Subsidy Roll 1292
Dowgate ward


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'Subsidy Roll 1292: Dowgate ward', Two Early London Subsidy Rolls (1951), pp. 161-168. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Warda de Duuegate, Dowgate ward.

Parishes: All Hallows the Great (or at the Hay), All Hallows the Less (or upon the Cellar). Partly in Dowgate: St. John the Baptist Walbrook, St. Mary Bothaw, St. Michael Paternoster Royal.

Alderman: John de Baukwell, clerk (1291-8). Dead in 1308. Residence before 1293 unknown. - Bakewell Db.

[Mem. 3, col. 1.]

1 Joh' le portreor xl d. (fn. 1)
2 Walt' le Cuuer ij s. (fn. 2)
3 Salamo le ioignor ij s. (fn. 3)
4 paulus le botiller lx s. (fn. 4)
5 Joh' semblepain J m. (fn. 5)
6 Rob' de Wautham vj s. viij d. (fn. 6)
7 Joh' atte selde vj s. viij d. (fn. 7)
8 Joh' Skipop iij s. iiij d. (fn. 8)
9 Rad' le gaugor di.m. (fn. 9)
10 Rog' de parys J m. (fn. 10)
11 Will' de knarerborg xl d. (fn. 11)
12 Colinus de Suff' x s. (fn. 12)
13 Galfr' de brackele vj s. viij d. (fn. 13)
14 Will' le Cordewaner vj s. viij d. 14
15 Rob' deus mars J m. (fn. 15)
16 Domina Johanna cosin x s. (fn. 16)
17 Gilb' deu mars xxx s. (fn. 17)
18 Joh' powel ij s. (fn. 18)
19 Will' peuerel lx s. (fn. 19)
20 Steph' de Rokesle xx s. (fn. 20)
21 Ric' de Wendlesworthe lx s. (fn. 21)
22 Will' de Wendesworthe xl s. (fn. 22)
23 Ric' de hauering xl d. (fn. 23)
24 Will' de Leyre iiij.lj. (fn. 24)
25 Alex' hairon xxx s. (fn. 25)
26 Joh' atte gate xx s. (fn. 26)
27 Gerard' merbode xl d. (fn. 27)
28 Will' de Douuegate xl s. (fn. 28)
29 Rob' de prestone et Steph' de prestone ij m. (fn. 29)
30 Rob' bernard xl d. (fn. 30)
31 Rob' de spaigne di.m. (fn. 31)
32 Raboc di.m. (fn. 32)
33 Rob' de Rokesle senior (fn. 33)
34 Will' de Rokesle lx s. (fn. 34)
35 ha[m]on box [MS. harnon] iiij lj. (fn. 35)
36 Adam de Rokesle lx s. (fn. 36)
37 Will' cissor ij s. (fn. 37)
38 Lucas de hauering v.lj. (fn. 38)
39 Rog' de Rokesle xx s. (fn. 39)
40 Will' Tedmar et socius eius vj.lj. (fn. 40)
41 Walt' le fener xl d. (fn. 41)
42 Simon le long xl d. 42
43 Thomas de [B]asingborne [MS. Rasing-] ij s. (fn. 43)
44 Joh' pas xxx s. (fn. 44)
45 Will' Cosin xx s. (fn. 45)
46 Joh' de haliborne x s. (fn. 46)
47 Joh' atte gate lx s. (fn. 47)
48 Reg' Le suor xl d. (fn. 48)
49 henr' shailard ij s. (fn. 49)
50 Joh' darraz x s. (fn. 50)
51 Will' le hurer xl d. (fn. 51)
52 Jordanus de ponfreit v.s. (fn. 52)
53 Adam le cordewaner ij s. 53
54 Elyas le Tondor vj.s. viij d. (fn. 54)
55 lambert' de gant di.m. (fn. 55)
56 gerardus le charpenter ij s. 56
57 Joh' de Fierins xl d. (fn. 57)
58 Rad' clericus xl d. (fn. 58)
59 Ric' le barbor x s. (fn. 59)
60 Ric' le blont ij s. (fn. 60)
61 gillecote a la vigne ij s. (fn. 61)
62 Ric' bil xl d. (fn. 62)
63 Joh' Winterman x s. (fn. 63)
64 galfr' a la fontayne xxx s. (fn. 64)
65 Katerina de Lincolne x s. (fn. 65)
66 Will' de paris xxx s. (fn. 66)
67 Regin' de thonderle xl s. (fn. 67)
68 Rob' de Rokesle Junior xl s. (fn. 68)
69 Steph' de parys xl s. (fn. 69)
70 Henr' de Seint osy xx s. (fn. 70)
71 Joh' darmenters xxx s. (fn. 71)
72 Ric' de bedeford xxx s. (fn. 72)
73 Will' canon x s. (fn. 73)
74 Steph' doffintone v.s. (fn. 74)
75 Matheus darraz lx s. (fn. 75)
76 Will' filius marie v s. (fn. 76)
77 Walt' coxin di.m. (fn. 77)
78 Joh' dabindone lx s. (fn. 78)
79 Swet carbonel xx s. (fn. 79)
80 Lionet x s. (fn. 80)
81 Jacobus le botiller xxvj.s. viij.d. (fn. 81)
82 Adam de fulmere x s. (fn. 82)
83 Thomas de [B]asinge [MS. Rasinge] v.lj. (fn. 83)
84 Marc le draper et Rog' son vallet xx s. (fn. 84)
Summa. iiij. et xij.lj. et xx.d.


1. Apparently a painter (artist). - OF portraiour 'peintre'.
2. Cuuer means 'cooper'. It represents an unrecorded OF cuvier.
3. Salamon le Joygnur 1283 CW 66, Salomon le Joyn(n)our 1300-1 Cor 18 (St. Mary Bothaw). Doubtless a joiner.
4. Paul le Botiler 1297 LBB 238 (repr. Dowg), P. le Butyler (Butiller) 1297 Cl (woolmonger), P. le Botiller 1308 ib. 179 (surety of James le Botiller as sheriff), 1312 Will (of St. Mary Bothaw). Doubtless connected with James [no. 81] and perhaps a draper like him.
5. John Shymbelpany (Symbelpany, Shybelpani) 1298 Mayors 7 ff. (a lodging-house keeper for Flemings and Brabanters). Semblepain for -pani. - MDu Schimmelpenninc, a family name identical with Du schimmelpenning 'a mouldy penny, a penny that has been saved too long'. An early instance is James Skymelpemyng (sic) 1350 Pat (servant of a German merchant). Identical is the German family-name Schimmelpfennig.
6. Probably Robert de Watham, corder 1290 LBA 127. Cf. Walter de Waltham, corder 1319 S [Dowg 32], Roger de Waltham, corder 1342 Will (of All Hallows the Great). - Waltham (common).
7. John de Selda 1292 LBC 7, J. atte Selde 1294-5 CW 118 (preferred as purchaser of a shop in All Hallows the Great), 1305-6 ib. 175 (Lucy his wife a legatee of no. 16), J. de Seld 1297 LBB 238 (repr. Dowg). He will be the John of the Seld who in 1300 lost his freedom for avowing two casks of wine for a foreigner (Mayors 84), and if so, a vintner. The surname may refer to some seld or warehouse in the City.
8. John le Botere, Master of the company of wine-drawers called Skipup 1301 LBC 111. Cf. William Sciphupe 1300 Mayors 72. Skipup may be rather the name of the company of wine-drawers than a nickname of John. It seems to mean <<hurry up>>, from ME skip 'to hurry, hasten'.
9. Doubtless a vintner. Gauger means 'wine-gauger'.
10. Possibly the Roger de Paris whose daughter Agnes was a legatee of Peter Cosin of All Hallows the Great (1291-2 Will). Cf. no. 16.
11. William de Knaresbourk 1281-2 LBA 48 (attorney of some winemerchants from Bordeaux), W. de Knaresburh 1282-3 ib. 59 (a debitor for wine). Clearly a vintner. - Knaresborough YW. Knarerborg is miswritten.
12. Nicholas de Suffolk 1285 LBA 215, 1293 LBC 17 (broker of wine).
13. Geoffrey de Brakele 1290-1 LBA 128, 1299 Mayors 43 (juror with some vintners), G. de Brackele 1299 LBB 90. - Brackley Np.
15. Robert Deumars, corder 1291-2 CW 103, 1313-14 Will (of All Hallows the Great). - Apparently a nickname meaning >two marks< (F deux marcs). Cf. Trentemars [Ports 18].
16. Johanna Cosyn 1305-6 Will (a tenant in Cousin Lane, All Hallows the Great). Possibly identical with Joanna, daughter of William Cusin 1275 RH 431 (Dowg). Other people with this surname in Dowgate were Peter (1291-2 Will, wife Margery; apparently a woolmonger), Robert 1278 LBB 279, William [no. 45]. Cousin Lane was named from the family.
17. Doubtless connected with no. 15 and a corder.
18. John Powel 1300 Cor 2 (All Hallows the Great), J. Paul 1307 LBC 153 (elected weigher of the Tron for wool), J. Powell 1312-13 LBE 20 (incapacitated by reason of his eyesight for the said office). Apparently a woolman. - Powel from OE Paul, a form of Paul, found in early forms of St. Paul's, as St. Poles. John may have got his surname from Paul le Botiler [no. 4], since Paul was a rare name in London (two examples in 1292 S, one in 1319 S).
19. William Peverel 1295-6 Will, 1307-8 CW 197 (executor of Alexander Heyrun [no. 25]). Probably a corder like the latter. His will only mentions tenements in St. Alphage, where A. Heyrun also was a tenant. - Peverel is an old French by-name and surname, meaning 'peppercorn'.
20. Stephen de Rokesle 1297 EssFF, 1310 LBD 127 (corder), 1317 LBE 78. The Rokesles were a large family, many of them corders and of Dowg.Early members were Ralph (1259 CW 3, deceased), Vivian (1271 ib. 10, deceased), Gregory (1291 Will). Gregory was a sheriff 1263-4, 1265, 1270-1, alderman of Dowgate, Mayor eight times. His will mentions a great number of his relatives. Stephen was probably a son of William, son of Vivian. - Ruxley in North Cray K.
21. Richard de Wandlesworth 1291 LBC 2 (repr. Dowg), 1294 LBA 193 (elected a sheriff), 1308 Will (corder, of Wandegoselane in All Hallows the Great). - Wandsworth Sr.
22. William, son of William de Wandlesworth 1326 Will (a tenant in All Hallows the Great). The taxpayer will be William senior, doubtless a corder.
23. Ricard Haveryng' fil. Edmundi le Fevre 1275 RH 423 (wool-exporter). Perhaps an apprentice of Richard de Haveringe of All Hallows the Great, whose will was enrolled in 1271-2. - Havering Ess.
24. William de Leyre 1290 LBA 198 (sheriff), 1299 LBC 36 (elected M. P.), 1319 S [CripI 4], 1322 (1322-3) Will (owner of property in All Hallows the Less and elsewhere). He was alderman of Castle Baynard 1298-1319 and several times an M.P. He was a pepperer (Fr Chron 22, foot-note). - Layer Ess.
25. Alexander Heyrun 1292 LBC 7, 1307-8 Will, 1308 LBC 211 (late corder). He was dead by 1295-6; cf. no. 19. His will was enrolled late. He founded chantries in All Hallows the Great and St. Alphage (Crip). - Cf. Bridge 97.
26. Cf. John atte Gate [no. 47]. Probably father and son. John senior is J. atte Gate 1297 LBB 65 (Cecilia his widow mentioned). Other references belong to John junior: J. atte Gate junior 1297 LBB 65, J. atte Gate 1297 Lib Cust 133 (elected to sell the King's wool and hides beyond the sea), 1297 ib. 108 (corder or pepperer, controller of the Balance), 1303 Mayors 151. The two were doubtless corders and merchants.
27. Gerard Merboud, King's merchant (trading in wine and other merchandize) 1268 Pat, G. Merbod 1271 ib. (citizen of London, wool-exporter), 1272 ib. (merchant of Almain, i.e. Germany), G. Merbode 1282 Lappenberg (alderman of the Hanse), 1282-3 LBA 63. A merchant of German origin. Cf. also p. 46 (foot-note). - OG Marebod, Merebodo fn.
28. William de Douegate 1300 f. Cor 2, 21 (surety Dowg), W. de Douuegate 1312 Will (owner of rents in All Hallows the Less). Perhaps a skinner like W. de Douegate [1332 S, Dowg], who may have been an apprentice of his older namesake.
29. Robert de Preston 1275 RH 422 (Dowg), 1285-6 LBA 210 (repr. Dowg), 1299 Will. His houses in All Hallows the Great were to be offered to Stephen de Preston, probably his valet (journeyman). Stephen de Preston 1297 Lib Cust 108 (controller of the Balance), S. de Prestone 1308 LBC 211 (executor of no. 25), 1310 LBD 125 (corder), 1319 S [Dowg 7], 1324 LBE 191. - Preston Bk, K, etc.
30. Cf. Henry Bernard 1275 RH 421 (juror Dowg), ib. 422 (a creditor for Kanevaz et cordell', probably a corder).
31. Robert de Yspania Civis 1301 BM II (will). Cf. Thomas de Spaigne 1319 S [Dowg 13], Richard de Spaigne 1312 Will (a tenant in All Hallows the Great), called R. de Spain, merchant of London 1309 LBD 209. All three were very likely corders. - Épaignes or Épagne in France rather than Spain, the country.
32. Raboc will be for Rabot. Pretty certainly identical with Rabaot de Worleys 1293 LBC 17 (broker of woolmen and drapers), Rabot de Warloys 1298 Mayors 7 f. (lodging-house keeper with nos. 5 and 76). - OF Radbod, OG Radobod, Rabod. Warloys will be Warloy-Baillon near Amiens.
33. Robert de Rokesle 1275 RH 421 (juror Dowg), 1298 Will (a tenant in All Hallows the Less), R. de Rokesle the elder 1283 LBA 156. He was a sheriff 1284-5 and alderman of LimeSt 1279-94 (hence not assessed for the subsidy here). He was perhaps a corder. Cf. no. 20.
34. William de Rokesle 1275 RH 421 (juror Dowg), 1295 LBB 235 (repr. Dowg). His wife was Sarah de Rokesle (1319 Will, of All Hallows the Great). Probably William, son of Vivian de Rokesle, mentioned in the will of Richard de R. (of 1271), very likely a brother of Vivian. William was no doubt a corder.
35. Hamo Box 1271 Pat (licensed to export wool), 1281 CW 55, 1298 Will (a tenant in All Hallows the Great). He was a sheriff 1291-2. He may have been a corder like John Vivian, his son-in-law [1319 S, Dowg 8]. Other early Boxes in Dowgate were Walter (1275 RH 421, juror Dowg), Peter (ib. 423, id.; called P. de Ware p. 421). - OE box, the name of a shrub, also 'box'.
36. Adam de Rokesle 1290-1 LBA 128, 1291 LBC 2 (repr. Dowg), 1299 Pat (King's butler). He was alderman of Langb 1293-8, of Dowg 1298- 1307, an M. P. 1299. Probably dead in 1307 or 1308. He was a son of Robert [no. 33] and Margery (CW 99).
37. William le Taylur de Douegate 1281 LBB 6, W. Tailor 1301 Cor 21 (surety Dowg).
38. Luke de Haveringe 1298 LBB 75, L. de Haverynge 1300 Cor 2 (owner of a house in All Hallows the Great), 1310-11 LBD 137 (corder), L. de Haveryng 1318 Pat (merchant). He was a sheriff 1300-1 and Chamberlain 1310-11 (LBD). Possibly a son of Richard de Haveringe 1271-2 Will; cf. no. 23.
39. Roger de Rokesle, corder 1291 CW 99 (got a dwelling-house in All Hallows the Great), 1303 Mem 49 (20s. arrears of tallage), R. de Rokesle senior 1305 Mayors 230. He was a nephew of Gregory de R. [cf. no. 20].
40. Perhaps a son or connection of Arnold Thedmar, alderman and historian, whose will was enrolled in 1274-5 and who had property in All Hallows the Great. Thedmar is a German font-name.
41. OF fenier, feinier 'haymonger'.
43. Thomas de Bassingburne, porter of London 1284 LBA 85, ?Th. de Bassingburn 1281 MxFF 56. - Bassingbourn Ca.
44. John Pa(a)s 1315-16 Will (a tenant in All Hallows Bread St and in Cordwainer St). John Paas and Silvester le Cordewaner were executors of John de Export, who devised a chantry in St. Mary Aldermary (Cordw) before 1303, but appropriated the property; cf. W. de Waltham [Cordw 60]. - Paas, also recorded elsewhere (cf. Bardsley), may be OF, ME pas 'step, gait'.
45. William Cosyn 1299-1300 LBD 312, 1301 Cor 15, 1303 ff. LBC 99 ff. (warden of Boston Fair), 1308 Pat (woolman), W. Cosyn de Sutton 1340 (1345) Will (owner of houses in Cousin Lane, Dowg, and land in Surrey). He was a sheriff 1305-6 and alderman of Queenhithe 1306-15. He was perhaps a son of Peter Cosin [cf. no. 16]. He acquired the manor of Great Sutton (Ess) in 1304-5 (Pat), and William Cosyn of London is mentioned as a tenant there in 1309 (EssFF II, 123).
46. John de Halybourne 1299-1300 LBD 312 (witness Dowg), J. de Halinburne 1300 LBC 68, J. de Halibourne 1304 f. LBB 142, 151. Apparently a merchant. - Holybourne Ha.
47. Cf. no. 26.
48. Reginald le Suur 1293 LBC 17 (broker of corders). - OF suo(u)r 'shoemaker'.
49. Shailard may be synonymous with ME shailer 'one who shambles in his gait' (c. 1440 OED).
50. John de Arraz 1293 LBA 183. Perhaps a draper like Matthew [no. 75]. - Arras in Pas de Calais, but formerly in Flanders.
51. William le Hurer 1281 LBB 5 (surety with no. 37), 1281-2 LBA 153 (draper), 1291-2 ib. 136 (id.), 1305-6 LBC 202 (deceased). - Hurer 'a maker or seller of hures (a kind of caps)'.
52. Pontefract YW.
54. Elyas Schereman 1299 LBC 51, E. Shereman 1300-1 Cor 15 (surety Dowg), E. le Retoundour 1305-6 LBC 202 (executor of no. 51), E. le Toundor 1316-17 Will. Shereman and OF (re)to(u)ndour mean 'shearman', but Elias may really have been a draper, since he sent cloths to Stratford to be fulled instead of having it done by the feet of the men of the craft (LBC 51).
55. Cf. Symon de Gaunt 1275 RH 421 (juror Dowg). - Ghent in Flanders.
57. Fierins might conceivably be It Firenze 'Florence', earlier Fiorenza.
58. Ralph the Clerk 1299-1300 LBD 312, 1309 ib. 213 (witness in a case relating to no. 54). Probably a clerk.
59. Either Richard le Barbour from opposite the church of All Hallows the Less 1308 LBC 165 (warden of barbers) or R. le Barbier of All Hallows the Great 1311 LBD 159 (deceased). Other instances: R. le Barber of Dou(u)egate 1298, 1300 Mayors 19, 81, R. le Barber, serjeant of Dowgate 1299-1300 LBD 312.
60. For Blont cf. Bridge 7.
61. Gillecote is a form of Juliana, but Juliana de la Vine 1290 CW 93 is hardly the taxpayer of 1292. - Cf. Qu 12.
62. Surname perhaps from bill 'a halberd' (OE bil).
63. John Winterman, merchant of Almain (Germany) 1273 Pat (woolexporter), J. Wynterman 1311-12 LBD 311 (deceased; Agnes, his widow, a tenant in All Hallows the Great). Winterman is clearly a German name.
64. Geoffrey de la Fontayne (Fonte) 1275 RH 422, 431 (a tenant in Dowg), G. de Fonte 1291 LBA 135, 1300 LBB 184 (witness with no. 71). Probably a merchant, perhaps a draper. The surname may be a translation of atte Welle; a Geoffrey ate Welle held a tenement in St. Lawrence Pountney belonging to no. 67 in 1313 (LBE 15).
65. Katherine, wife of John de Lyncoln 1298 LBB 69 (a creditor for cloth), K. de Lincoln 1299-1300 Mayors 66 (a draper), 1314 Mem 109 (arrears of tallage). No doubt widow of John de Lincoln, woolman and draper (1273 Pat, 1282 LBA 56, 1290 Misc), probably John son of Adam de Lincoln 1266 Pat.
66. William de Paris 1296 LBC 23, 1297 LBB 238 (repr. Dowg), 1298 ib. 219 (warden of Boston Fair), 1310 ib. 15 (draper), ?W. de Parys 1319 S [Dowg 55].
67. Reginald de Tunderle 1295 Pat, R. de Thunderle 1299 ib. (purveyor of cloths for the Great Wardrobe), R. de Thunderleie 1301 Cor 21 (All Hallows the Less). He was a sheriff 1305-6 and keeper of the assize of foreign cloth in 1301 (LBC 98). He died in 1313 (LBE 14 f.). He is called R. Maldus of Thunderle 1310 Year Books Edw 2 (Selden). He may have been connected with Robert de Tundresle (Thunderle) 1281 LBA 39, 1282-3 CW 62. - Thunderley Hall in Wimbish or Thundersley, both Ess.
68. Robert de Rokesle junior 1281 LBA 43, 1293 ib. 198 (sheriff), R. de Rokesle 1300-1 Cor 14, 1303 Mem 49 (20s. arrears of tallage), R. Dobes, late sheriff 1305 Mayors 184, 231. He was dead before 1306-7, when Margery his widow was remarried (LBC 151). A son of Robert senior [no. 33]. Dobes is the genitive of Dobe, a pet form of Robert.
69. Stephen de Paris, draper 1294 LBA 150, S. de Parys 1299 LBB 89.
70. Henry de Sancta Ositha, yeoman of Philip le Tailor [cf. Vi 61] 1262 Pat, H. de Seint Osith 1275 RH 421 (repr. Dowg), H. de St. Osith 1300 Mayors 101 (wine-merchant), 1300-1 Cor 15 (surety Dowg). - St. Osyth Ess.
71. John de Armenters 1275 RH 423 (wool-exporter, former valet of William de Bosco, not a freeman), 1297 LBB 238 (repr. Dowg), 1306 Will (of All Hallows the Less). He was a sheriff 1299-1300, alderman of Langb 1300-6, a draper (Ant Leg 249). William de Bosco (del Boys) was a wellknown draper and wool-exporter. See 1271 Pat, 1276 ff. LBA 10, etc. - Armentières, dép. Nord, but formerly in Flanders.
72. Perhaps a draper like no. 71. - Bedford Bd.
73. William Canoun 1297 LBB 237 (repr. Dowg), 1300 Mayors 81, 1310 LBD 221 (cf. no. 74), W. Canun 1298 LBB 69 (witness of a transaction concerning the sale of cloth). Probably a draper. - "The canon', a nickname.
74. Stephen de Offyntone 1308 LBB 203 (a debitor with Stephen de Abyndone, draper), S. de Offintone 1310 LBD 221 (attorney of no. 73). Probably a draper. - Offington Sx, Offton Sf, Uffington Brk, Li, Sa.
75. Matthew de Araz 1275 RH 423 (wool-exporter, former valet of William de Bosco, not a freeman), 1286 St. Ives xlviii, M. de Arace 1305 Mayors 172 (a draper). Cf. nos. 71 and 50.
76. William Marisone (Marysone) 1298, 1300 Mayors 7 ff., 86 (a lodginghouse keeper for Flemings and Brabanters in All Hallows the Great; deprived of his freedom). Cf. also p. 45.
77. Walter Coosyn 1298 Mayors 7 ff. (a lodging-house keeper for Flemings and Brabanters). Cf. Peter Coxin 1319 S [Cand 32]. - Coxin is no doubt a foreign surname, perhaps MDu Cocxken, a diminutive of Cok 'cook' (Brabantse Persoonsnamen 52).
78. John de Abindon, draper 1289-90 LBA 119, J. de Abyndon, draper of London 1293 St. Ives, J. de Abindone, draper 1298 LBB 68. Very likely connected with Richard de Abindon, merchant or draper 1272 Pat, 1275 RH 423 (juror Dowg), 1284 LBA 197. - Abingdon Brk.
79. The font-name appears to be Swet, which will be from sweet adj., perhaps a pet-name. Possibly the taxpayer was a woman. Carbonel is a well-known surname, found also in London, as Walter C. 1275 RH 405 (juror Farr), 1281 Will, Gilbert C. 1191 P, and is also found as a font-name (Carbunellus 1202 P, etc.). It seems to be a diminutive of OF carbon 'coal'.
80. Possibly Leonius de Cambrey 1289 LBA 115 (a debitor with no. 84). Lionet is then a diminutive, analogous to Lionel.
81. James le Botiler 1299 LBC 49 (a creditor for cloth), J. le Botiller 1305 Mayors 189, 1311-12 LBD 161 (draper), J. le Boteler 1318 Will (of St. Mary Bothaw). Olive, his mother, was a daughter of Walter de Londenestone (1277 Will). William, his father, will be W. le Butelir, brother of Hugh le Butelyr, rector of St. Antholin, who had property in Dowgate (1271-2 CW 10). A sheriff 1308-9. For Agnes, his widow, see 1319 S [Walbr 47].
82. Fowlmere Ca or Fulmer Bk.
83. Thomas de Basingges 1277 Chancery Var (wool-exporter), Th. de Basinge 1294 LBA 192 (owner of a wharf in Dowg), Th. de Basinges 1300 Will (a tenant in All Hallows the Great and the Less and elsewhere). He was a sheriff 1269-70, alderman of Cand c. 1275-80 or 81. He was a son of Adam de Basinges, sheriff 1243-4, Mayor 1251. He may have been a draper as well as a woolmonger. - Basing Ha.
84. Mark, servant of Stephen de Cornhulle 1282-3 LBA 63, M. de Christchurch 1294-5 CW 119 (servant of the same), 1307 LBB 193 (draper), 1308 Will (clothworker), M. le Drapper 1298 LBC 30. On Roger his valet see Roger Horold 1319 S [Cornh 4].