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'Prebendaries: Aylesbury', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 3: Lincoln (1977), pp. 47-49. URL: Date accessed: 20 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Church of Aylesbury (Bucks., royal manor) belonged to bp. T.R.E. and 1086(D.B. I 143b, 143d-144a); conf. to bp. by king William I 1072 (R.A.L. I no. 2, 3); church conf. to cans. by pope 28 Apr. 1139 (ibid. no. 249), and conf. as pope 6 Feb. 1146 (ibid. no. 252 p. 198) and 5 June 1163 (ibid. no. 255 p. 207).Pres. by preb. Oct. 1271 (Rot. Gravesend p. 247). Church appropriated to the Common,22 Nov. 1274, can. holding preb. to have 30 marks, vicar to have 40 or 50 marks p.a.(R.A.L. III no. 1005). Vicarage augmented 12 Dec. 1290 (Reg. I fo. 327r).

Chapels of Aylesbury:

Bierton, first mentioned 15 Oct. 1266 (C.P.R. 1313-17 p. 304).

Buckland, first mentioned 1220 × 21 (Rot. Welles II 54), but tithes mentioned 1090(R.A.L. I no. 3).

Quarrendon, prob. founded after charter of 1136 × 54 (Regesta III no. 30).

Stoke Mandeville, first mentioned 15 Oct. 1266 (C.P.R. 1313-17 p. 304), but tithesmentioned 1090 (R.A.L. I no. 3), and building in existence in 12th cent. (V.C.H.Bucks. II 364).

These four chapels divided from preb. by bp., and gr. to the Common 15 Oct. 1266(C.P.R. 1313-17 p. 304; cf. Dij/66/2/72, and R.A.L. III no. 1007); conf. by bp.Aug. 1290 (R.A.L. I no. 278; cf. Ann. Dunstable p. 362); worth £53 6s. 8d. in 1291(Taxatio p. 33a). Disputes over arrangement in late 13th cent. (see Reg. Sutton IV22-3; Dij/66/2/7-36, 39, 46-9, 52-79).

Church of Great Milton (Oxon.) prob. in existence in 1086 in manor which belongedto bp. T.R.E. and 1086 (D.B. I 155b); portion of tithes gr. to Eynsham abbey prob.1094 (see V.C.H. Oxon. VII 138-9); church conf. as preb. by pope 6 Feb. 1146(R.A.L. I no. 252 p. 199) and 5 June 1163 (ibid. no. 255 p. 207). Church describedas chapel of Aylesbury, in patronage of preb. of Aylesbury in 1268 (Rot. Gravesendp. 220). Church separated from preb. of Aylesbury, to form preb. of Milton Ecclesia,Aug. 1290 (R.A.L. I no. 278); below list 51.


1254 £50; 1291 £60, vicar £10 (Taxatio p. 33a)


M. Roger de Rolleston

Clk. of abp. Richard of Dover (1174-84) (cf. Cart. Missenden I no. 246; cart.Hospitallers: B.L., Cotton MS. Nero E. vi fo. 156r-v); given by abp. Baldwin(1184-90) into service of bp. Hugh of Avallon in or after 1186, with M. Robert ofBedford (Life of St. Hugh I 110, 112-13; cf. below p. 116). Acted with M. Robertof Bedford, vice bp. Hugh, n.d. (cart. St. Andrew, Northampton, fo. 30r). First can. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33 no. 1). Archdcn. of Leicester, from beforec. 1194 (list 10); dean, from prob. shortly after March 1195; d. 28 Jan. 1223 (list 2).Occ. as this preb. when dean, 1200 (C.R.R. I 237), and 1220 × 21 (Rot. WellesII 54). (fn. 1)

M. Roger of Weseham

Archdcn. of Oxford by 27 May 1237 (list 11). Dean by 21 Aug. 1240; bp. ofCoventry and Lichfield, papal prov. 17 May × 4 July 1245, temps. 25 March 1246(list 2). Held this preb. as dean (Chron. Maj. IV 425). (fn. 2)

M. Robert de Mariscis (Marsh)

Bp.'s official from year June 1243 - June 1244 (Rot. Grosseteste p. 325), to 24 July1253 or later (list 11). First occ. as can. (unident. preb.) 13 Oct. 1244 (Rot. Grossetestep. 79). Coll. to this preb. on res. of Roger de Weseham from deanery, 17 May × 4 July1245 (Chron. Maj. IV 425). Occ. as this preb. 5 Jan. 1258 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2436 =C.P.L. I 355; cf. also Cart. Eynsham I nos. 320-2). Archdcn. of Oxford from prob.1254 (list 11); dean, by 2 Feb. 1259/60 (prob. Oct. 1258 × July 1259); d. 24 Aug.1262 (list 2).

M. William de Sherwood

Treas. (unident. preb.) by 11 Dec. 1256; last occ. 15 Oct. 1266 (list 5). Occ. asthis preb. 7 Oct. 1266 (Dij/66/2/48) and 15 Oct. 1266 (C.P.R. 1313-17 p. 304).

M. John de Sharestede

Successor of M. William de Sherwood, res. this preb. 14 Nov. 1267 (Dij/66/2/72;cf. R.A.L. III no. 1007). Coll. to preb. Brampton 18 Nov. 1267 (Dij/66/2/72; list 23).

M. Percival (Fieschi) de Lavania

Papal prov., coll. by bp. 18 Nov. 1267 (R.A.L. III no. 1007; Dij/66/2/72). Archdcn.of Buckingham, adm. 18 Apr. 1270; d. at Rome 1290, before 22 Apr. (list 12).

M. Richard de Hetherington (fn. 1)

Coll. by bp. 18 Aug. 1290 (Reg. I fo. 353v; cf. R.A.L. I no. 278). Occ. as thispreb. in years Sept. 1304 - Sept. 1305, and Sept. 1305 - Sept. 1306 (Edwards, Sec.Caths. pp. 327, 329). No longer preb. in year Sept. 1306-Sept. 1307 (Bj/2/4fo. 29r). (fn. 2)


1 It seems to be implied in Matthew Paris, Chron. Maj. IV 425, writing of M. Roger de Weseham,that the preb. of Aylesbury had long been attached to the deanery, but M. William de Thornaco, theintervening dean between M. Roger de Rolleston and M. Roger de Weseham, was certainly preb. ofDunham (list 34). There is no concrete evidence to suggest that the preb. of Aylesbury was held bythe deans before M. Roger de Rolleston.
2 See the preceding note.
1 1 Also 'Heddrington'; identified as Harrington, Northants, in Reg. Sutton IV index, but might be Harrington, Northumb. For his career, see also Biog. Ox. II 899-900. He is presum. not to be identified with Richard de Harington', who d. before 25 Sept. 1296 (Reg. Sutton V 185).
1 2 When Thomas de Grandisson occ. as preb.