections by Brian Twyne, described by A. Clark, as above (MS. Twyne). Formerly in the university archives
MS. Wilb. c 22 Letters of Bishop Samuel Wilberforce (1846-69) concerning parish affairs in Oxford diocese
MS. Willis 45 Collections for cathedrals and dioceses of Ely, Oxford, and Peterborough made for or by Browne Willis, antiquarian (d. 1760)
MS. Wills Berks. Berkshire wills, 16th-19th centuries
MS. Wills Oxon. Oxfordshire wills, 16th-19th centuries
MS. Wood MS. collections of the 17th-century antiquary Anthony Wood, relating to the university and city. Described by A. Clark in Life and Times of Anthony Wood, iv (O.H.S. xxx), 228-48