House of Commons Journal Volume 1
12 December 1566


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 December 1566', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 79. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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Jovis, 12o Decembris


L. 1. The Bill for the Bowyers of London and Suthwerke.


L. 1. The Bill, that Hexamshire shall be within the Bishoprick of Durham, and Parcel of the County of Northumberland.

Lancaster, &c. Assizes,

L. 1. The Bill for Lancaster, for Adjournment of Assizes in Lancaster and Durham.


L. 1. The Bill for the Breeding of Stoned Horses.

Battell Market.

2. The Bill for the Market at Battell to be kept on Thursday from Sunday.

Markets, &c.

1. The little Bill to avoid Markets and Fairs kept on Sundays.

Stafford's Nat.

Q. L. 3. The Bill, that John Stafford, born beyond the Seas, may be Denizen. - Jud'm.


3. The Bill touching Wares sold for Apparel not paid for. - Jud'm.


3. The Bill for the Making of Steel in England.

The Four last Bills passed sent to the Lords by Mr. Vice-chamberlain.

Clergy Subsidy.

The Subsidy for the Clergy, brought from the Lords by Mr. Carus, &c.


3. The Bill for One Fifteen and Tenth, and also One Subsidy, granted by the Temporally. - Jud'm.