House of Commons Journal Volume 9
2 March 1670


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Die Mercurii, 2 Martii, 1669. 22° Car. II.


CHristopher Gunman and Mary Desborowe, did this Day take the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy before the Speaker, at the Clerk's Table, in order to their Naturalization.

Dean of St Paul's House.

A Bill for enabling the Dean of Saint Paule's to build a Mansion-house for him and his Successors, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read the Second time.

Bromley's Estate.

A Bill to enable a Sale of Lands for Payment of the Debts, and providing for the Children, of George Bromley Gentleman, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read the Second time.

Brandon, &c. Navigation.

A Bill for making navigable the Rivers of Brandon and Waveny, in the County of Norfolke, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.


Ordered, That William Willerton, Thomas Grimes, and Mary Wootton be sent for in Custody of the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, for their Breach of Privilege, in seizing and driving the Cattle of the Tenants of Sir Thomas Meres; thereby intending to bring into Question his Title to the Lands they hold of him.

Gostwicke's Estate.

Mr. Crouch reports from the Committee to which the Bill for settling the Estate of Sir Wm. Gostwicke Knight, was committed, that the Committee had carefully perused the Bill, and found no Cause to make any Amendment or Alteration: And delivered the same in at the Clerk's Table.

Resolved, That the Bill be ingrossed.

Poor Laws.

Ordered, &c. That Sir Charles Harbord, Sir Walter Young, Sir Robert Atkins, Sir Thomas Meres, Sir Wm. Coventry, Mr. Cheyne, Mr. Spry, Sir Thom. Lee, be added to the Committee concerning the Poor.

Deeping Fen.

A Bill for draining the Fens called Deeping Fen, was read the First time.

Resolved, That this Bill be read a Second time.

Corn and Salt Measures.

A Bill for settling the Measures of Corn and Salt, was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Col. Birch, Sir Solom. Swale, Mr. Spry, Sir Charles Harbora, Sir Robert Atkins, Sir Thom. Allen, Sir Robert Carr, Sir Thom. Gower, Sir Thom. Lee, Sir Jo. Hanmore, Sir Thom. Meres, Serj. Mainard, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Sir Jo. Bennett, Sir Thom. Hanmore, Col. Williams, Sir Lanc. Lake, Sir Humfry Winch, Sir Jo. Northcote, Mr. Cheyne, Sir Thom. Bloudworth, Sir Thom. Tompkins, Sir Adam Browne, Col. Titus, Mr. George, Sir Jo. Knight, Sir Walter Young, Sir Wm. Coventry, Sir Wm. Lowther, Mr. Buscawen, and all the Members that serve for Devonshire, and Cornwall, Dorset, and Hampshire: And all that shall come are to have Voices: And they are to meet To-morrow at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.


Ordered, That Sir Thomas Gower have Leave to bring in the Bill concerning Certioraries.


The Question being put, That the Business of the King's Supply be adjourned till To-morrow;

The House divided.

The Yeas went out.


Sir John Kyrle, For the Yeas, 98.
Sir Richard Powell,
Sir Nich. Cary, For the Noes, 72.
Mr. Cheyne,

And so it was resolved in the Affirmative.

Regulating Jurors.

Ordered, That the Bill concerning Jurors, be read Tomorrow Morning.

Union with Scotland.

Ordered, That the Debate of the Union between the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland, be adjourned till Tuesday Morning next.

Falmouth Key.

A Bill for Continuance of a former Act, and for erecting a Key for Shipping within the Harbour of Falmouth, was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Suppressing Conventicles.

A Bill for suppressing and preventing Coventicles, was read the Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Sir Jo. Brampston, Sir Robert Carr, Mr. Henry Coventry, Sir Job Charlton, Sir Thom. Meres, Sir Wm. Coventry, Sir Thom. Allen, Sir Wm. Lowther, Sir Nich. Slaning, Sir Jo. Hanmore, Mr. Garraway, Sir Charles Harbord, Lord Fitz Williams, Mr. Vaughan, Sir Clifford Clifton, Sir Jo. Bennett, Mr. Geo. Clerke, Sir Geo. Talbott, Mr. Williamson, Mr. Waller, Sir Thom. Gower, Sir Charles Wheeler, Sir Wm. Beecher, Col. Phillips, Sir Robert Barnham, Sir Nich. Cary, Sir Lanc. Lake, Mr. Cheyne, Sir Thom. Hanmore, Col. Reames, Sir Thom. Wendy, Sir Phill. Warwick, Sir Thomas Proby, Sir Jo. Morley, Mr. Robert Steward, Sir Wm. Bassett, Sir Jo. Birkenhead, Mr. Chetwin, Mr. Chichley, Sir Jo. Robinson, Mr. Crouch, Lord Allington, Mr. Hide, Col. Windham, Col. Legg, Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Major Walden, Colonel Sandys, Lord Hawley, Sir Jo. Knight, Sir Allen Apsley, Mr. Milward, Sir Thom. Tomkins, Sir Adam Browne, Sir Jeffery Shackerly, Colonel Whitley, Mr. Cholmley, Col. Phillips, Sir Robert Worsley, Sir Geo. Reeves, Mr. Barnaby, Sir Gilbert Talbott, Sir Humfry Winch, Sir Jo. Heath, Mr. Daniell, Mr. Prideaux, Sir Thom. Doleman, Sir Allen Brodrick, Mr. Westphaling, Lord St. John, Mr. Sherrard, Sir Edm. Pye, Mr. Spry, Sir Hugh Windham, Mr. Devereux, Lord Fanshaw, Lord Ancram, Sir Richard Wiseman, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Steward, Lord Cornbury, Mr. Newport, Mr. Bennett: And they are to meet To-morrow at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Speaker's Chamber: And to send for Persons, Papers, and Records.

Shadwell Church.

Ordered, That these Members following be added to the Committee to which the Bill for making and endowing a Church at Shadwell, was committed; viz. Sir Thom. Lee, Sir Theop. Biddolph, Sir Charles Wheeler, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Ash, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Eliab Harvey, Sir Fran. Clerke, Sir Jo. Coventry, Mr. Brom. Whorwood, Mr. Onslow, Sir Jo. Coventry.


Ordered, That all Committees that were to sit this Afternoon, be adjourned till To-morrow Two of the Clock in the Afternoon; and to sit in the Places formerly appointed.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning Eight of the Clock.