House of Commons Journal Volume 4
28 May 1645


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 4: 28 May 1645', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 4: 1644-1646 (1802), pp. 156. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Die Mercurii, 28 Maii, 1645, Die publicæ Humiliationis.

ORdered, That Sir Robert Harley and Sir Peter Wentworth do, from this House, give Thanks to Mr. Carrill and Mr. Ford, for the great Pains they took in the Sermons they preached this Day, at the Intreaty of this House, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, it being the Day of Publick Humiliation; and to desire them to print their Sermons; And they are to have the like Privilege in Printing of them, as others in the like kind usually have had.

Ordered, That Mr. Drake and Mr. Hill do, from this House, desire Mr. Richard Byfeild and Mr. Perne to preach before the Commons, the next Fast-Day, at St. Margaret's, Westminster.

Colonel John More, Colonel Alexander Rigby, Sir John Evelyn, Sir John Northcote, and Colonel John Alured, this Day took and subscribed the Covenant.