House of Commons Journal Volume 6
31 January 1650


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 6: 31 January 1650', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 6: 1648-1651 (1802), pp. 353. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Die Jovis, 31 Januarii, 1649.


Writs of Error.

ORDERED, by the Parliament, That the Amendments to the Bill touching Writs of Error, be reported on Monday Morning, the first Business; nothing to intervene.

East India Company.

The House, according to former Order, this Day took into Consideration the Business touching the East India Company.

A Copy of Articles of Agreement made between divers Committees of the East India Company, and other Gentlemen, Adventurers to Assada, the One-and-twentieth of November 1649, was this Day read.

The humble Petition of the Governors and Company of Merchants of London, trading into the East Indies, was this Day read.

Resolved, That the East India Trade be carried on by One Company, and with One Joint Stock; and the Management thereof to be under a Regulation, in such manner, as the Parliament shall think sit.

Resolved, That the East India Company have Leave, and be and are hereby authorized, to transport Twenty thousand Pounds in Foreign Coin and Bullion for this Voyage, in the Ships called the East India Merchant, the Advice, the Bonnetto, and the Lyonesse, ready to set Sail to the East Indies: And that the Commissioners of the Customs do permit the same to be transported accordingly.

Resolved, That the East India Company do proceed upon the Grounds of the Articles of Agreement made between them, and the Adventurers to Assada, of the One-and-twentieth of November 1649, until the Parliament take further Order.

French Trade.

The humble Petition of the Governor and Company of the Merchants of London, trading into France, was this Day read.

Ordered, That an Act be brought in, to the Purpose of the Ordinance of the Nineteenth of October 1648, for enabling the Company of Merchants, trading to France, to collect the Duty of Five Shillings on every Hundred ...... Value of Goods, and Six pence on every Ton of Wines exported or imported, as well Strangers, as others, towards the Uses contained and expressed in this Ordinance for a longer Continuance, Wines excepted.

And Mr. Myles Corbett and Mr. John Goodwyn are to bring it in on This-day-sevennight.

Agents to Spaine, &c.

Mr. Scott reports from the Council of State, That the said Council hath appointed Mr. Anthony Ascham to go Agent into Spaine, and Mr. Charles Vane into Portugall; and that they have also appointed Mr. Richard Bradshaw to go Agent to Hamburgh; and to desire the House to give Order, That a Commission may be expedited for him under the great Seal.

Resolved, That Mr. Anthony Ascham do go Agent into Spaine.

Resolved, That Mr. Charles Vane do go Agent into Portugall.

Ordered, That the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal be authorized and required to issue several Commissions, under the Great Seal of England, respectively, unto Mr. Anthony Ascham, to be Agent into Spaine; and to Mr. Charles Vane to be Agent into Portugall; according to the former Votes.

Resolved, That Mr. Richard Bradshaw be employed as Agent to Hamburgh.

Ordered, That the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal be authorized and required to issue a Commission, under the Great Seal of England, in common Form, for Mr. Richard Bradshaw to be Agent into Hamburgh.

Norwich, &c. Weavers.

Ordered, That Mr. Garland do make Report touching the Manufacture of the Weaving Trade, for the City of Norwich, and County of Norfolk, on Tuesday next, the first Business; and nothing to intervene.

Fee farm Rents.

Ordered, That the Amendments to the Act for Sale of Fee Farm Rents be reported on Tuesday Morning next, the first Business.

Irish Affairs.

A Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, dated from Cork, 2 Januarii 1649, was this Day read; together with another Letter from his Lordship, dated at Cork, 10 Januarii 1649.

The House being informed, That Colonel Ryves, who brought the Letters, was at the Door;

He was called in: And, being come to the Bar, gave the House an Account of the great Providence of God, in bringing in several Garisons in Munster without Blood, or striking a Stroke; and that the Army is in the present in a good Condition of Health: Whereas there marched but Four hundred in a Regiment, by reason many were left sick in Garisons; they now march Eight or Nine hundred in a Regiment; and the Horse are disposed of into Garisons.

Ordered, That the Consideration of these Letters from the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland be referred to the Council of State; to consider what is fit to be done therein.

Resolved, That One hundred Pounds be given to Colonel Ryves: And that the Council of State be required to give Order for the present Payment thereof to him accordingly.