Calais under Edward III
List of Officers


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'Calais under Edward III: List of Officers', Finance and trade under Edward III: The London lay subsidy of 1332 (1918), pp. 349-350. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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The dates are the earliest references to the men in their official capacity It is presumed that each man held office until the earliest reference to his successor

1347John de Montgomery Foed, III, i, 138
1347John de Chivereston Ib, III, i, 142
1349John de Beauchamp Ib, III, i, 181
1350Robert de Herle Ib, III, i, 193
1351John de Beauchamp Nichols, p xxxiii
1351Robert de Herle Foed, III, i, 222
1353Reginald de Cobham Ib, III, i, 276, 277
1355Roger de Beauchamp Ib, III, i, 294
1356John de Beauchamp Ib, III, i, 315
1358-1361Ralph de Ferrers Ib, III, i, 389
1369Henry Lescrope Ib, III, ii, 881, 882
1370Nicholas de Tamworth Nichols, p xxxiv
1372Roger de Beauchamp Foed, III, ii, 941
1373John de Beurle Ib, III, ii, 992
1375Hugh de Calvyle Ib, III, ii, 1042
1361Henry Lescrope C C R, 1360-4, p 267
1365Bartholomew de Burghersh Cal Pap Registers, Letters, iv, 1362-1404, p 18
1366-1369Henry Lescrope Foed, III, ii, 787
1370Henry Lescrope Nichols, p xxxiv
Wardens Of The Castle
1348John de Beauchamp Foed, III, i, 165
1350Thomas de Kingston Ib, III, i, 197
1353Reginald de Cobham Ib, III, i, 259
1353Thomas de Hoggeshaue Nichols, p xxxiii
1355Roger de Beauchamp Foed, III, i, 294
1356John de Beauchamp Ib, III, i, 316
1358Ralph de Ferrers Ib, III, i, 389
1361Thomas de Kingston Ib, III, ii, 619
1364Henry Lescrope Ib, III, ii, 724
1369John Tirel Ib, III, ii, 865
1369Stephen de Valence Ib, III, ii, 865
1369Henry Lescrope Nichols, p xxxiv
1370Nicholas de Tamworth Nichols, p xxxiv
1372William de Risceby Foed, III, ii, 941
1373Thomas de Banfeld Ib, III, ii, 992
1375Ralph de Sutton Ib, III, ii, 1036
1376Thomas Fogg Ib III, ii, 1066
1348William de Salop Ib, III, i, 150
1356Richard de Eccleshale C P R, 1354-8, p 477
1361Thomas de Brantingham Foed, III, ii, 612
1368William de Gunthorpe Ib, III, ii, 844
1373John de Romeseye Ib, III, ii, 992
1376William de Eyrmyn Ib, III, ii, 1051
Masters Of The Mint
1363Henry de Brisele C P R, 1361-4, p 313
1364Walter de Barde Foed, III, ii, 727
1365Thomas King Ib, III, ii, 772
1366Walter de Barde Ib, III, ii, 811
1371Bardet de Malepilys C C R, 1369-74, p 303
1363-1364John Wroth and John de Wesenham Foed, III, ii, 691
1365Richard de Preston Ib, III, ii, 767
1370Adam de Bury Ib, III, ii, 900