House of Commons Journal Volume 1
26 January 1563


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 January 1563', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 63-64. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Martis, 26

Clipping Money.

1. The Bill to revive the Act 3 H. Quinti, touching Clipping and Washing of Money, to be Treason.


1. The Bill, that 'Pothecaries and their Stuff, shall be under the Search of the College of Physicians.


A Petition, devised by the Committees, to be made to the Queen's Majesty by Mr. Speaker, for Limitation of Succession, read by Mr. Norton, One of the Committees.

The Queen's Privy Council here are required to move the Queen's Majesty, that Mr. Speaker, with the whole House, may exhibit to her Highness that Petition, and to certify her Highness' Pleasure.


1. nova. The new Bill touching Pelts of Sheep-skins.

Message to Lords.

The last Bill passed was sent to the Lords by Mr. Comptroller, with a Request to the Lords to further the Petition of this House to the Queen's Majesty, touching Marriage and Succession ; which was well allowed of the Lords.

Banbury Writ.

For that Franceys Walsyngham, returned Burgess for Lyme in Dorsett, and for Banbury in Oxon, doth appear for Lyme, a new Writ de Burgense eligendo is required for Banbury.