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'House of Lords Journal Volume 1: Note of acts', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 1: 1509-1577 (1767-1830), pp. 354. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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ACTS passed in the Second Session of Parliament, holden and begun at Westm. the 24th Day of November, Anno Regni Regis Edwardi Sexti Secundo; and continued until the 14th Day of March, Anno Regni dicti Regis Edwardi Sexti Tertio.

Calendar of Acts passed this Sessions.

1. An Act for the Uniformity of Service, and the Administration of the Sacraments, throughout the Realm.

2. An Act touching the true Service required in Captains and Soldiers.

3. An Act touching Purveyors.

4. An Act for the Sheriffs to have certain Allowances upon their Accompts.

5. An Act touching the remitting of Fee Farms for Three Years.

6. An Act against the Exaction of Money, or other Thing, by any Officer, for Licence to traffick into Iselande.

7. An Act against the crafty and deceitful buying of Pensions.

8. An Act touching the finding of Offices before the Escheators.

9. An Act for the true currying of Leather.

10. An Act for the true making of Malt.

11. An Act for the true tanning of Leather.

12. An Act for the Assurance to the Tenants of Grants and Leases made of the Duke of Somersett's Demesne Lands.

13. An Act for the true Payment of Tythes.

14. An Act against shooting of Hail-shot.

15. An Act touching Victuallers and Handicraftsmen.

16. An Act touching the removing of such as have the Custody of Castles and Fortresses upon the Borders, and beyond the Seas.

17. An Act for the Confirmation of the Attainder of Sir William Sharington, Knight.

18. An Act for the Attainder of Sir Thomas Seymor, Knight, Lord Seymor of Sudley, High Admiral of Englande.

19. An Act for the Abstinence from Flesh.

20. An Act for the qualifying of the Statute of Recusants.

21. An Act to take away all positive Law made against the Marriage of Priests.

22. An Act against the colouring of Customs in other Mens Names.

23. An Act for the Repeal of a Statute touching Precontracts.

24. An Act for the Trial of Murders and Felonies in sundry Counties.

25. An Act for the keeping of the County Days.

26. An Act against carrying of White Ashes out of the Realm.

27. An Act against the false forging of Gaddes of Steel.

28. An Act for Fines, with Proclamations, in the County Palatine of Chestre.

29. An Act against Sodomy.

30. An Act for the Towns of Rye and Winchelseye, and for the casting of Ballast into the Camber.

31. An Act for the City of Chestre, touching the taking of Recognizances.

32. An Act for the Continuance of certain Statutes.

33. An Act, That no Man stealing any Horse, or Horses, shall enjoy the Benefit of his Clergy.

34. An Act for the Sheriff of Northumberlande to be accountable for his Office, as other Sheriffs be.

35. An Act for the Confirmation of the Subsidy granted by the Clergy.

36. An Act of a Relief granted to the King's Highness by the Temporalty.

37. The King's Majesty's Free and most General Pardon.

38. An Act against the carrying of Bell Metal out of the Realm.

39. An Act for the paving of Calyce.

40. An Act for the Alteration of the Nature of certain Gavell-kynde Lands.

41. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Sir George Darcie, Knight.

42. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Frauncis Carewe.

43. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Edwarde Charleton.

44. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Sir Raufe Bulmer, Knight.

45. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Henry Weston.

46. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Raufe Bygode.

47. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Thomas Percye.

48. An Act for the uniting of Churches in the City of Lyncolne.

49. An Act for the enlarging of the Liberties of the City of Excetre.

50. An Act for the uniting of Churches in the Town of Stamforde.

51. An Act touching Bartylmewe Burgon.

52. An Act for the appointing of certain Lands to my Lord Thomas Haward's two younger Sons.

53. An Act for the erecting of a School at St. Albons.

54. An Act for the keeping of the Sessions and County Days, in the Isle of Angleseye, in Beaumarres.

55. An Act for the uniting of the Parish-Churches of Onger and Grensted, in the County of Essex.

56. An Act for the uniting of St. Clements, in Rochestre, to the Church of St. Nicholas, in the same City.

57. An Act for the Foundation of a School in Stamforde.

58. An Act for the Assurance of certain Lands to the Earl of Bathe, and Dame Margaret Longe, and to the Lord Fytzwaren and Frauncis Kytsonne.

59. An Act touching an Agreement between the Mayor and Commons of Newcastell and Edmunde Lawsone.

60. An Act for the Foundation of a School in Barckhamstede.