Easton in Gordano


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'Prebendaries: Easton in Gordano', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 7: Bath and Wells (2001), pp. 53-54. URL: Date accessed: 18 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Easton-in-Gordano (Som.): held by Roger as tenant of Geoffrey bp. of Coutances in 1086 (DB I 88b).

Church of Easton gr. to church of Wells by Alexander de Rodolio and William Desfuble (des a fluble) after 31 Dec. 1189 (Cal. I 51); (fn. 167) conf. by bp. Reginald c. 1189 × 27 Nov. 1191 (EEA X no. 159). Gr. of advowson of church to bp. Jocelin by George Desfuble, prob. 1215 × 19 (Cal. I 486). (fn. 168) Advowson ackowledged to belong to bp. and church of Wells May 1227 (Curia Regis Rolls XIII no. 177).

Valuations 1291 £8 (Taxatio p. 199b); 1299 20m (Cal. I 256).


M. Robert de Marisco (Marsh) (fn. 169)

First occ. as can. late Apr. 1240 (Curia Regis Rolls XVI no. 2622, cf. ibid. nos. 1856, 2762). Occ. frequently, last 25 March 1260 (below, app. 3 no. 24 G). Occ. as this preb. 6 Oct. 1246 (Cal. I 130), and 20 March 1248 (ibid. p. 80). Also preb. of Lincoln by Oct. 1244; archdcn. of Oxford from prob. 1245; dean of Lincoln by 2 Feb. 1259/60 to d., 24 Aug. 1262 (1 Fasti III 11, 37, 48). D. as this preb. (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 6). Cf. Richard de Marisco, preb. unident. (list 67), and M. Roger de Mariscis, official of archdcn. of Wells, who occ. 13 Apr. 1242 (Chart. Glastonbury I 40).

[M. Thomas de la Cnoll

Bp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to M. Robert de Marisco, 22 March 1265 (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 6); ineffective, as M. William le Rus coll. 28 March 1265 (below) and M. Thomas de la Cnoll coll. to bursal preb. in succession to M. William le Rus 7 Dec. 1265 (unident. preb., list 67).]

M. William le Rus

Called William le Rus of Bristol, clerk, proctor of dean and chapter 20 Sept. 1256 and 28 July 1257 (Cal. I 138, 139). Bp.'s gr. of an annuity until he shall have a benefice 13 Jan. 1263 (Chart. Bath II 49 (no. 210)). First occ. as can. 22 May 1264 (Cal. I 103). Bp.'s coll. (as Master W. Russel) to this preb. in succession to M. Robert de Marisco, 28 March 1265 (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 6). Bp.'s official 1265-6 (Reg. Giffard (York) p. 134). Subdean, coll. 20 Oct. 1266; last occ. 4 Apr. 1279; certainly d. before 12 Apr. 1290 (list 7).

M. Antony de Bradeney (fn. 170)

Transf. from preb. Warminster (list 56). Instal. in this preb. 2 June 1299 (Cal. I 159). Occ. as can. several times. Appd. to administer spiritualities of vacant see 19 June 1302 (Reg. Winchelsey I 438). Executor of will of bp. William de Marchia (Cal. I 155). Official of bp. John of Droxford (Reg. Drokensford pp. 27, 30, 74, 77 etc.). Last occ. 14 Jan. 1320 (Cal. I 190). D. before 13 Jan. 1321 (Reg. Droxford fo. 181r; cf. 2 Fasti VIII 46).


167 Temp. William [de Longchamp] bishop of Ely, 1 Fasti II 45.
168 Temp. William de Hammes prec., list 4, and Jocelin bp. of Bath and Glastonbury, list 1.
169 Brother of Adam Marsh, the Franciscan; for his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1227, and Major, 'Grosseteste' p. 231.
170 Presum. Bradney, Som.; cf. Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 9 for John of Bradney, rector of Bradney, who occ. 1266.