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Victoria County History



C R J Currie (Editor), A P Baggs, G C Baugh, D C Cox, Jessie McFall, P A Stamper

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'List of plates', A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 10: Munslow Hundred (part), The Liberty and Borough of Wenlock (1998), pp. XI-XII. URL: Date accessed: 17 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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For permission to reproduce material in their copyright, custody, or possession, thanks are offered to the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society (plate 10), the Board of Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum (plate 27), the Bodleian Library (plate 20), the Hulton Deutsch Collection Ltd. (plate 35), Hunting Aerofilms Ltd. (plates 2, 4), the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust (plates 25-6, 30, 32-3), Much Wenlock Town Council (plate 36), the Revd. Canon M. H. Ridgway (plate 8), the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (frontispiece and plates 13-15, 17-18), Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society (plate 19), Shropshire County Museum Service (plates 37, 40), the Shropshire Magazine (plates 5-6), Shropshire Newspapers Ltd. (plates 24, 31), Shropshire Records and Research Centre (plates 7, 9, 16, 21-3, 28-9, 34, 38-9, 41), and the University of Cambridge Committee for Aerial Photography (plates 1, 3).


Acton Scott Hall. Photograph, 1962, by R.C.H.M.E. in N.M.R., neg. AA62/6857: Crown copyright

Plates between pages 232 and 233

1 Wenlock Edge. Photograph, 1965, in Cambridge University Collection of Air Photographs, neg. AMS 78: copyright reserved
2 Much Wenlock. Photograph, c. 1973, by Aerofilms Ltd., neg. A 219676
3 The Stretton Gap. Photograph, 1947, in Cambridge University Collection of Air Photographs, neg. Y 85: copyright reserved
4 Church Stretton. Photograph c. 1962 by Aerofilms Ltd., neg. A 96258
5 Shipton church. Photograph c. 1968 by Carl & Pat Jameson in S.P.L.
6 Tugford church. Photograph in S.P.L.
7 Eaton-under-Heywood church. Photograph by James Mallinson in S.P.L., neg. Mallinson 917
8 Hughley chancel screen. Photograph by Fred H. Crossley in Conway Library, Courtauld Institute of Art, neg. B47/6568
9 Heath chapel. Photograph c. 1900 in S.P.L.
10 Holdgate: Hall Farm. Photograph, 1949, by S. A. Jeavons in S.P.L.
11 Plaish Hall. Photograph, 1987, by P. A. Stamper
12 Wilderhope Manor. Photograph, 1993, by D. C. Cox
13 Larden Hall. Photograph, 1967, by R.C.H.M.E. in N.M.R., neg. BB67/4543: Crown copyright
14 Lutwyche Hall. Photograph, 1974, by R.C.H.M.E. in N.M.R., neg. BB74/3808: Crown copyright
15 Lutwyche Hall: the entrance hall. Photograph, 1974, by R.C.H.M.E. in N.M.R., neg. BB74/3819: Crown copyright
16 Upper Millichope: the Lodge. Photograph by James Mallinson in S.P.L., neg. Mallinson 716
17 Acton Scott Hall: the dining room. Photograph, 1962, by G. B. Mason in N.M.R., neg. AA62/6863: Crown copyright
18 Badger Hall: the museum. Photograph, 1888, in N.M.R., neg. BB74/2928
19 Badger Hall. Watercolour, 1824, by J. Homes Smith in S.P.L., J. H. Smith colln. no. 235
20 Lower Millichope: the old and new halls. Drawing, c. 1840, in Bodl. MS. Top. Salop. c. 2, f. 377
21 Broseley: the Square and High Street. Postcard by R. Mansell & Sons in S.P.L.
22 Much Wenlock: High Street. Photograph, 1911, by F. Frith & Co. (no. 63265) in S.P.L., neg. Frith 40
23 Church Stretton: High Street. Photograph, 1904, by F. Frith & Co. (no. 51408) in S.P.L., Frith Purchase 1992
24 Cardington. Photograph, 1955, in S.P.L., neg. SN 312
25 Alexander Brodie. Photograph in I.G.M.T. Libr., ref. 1982.1004, from a contemporary print
26 Wenlock Volunteers jug. Photograph in I.G.M.T. Libr., ref. 3347, neg. 12
27 Benthall Edge: limestone workings. Drawing, c. 1817, in sketchbook of Joseph Powell in Victoria and Albert Museum, E 1857-1946 (91 D 13)
28 Jackfield old church. Photograph in S.P.L., neg. B. 1495, from Salopian and W. Midland Monthly Illustr. Jnl. Nov. 1877, facing p. 33
29 Broseley Wesleyan Methodist chapel. Photograph in S.P.L., neg. B. 2552
30 Jackfield: Severn trow. Photograph, c. 1900, in I.G.M.T. Libr., ref. 1982.1836
31 Church Stretton: Carding Mill Valley. Photograph in S.P.L., neg. SN 325
32 Calcutts iron foundry. Photograph in I.G.M.T. Libr., ref. AE 185.760, from an engraving, 1788, by Wilson Lowry of a painting by George Robertson
33 Benthall: corn mill. Photograph in I.G.M.T. Libr., ref. AE185.162, from a painting, 1802, by Paul Sandby Munn in I.G.M.T. Elton Colln. ref. 1/155
34 Jackfield from Madeley Wood. Photograph in S.P.L., neg. A. 13
35 Jackfield landslip. Photograph, 1952, by Thurston Hopkins published in Picture Post, 26 Apr. 1952, p. 19
36 Much Wenlock Olympian Games. Photograph, 1887, in W.B.R., Wenlock Olympian Soc. min. bk. 1877-95, p. 129
37 Stanton Long harvest home. Photograph in Much Wenlock Museum, ref. MW 117, from a postcard, 1911, in possession of Mrs. V. A. Wadlow, 1980
38 Much Wenlock: market hall, church, and guildhall. Photograph, c. 1887, by J. Valentine (no. 7509) in S.P.L.
39 Church Stretton market house. Print, 1832, in S.P.L., ref. C56
40 Much Wenlock: mayoral group. Photograph in Much Wenlock Museum, ref. MW 8, from a photograph, 1896, in possession of Mr. I. Reynolds, 1978
41 Much Wenlock: council chamber. Photograph, 1904, by F. Frith & Co. Ltd. (no. 51365) in S.P.L., neg. B. 740