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'Archdeacons: Northampton', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 3: Lincoln (1977), pp. 30-32. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Covered Northants (Taxatio pp. 37-40, 53-6, 65-6). Spirs. total in 1291£3,323 15s. 8d. (ibid. p. 40b).


Nigel preb. unident. p. 114

First archdcn. appd. by bp. Remigius before May 1092 (D.C.M. p. 302). Occ.before 1100 (Regesta II no. 1969). Last occ. 21 Apr. 1109 × c. 1111 (Mon. Ang. V180(x)). (fn. 2) D. some years before 1135 (Regesta II no. 1969). Commem. 14 May (obit. I157). Son of Nigel, and brother of Michael son of Nigel, monk of Bec (Regesta IIno. 1969). Perhaps to be identified with Nigel, clk. of bp. Remigius, who occ.1077 × 92 (Hemingi Chartularium ecclesiae Wigornensis, ed. T. Hearne (Oxford,1723) I 75-6).

Robert preb. unident. p. 116

Succeeded Nigel (D.C.M. p. 302). First occ. Sept. 1106 × Jan. 1123 (Peterborough, D. & C. Libr., MS. 1 fo. 107r-v). (fn. 3) Occ. c. 1129 (cart. Thorney I fo. 166v,see app. 1) and Sept. 1130 (P.R. 31 Hen. I, ed. J. Hunter (1833) p. 84). Last occ. inL.P. I, of ? c. 1132 (app. 2 no. 4).

William (fn. 4) preb. unident. p. 117

Can. Succeeded Robert (D.C.M. p. 302). First occ. ? c. 1133 (R.A.L. II no. 553,see app. 3). D. 1168/9 (Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores Varii, ed. J. Sparke (1723)I 81; also Lambeth Palace Libr., MS. 1106 fo. 119). Commem. 9 Feb. (obit. I 154).So presum. d. c. 9 Feb. 1169. Nephew of bp. Alexander (1123-48) (D.C.M. p. 302;Gir. Cambr. VII 168; list 1).

Herbert (fn. 5) preb. unident. p. 112

First occ. c. 1 Dec. 1174 (Delisle-Berger II no. 470). Papal conf. sought c. June1175, because appt. opposed by unnamed enemies (J.S. Epp. II no. 322 and n. 2).Last occ. Aug. 1175 (Gesta Hen. II I 99). Appt. presum. made by bp.-el. Geoffrey,revoked by papal mand. 1174 × 75 (Papal Decretals Lincoln no. 7). Prob. to beidentified with Herbert Le Poer, can. (below p. 127); archdcn. of Canterbury 1175-94.Possibly exch. this archdcnry. with Savaric for Canterbury (cf. Fasti 1066-1300 II13-14).

Savaric preb. unident. p. 117

Succeeded Herbert (Cart. Cirencester II no. 704), perhaps exchanging with himarchdcnry. of Canterbury (cf. above). Appd. and first occ. 1175 (Papal DecretalsLincoln nos. 7, 20; Cart. Eynsham I 68 n. 1; cf. Diceto I 403, and Fasti 1066-1300 II13). Archdcnry. (and his preb. of Salisbury) forfeit for disloyalty 1182-3 and 1183-4(P.R. 29 Hen. II (P.R.S. xxxii) p. 72, 30 Hen. II (P.R.S. xxxiii) pp. 73, 94). Occ. inL.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 33). Also treas. of Salisbury. Bp. of Bath and Wells,el. 1192, cons. 20 Sept. 1192. Member of Bohun family, relative of Jocelin de Bohun,bp. of Salisbury (1142-84) (see D. Knowles, The Episcopal Colleagues of Abp. ThomasBecket (Cambridge, 1951) pp. 18, 158-9).

M. Wimar (Winemer) preb. unident. p. 80

Subdean (last occ. after c. 1190, and had been succeeded by 22 March 1194, list 6).First occ. as archdcn. 8 June 1194 (Howden III 278-81), and c. 1194 (M.R.A. Lichfield no. 514, R.A.L. II no. 338(2) and (3), III no. 977, see app. 41). Last occ. c. 1198(Bodl., Queen's Coll. MS. 286 no. 3, R.A.L. II no. 637, see app. 45).

M. Richard of Kent preb. unident. p. 80

Subdean (last occ. after 27 May 1199, list 6). First occ. as archdcn. c. 1200 (R.A.L.III no. 674, see app. 47), and certainly by 19 Sept. 1200 (Life of St. Hugh II 211,185). Occ. 22 May 1201, and Nov. 1200 × July 1203 (cart. St. Andrew, Northampton,fo. 36r-v).

An unnamed archdcn. occ. 23 and 28 Feb. 1202 (Innocent III, Cal. Letters nos. 379,387).

M. Robert de Manecestre (fn. 1) preb. unident. p. 116

Can. First certain occ. as archdcn. before c. 25 June 1206 (Cart. Osen. IV no. 16), (fn. 2) and perhaps to be identified with R. archdcn. of Northampton who occ. 24 Apr. 1205(Innocent III, Cal. Letters no. 478; Chron. Evesham ed. W. D. Macray (R.S. xxix)pp. 132, 135, 137), acting on papal mand. of 22 May 1203 (Innocent III, Cal. Lettersno. 478). Perhaps to be identified with R. archdcn of Northampton who occ. 24 Aug.1203 × 10 May 1206 (Cart. St. Frideswide I no. 369 and cart. Godstow fo. vi r). Forfull name and title see M.R.A. Lichfield no. 515. Last occ. 31 March 1231 (Rot. WellesII 160). (fn. 3)

M. John de Houton preb. Empingham, list 35

Archdcn. of Bedford (last occ. 9 Sept. 1231, and had been succeeded before19 Dec., list 13). First occ. as archdcn. of Northampton 27 Dec. 1231 (Rot. WellesII 246; cf. ibid. p. 164 and Ann. Dunstable p. 128). Last occ. in year 17 June 1245-16 June 1246 (Rot. Grosseteste p. 225), but held an inqu. recorded after 17 June 1246(Grosseteste roll II m. 8, Woodford inqu., detail omitted in Rot. Grosseteste p. 226).D. 1246/7 (Chron. Maj. IV 552).

M. Giles le Rous (Rufus) preb. Empingham, list 35

Preb. Langford Manor (list 42). First occ. as archdcn. frequently in year 17 June1246 - 16 June 1247 (Grosseteste roll II m. 8, and Rot. Grosseteste pp. 226-7). D.20 Nov. 1272 (cart. St. James, Northampton: B.L., Cotton MS. Tib. E. v fo. 71v).

M. Richard of Gravesend (fn. 1) prebs. Leighton Ecclesia, list 45; Sutton, list 63

Prob. archdcn. of Essex 1272 (Fasti 1066-1300 I 14). First occ. as archdcn. ofNorthampton before 5 Nov. 1273 (Gravesend roll II m. 12, Stow inqu., detailomitted in Rot. Gravesend p. 120). Archdcn. until became bp. of London, el.29 Apr. × 7 May 1280, temps. 17 May, cons. 11 Aug. (Fasti 1066-1300 I 4).Nephew of bp. Richard of Gravesend (1258-79) (Rot. Gravesend p. v; list 1).

Stephen of Sutton (fn. 2) preb. Empingham, list 35

Can. Presum. not yet archdcn., occ. as can. of York, 12 Sept. 1280 (Reg. Wickwanep. 265). First occ. as archdcn. 6 Oct. 1280 (ibid. pp. 38-9). Last occ. 20 Sept. 1290(Cal. Fine Rolls I (1911) p. 284). D. by 6 Jan. 1291 (Reg. Romeyn I 393). Brother ofbp. Oliver of Sutton (1280-99) (Reg. Sutton III 85; Rufford Chs. I p. cxv; list 1).

M. Thomas of Sutton (fn. 3) prebs. Leighton Buzzard, list 44; Thame, list 64

Can. (list 44). Coll. by bp. 9 Jan. 1291 (Reg. I fo. 354r). Last occ. after 14 Sept.1316 (Bj/2/4 fo. 125v), but evidently already d. by 8 June 1316 (Reg. II fo. 292v).Perhaps nephew of bp. Oliver of Sutton and of Stephen of Sutton (cf. Rufford Chs.I p. cxiii).


2 After d. of abp. Anselm (Fasti 1066-1300 II 1) and before d. of Simon earl of Northampton(Comp. Peer. VI 641).
3 Temp. Hugh [of Leicester] sheriff of Northants (Regesta II no. 849 note), and bp. Robert Bloet(list 1).
4 Called 'of St. Clere', Papal Decretals Lincoln p. 19n.
5 Gregory, who is said in Le Neve-Hardy II 55 to have been archdcn. in 1170 and 1173, wasofficial of the archdcn. of Northampton (Cart. Eynsham I no. 58).
1 Also Mamecestre. Identified as Mancetter, Warwicks., in R.A.L. IX index, but might be Manchester, Lancs.
2 Temp. Richard de Kyme, treas. (list 5).
3 Robert Grosseteste is said in Le Neve-Hardy II 55 to have been archdcn. of Northampton from1221 to 1231, but he was archdcn. of Leicester (list 10).
1 Kent; cf. Rot. Gravesend p. v. For his career, see Biog. Ox. II 804-5.
2 Sutton on Trent, Notts.; see Reg. Sutton III pp. xiii-xvi.
3 Sutton on Trent; ibid. For his career, see Biog. Ox. III 1825b.