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'Prebendaries: Ogbourne', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 4: Salisbury (1991), pp. 87-88. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Churches which were already in possession of Norman abbey of Le BecHellouin and its dependent priory of Ogbourne - Ogbourne St George, Ogbourne St Andrew (Wilts.), Wantage and Hungerford (both Berks.) - created preb. by bp. Herbert Poore 27 May 1208 (RSO I 189-90, 228-9), conf. by dean and chapter (ibid. pp. 190-1). Abbots of Le Bec became cans. of the cath., exempt from residence but required to provide a vicar in pr.'s orders (ibid. p. 190). (fn. 1) Preb. added to Psalter list. For the priory of Ogbourne, see M. M. Chibnall, in VCH Wilts. III 394-6, and for the prebend, see M. M. Morgan, English Lands of the Abbey of Bec (Oxford, 1946), esp. pp. 138-9. See also Bec Docs. nos. 3-6, 18, 37, 46-8; and C. 233, 569, B. 488.

Pr.-preb.; decani side; term of residence c. 1270: Oct.-Dec.


1220s 80m.; 1226 £100; c. 1284 100m.; 1291 £104


The prebendaries of Ogbourne were the abbots of Le Bec-Hellouin, whose proctors in England were the priors of Ogbourne. For a list of the latter, see M. M. Chibnall, in VCH Wilts. III 396, and also Heads of Relig. Houses p. 107.


William (fn. 2)

Monk of Bec, became 12th abbot [11 July] 1198 (Chronique du Bec, ed. A. A. Porée (Rouen, 1883) p. 26, cf. ibid. p. 27, using lunar months, as with Robert de Clairbec, ibid. pp. 38-9, cf. p. 35). Occ. 27 May 1208 (RSO I 189- 90, cf. ibid. pp. 228-9). D. 18 Sept. 1211 (Chron. Bec p. 27; cf. The Bec Missal, ed. A. Hughes (Henry Bradshaw Soc. xciv, 1963) p. 8 and Porée, Histoire du Bec II 587).

Richard de Saint-Léger (Sancto Leodegario) (fn. 3)

Justiciar of Bec, el. 13th abbot 26 Sept. 1211, blessed 1 Oct. (Chron. Bec pp. 27-8). Became bp. of Evreux, el. 17 July 1223, cons. 27 Aug. (ibid. p. 31).

Henry de Saint-Léger (Sancto Leodegario) (fn. 1)

Claustral prior, blessed as 14th abbot 28 July 1223 (Chron. Bec p. 32). His proctor excused attendance at Salisbury chapter 15 Aug. 1226 (RSO II 61). Not summoned to episcopal el. Sept. 1228 (ibid. p. 104). Buried 23 June 1247 (Chron. Bec p. 34), perhaps d. same day (cf. Bec Missal p. 5; Porée, Histoire du Bec II 584).

Robert de Clairbec (Clarobecco) (fn. 2)

Vineator of Bec, el. 15th abbot 22 July 1247, blessed 8 Sept. (Chron. Bec p. 35). D. 23 Nov. 1265 (ibid. pp. 38-9). Commem. 24 Nov. (Bec Missal p. 10; Porée, Histoire du Bec II 590).

John (fn. 3)

Claustral prior, blessed as 16th abbot 27 Dec. 1265 (Chron. Bec p. 39). D. 11 Oct. 1272 (ibid. p. 42). Commem. 12 Oct. (Bec Missal p. 9; Porée, Histoire du Bec II 588).

Peter de La Cambe (fn. 4)

Prior of Envermeu, el. and blessed as 17th abbot, n.d. (Chron. Bec pp. 42- 3); as 15 Feb. 1274 fell in first year of his rule, he was presum. el. on or after 16 Feb. 1273 (ibid. p. 43). D. 2 Nov. 1281 (ibid. p. 45).

Hymer de Saint-Hymer

Prior of Saint-Hymer-en-Auge (a dependency of Bec), el. 18th abbot 26 Nov. 1281, blessed 7 Dec., instal. 10 Dec. (Chron. Bec pp. 46-7). D. 15 Nov. 1304 (ibid. p. 134).


1 The abbot of Bec was also a can. of Wells, as preb. of Cleeve, see documents of 1199, Bec Docs. nos. 23, 27, 38, and M. M. Morgan, English Lands of the Abbey of Bec (Oxford, 1946), pp. 142-3.
2 See A. A. Porée, Histoire de I'Abbaye du Bec (2 vols., Evreux, 1901) I 520-3; GC XI 231.
3 See Porée, Histoire du Bec I 544-55; GC XI 231.
1 See Porée, Histoire du Bec I 555-78; GC XI 231-2.
2 See Porée, Histoire du Bec I 579-608; GC XI 232. Prob. to be identified with 'Robertus abbas Beccensis' named anachronistically in chapter list of May-June 1284, app. 2.
3 Called 'de Guineville', Porée, Histoire du Bec I 609-17; GC XI 232.
4 La Cambe, a hamlet of Saint-Eloi de Fourques, cant. Brionne, arr. Bemay, dept. Eure, see Porée, Histoire du Bec I 617-28; GC XI 233.