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'References', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 5: St Paul's, London (1963), pp. VII-IX. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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St Paul's Cathedral Library

WD 1 Liber A, 1241-1340, especially ff. 70-107.
WD 2 Liber C. Statutes compiled under Dean Ralph Baldock, especially catalogue of prebends on ff. 110/117-112/119. (fn. 1)
WD 5
WD 9 Statuta Majora.
WD 11 Dean Thomas Lisieux's inventory. List of contents of Libri A-N, AB, AC (Liber Goodman), and sundry documents in cupboards, some of which volumes and documents are no longer extant.
WD 13 Chapter Acts 1411-47.
WD 16 Liber I.
WD 20 Statuta Minora.
WD 22

Various documents from the cupboards, and especially from cupboard A, boxes 6, 8, 24, 49, 65, 71, 74, 75, 77 (cited as A/6 etc.).

Guildhall Library, London

MS. 9531, Registers of the bishops of London:

vol. 3 Robert de Braybroke, 1381-1404.
vol. 4 Roger Walden, 1404-6; Nicholas Bubwith, 1406-7; Richard Clifford, 1407-21; John Kempe, 1421-5; and Robert FitzHugh, 1431-6.
vol. 5 William Gray, 1425-31.
vol. 6 Robert Gilbert, 1436-48.
vol. 7 Thomas Kempe, 1449-89.
vol. 8 Richard Hill, 1489-96; Thomas Savage, 1496-1501; William Warham, 1501-3; and William Barons, 1504-5.
vol. 9 Richard FitzJames, 1506-22.
vol. 10 Cuthbert Tunstal, 1522-30.
vol. 11 John Stokesley, 1530-9.
vol. 12 Edmund Bonner, 1539-49 and 1553-9, and Nicholas Ridley, 1550-3.
vol. 13 Edmund Grindal, 1559-70.

British Museum

Harley MS. 6956: Extracts from the archives of St Paul's cathedral transcribed in the seventeenth century by Matthew Hutton, especially the following, the originals of which are no longer extant:

ff. 21b-48b, 120-67, deeds from various boxes; ff. 86b-97b, Liber F. (fn. 1)

Canterbury Cathedral Library

Registrum A
Registrum L
Registrum Q
Registrum T

Lambeth Palace Library

The registers of the archbishops of Canterbury.

Somerset House

PCC: registers of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury.


1 See note on this in Appendix 2.
1 See note on this in Appendix 2.