Note of writs
12 February 1624


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'Note of writs: 12 February 1624', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 3: 1620-1628 (1767-1830), pp. 205. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Anno Vicesimo primo Jacobi Regis.

A NOTE of such Writs as have been delivered to the Clerk of the Parliament by any the Lords at this Session: videlicet,

1. The Writ of Summons to Francis Lord Russell of Thornebaugh.

2. To John Lord Mordant.

3. To Esme Earl of March.

4. To Henry Earl of Kent.

5. To Charles Earl of Nottingham.

6. To John Lord Bishop of St. Assaph.

7. To Edward Lord Vaux of Harrowdon.

8. To Henry Lord Abergavenny.

9. To William Lord Evre.

10. To Richard Lord Viscount Tunbridge.

11. To William Lord Gray of Warke.

12. To Robert Lord Cary of Leppington.

13. To Christopher Earl of Angles.

14. To Lord Bishop of Bristoll.

15. To John Lord Teynham.

16. To George Lord Berkley.

17. To Earl of Denbigh.

18. To Earl of Exceter.