Subsidy Roll 1292
Vintry ward


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'Subsidy Roll 1292: Vintry ward', Two Early London Subsidy Rolls (1951), pp. 181-186. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Warda Johannis de Gysorz, Vintry ward.

Parishes: St. James Garlickhithe, St. Martin Vintry, St. Michael Paternoster Royal, St. Thomas Apostle. Partly in Vintry: Holy Trinity the Less, St. John the Baptist Walbrook.

Alderman: John de Gysorz (1282-96). Will enrolled 1296. He was a son of John de Gysors (1282 Will, Mayor 1245-6, 1258-9), himself a son of Peter de Gysors. John his son was a pepperer. - Gisors in Eure.

[Mem. 4, col. 2.]

1 Rob' Le marescal Surgien di.m. (fn. 1)
2 Lucas le Pestur di.m. (fn. 2)
3 Joh' de Norhamptone di.m. (fn. 3)
4 Joh' Le Megre x.s. (fn. 4)
5 henr' le taylur xl d. (fn. 5)
6 Katerin' la Fraunceyse viij s. (fn. 6)
7 Eustace le fraunceys xl d. (fn. 7)
8 Simon le seler ij s. (fn. 8)
9 Adam bon puys xl d. (fn. 9)
10 Rob' de guntorp clerk di.m. (fn. 10)
11 Rob' le clerc ky maint de coste ly ij s. (fn. 11)
12 Thomas le bareber J m. (fn. 12)
13 Renaud le bareber di.m. (fn. 13)
14 Hug' de Duntone di.m. (fn. 14)
15 Rob' de suffoq' xl d. (fn. 15)
16 Will' de Stonham xl d. (fn. 16)
17 Joh' de Raygate v.s. (fn. 17)
18 Rob' hardel x s. (fn. 18)
19 clement le cordewaner xl d. 19
20 Rob' le cordewaner ij s. 20
21 martin le Cordewaner ij s. 21
22 Henr' de Araz xx.s. (fn. 22)
23 Arnaud barache xl d. (fn. 23)
24 Alan' de suffoq' cordewaner xx s. (fn. 24)
25 Joh' Wade lx s. (fn. 25)
26 Alan' de suffoq' tauerner v.s. (fn. 26)
27 Joh' le clerc coroner xl d. (fn. 27)
28 peres le cordener ke maint en sa shope xl d. (fn. 28)
29 Joh' le clerc pestur J m. (fn. 29)
30 Laur' le corder v.s. (fn. 30)
31 clement de la crois xl d. (fn. 31)
32 Will' Longeman x s. (fn. 32)
33 Ric' mate tauerner di.m. (fn. 33)
34 Ric' hardel xl s. (fn. 34)
35 Rob' oingnon xxx s. (fn. 35)
36 Will' Vincent di.m. (fn. 36)
37 Joh' de Vaus xx s. (fn. 37)
38 Adam Wade xx s. (fn. 38)
39 Alanus Wade di.m. (fn. 39)
40 Will' busy ij s. (fn. 40)
41 Thomas de Hereford xl d. (fn. 41)
42 Ric' Le Cuuer ij s. (fn. 42)
43 Joh' Le Cuuer x s. (fn. 43)
44 Steph' le Joignur v.s. (fn. 44)
45 Rog' le corder di.m. (fn. 45)
46 Joh' Le Joignur xl d. (fn. 46)
47 Joh' de Codintone ij s. (fn. 47)
48 Ric' le Joignur ij s. (fn. 48)
49 Rob' hod xxx s. (fn. 49)
50 Joh' de Lincolne x s. (fn. 50)
51 Adam le tailur ki maint deuant lostel Robin hod xx s. (fn. 51)
52 Will' barache xx s. (fn. 52)
53 gateron le franceis xl d. (fn. 53)
54 Adam le taylur ij s. (fn. 54)
55 Girard le muler xl s. (fn. 55)
56 Rog' le Muler ij m. (fn. 56)
57 Joh' le paumer v.s. (fn. 57)
58 Rob' dagge di.m. (fn. 58)
59 Geffrey de reperhepe iij s. (fn. 59)
60 Dame Rois de couentre xl s. (fn. 60)
61 Sabin[e] ke fu la femme phelippe le tailur lx s. (fn. 61)
62 Mestre Will' le clerc di.m. (fn. 62)
Summa xxxv.lj. viij.d.


1. Robert le Marescalle, surgeon 1291 Mem 27.
2. Luke le Pestur 1281 LBB 14 (surety of a miller). - OF pestor 'baker'.
3. Possibly John de Norhamton, son of John de Nott' (for Nort'), alderman 1298 LBC 30. Dead in 1299, when the executors of John de Norhamton junior are mentioned (LBB 92). Apparently alderman of Bishopsgate. On John senior see CripI 35.
4. ME, OF megre 'thin, lean'.
5. Henry le Tayllour of la Ryole 1294 Cl (with no. 6), H. de la Ryole, tailor 1300 LBB 185 (attorney of the same), H. ate Ryole 1321 LBE 145. The Riole was a tenement and street in St. Michael and St. Thomas, named from La Reole near Bordeaux. Cf. the next article.
6. Katherine la Fraunceyse 1282-3 LBA 61 (a creditor of merchants from Bordeaux with no. 12), K. la Fraunceyse of the Ryole 1301 Mayors 112, K. de la Riole 1299 LBC 43 ff. (a creditor of several Gascons). The probability is that she was a vintner, and if so Henry le Taylur will have been one too. >Henry de la Ryole, tailor< (1300) may mean >H. Tailor de la Ryole<; for similar cases cf. Richard le Chaucer 1319 S [Cordw 42], also William le Carpenter, peverer (or specer) 1311 LBD 147 ff., called William le Spicer, carpenter 1309 LBB 232. Henry may then be Henry son of Philip le Tayllur of London 1295 Cl (on Philip see no. 61).
7. Doubtless connected with no. 6.
8. OF seler 'saddler'.
9. Adam de Bonpuce 1299 LBC 46, A. de Bonfux ib. 48 (a creditor for hay and oats, perhaps a hostel-keeper). Cf. Katherine Bompuz 1306 Mayors 246 (attorney of Elias Renaud of Gascony). - A French surname.
10. Robert de Gunthorp 1302 LBB 119 (clerk), 1317 LBE 78 (owner of a house in St. Michael, Vi). He was deputy coroner 1307-16 (Lib Cust 244 f.) and died before 1321 (QW 447). - Gunthorpe Nf, Li, Np, Ru, Nt.
11. Evidently a clerk.
12. Thomas le Barbur 1282-3 LBA 61 (cf. no. 6), Th. le Barber 1297-8 LBB 246 (repr. Vintry). Doubtless a vintner like the next.
13. Reginald le Barber 1296 LBC 23, 1297 LBB 237 (repr. Vi), 1304-5 LBC 143 (vintner), R. le Barber of la Riole 1308-9 Cl.
14. Hugh de Dunton 1270-1 Pat (pledge for a wool-exporter), 1275 RH 432 (apparently a wine-importer), H. de Dunthon' 1293 LBA 95 (executor of Thomas de Conduit, taverner). Evidently a vintner. - Dunton Ess, etc.
15. Robert de Suffolk 1267-8 Pat (King's merchant), 1276 ADA 7823 (a tenant in St. Michael), 1286-7 LBA 111 (vintner), 1308 LBB 206 (deceased). Perhaps connected with Alexander de Suffolk (1277 Will, of St. Martin, Vi).
16. Stoneham Ha, Stonham Sf.
17. Possibly John de Reygate 1275 RH 410 (wool-exporter), J. de Reygate of London 1310-11 SrFF (a tenant in Camberwell). - Reigate Sr.
18. Robert Hardel 1290 LBA 175, 1295 LBB 235 (repr. Vi), 1300 Mayors 99 (a gauger), 1304 ib. 202 (owner of a quay in Vintry), 1311 LBD 189 (an earlier tenant in St. Martin, Vi). Evidently a vintner and perhaps Robert, youngest son of Robert Hardel (1279-80 CW 46). There were several earlier Hardels in London, some of them vintners, as William H. 1206 P, Robert H. 1230 P. - OF hardel 'youth; good-for-nothing; rascal'.
22. Henry de Arraz, H., son of Hubert de Arraz 1285-6 LBA 94, H., son of Wilbert (Wybert) de Arraz 1286-7 ib. 102f. (clearly a vintner). Philippa, his wife, was a daughter of William Barache [no. 52]. His father is called Wybert de Araz, citizen of London 1274 Cl. - Cf. Dowg 50.
23. Arnald Barache 1286 Pat (merchant of William Barache), 1312 LBD 280 (broker of wine), A. Barage 1300 LBC 65 (forbidden to keep a hostel for Portuguese). Clearly a vintner. Cf. no. 52.
24. Alan de Suffolk, cordwainer 1277 LBB 270 (surety with no. 52), 1285 LBA 215, 1286 ib. 96 (a debitor for wine), A. de Suffolch 1289-90 CW 90 (wife Typhania). He probably died soon after 1292, and later instances of the name will refer to no. 26. He was evidently as much a vintner as a cordwainer; indeed, cordewaner may really be an alternative surname. Cf. no. 15.
25. John Wade 1275 RH 424, 1291 LBC 2 (repr. Vi), 1307 Will (of St. James). He was a sheriff 1285-6 and alderman of Vintry 1296-1300. He is called <<J. Wadeblad>> as a sheriff Ann Lond 95, which must be for <<J. Wade blader>> (cornmonger). - OE Wada (Wade DB) fn, also used as a by-name (v. Feilitzen 407).
26. Alan de Suffolk, taverner 1281 LBB 1, 1285 ff. LBA 96, etc. (with no. 24), A. de Suffolk 1300 Mayors 101 (wine-merchant), 1316-17 Will (a tenant in St. Martin; wife Joan). Cf. no. 24.
27. John Clerk of the Vintry 1276 LBA 10, John called Clerk 1285-6 LBA 210 (repr. Vi), J. Clerk, residing in St. Martin 1288 ib. 110, J. le Clerk, Coroner 1298 Mayors 7, J. the Coroner 1299 LBB 90, J. de Vintry, Coroner 1303 LBC 126, John, Clerk of the Vintry 1316-17 Will. He was alderman of Vintry 1300-9.
28. Cordener apparently 'corder', from OF cordon 'cord, ribbon'.
29. John le Clerk pistor 1306 Barth R 474 (a tenant in St. Thomas).
30. If the surname may be trusted, a corder. Cf. no. 45.
31. Probably de la crois is a rendering of ME atte Crouche. Cf. John atte Crouche 1317 LBE 80 (repr. Vi).
32. Cf. R. Langman Qu 39.
33. Mate may be ME mate 'fellow' (1380, etc.) or mate adj. 'mated at chess, dejected', etc.
34. Richard Hardel 1298-9 LBC 35 (juror Vi), 1300 Mayors 101 (winemerchant), 1301 Will (of St. Martin). Cf. no. 18.
35. Robert Oygnoun 1295 CW 122 (resident in St. James). - OF oignon, ME oynon 'onion', a nickname.
36. William Vincent 1302 LBB 119 (surety of a skinner of Walbr), 121 (debitor of a Spanish merchant, apparently a leather-merchant). If the examples belong here, perhaps a cordwainer.
37. John de Waus, dyer 1297-8 LBC 52, J. Waus 1300 Cor 11 (St. James), J. de Vaus 1305-6 LBC 245 (juror Vi), 1327 (1328) Will (dyer), J. de Vaux, dyer 1311-12 LBD 83 (surety with nos. 46 and 48). - Vaux, a common place-name in France.
38. Adam Wade 1297-8 LBB 246 (repr. Vi), 1299-1300 LBC 58 (a cornmonger), 1310 Will (a tenant in St. James, evidently a cornmonger). A brother of John Wade [no. 25].
39. Alan Wade of Quenehythe 1299-1300 Mayors 63, A. Wade 1300 ib. 71 (exporter of woad), 1306 LBC 241 (juror Vi with no. 38). No doubt a cornmonger. Cf. no. 25.
40. William Bonsy (Bousy?) 1300 Cor 11 (surety Vi). Busy has been explained in ELPN 193 as a nickname from busy adj., but if the example of 1300 belongs here, as is probable, a different derivation must be sought. Also, a house in St. James is called Bonsieshous at Garlekheth 1310 CW 212, le Bousishous 1316-17 LBC 183. Bousy may be from some place in France, e.g. Bouce or Boussy-St.-Antoine near Paris.
41. Thomas de Herford, wine-drawer 1301 LBC 111. The chantry of Th. de Hereford in St. James is mentioned CW 583. - Hereford He.
42. Doubtless a cooper, connected with no. 43.
43. John le Cuver 1298 Will, J. le Cuuer of Garlekhethe 1309 f. Pat (deceased). John in his will mentions Alice his wife and Elena his daughter, who are given as his executors in 1309. Alice was married in 1309 to Walter atte Lane (cf. Qu 27). John was evidently a cooper. - For cuver 'cooper' see Dowg 2.
44. Stephen le Joignur 1309-10 LBD 44 (deceased, a joiner). An apprentice of his was admitted in Vintry.
45. Roger le Corder 1276-7 LBA 211 (with no. 14). Elena, his wife, whose will was enrolled in 1307, was a tenant in St. James. Roger was no doubt a corder. Cf. Thomas le Ropere 1324 Will (a tenant in St. James).
46. John de Berden, joynour 1300 Cor 11 (St. James), J. de Berdene, joignour 1311-12 LBD 83 (surety with no. 48), J. le Joygnour 1316-17 LBC 182 (witness St. James). - Berden Ess.
47. John de Cudington 1297 Will (of St. James). Juliana his daughter was the wife of Robert de Pipherst, gold-beater [1319 S, FarrI 144]. - Cuddington Bk, Sr, etc.
48. Richard le Joynur 1305-6 LBC 245 (juror with no. 46), R. le Joygnour 1316-17 ib. 182 (id.). Doubtless a joiner.
49. Robert Hod 1297-8 LBB 238 (repr. Vi), 1304-5 LBC 143 (witness with no. 38), R. Hode, cornmonger 1318 Will (a tenant in St. James). The hostel of Robin Hod is mentioned under Vi 51. - OE hod 'hood', used as a by-name 1100-30 Exeter Book (Osbern Hod); cf. Tengvik 370.
50. Jon de Nicole Wineter (sheriff) 1304 Ant Leg 250, John de Lincoln 1304 LBC 175, 1318 LBE 97 (alderman). He was alderman of Bas 1310-18 or 19. His successor was acting in Nov. 1319. Probably dead in the autumn of 1319.
51. Perhaps identical with Adam (Adinet) de Bidyk, the King's tailor, who appears in records from 1276 on (Fine etc.). He is sometimes called Adam le Taillur (e.g. EssFF II, 70, 76). He is mentioned as late as 1299 (SrFF). The high assessment would suit him. His wife's name was Joan. Cf. no. 54.
52. William de Warasche, merchant of Cahors 1268 Pat (a wine-merchant), W. Warache, merchant of Poncius de Mora of London 1271 ib. (woolexporter), W. de Vorach, the King of France's merchant of Cahors 1271 ib. (id.), W. Barache 1277 LBB 270 (surety with no. 24), 1281-2 ff. LBA 43, etc., W. Varache 1281 ff. LBA 41, etc., W. Barage 1289 Cl. He is called mercator vinorum 1280 Selden 48, p. 103. The surname, which shows curious variation, may have been taken from Varages in dep. Var, NE. of Marseilles. Cahors is in Lot, S. France.
53. Walter Fraunceys de Riole 1299 LBC 49, W. de (sic) Fraunceis 1303-4 CW 161 (a tenant in La Ryole), Gautrinus le Fraunceis 1303-4 Mayors 155, Walter le Fraunceys 1305 Will (of Kyronlane, now Maiden Lane, in St. Michael). Doubtless a vintner. Gateron is a hypocoristic form of Walter (F Gautier).
54. Cf. no. 51. Possibly Adam le Taylur of London 1298 MxFF 71 (wife Mary), A. Mulgar, tailor 1308-9 Will (chantry in St. James; wife Mary); cf. BishE 18.
55. 56. Neither has been met with elsewhere, but the following two ladies may have been widows of theirs: Margery la Mukere (or Mulere), wife of Gerard Dorgoyl, vintner 1300 LBB 185, Alice la Moelere (Molere) 1312 Will. Alice left a tenement in St. Martin (Vi) to Gilbert her son, and the will of G. le Moler was enrolled in 1316. Gerard Dorgoyl was forbidden in 1300 to keep a hostel for Portuguese (LBC 65) and lost his freedom in 1313 (LBE 14). He kept wine in a wharf formerly belonging to Alice la Molere in 1313 (LBE 14). Girard and Roger le Muler were very likely vintners. Muler may be OF molier 'miller'.
57. John le Palmere, master wine-drawer 1301 LBC 111, J. le Paumer, master berman 1299 Mayors 41. - Cf. Bridge 66.
58. Robert Dagge 1295-6 Will. Occupation and surname obscure. There is a ME dagge 'a strip of cloth (used for ornament)'.
59. Geoffrey de Rotherhethe, master wine-drawer 1301 LBC 111. - Rotherhithe Sr.
60. Roysia de Coventre 1317-18 Will (owner of property in St. James and elsewhere). She was the widow of Henry de Coventre, a vintner, a sheriff 1259-60 and 1273-4 and alderman of Vintry c. 1263-81, whose will was enrolled in 1282-3. Roysia was a sister of Nicholas Bat, alderman c. 1250. Her name was long associated with her big seld or warehouse in St. Pancras, which is called la Brodeselde in her will and the great seld of the late Roisia de Coventre as late as 1354 (CW 681). She seems to have carried on her husband's business; see 1283, 1290-1 LBA 67, 128. Earlier bearers of the surname were Jurdan de Coventre 1236-7 Ant Leg (sheriff), J. de Covintre 1237 Lib (wine-merchant), John de Coventre, a brother of Jurdan (1253 ADA 2258), called abrokur (probably broker of wine) 1269 Ant Leg 121. - Coventry Wa.
61. Sabine, late wife of Philip le Taillour 1313-14 Will (of St. Michael). She was a daughter of Peter Fitz Alan, alderman of Coleman St c. 1250 and Mayor 1246-7. Philip the Tailor was a sheriff 1261-2, 1270-1 and alderman of Bishopsgate a 1264-92. He was a vintner (see ELPN 125). His will was enrolled in 1292.
62. William the Clerk 1281 LBB 11 (owner of a house in Vintry). Evidently a clerk, as indicated by the title Mestre.