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'Prebendaries: Bracklesham', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 5: Chichester (1996), pp. 27-28. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Bracklesham not in DB, but East Wittering (W. Suss.), in which it lies, was bp.'s manor 1086 (DB I 17a). Bracklesham bp.'s estate 945 (AS Chs. of Selsey no. 18). First reference to preb. is 4 Nov. 1256, a ch. of M. Roger de Cantilupe, as preb., concerning land in Bracklesham (Chart. Chichester no. 1080). Agreement between preb. Thorney (list 34) and this preb. over watercourse, 6 Apr. 1298 (Chart. Chichester no. 1075). In 1535 preb. consisted of church of Bracklesham, with lands, and lands outside Southgate, Chichester, i.e. Rumboldswhyke (Valuation 1535 p. 165; cf. Chart. Chichester no. 751). See also Inq. Non. p. 356b.


Valuation 1291 £16 13s 4d (Taxatio p. 137b).


M. Roger de Cantilupe (fn. 73)

Occ. as canon, by proxy, 19 Apr. 1251 (Walcott, Statutes p. 213). Occ. as this preb., issuing a ch. which was conf. 4 Nov. 1256 (Chart. Chichester no. 1080). No other occ. at Chichester. A papal judge-delegate and royal clerk. Also canon of St Davids, Aug. 1235 (J. E. Sayers, Papal Judges Delegate in the Province of Canterbury, 1198-1254 (Oxford, 1971) p. 328); preb. of London by Feb. 1240 to death (1 Fasti I 37). Died between 30 May 1258 and 15 June 1259 (ibid.).

M. Walter of Bath (fn. 74)

Occ. as canon, cited for non-attendance at abp.'s visitation 22 May 1283 (Reg. Pecham II 199). Papal disp. for illegitimacy 6 July 1283, described as of Salisbury dioc. (Reg. Martin IV, ed. F. Olivier-Martin et al. (Bibliothèque des Ecoles Françaises d' Athènes et de Rome, 2nd ser. xvi) no. 346 = CPL I 468; cf. Reg. Honorius IV, ed. M. Prou (Bibliothèque des Ecoles Françaises d' Athènes et de Rome, 2nd ser. vii) no. 74 = CPL I 482, of 22 June 1285). Royal clerk by 1284. Also canon of Wells, occ. 10 Apr. 1290 (Two Chartularies of... Bath, ed. W. Hunt (Somerset Rec. Soc. vii, 1893) pt 2 no. 487). Occ. as parson of Bracklesham, therefore this preb., 28 Sept. 1294 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 92).

Walter of Bracklesham

Occ. as attorney of dean Walter [of Gloucester, list 2], 12 Nov. 1267 (Suss. Fines II no. 727). Occ. as clerk, not canon, temp. dean William of Bracklesham (list 2), so after 19 Oct. 1272 (Chart. Chichester nos. 256-7). Presum. related to dean William of Bracklesham (list 2): occ. as rector of Lordington, of which William of Bracklesham was patron, 1280 × 86 and 19 Dec. 1293 (Chart. Chichester nos. 683, 695). Not called canon 19 Dec. 1293 (ibid. no. 695). Occ. as this preb. 6 Apr. 1298 (ibid. no. 1075; as 2 Fasti VII 16), and as canon 9 June 1300 and 2 Nov. 1301 (Chart. Chichester nos. 707, 709). Last occ. as canon 21 Sept. 1306 (Reg. William Greenfield, Abp. of York 1306-1315, ed. W. Brown and A. H. Thompson (5 vols.: Surtees Soc. cxlv, cxlix, cii-ciii, 1931-40), IV 232).


73 For his career, see Biog. Ox. I 347, II p. xiii, which, however, omits his preb. of Chichester.
74 He was DCL; for a note on his career see Biog. Ox. III 2150.